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Comic Con Virgin: Day 3 - Scarlett


Saturday, July 20, 2013

I finally felt like I had things down pat at Comic Con, at least with my clothes on. I did get some sleep, but woke up quickly and got a good place in line for the "How I Met Your Mother" panel.

I didn't dare to try and make direct eye contract with Cobie, who carried on as if she didn't swallow my cum last night. But when I raised my fist while the audience sang along with "Let's Go To The Mall" I chose to believe that singled me out to her. Regardless, I left the audience at the end without daring for more.

For a moment, I was emboldened enough to consider standing in line for the big Marvel panel – which included the Captain America 2 panel with Cobie. And Scarlett Johansson as an added bonus. But there was no way the line wouldn't be far too big by now, so I put those thoughts out of my head.

I browsed through the convention, got dinner, then went back to browsing – until I felt a tap on my shoulder. When I turned around, I saw that the source was a security guard who wasn't alone. After he confirmed my name, he and his partner said I had to come with them.

They took me to a secluded part of the building, which made me briefly think that this felt like S.H.I.E.L.D. abducting me. But S.H.I.E.L.D. never beat up or banned someone on screen, and that was a possibility here for one reason or another. If people close to Yvonne or Cobie found out my....activities and had justifiable cause for revenge....

I tried not to visibly shudder near my abductors. When I cleared my head, I actually took note of my surroundings, noting that they led me towards some backstage. As I went deeper, I dared to rule out a revenge wacking, yet this made it more confusing.

Until I saw what was beyond the backstage – the filled auditorium for Hall H, location for the Marvel panel. "Why am I here?" I asked my guards, although I could fill in some blanks myself.

"We were just told to find you and make sure you got here. And make sure all those people in line didn't see us do it. Guess you helped us by not standing in line," the guard explained.

"It wasn't planned out like that," I said in awe.

"Just go take a standing room only seat without getting noticed," the second guard explained. "We're also supposed to get you to an after party later, so don't go anywhere."

I wasn't planning on it, perhaps because I couldn't think of any plans right now. I just went towards the auditorium, took the first seat I could find – although I didn't have the best view – and tried to take this latest twist in.

Obviously this was for the Captain America panel, and it was obvious who got me in. I didn't know if I'd be allowed to stick around for the Avengers panel afterwards. But if Cobie had arranged to get me here – and arranged to see me again at a party, despite how iffy that could turn out – this was beyond the Avengers' billion dollar scope.

I tried to put that aside and enjoy my second panel of the day, while I still could. Cobie was there, though she was less likely to notice me this time, and I could even enjoy seeing Scarlett Johansson in person.

When the panel ended, no one came to get me, so I assumed I could watch the rest of Marvel's presentation. Once it ended and Joss Whedon told us Avengers 2 was titled "Age Of Ultron", the guards finally escorted me while the audience filed out.

I followed them until I got to a lavish, Marvel themed party hall. By the time I finished gawking, the guards were gone and I realized I had no idea what to do. Was I brought here just to see Cobie, or was I allowed to just hang around with anyone? And what the hell could I say if someone asked me how I got in?

I walked around pondering those questions for a few minutes, not daring to greet any famous person yet. Eventually I reached a bar, then looked back and finally saw Cobie far away in the crowd. But she was with her husband, so there was no way I was taking that risk – whether she wanted me to or not.

"Hey there," a female voice interrupted my limited train of thought. A voice I swore I heard back at the panel – and in various other places.

This time, I knew I was seeing a celebrity and not someone in costume right away – and not just because Tom Hiddleston was the only costumed one here as Loki. Scarlett Johansson was indeed there next to me, with her costume being her flowery Versace dress.

I should have been more nervous seeing her than Yvonne or Cobie at first. Especially since this was the biggest star of the three – and the most drooled over, for good reason. But after these last two nights, the shock factor of famous women talking to me was starting to wear off. Getting naked for me, however....

I shook that off and tried to start off normal with a celebrity, for once. "Hi. Great party for a great panel," I said semi-normally.

"Thanks. Still a long way to go with the party, though. Let's hope it stays great," Scarlett said.

