tagNonConsent/ReluctanceComing Out of the Closet

Coming Out of the Closet


She stood in front of her mirror, sobbing softly. The ugly names and terrible words they used were heart wrenching. The things they said hung in her head and buzzed like horrible little bees. She just wanted it to stop. So what if she was a virgin? What did that have to do with anything? She was still a nice girl...

She reached up and ran her tiny, lily white fingers over her red lips. They were so swollen. She'd fallen into the chair when the boy pushed her and it made her lip swell. Her eyes remained more on the chipped pink nail polish. The site made another tear squeeze from her eyes and journey down her Rosy cheeks. They made fun of her because she always took ages to touch up her nails. The girls did, anyway.

She ran her fingers up over the tear and then sniffled. Her green eyes were bloodshot and so terribly sore. She swallowed hard as she looked on into the bleeding eyes in the glass. She ran her fingers up through her slightly knotted black hair and untangled a few strands. This made her cry a little harder, too. She never wears her hair properly. Never styles it. This was apparently a sin in her school.

Her hand fell down the cut on her forehead to her nose. It wasn't too small, was it? They thought it was. She couldn't help it, though. She liked her button nose... Well, she did. No one seemed to have a problem with it until she went there. They didn't like that it turned red in the cold, either. She didn't mind... She couldn't ever see her nose, anyway. Why should it bother her? It was fine when she was warm...

She reached out from her face and touched the glass. The girl staring back at her... Her nose was cold, too. And it was red like hers. She smiled slightly. So did the girl. She was pretty, she thought. But maybe she got picked on for not being like them. She certainly didn't look like them.

"It's okay," she whispered. "They don't think you're pretty. But I do... We have each other."

This made both of them smile again.

She wasn't frigid... She never thought about being sexy. It wasn't her fault she didn't own the clothes they had in those hip hop videos on MTV. Her mother wouldn't allow it, anyway. She might wear them if she had them. She could fill them... She had some curves. She noticed them when she took showers sometimes. She had curved hips and a larger behind than most. Her chest was developed for only just reaching eighteen... But they still claimed she couldn't fill the clothes if she tried. They claimed it was just baby fat.

She ran her hands down her hips and watched as they glided to her thighs. Running them back up to her neck she began to slowly unbutton her blouse. Surely she could see herself if it was just baby fat or really breasts. She was halfway down when she started to blush. She looked up into the girls eyes. She was blushing, too. This made her even even more embarrassed about stripping in front of someone.

Taking a deep breath she unbuttoned the last few buttons and pulled it open slowly. She smiled slightly as she watched the girl reveal her rounded C cup breasts. She licked her lips as she watched, intrigued. She ran her fingers over the cleavage and felt the tingles run throughout her body. It made her smile again. But it quickly went back to a nervous blush as she reached to the front clip and unclasped her bra.

Slowly, she pulled the cups away and her breasts fell free. She pulled the blouse and the bra off her shoulders and dropped it to the floor. She started breathing more heavily as she reached up and cupped her breasts. The girl looked very flushed, too. She ran her fingers over her nipples and moaned softly. The sensation was very nice. She could see that the girl in the mirror liked it, too.

She bit down on her lower lip as her hands began to descend. She ran her fingers down her tummy and moaned again, quickly blushing brightly as she felt tingles between her legs. When her fingers reached the waistband of her jeans. She placed her hand on the zipper and pulled it down slowly. Then pulled her jeans down her thighs.

Eagerly, though she wasn't sure why, she pushed her panties down with them. She felt the soft pink cotton slide down her white legs. She dropped them to her ankles and stepped out of them, kicking them aside a bit.

There, before her stood a beautifully shaped young girl. Her black hair tumbled elegantly down her shoulders, over her breasts. She licked her lips and then nibbled on her cheek as she began exploring her body with her hands. Running her fingers over her stomach and her breasts, taking time to rub her nipples before running back down again and delving her fingers into her tuft of hair between her thighs.

She let out a soft sigh and moaned. She wondered what made the girls in those videos so sexy. She remembered watching one before and wanting boys to look at her the way the men in the video looked at the girl in the video. The girl did a very provocative dance and the thought of doing such a dance herself made her heart pound.

However, there was no one here but the girl in the mirror. And she seemed like she wanted to do the same thing. They had each other, they felt the same. Surely it would be okay to express such desires to each other. She nodded to herself. So did the girl.

Slowly, she began moving her hips in circles, rotating them. Then she began rolling them. She moaned softly and slid her hands up her body to cup her breasts again, teasing whoever she wished was watching. She thrust her hips forward and moaned softly as she did, running her hand up through her hair as the other stayed cupped around her breast. She was getting so much pleasure from teasing her now erect nipples.

She began to tease herself subtly. She ran her hand over her crotch and then down her thighs, swinging as she bent a bit and then stood straight again, pulling her hand away from that forbidden place. She moved them up to her breasts and looked teasingly at the girl. She couldn't believe it! The girl was doing the same thing!

Oh, she felt on fire. She felt so powerful and so... sexy. She felt like she could have the heart of anyone who dared to look at her. Everything about her was glowing a little brighter and everything seemed a little firmer. She turned and bent a bit, swirling her hips again as she did, catching a glance at the place under her bottom and she broke into a fit of giggles.

