The commuter train was as full as it always was. Derek looked over the sea of humanity between him and the doors and sighed. His stop was still some twenty or even thirty minutes away but he knew from bitter experience that if he didn't try to get a bit closer he would miss his stop just from being unable to reach the doors before they closed and the train began moving again.

He stared blearily around him and decided he just didn't care. He knew the stop past his own delivered him to within a ten minute walk of his office. He shrugged to himself and settled on that as the easier option.

The people around him were typical of any major city; men dressed in suits, women dressed in suits, the occasional student in jeans and the odd mother with kids or seniors out for a day trip.

He was jostled suddenly out of his reverie and he turned to confront whoever it was. He was surprised when he looked across and saw no one close enough to touch him. He felt another movement and looked down. Now he really was surprised. Standing only as high as his chest was a small woman with jet black hair. From her struggles it was apparent that being as small as she was in an environment like this was difficult. She pulled hard toward her and her briefcase came free of whatever it was tangled with and she bumped against Derek with a jolt. She looked up and apologized profusely.

While she was speaking, Derek fell absolutely in love. She looked Vietnamese and had the sweetest looking face a human being could have. Her eyes were big and round like a deer's and her skin was a soft brown color. She was dressed in a tailored suit; the jacket and skirt were gray wool and the blouse had ruffles under her chin and was a bone white with royal blue accents.

"I am so sorry!" she said to him, her chin raised as high as she could get it just to meet Derek's eyes. "It is so crowded! I did not mean to bump you."

"That's okay," he said with as much gallantry as he could muster. "I'm big enough you might just bounce off."

The girl tittered quietly, putting her fingers to her bottom lip and averting her eyes from his. The train jerked hard then and her eyes went wide with alarm. She began to lose her balance and she looked around trying to find something to grab on to. Derek reached with his free hand and pulled her against him. The ride became smoother almost right away and he let her go. She looked up at him with a flush on her face and stammered a thank you.

"You probably couldn't fall down," he said. "There are too many people to fall against. But it's embarrassing just the same."

"Thank you once more," she said, looking down instead of at his face.

Derek realized the conversation was essentially over so, with regret, he looked once more out the windows. He could still feel her bumping him from time to time as the train moved along.

At the last stop before entering the business sector of the city, a surge of people entered the train making it even more crowded than before.

The girl at his side found herself being pushed mercilessly against Derek and she fought to put some space between them again. After a few minutes she gave up and looked up at him once more.

"I am sorry!" she said.

"It's okay," he said with more than a little sympathy. "It's always like this."

She smiled wanly and he saw her trying to see through the windows. She frowned in frustration and looked at Derek pleadingly.

"Can you tell me where we are?" She asked with concern.

"We're close to the city limits," he said. "Which stop do you need?"

"I want to go to Union Station," she said.

"Me too," he lied. "Don't worry. All these people will be getting off there too. We'll be able to get to the doors then."

She smiled in relief and then turned away from him again.

The crowd surged once more and she was thrust unceremoniously against him. She looked up apologetically and the crowd again jostled her against him.

"Don't worry about it," he said with a smile. "You can hold on to my jacket if it'll help."

She studied him for a moment and then cautiously wrapped her small hand into the lapel of Derek's suit coat. It was gray tweed and looked out of date. In fact it was out of date and Derek knew it. He never had been much of a fashionista so it didn't bother him that most of his wardrobe was not in style.

Just as she gripped his jacket the train lurched to a halt and the car went dark. A collective groan went through the crowd and everyone rolled their eyes with irritation.

"What has happened?" the girl next to Derek whispered fearfully.

"The power," he said tiredly. "The train's dead. This might take a while."

"We will stop for a long time?" she said.

He looked down at her and saw her face turned upward. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was turned down with worry. He smiled at her encouragingly and nodded.

"It might take a while," he said.

She looked down and he felt her shiver. He was unsure whether she knew she was doing it, but she had pressed against him slightly. He put a hand on her shoulder and let it rest there in an attempt to offer her some comfort.

"We'll be on our way soon," he said.

She looked up at him with that doe-like expression once more and then looked down again. She moved against him again and now Derek could feel her trembling slightly. He looked down at her with some concern and rested his hand on her back. She looked up at him and gave him a sad smile then put her head against his chest.

"Are you okay?" he asked her quietly so only she could hear him.

She looked up again and bit her lip.

"I do not like crowded places," she said just as quietly.

He nodded sympathetically and shifted slightly so she could burrow into his chest. She hesitated only slightly and then sank against him, her small frame seeking refuge from the crowds surrounding them. Before long her stiffness eased and, as the wait for power went on, she began to relax a little. Derek put a hand on her back and pulled her into him. She didn't resist. In fact she seemed to settle into the comfort of his chest willingly.

At one point she looked up and smiled at him. Derek couldn't help but smile back, but as he looked at her he started to panic. He felt himself getting excited by her presence and his cock was beginning to get hard.

The crowd surged again and she was pushed once more against him. The movement forced her into the side of his thigh and she planted her feet on either side of his right foot. Now he could feel her slim body pressed up against the length of his thigh with one leg on either side of his own. Her hip brushed against his hard-on once and she tensed and withdrew.

