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Coming to Light


Her fingers felt the cold as she unclipped the lights from the window frame, and the corners of her mouth twitched as she worked. These windows had always been drafty this time of year, and she was in no way dressed to work in those conditions. But, it was time for the holiday lights to come down anyway, and she wanted to stay busy while she waited.

It was late, and time for bed, but she wasn't expecting to sleep soon. Time with friends always charged her up, and she'd enjoyed hostessing the party they had thrown that afternoon. She'd insisted on being the first in the shower, once they'd cleaned up the place - but that left her with nothing to do, when he shooed her out before his turn under the water. She had tried laying naked in their bed, listening for the sound of the shower running to stop, letting the party replay in her head. Smelling her own skin, however, and remembering all those wicked looks throughout the day, made her a little too crazy to stay still. Soon she'd found herself wandering downstairs with her nearest robe wrapped around her, and deciding to take down those lights as a different way to keep her hands busy.

She heard the water cut off at last, and the thumps of his feet as he stepped around on the floor above. The last clip came loose with a tug, and she lowered the string of lights to the carpet. One more window to go, and then the lights along their breakfast bar... the next ones she wouldn't tangle so badly taking them down. Reach down and gather the strand, shake it out - they're not too hot to coil up while they're still lit...

The coil unwound itself along the floor again, as she jumped and spun around. His hand had found the bare back of her thigh at a vulnerable moment, with her too busy bending over tangles to listen for him. His grin widened as she thwacked him on the arm, and he turned it into a hug somehow as he stepped into her. Rising to her tiptoes for a kiss was her idea, the very moment her cold fingers slipped inside his robe to touch his shoulders.

The lights at their feet illuminated them softly as the kiss deepened, as she savored the clean scent of him, the tightness of his arms around her waist. She felt sexy - he felt ready. Who knows where the kiss might have gone, had there not come the sound of tires in their back driveway, and flickers of passing headlights on the walls of the dim room.

She pulled herself away, wrapped her robe tighter as she stepped to the full-length window, and said an unladylike word as she looked out over the deck. She recognized the car as belonging to one of the partygoers, one of her man's idiot friends. She said the friend's name in a frustrated tone as she turned back to her man, adding "He probably forgot something when he left the party." Her brow furrowed slightly as she saw what her man had done, in the seconds she had been at the window.

He'd pulled one of the stools over from the breakfast bar, almost into the spot where she'd been standing, with its high back toward him. Her lips quirked at one corner - from the way his body had felt before she stepped away, and from the way his face looked as he watched her turn, she knew what he needed to hide with the stool. His lopsided grin acknowledged hers, and he chuckled a bit as he spoke.

"Well, I guess we should see what he wants." He stepped around the barstool, tightening the belt of his robe, his pocket bulging differently than she'd expected. He patted the black leather of the seat, saying "Come sit here. I've been wanting to put you on a pedestal."

She stepped toward him even as she rolled her eyes - if nothing else, she needed to get away from the cold draft on the backs of her thighs. He took her hand as she stepped back across the scattered lights, and was almost gentlemanly in helping her perch on the edge of the stool. He'd circled to stand in front of her by the time she settled in, and lifted her chin with two fingers to see her eyes. "Perfect," he said.

Her hands gripped the edge of the stool - she could feel herself blushing as she spoke. "Go find out what he wants." Her tongue moistened her lips. "Hurry."

He smiled, reached into his pocket, drew out its contents. His hand stayed close to his body, keeping his secret as he drew her hand close. "You better hold this," he said, pressing something into her palm, her hand automatically closing.

Her eyes widened. Her pocket rocket! Butterflies filled her as she remembered the time he'd first found her favorite little vibrator sitting out on the night stand, the long slow tease that night had turned into... She swallowed before she spoke. "You can't just leave me here holding this thing. How is THAT going to look?"

He sidestepped as she spoke, circling to her left, leaning in for a quick kiss on her forehead. "Well, you do look lovely." Hand on her shoulder, he circled around behind her. "Hell, maybe a look at you IS what he wants."

Her mouth went dry, and her knees reflexively pressed together. She had caught his friend looking during the party, as she moved through a busy room. Looking at her so hard, in fact, she'd felt obligated to give her man a kiss as she passed him, posing on her toes for a moment as she did. Was that the moment she'd started feeling super sexy, feeling sure she'd need to get laid tonight? Oh shit... Her lips pressed together briefly, and she tried to control her voice.

"Cut it out, dammit! He'll be at the door in a minute."

"Oh, so we have a little time?" Her knuckles whitened, gripping the toy, as his hand rested on her left thigh. Her back straightened instantly as he slid it quickly along her leg, fingertip nudging the warm spot where her legs met. "Maybe you won't need long, hmm?"

She slammed her knees together, pinning his hand between her thighs, as she hissed that unladylike word again. "Stop it! He really is gonna see!"

