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Hi folks, another week, another tale of love gone wrong. I'm still shocked that I got away with naming the hero of last week's story Daniel Boone and no one caught it. As A warning I have to tell you that this one includes some violence. But in the end it's only a story. Only imaginary people were injured during the story and even they got back up and went home after it ended. So for those of you who don't like to see things like that, this one probably won't be your cup of tea. For the three or tour of you who are still here, enjoy. Thanks as usual to the truly great Mikothebaby for editing this. Here we go.

* * * * * *

As I drive through the sculptured lawns and dignified monuments, the first thing that goes through my mind is how similar this cemetery is to the golf course here in town. Of course, the golf course is three miles in the opposite direction but, maybe they'd been laid out by the same guy.

It seems so strange being back here in the town I grew up in and spent most of my life in, for the first time in more than eight years. I always thought that I'd live here for my entire life and finally die here as well, but it wasn't to be.

I guess the strangest thing about coming back here is the circumstances. I'm back here for the funeral of a man who was as close to me as a brother for most of my life. Growing up, there were four of us. They called us the Musketeers, because we were always together and it was all for one and one for all like the Musketeers. If you messed with one of us, you had to deal with all of us.

Now, of the four of us, I was the only one who wasn't crippled or dead. It's really surprising when you consider that we're all the same age and none of us is over forty. I probably wouldn't have come back for this funeral either, if Jeff's mom hadn't gotten my number from some mutual friends and begged me to come and say a few words.

I'm not sure what it'll be like facing some of my old friends and the people I knew when I lived here. I have doubts about the way they'll feel about me. Any reservations I was thinking about go away as a hand reaches out to caress mine on top of the gear shift knob. I take my eyes off of the road for a split second and see the smile break out on my wife's face.

Her smile is contagious and I can't hide mine. "It feels weird to be going home after all of this time doesn't it?" I asked.

She nodded at me and smiled again. Before she could form words to express her thoughts, we both heard the wisdom of the ages from my Mustang's tiny back seat.

"This isn't home, Daddy. This is some other place. But it has nice grass. Can I play on that grass?" asks my five year old daughter.

I pull in behind the line of cars and see that even though we're here early there are already a few people here. Strangely enough, you'd expect there to be many more. After all, Jeff lived his entire life here in town. You'd have kind of expected everyone to come out to bid him farewell. Since Jeff had started out as a doctor you'd have expected there to be a lot of people here just to acknowledge all of the good he'd done. But then his last few years probably weren't spent in the medical field. I wonder what he'd done after he got out of jail?

I got out of the car and walked around to open the door for my wife Amanda and my daughter Aimee. I could feel a slight buzzing at the back of my neck as the hair stood up on it. I looked up and noticed that most of the people in the small crowd were staring at us.

Amanda grew up here too. She was just away from the town for most of her life after the first two years of college. Ours, in a way, is a second marriage for both of us. We each grab one of Aimee's hands and start toward the crowd. As I near the gathering, Reverend Brady starts to introduce me. It's almost as if they'd been waiting for me.

I step up to the small podium they have erected for Jeff's funeral and begin speaking. I talk about the tragedy of loss of life. I talk about holding on to the people you love because we never know when they'll be taken from us and I talk about the value of living life to the fullest because again we never really know how long we have. Then I step down to a generous round of applause, a few puzzled faces and a couple of faces caught in open mouthed shock.

The two caught in shock are the people here that I know best. One of them, Bert is the only other one of the Musketeers beside me, who's still alive. He leans heavily on a cane and one of his legs is twisted badly. The arm that holds the cane seems to be larger than the other one. His left arm is barely functional and the muscles have shrunk due to atrophy. He also has trouble breathing. I, of course, know that this is because he had several of his ribs that were shattered and so his capacity to enlarge and contract his ribcage isn't the best. He looks at me and I have trouble reading the emotions behind his gaze.

