Commuting on the 7.45


Jayne leant forward, placed her left hand behind my head and grasped a handful of my hair. I moaned as she pulled my head forward and kissed me deeply once again. The touch of her lips on mine soon had my hormones flowing again and I returned her kiss with passion. I stiffened as I felt Jayne’s right hand sliding under my skirt and pushing between my thighs, spreading them apart.

My resistance lasted about three seconds as Jayne breathed, “Let me in Princess.”

I sighed into her mouth and spread my legs a few inches allowing Jayne’s hand to glide slowly up my thighs until her fingertips touched my panties. As she continued to kiss me I was aware of two fingers probing the edge of my panties and then pushing it aside as they slid easily into my wet pussy. I gasped and pushed my hips at Jayne’s exploring fingers as they moved in and out, gently fucking me as her tongue continued it’s magic in my mouth. I moaned loudly as I felt my first urgent orgasm approaching when suddenly Jayne pulled her fingers out and stopped kissing me.

I opened my eyes and pleaded, “Pleeeease”.

“Shhhhhhh Princess, hold on baby.” Jayne smiled down at me.

Her hands move quickly to undo the button and zip on the side of my skirt. I raised my hips to allow her to slip the skirt down my legs and she threw it to one side. One hand on each thigh moved slowly upwards until the fingers grasped the elastic of my panties. Again I raised my hips as Jayne slid my panties down, raised them to her nose, breathed in the aroma and then threw them away. She quickly stood and spread my legs wide apart before kneeling back on the couch between my thighs.

I was panting as I watched my sexy seductress quickly remove her blouse before reaching behind and releasing the clip on her bra. Her hands moved swiftly, one holding the cups over her breasts while the other pushed the strap of a shoulder, then alternating until only her hands were supporting the bra. Jayne smiled wickedly at me as she leant over until her breasts were directly over my face. The bra was thrown to one side revealing her pert breasts and I gasped as I saw the size of the nipples. They were huge in comparison to her breasts and I heard Jayne laugh as her left hand grasped my hair and pulled my mouth onto a nipple. As I started to suck I felt the fingers of her right hand pushing back into my sopping vagina.

“Hold on Princess, hold on baby.” Jayne whispered as her fingers thrust urgently in and out of my pussy. “Oh baby you are gonna cum big time, hold on darling.”

My hips rose, pushing against her quickly moving fingers and my body started to shake as the long overdue climax commenced.

I let go of the hard nipple and screamed, “Ugggggghhhhhhhhhhh I’mmmmmm cummmmmmmmiiiinnnnggggggg!!”

My back arched off the couch and I juddered violently as months of pent-up denial swept through my body. I was gasping for air as I crashed back on the couch with Jayne’s thumb still rubbing my clit. I opened my eyes as she withdrew her fingers from my pussy and thrust them at my open mouth. I sucked greedily on her fingers, tasting my own love juices for the first time.

Jayne sat back a little playing with her own nipples and grinned at me, “How was that Princess for your first bisexual cum?”

My breasts were heaving under my tee shirt as I sucked air into my lungs. “Wonderful, just wonderful Jayne, I never thought……….” My voice trailed off.

“Never though it could be that good?” Jayne inquired.

“Well yes that, but, ummmm, I never thought my own cum could taste so good.” It was a good thing I was so flushed from the sex, as I knew I was blushing too.

“You’ve never tasted your own juices before Princess?” The surprise showed in Jayne’s voice. “Well I have got a lot to teach you haven’t I? Mmmmm wait until you taste my cunt, you’ll be back for a second helping I’m sure.” She stood and held out a hand. “Come on baby, let’s go to my bedroom, we have a long afternoon ahead of us.”

I reached out, took the offered hand and stood unsteadily on trembling legs.

“You need to lie down Princess, come with me.”

Jayne assisted me from the living room to her lovely bedroom. The large brass bed had obviously been prepared for a visitor before Jayne left the house. The covers had been pulled well back and extra pillows were piled at the head of the bed. Jayne sat me down on the edge of the bed and took a step back. I watched as she unbuttoned her jeans and slowly pulled down the zip. Like a strip tease artist my lover turned around and slowly and seductively eased the jeans down to reveal a thong separating her tight arse cheeks. Jayne kicked the jeans to one side then turned around to slide a hand down inside the red and black thong.

“Oh God Princess, I’m so wet! I want you to lick me so much!” Jayne pulled her hand out and licked her fingers before easing the thong down her thighs to the floor.

“You’re shaved!” I cried as Jayne spread her legs wide apart for me to see.

“Oh yes baby, it’s the best feeling.” Jayne grinned evilly, “I might shave you later if you’re a good girl.”