His cock was now fully erect and straining against his dress pants. The girl clinging to him was pressed against him with her legs scissoring his thigh. She relaxed again and he thought he felt her moving slightly against him but he couldn't be sure. She looked up at him once more and pressed herself against his thigh even more forcefully. Now there was no doubt; she was rubbing her self against him a little bit.

Derek casually allowed his hand to drop to the tiny girl's bum and he felt her stiffen slightly. He squeezed and she made a small sound that he had to strain to hear over the crowd murmuring around them. She burrowed more deeply into his chest and then he felt her shift her position slightly. She was squeezing his thigh with her legs and he raised his knee slightly. Now she was practically sitting on his thigh with her feet poised on her toes allowing her weight to rest almost completely on him. She looked up at him with pure lust.

Meeting her eyes, he raised his hand from her bum and moved it to the front of her suit jacket. He pushed it inside and was soon sliding the back of his hand across her right breast. Her facial expression never changed but her eyes became somewhat softer as he felt her nipple harden through her bra. He unfastened one button and she bit her lower lip in anticipation.

He found a catch on the front of her bra and fumbled with it. She swallowed and he fumbled with it again. This time it came free and her bra separated. He slid his hand over her breast and cupped it gently. Her nipple was large and puffy. It seemed to fill his palm as he felt the hardness push into his hand. She sighed and closed her eyes. He squeezed her tit again and she sighed again.

She started moving her hips against his thigh more urgently. He hefted her breast and she put her free arm around his waist. She held herself against him and he could feel her grind into his leg through his pants. She grunted softly, Derek doubted anyone could have heard it besides him, and her eyes took on a half-lidded look.

She stopped moving then and her thighs clamped tightly on his leg. She shuddered quietly and then looked up at him with a broad smile. She put her head against his chest breathing softly for a moment. Derek glanced around the train but no one seemed to have noticed what he and the girl had done.

She looked up at him again and Derek fell in love all over again. The look on her face was one of satisfied need and she was clinging to him with both arms.

The train lurched suddenly and then they were underway again. The people around them murmured as they began to move and then went back to their normal commuter stupor.

She shifted her position again and then her hip was pushing directly against his erection. He squeezed her breast again and she softly placed her free hand against his belly. He pulled her into him and he felt her hand slowly worm its way beneath his waistband. He held his breath in anticipation and her hand continued to move lower. She shifted again and when her hand closed on his cock she held his gaze with a hypnotic energy.

Her hand was cool and her touch was soft. It moved deftly over and around his shaft, slowly stroking and squeezing the length of it. She rubbed at the head and he knew it was wet from his excitement. Her face never changed. She stared at him with her eyes calm and expressionless.

Derek sighed and closed his eyes briefly. She continued stroking and rubbing him and then slowly and quietly lowered his zipper. She pulled his erection out of his pants, all the while staring upward into his face. She began stroking him slowly and rhythmically while shielding the sight of his hard cock with her tiny body.

Derek gulped. He felt himself getting close and he glanced quickly at the people around them. No one seemed to be aware of what this girl was doing to him and he wondered if he would be able to keep it that way if she made him cum.

Her hand left his cock and he looked down at her. She was bending down to place her briefcase between her feet and then she straightened and looked up at him once more. Her gaze was impassive but he felt both her hands on him now and he bit his own lip as she started massaging his cock and balls with renewed purpose.

She stretched upward as high as she could and he bent so she could put her lips to his ear.

"I think you are going to make a mess," she said playfully.

Derek nodded and a pained expression crossed his face as a fresh wave of pleasure swept through him. She continued to rub him and Derek knew he was going to cum now whether she continued to stroke him or not.

She put her left palm over the head of his cock and stroked him vigorously. Derek bit his lip and his eyes closed as he felt his orgasm approach. When he opened his eyes again she was staring fixedly at him.

"Give me your sperm," she said quietly.

His cock twitched and she put both her hands over the head. Derek felt the sticky fluid coat his cock and her hands and he tried not to make any noise.

"Your sperm is very warm," she whispered. "I can't wait to taste it."

He grunted and the breath hissed through his nose as he tried to remain quiet. When his orgasm finally stopped she put first her left hand to her mouth, licking it clean with her tiny tongue, and then her right hand.

He looked around the railcar again and sighed with relief that no one was watching them.

She put her small hand on his cock once more, which by now was shriveling and flaccid, and tucked it gently back inside his pants. She zipped him up and then looked at him with a shy smile. Derek looked down at her and smiled in return.

The train stopped at his stop, but he remained where he was. Two stops later, a time filled with the two of them clinging to each other in shared intimacy, they rolled into Union Station.

The crowd surged to the exits and he gripped the girl's hand. They allowed themselves to be shoved toward the doors and then they were on the platform together. The crowd dispersed away from them quickly, all of them rushing to get to work.

She grinned and looked down at herself critically.

"I think you have stained my new suit," she said, pointing to a couple of droplets of white on the front.

Derek pulled a wet-wipe from his jacket pocket and ripped open the packet. He wiped at the stain on her skirt and she giggled.

"Tomorrow I shall have to wear white maybe," she said with a smile.

"Tomorrow?" Derek asked.

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