"Still, looks really good so far," I said – with a double meaning that wasn't completely on purpose. Yet I tried to think of another topic quickly, and settled on, "There is something I should get out of the way early."

I took out my notepad of signatures and asked Scarlett to add hers. Once she agreed, I gave her my pen and turned the page – not realizing it was the same page Cobie signed until Scarlett was done.

"I see I'm in familiar company," she commented, once I saw the page and realized I had some dancing around to do.

"Yep. Um, got that after her TV panel," I covered up.

"You waited for her autograph, then stood in line for our panel? How'd you make it on time to get a seat?" Scarlett logically poked holes in my lie.

"I had luck on my side, probably," I poorly answered.

"So that's Cobie's new name," Scarlett quipped, then broke out into a laugh – the last thing I was having so far. "Relax. I know Cobie got you in there, and in here. She said you talked to her last night and helped her get settled in. So she asked me to help you settle in here."

I wondered why she couldn't do that herself, until I remembered she was already with her husband and friends. I wondered why she asked Scarlett to do it, and wondered if "talked to her" was what she really said about what I did. Answers to those questions were harder to remember and figure out.

In the meantime, I tried to be courteous and told Scarlett, "You don't have to go to that trouble."

"Guys like you go to the trouble to see these movies. Makes stuff like this possible. So this is the least I can do," Scarlett commented. In a way, I couldn't argue with that, so I ignored the ways in which I could.

I kept ignoring them as Scarlett showed me around the party, let me meet a few of her other co-stars, and stuck by my side most of the way through. This seemed like going above and beyond for a friend – I couldn't have been that impressive meeting the old and upcoming Marvel heroes, and I was sure my nerves showed around Joss Whedon.

Yet Scarlett still put up with my geeking out, even as the party neared its end. As I took that in, I wanted to see if Cobie had already left – although I hadn't thought to peek for her in a while. But with the crowd starting to file out, it was clearer that she wasn't there.

"Have you had enough? Do you wanna go?" Scarlett asked, once she saw I was looking away.

I thought it over, as she didn't qualify if I wanted to leave, or leave with her. So I answered, "You've been my gracious guide here. I'll go whenever you want me to go. Or when you want to go, that too," I corrected.

"Well, we'll still have to get through a crowd when we go. I know a shortcut out, though. I can show you so you'll be ready," Scarlett offered.

With no better ideas on what to do, I accepted and followed Scarlett to the back of the room. She went to a door and opened it, and I followed her into what looked like a storage closet. There was another door on the wall that Scarlett opened, showing me I was at the back of the convention building, with less of a crowd outside.

"All right, I think I can memorize this route. Thanks again," I told her. "And if you run into Cobie, please thank her for me too."

"I think you thanked her pretty good already. At least from how she explained it," Scarlett stated – clearly with more than one meaning.

I tried to tell myself she couldn't mean what I thought. "Yeah, she told me about your private screening too," Scarlett broke my delusion.

"Why would she do that?" was my first response. Not to deny it, or to ponder that Scarlett Johansson heard about me fucking her co-star – or that Cobie might have made me sound pretty good. But this response sounded better to say out loud.

"That's how it works. Except for that one time in Spain, but we got past that," Scarlett confused me further.

"I....didn't know you were that close," was my next futile comment.

"These conventions are the tip of the iceberg on what Marvel puts us through," Scarlett started explaining. "The shoots and stunts are one thing, but then there's the junkets, the premieres, and going to a new country every single day. I've been doing that for years, but its extra exhausting for these guys! And Cobie's just starting it too! So....we do special stuff with the little free time we have."

"And special means...." I asked, trying not to answer it in my own head – or react visibly to my steamy imagination.

"We find people to help us take the edge off. And whoever goes first can.....pass the guy along if he was....up to it. It just so happens this was Cobie's turn to choose and go first," Scarlett said. Now my steamy imagination was on overdrive – but perhaps that wasn't supposed to be a problem.

"Wait....Cobie was scouting me.....for you?" I got bold enough to ask.

"I'm sure she didn't fuck you just for me," Scarlett stopped my breath. "But she seemed glad either way. Usually she has to tell them to play with her ass first. That's bold."