The other person that seems shocked to see me is a woman. She seems to be far older than she should be, especially when you consider that we're the same age. Her complexion and the look in her eyes speak of a history of alcohol abuse. Her slack jawed gaze locks onto me as if she's imploring me to notice her. She's bent over at the waist slightly and her skin is ruddy. She's thicker than I remember in the torso yet her limbs appear spindly. As she looks at me, trying to decide whether or not to approach me, the two women in my life make themselves known.

Amanda puts herself protectively between me and the other woman, as if telling her that to get to me she has to go through her first. Then my daughter's voice booms out in the way that only a five year old can get away with. "Daddy, is that a witch?" she asks. "Is she an evil witch like the ones in my story books? She looks like one."

Another voice, this one far older and still filled with love comes from the other side. "Liam, you spoke so well," she says. I look to see Jeff's mom talking to me. "You aren't leaving so soon are you? We're having a get together at the house after the ceremony. You haven't been back to town since you left. Don't you want to go over and say goodbye to Jeff before they...I can't say it," she starts to break down into tears. I hug the woman who except for my own mother had the most to do with raising me.

I pull her into me and gently squeeze her to let her know that I'm there with her and that I feel her pain.

Her husband, who's also very broken up, comes over to relieve me of her. Another woman, this one younger, looks me straight in the eye. "Well played Liam," she smirks. "I did notice if no one else did, the con game you just played. Your words WERE very beautiful and very inspiring, but they were also very generic. You didn't say one God damned thing about Jeff himself, did you?"

"That didn't sound at all like a man who was as close to being a brother as anyone Jeff had. You guys grew up together and spent most of your lives looking out for each other. I guess I was expecting something more personal, unless..."

"Unless what?" I asked. Paula was Jeff's ex-wife and the mother of his two kids.

"Unless you hated the bastard as much as I did," she smirked. "But it doesn't matter really. It looks like you did okay in the end and everything ended up the way it should have from the beginning." She waved at Amanda and then turned to leave.

Before she got out of earshot, she threw a last barb over her shoulder. "No matter what his mom says, don't go and look at the body. He doesn't look anything like he used to. His life was hell for the past eight years and he looks like it. And if you're anything like me, you won't be able to resist the urge to spit on the bastard's face. After all he deserves this."

Paula's display of feelings for Jeff has given Bert the time he needs to hobble his way over to me.

"Liam," he gasps. "You're looking well."

I give him a curt nod. "How long are you going to be in town?" he asks.

"Not long," I say.

"Do you think that I could have a few words with you before you go? There are some things I need to get off of my chest and I'll probably never have another chance. You're doubtlessly going to be the last of the Musketeers alive. If you wait another eight years before coming back I'll be gone by then for sure," he said.

"I'm going to drop Mandy and my daughter off to visit my mom and dad," I said. "They haven't seen her since they were in Chicago to spend Christmas with us. Where would you like to meet?"

"Mulligan's" he said. "Thanks." I just nodded again.

The woman my daughter thought was a witch has been listening to the entire exchange. She turns to leave after another lingering glance at me. I'm sure she'll be there too. There are probably things she'll want to say to me without Amanda present.

I rejoin my wife and child and head back to my Mustang. I deprive myself of the chance to say goodbye to Jeff and also as his ex-wife said, the chance to release bodily fluids of one kind or the other on his corpse.

Less than an hour later, I'm sitting at the table the four of us, lifelong best friends always sat at in Mulligan's. Old man Mulligan is still running the place, although his sons seem to actually be in charge. He tells me that of the four of us, I'm the only one who hasn't changed and I smile.

As I wait for Bert to join me, I remember back eight years ago when the friendship of a lifetime ended and with it my innocence.

Actually, I remember it like it was yesterday. Though it doesn't seem like I came out of it any worse for wear, it changed me on a fundamental level. I've been in therapy for years. I guess truthfully though, it was Amanda who got me through it with my soul intact. Amanda ran away from her first um...husband for me and we built our life together. Well, let me start at how everything fell apart.

My name is William Bennett. I grew up along with three others in the town of Danbridge, Indiana. Danbridge is a medium sized town. We had most of the amenities of larger cities. It just takes us a while longer to get them.