What on earth was she doing! She kept laughing and giggling. She stood back up straight and turned around. The girl in the mirror was giggling, too. She felt drunk. So silly for how she was acting. But holding that power did feel good. Very good.

Suddenly, she heard a crack and her head snapped around to see what it was. Then she noticed it. Heavy breathing. She gasped and her heart began to beat wildly. Was someone... watching her? She gazed towards her closet, almost shaking, squinting to see something between the small crack.

Then, suddenly, the doors swung open and there stood a man she'd never seen before. She gasped and nearly screamed, stepping backwards quickly and tripping, falling back onto her bed. She squirmed into the corny and snatched the covers, pulling them over her naked body. Someone was watching her in her own house! And she had no idea who it was! How violated she felt!

"Get out of here!" she cried.

The man began walking closer to her and she began to whimper. He was walking so briskly and breathing so heavily. She gazed at him. His greeny blue eyes were fixed on her, his gaze firm. He had a slight, conniving smile on his lips. He licked them and continued smiling. His hands were bare and his fingers were long. He wore a faded navy hoody and a pair of baggy jeans. He was about six feet tall, maybe a bit shorter.

He crawled on the bed and crawled over her. She shook her head quickly, beginning to whimper more. His hands covered her mouth gently and then held her hands to her sides. He whispered, "Shhhhhh..."

He leaned forward and kissed her neck softly. He began sucking on her flesh and she gasped softly, closing her eyes and indulging in the amazing sensation brought on by his lips. He began nibbling her ear and whispered, "Just relax, baby... I liked that little dance you did for me..."

Her eyes snapped open and widened. She stopped squirming and his hands ran up her arms and cupped her breasts. She moaned softly again and closed her eyes, relaxing again. He smiled and pulled the blanket away from her chest. This made him lick his hungry lips. He leaned down and sucked her left nipple into his mouth, running his tongue over it gently. She gasped and began panting, tilting her head back a bit.

"You were dancing for me, weren't you... Tell me you were," he ordered and bit down a bit on her breast.

She whimpered softly and said quickly, "I was dancing for you."

He smiled and continued loving sucking on her breast, surrendering one puckered nipple to give the other one equal attention. He kissed down between her breast and licked her there. Then, he blew a cool stream of air over where his tongue touched her, causing her to shiver beneath him. He licked down to her navel, kissing it softly and then ran his tongue down her thighs. She cried out quietly.

"Shhhh," he whispered. "You have to keep quiet for me... Just relax and let me pleasure you like you do when you dance for me..."

His long fingers ventured in between her thighs and rubbed over her pubic hair. He ran his hand down to her clit and pressed it gently. She whimpered, then moaned for him louder than before. This made him even more excited and he ran his fingers down to her slit, rubbing over it gently, making her shiver and gasp. He pressed one finger at the entrance and pushed firmly until her lips parted and allowed his fingertip to slip inside her. Then, he pushed his whole finger inside, making her moan loudly and buck her hips a bit. He was raging. He needed relief and badly. But it was her turn now. This is what she gets for teasing him, he though.

He stuck his tongue out and pressed the flat against her clit. Running his tongue over it, again and again while he pushed his finger in and out of her, she was moaning and squirming anxiously. With his other hand, he held one of her thighs to the side so her legs remained spread enough for him. As she oozed more for him, he slid another finger inside her, pushing them both in and out slowly, her lips stretching and making her whimper. He gazed up at her as he sucked and licked her swollen clit.

She gazed back down at him, no idea how to sort the million feelings and thoughts rushing through her. Her chest was rising and falling quickly and she was breathing heavily. She fisted the bedsheets as she felt him down there, giving her more pleasure than she'd over felt. She squeezed her eyes shut and dropped her head back, moaning and still whimpering, still feeling as if it were wrong. Every now and then she'd give a feeble "noooo...." but it would go unheard. Or it would just make him chuckle against her folds. This did bring more sensations.

She could feel him holding her thigh back as she squirmed eagerly beneath his talented mouth and hand. Never had she felt such penetration. It hurt, but she liked that, too. Everything about the situation was making her heart pound harder and her blood flow faster. Suddenly, she felt the tension rising and he began pushing his fingers in and out of her quicker, making it even more intense.

She cried out and squeezed the bedsheets tightly in her hands, biting down on her lower lip. She gasped as she felt the sudden tight rise and then a tight and intense contraction. Followed by relaxing. Contracting and relaxing over and over, making her scream and thrust her hips up against his face. All the while, he continued sucking her clit and fingering her quickly, trying to heighten the orgasm.

When finally it lessened and came to a close, she collapsed back, panting. He slowly pulled his fingers from her now dripping lips and gave her clit one more kiss. Then, he crawled back up over her so he was eye level with her. He pushed his fingers against her lips and ordered, "Suck." She obliged.

Tasting her own muskiness on his fingers made her feel so odd. So different. She ran her tongue over his fingers and sucked on them eagerly, holding his hand over her face. He smiled and pulled it away and then leaned forward, kissing her lips firmly, but slowly and sensually and again she could taste herself on his tongue. He pulled his face away and it hovered over hers.

"Did you enjoy that, my darling?" he asked. She nodded slowly. He smiled. "Good... Because that, my love, was only the beginning."

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