His pinned fingers nudged maddeningly at her labia. His voice teased and soothed. "Oh, shut up - he couldn't see in if he tried. Besides, he always goes around to the front door when he comes over."

She looked at the window in front of her, lit only by the lights still hanging and by the strand on the floor. She could see no car lights from the driveway, and the lights against the window made it impossible to see any other details, except a faint reflection of herself. Did that mean he really couldn't see in? A sudden reflex bowed her shoulders forward, abdomen tightening, as her man's fingers found her clit. She knew he could tell what a wet mess she was becoming, and trying to sort out all the sensations her eyes and body were giving her seemed for a moment overwhelming.

"You are very ready, and I want you very much," his voice purred in her ear again, his body shifting back behind the stool's high back. She got a whiff of his just-showered body as his arm came around, and his right hand rested on her right thigh. "I can watch your face in that reflection while I touch you, and it's driving me crazy."

She focused in on the window again, seeing the reflections of her knees, her feet on the rung of the stool... the tie of her robe beginning to hang loosely because of how she'd been shifting in her chair... her man wide-eyed behind her, his cheek against her hair... his hand still moving against her... his other one tugging to spread her leg wide...

Nobody could see, right? She felt her legs begin to part, his fingers taking advantage... That jackass is gonna knock on the front door any moment... Her eyes searched the window, seeing only reflections. Did that mean that only she could see?

She scooted to the edge of the stool, she spread her legs wide... and her heart skipped a beat as her robe fell open. God, she hoped that only she could see.

Her man's hands shifted quickly, sliding underneath her thighs just above her knees, holding her firmly, resisting as her legs tried to twitch closed. Without even his groping hand to impede the view, she shuddered to see how her reflection exposed her. She could see all the signs her body showed when she was completely in heat. Really? Already? Like that? A tiny moan escaped her as she took in her man's reflected face - how he concentrated on the sight of her, having her completely in his hands.

"So sexy," his voice came again, complete honesty in his tone. His grip tightenened, his voice came more insistent. "Show me. Touch it. Let's play."

The hand clutching her tiny vibrator almost dropped it, as her fingers fumbled to switch it on. A small part of her wondered what she was doing what her man said, right there with all the lights glowing. But he must be right about everything - she WAS sexy, behaving this way. She could see it in the window - she could hear it in her man's voice. Her hand moved on its own - her fingers shifted from memory to contact her swollen clit...

"FUCK," she said, clearly and loudly, and this time it didn't feel unladylike at all.

Her eyes never strayed from her reflection as she felt her body react, all the heat of the long night's waiting meeting all the sensations on her skin. His hands held her steady as her legs tried to spread even wider, as she bucked against the back of the stool shifting her hips until it felt just right. Her hand moved, her fingers dipped, the buzzing rose and fell as she rode the sensation, masturbating slowly as they watched... the hostess of her own little party...

The party! Her eyes widened. How long had it been since the headlights? Was what's-his-name knocking at the back door? Was he looking at her, just like he'd been looking this afternoon, seeing just how sexy she could be?

She felt her mouth drop open, not knowing what shock to feel. Her heels dug into the rung of the stool.

Her man's hands suddenly slid all the way up her body, her robe falling away completely, as he cupped her breasts. His fingers clamped on her nipples, strong and certain, as he repeated back to her... "fuck..."

She wasn't quite sure what happened next, but it seemed to go on forever.

It ended with her man's arms around her, and him making nonsense sounds of comfort and praise in her ear. Yet another tingle passed through her, head to heels, as she saw how utterly sexual she looked even then, within her reflection, gasping for breath.

From a few feet beyond the window, a cigarette lighter sparked, shining through the picture she was framing, disrupting it only just enough. It lit, from beneath, a face and an expression she recognized from the afternoon's party. Their unexpected guest wore the same look of concentration her man had been - all focused on her, completely desirous. So little light, showing so much.

Her knees reflexively tried to come together as she saw him - but she found herself spreading again, as her man continued cupping and displaying her breasts, gently teasing her nipples. She studied the face beyond the window, limp on her pedestal in the middle of the room, wondering at how she was feeling about what she'd just done.

"I told him this afternoon that you would probably cum before he did, " her man said softly, and she felt a blush rise to her face. She realized she didn't even know how long she'd sat there, staring at how his friend reacted to her body, before her man had to say something.

Her man released her and stepped around the stool, to where he could see her face, being careful not to block anyone's view as he moved. Her fluttering hands dropped her toy, not knowing quite how to move without his arms around her. Though she thought a panicky thought about closing them, a warm strange feeling prevented her from closing her rubbery, traitor legs. Her eyes locked with those of the man outside the window, the man who'd just watched her.

She swallowed with her suddenly dry mouth as her man spoke again, in tones smooth and controlled.

"Don't you think we should let him in now?"

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