My three best friends, Jeff Martin, Bert Lincoln and Greg Pruitt, had the world on a string. We were all married. We all owned our own homes and we all had great jobs or careers.

Jeff was a doctor. Greg was a lawyer. Bert was a teacher and I'm an engineer. We all got together for parties and barbecues at each other's homes regularly. Of course, the guys also bowled together, played cards together and played golf together as well.

Bert was the best golfer among us. He'd won the country club's tournament four times in a row. Everyone expected him to win it again this year and tie the record for most wins. Then next year he'd set the new record, he was that good.

Greg was the best bowler among us and Jeff was the best card player. I wasn't really the best at anything we did together. My skills lay in other areas. I was an avid runner and had done four marathons, including Boston. I was never going to win a marathon, but I was the only guy I knew who could run twenty six miles. I also loved my Mustangs. From the first car I ever bought, I've never driven anything else.

Two of our wives were also from Danbridge and grew up with us. Jeff's wife, Paula, had been a couple of years behind us in school and we'd all watched her grow into the woman she became. Greg had met his wife, Tina, in college and she'd moved to Danbridge after they married. And Bert's wife, Elaine, did the same after he met her at a teacher's conference.

My wife, Julie, had grown up with us. She was actually kind of the unofficial fifth Musketeer. It was kind of weird the way she and I ended up with each other. I hadn't really met her until I got out of college though she was always around. After we graduated, she started hanging out with us more and became a part of the crew. I guess that we were just the last two standing after the others paired up. That forced us to spend time with each other and we ended up getting married.

Julie was the light of my life. Despite the fact that it hadn't been love at first site for her, I'd always liked her. I guess it just took a little bit longer for her to discover that she loved me.

All through high school and college, I'd dated someone else. But that kind of went down the tubes when it came time to pick a major and decide what we were going to do with our lives. Our two career paths were simply incompatible. As much as I really loved her and hoped she loved me, I couldn't wrap my head around her career choice and the lifestyle it entailed. There wouldn't have been any room for me in her life anyway.

So, though it was circumstances that pushed Julie and I together, we were determined to make it work. We had a plan and everything. We'd worked out a table for all of the significant things in our life including when to start having our kids. We were almost at that point when things got blown out.

It was my habit to go out and do my longest run of the week on Sunday morning. It was usually a two to three hour stamina run and it set me up for the rest of the week.

So on that Sunday, I was puttering around the park at a pace that was slow enough that I'd be able to continue it for twenty miles or so when I came up behind the most incredible legs I'd even seen. They were slender, yet well shaped. The muscles in those legs were sculpted. Her thighs were amazing with a bit of a gap between them at the top. The ass that connected those legs was mouth-watering. I threw my training schedule and pace out of the window, just to watch that undulating ass in front of me.

That amazing ass tapered to form a thin waist and kept going. After a couple of shy glances over her shoulder, the woman suddenly stopped and I ran right into her.

"Liam, this isn't the way I wanted us to meet again," she said and changed my world.

After I got my head out of my ass, I realized that I knew her. I ended up spending the rest of the morning talking to her. Had it not been for me changing my schedule to talk to Amanda, my life would probably be very different.

As it was, I ended up going home early. Everything in Danbridge is relatively close so I didn't drive to the park, I ran in. I walked back home and walked into the house ready to tell Julie about running into my old girlfriend.

I wasn't prepared for what I heard. I'd come in through the kitchen because when I was sweaty and dripping, Julie had a fit about me even being in the living room. I wasn't allowed to be anywhere near her furniture unless I was absolutely clean.

That just seemed wrong to me considering what I was watching her do then. My wife was bent over on all fours with Greg thrusting his dick into her from behind. Jeff was grabbing her by the sides of her head and ramming his dick down her throat. Bert was standing to one side jacking off and probably waiting for his turn.

My heart went into my throat. "Suck it Bitch," said Jeff as Julie just made gagging sounds and her head bounced back and forth.