In a near perfect segue, Scarlett turned around, allowing me to see how her dress framed her ass. It looked to be framed quite well when I peeked those two times at the party, but it was nothing compared to this. And little else in my life compared as Scarlett reached back and pulled her dress zipper down.

She shimmed her dress down and stepped out of her heels, allowing me to see she had nothing else on besides a red bra and panties. This was nothing that should have overwhelmed me by now, but in spite of how stunning and sexy Yvonne and Cobie were – this was the next level.

Obviously with all that superhero work, Scarlett's curves weren't as....defined as they might have been in years past. Nevertheless, any other complaints about that hourglass figure, that peach shaped ass or those creamy legs would be insane. And I felt very sane right now.

Until she turned around and showed me the front of her red bra.

Her dress hadn't really shown off her famous tits too much – not like the ones with cleavage. But now that her cleavage was on display – with the apparent promise of even more – there was no harm done.

Somehow, I cast my eyes down to see the front of her panties, then went past her breasts to see her shining, seductive green eyes, and a goosebump inducing smirk on her famed lips. My brain rebooted in time for me to realize, "Here? Now? There's still enough people out there to hear us."

I was shocked I could say that many words. Then Scarlett shocked me with, "Makes this stand out even more. At least it's supposed to with the right person. Unless Cobie was pulling a prank on me."

Okay then. I shouldn't have been that easily manipulated, given my track record. Yet when you're manipulated into rocking Scarlett Johansson's world and body, it's easier to be a puppet. And since I was no Comic Con virgin anymore....

I was sure Cobie told her about my opening move. So I marched up to Scarlett and showed she wasn't lying by putting my left palm on her panties. I rubbed my hand between her legs and grabbed on to show Scarlett, then when she gasped, I smiled and rubbed her slower.

My thumb brushed her panty-covered lips, then teased the top of her garment without dipping in. Meanwhile, my right hand went onto her waist to feel her supple bare skin. I wanted to stand out by not diving for her tits and ass right away, no matter how she was breathing or how her thighs were clenching.

I evened the playing field a bit by removing my hands and getting my shirt off. With my chest bare, I could have demanded that she follow suit, but I put my hands back where they were and had her bra covered tits pressed against my skin, which still felt pretty great.

Just barely greater than her lips connecting with mine a moment later.

Scarlett wrapped her arms around my neck, making it harder for me to keep my hand between us. Yet when I put my left hand on her side, she started grinding herself against my crotch. Her mouth covered my groans as her tongue entered my mouth, and I just concentrated on staying upright.

Both my hands went down to her ass, squeezing the ample flesh before trailing my fingers down her crack – quickly proving that part of Cobie's story too. This made Scarlett jump up and wrap her legs around me, so I had to hold her by her ass until I could find somewhere to sit down.

Eventually, I backed up towards a seat, settling Scarlett on my lap once I sat down. She kept her arms and legs around me while also keeping our mouths connected. But after a few more licks and suckles on her lips, I moved on to other territory.

My lips went down to Scarlett's neck, where they attempted to slow down and savor what they were kissing and sucking. I went back and forth between licks and nibbles, and when I nibbled one spot next to her throat, she let out a deep, sultry groan. In addition, her hips grinded deeper onto my lap while she pressed her chest harder into me.

I repeated the process a few more times, then moved my lips to her upper chest. Although this was the promised land, I didn't want to neglect the other one. So while Scarlett figured I'd focus completely on her tits, I had my hands go to her ass and pull the back of her panties down.

I peeked over her shoulder to see her delectable bare cheeks – and to make sure I slipped my finger below them just right.

Scarlett groaned louder, but seemed to remember she couldn't be too loud. If someone heard us and stopped this now, I would probably be inclined to kill them. It may not have made it hotter, like it did for her – but it made me appreciate that time wasn't on my side.

This was likely my only chance with one of the sexiest women alive – if not my last chance with any of the other sexiest women alive at Comic Con. As insane as that sounded – albeit less so than a day or two ago. In any case, if I had limited time to work with, I was gonna savor it and go all out.

I backed up this inner vow by slipping my right index finger into her pussy, then circling around it. Scarlett was trying to keep her groans down, which made her voice even huskier and sexier. When she backed her ass up against my hand, I drove my finger in deeper and then suddenly pulled out.

I lifted my finger up and could tell how wet it was. When Scarlett noticed too, I placed that finger right in between her breasts and glided it up and down, until those juices were on the middle of her chest. With that, I finally put my face on those tits, but my tongue merely licked the juices between them.

I kept my face on her cleavage, but my mouth kept kissing and licking between it, content to just feel her breasts on the rest of my face. Scarlett edged me on by pushing her tits up, but I didn't move. Yet my hands crawled up her smooth back and landed on the back of her bra, attempting to unhook it myself.

I got halfway through and finally started to suffocate, until Scarlett pulled her chest back and reached over to finish unhooking herself. When the hooks were off, she didn't throw the bra off, but let it hang onto her ample chest. She leaned back to let me see, giving me a look both alluring and playful – a deadly combo on that face of hers.

I swore to get back to that gorgeous kisser later – after I took her dare and flung her bra off.

My eyes stayed locked onto her delicious bare breasts, even as my hands were busy feeling them up and pushing them together. I rubbed them and listened to Scarlett purr, then brought my mouth into the mix at last. Putting both my hands on her left tit, I held it up and suckled down as much of her bounty as I could, my eyes staring up at her the whole time.

Both hands clenched her breast, my fingers brushing her sides and underside. Her right breast was likely feeling neglected, so my right hand went over to play with it. My mouth soon followed suit, as I kept a hand on each tit, then lifted up them and pressed them together again.

With both her nipples close together and fully erect, I dabbed my tongue back and forth between them. I then wrapped my lips around her right one, suckling it like a newborn and quickly taking more of her flesh in, while my tongue licked every inch it could. I looked back up at Scarlett to see her reaction – and with her eyes half open and mouth parted, it wasn't a bad move.

"You have a good mouth," Scarlett rasped out. "Speaking of which...." she warned before taking her tits away from my mouth and hands, only to push me back against the chair.

She removed herself from my lap, and it was pretty clear where she was going. In anticipation, I spread my legs and unbuckled my belt for her. I lifted my hips up to slide my pants down, then adjusted to the cold feel of the chair on my ass before settling down for Scarlett.

She kneeled between my legs, looking down at my erect cock. It was as hard as it was gonna get over what was about to happen, so I didn't know what she waited for.

Apparently it was to lull me before her lips went almost all the way down my cock.

Without any warm-up or warning, she suckled my cock hard and slid those full lips of hers all the way up my shaft, then opened her mouth and shoved me all the back in. She closed her lips around my base, suckled me down like a Hoover and used her tongue wherever she could, then popped off and took a deep breath.

Not only couldn't I breathe, I was amazed I didn't cum. All the jokes and snide comments about those lips of her were true. Unfortunately, she wasn't putting them back on me to rub it in further. Maybe she was giving me time to recover, which was kind of her after that show, but enough was enough.

I waited for her to suck me down again, but instead, all Scarlett did was kiss my tip. After that, she took my shaft in her hand and licked my head slowly and all around. She stuck her tongue out so I could see it, then slowly and torturously licked down my shaft and stopped short of my balls.

Scarlett locked eyes with me as she placed her lips on my balls and started kissing – not suckling. Her lips kissed up my cock, with her tongue put into use every other second. I started to relax at the sensation of her kisses – until she dove her mouth back in and tried to suck me dry again.

She only deep throated me for a few seconds, then came off and gave my head another soft kiss. She suckled it back in, but softer this time, rubbing her lips back and forth over me. She opened her mouth to take a breath, went down another inch, suckled and rubbed her lips over me again while adding her tongue, then repeated the pattern a few more times.

Soon, she settled into a full, sensual blowjob, humming softly while practically making doe eyes up at me. I felt like jelly as my right hand rested into her hair, while my left reached for her breast.

So of course, she took my hand off her breast in order to put both of them on my cock.

Before this latest rollercoaster twist could hit me, I was unconsciously thrusting into her tits, as she bounced them up and down on me. Forgetting about containing myself, about time crunches, about being in a public place, and about everything else except Scarlett's breasts, I was full on ready to blow. Especially when Scarlett bent down and swallowed my head one more time.

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