They were all naked and it looked like they'd done this a lot. I didn't know how to react. This wasn't anything I'd ever have expected. I mean these three guys were closer to me than anyone else I could think of. We'd helped each other through every facet of life. Jeff had actually introduced me to Julie in the first place. And Julie loved me. I put away my anger and got my phone out and started snapping pictures to use in my divorce.

Julie stopped sucking Jeff's meat and stuck out her tongue. Jeff shot a wad of sperm down her throat and groaned. "Dammit, I didn't want to come yet. Now you're going to have to suck me hard again so I can fuck you."

"Actually, we need to have a talk," said Julie.

"There's plenty of time for talking later," said Bert. "I haven't had my turn yet. Liam will be running for another hour and a half at least. So fuck now, talk later."

"No, this is serious," said Julie.

The three guys sat down on the sofa and listened to her. It seemed really strange that she didn't mind them sitting on that fucking couch that I paid for, but I could not go near it.

"This is our last time," she said. "It's time to stop."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" asked Jeff.

"Liam got another promotion at work," began Julie. He won't be traveling at all anymore and maybe it's time for us to think about having a baby. I also don't like doing this to him anymore. I've been thinking and..."

"That's the first problem," snapped Jeff. "You should leave the thinking to people who are good at it. Liam not traveling just means we'll have to be more careful. It means that we'll probably have to give up on the finale, so one of us can keep tabs on Liam. I know you'll miss having the three of us fucking your holes at the same time, but sacrifices have to be made."

"No, that's not all of it," she said. "I don't like doing this to him. It's wrong. Liam really loves me. Maybe this didn't start out the way we planned it, but I kind of think I'm falling for him too. He's so nice and so caring. He does so many things for me and my parents even like him. I guess I want to see if...Well you know."

"No, I fucking don't know," sneered Jeff. "It was me who convinced you to marry the idiot in the first place. You hated him. You only went along with it because you didn't want to have to get a job, remember. What did you say? A couple of hours a week on your back was better than forty hours a week at a desk. You called him a nerd."

"But after being with him for six years, It's different," she snapped. "I just realized that out of all the guys I've ever dated or fucked, he's the only one who actually gives a damn about me and I don't intend to cheat on him anymore. I feel like a whore," she said.

"And you should because that's pretty much what you are," said Greg. "You aren't cut out to be anyone's wife. Jeff's wife belongs to Jeff. My wife belongs to me and Bert's wife belongs to Bert. You're different. You're community property. You belong to all of us. So we share you. We even shared you with Liam. Liam was the only one of us you weren't fucking in college. Since he got you last, he doesn't have the rights that the rest of us have."

"Yeah and if you want to have a baby, go ahead," said Bert.

"I want it to be Liam's baby," she spat. "So until he gets me pregnant, no one else gets any. Why can't you just fuck your wives since they're so special? Let me guess, I'm the prettiest girl we know," she smiled.

"Oh, hell no," said Greg. "The prettiest girl we know would have to be Liam's ex Amanda. She had all of that blond hair and that perfect slim body and those big blue eyes."

"Well my tits are better than hers and didn't she become a nun?" said Julie.

"Well yeah, she broke Liam's heart becoming a nun," said Jeff. "From what I've heard the woman only had sex a couple of times before she went into the convent. And as far as tits go, my wife has the nicest tits in town. They're bigger than yours and firmer too."

"Then why aren't you fucking her?" asked Julie.

"Because she's a bitch," said Jeff. "Paula acts like her pussy is gold plated. It's just not worth all of the trouble."

"So it's my ass then?" asked Julie.

"Um, nope," said Bert. "My wife has the best ass in the state. Guys crash into shit when she walks down the street in a skirt or tight jeans. Your ass isn't even close."

Julie just glared at him. "So I'm just the best fuck huh?" she asked. "I'm just the one that everyone wants to fuck."

"No not even that," said Greg. "You're just the biggest whore. You'll let anybody fuck you. It's just the way you've always been. Shit, the only person who ever waited and dated you before he got into your pants was Liam."

"Well, that all stops now," snapped Julie. "From now on, Liam will be the only guy to get into my pants, period."

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