I shivered at her words as my now nude friend stepped closer to me. I raised my arms above my head as she reached down and grasped the bottom of my tee shirt. This was soon pulled over my head to reveal my pretty bra holding up my breasts.”

“Let me guess, ahhhh I would say 36B?” Jayne predicted. “Such lovely handfuls and mouthfuls too.”

I just nodded in agreement of her guess as her hands went around me and unclasped my bra. As she pulled the straps down my arms a new tremor of excitement shook my body.

‘Oh my god’ I thought to myself. ‘Here I am nude with this beautiful creature and I’m loving it!’

As if she could read my mind Jayne pulled me to me feet and wrapped her arms around me in a loving hug. Our breasts squashed against each other’s as I returned the hug.

“Oh Princess,” Jayne whispered in my ear. “You are so beautiful, just lie back and let me love you. I want your first time to be pleasure you like you’ve never experienced before.”

“You already have Jayne, this has been the most thrilling time I can remember.” I broke the hug, kissed her forehead and then jumped back on the bed. I lay down in the center with my arms and legs wide apart. “Teach me Jayne, I’m yours, do whatever you like to me…………….” My voice trailed off as I realized my last words, but I was determined to trust this wonderful lady.

Jayne smiled down at me as she knelt up on the bed beside my wanton body. She knew her plans were working out as she had envisaged and now she was ready to pleasure me again.

She bent over me, kissed my forehead and whispered, “Close your eyes Princess and enjoy the sensations of my lips and tongue.”

I sighed deeply and obeyed her simple instruction. I felt her warm breath on my face before her lips kissed my eyelids, such a simple touch and so erotic. I moaned as Jayne kissed her way down and around my cheekbone and I pursed my lips waiting for another toe curling kiss. Surprisingly her lips missed mine and instead licked and kissed their way down my neck to the valley between my breasts. The tip of Jayne’s tongue traced a figure eight pattern around the base of my breasts and on each ‘lap’ the tongue drew closer to my nipples. Nobody had ever treated my breasts so sensually, with my ex and other guys it was a quick grope of my boobs before the inevitable ‘suck this’ or a ‘wham bam thank you ma’am fuck’.

The tip of Jayne’s tongue tracing around my left aureole brought me quickly back to the present and I moaned as her lips softly kissed the nipple. Ever so slowly her lips slid over the hard teat and then she sucked, gently at first and then harder. I could feel her mouth widening and it seemed that she was attempting to suck my entire breast into her mouth. The tip of her tongue flicked over my nipple as I felt her teeth press into the soft flesh of my breast. I moaned as Jayne’s teeth bit painfully into the skin but at the same time a thrilling warmth flooded from my breast to my pussy. Jayne eased the pressure of her teeth into my skin and returned her attention to the nipple. I yelped as she bit firmly and held the hard teat between her teeth. For the next minute or so she pulled and twisted my poor nipple by simple movements of her head. The pain was real but the so was the pleasure travelling from my breast through the rest of my body.

As Jayne released my sore nipple from my mouth she breathed, “Look Princess.”

I opened my eyes and gazed at the red mark of Jayne’s teeth making a circle in my white skin about two inches around the nipple. The teat itself was larger and darker than I had ever seen it before and contrasted to the right nipple both in size and color.

“Pleasure from pain Princess, the difference in your tits is exciting eh?” Jayne grinned as I nodded in reply. “Close you eyes baby, here comes the best bit.”

I moaned in anticipation as I let my head fall back on the bed and closed my eyes as Jayne’s tongue resumed it trip down my body. It teased my navel before continuing slowly down over my tummy where it veered away from my pubes and slid down my left thigh before stopping at the knee. I felt the bed move as Jayne switched position to place herself between my thighs. Her hands spread my legs a little wider and I groaned as I pictured my lover licking her lips in anticipation.

The flat of Jayne’s tongue licked its way sensuously up the inside of my left thigh but then slid away just before touching my pubic hair. She really was a teasing devil as her tongue alternated long licks up each thigh and I felt like screaming ‘get on with it’. Finally a pause and then I felt her finger tips in my pubes, quickly finding my labia and spreading them wide apart.

“Mmmmmmm oh Princess.” Jayne sighed. “Here we go baby.”

They were the last words I was to hear from Jayne for a while as the tip of her tongue trailed it’s way around my labia. My hips rose to her mouth as she played with just the tip of my clitoris and my slit, exciting me so much I raised my hips to her face, demanding more. As her arms pushed me back down onto the sheet she placed her lips right over the slit kissing gently, then harder. Jayne ran her tongue up and down the layers of my pussy flesh, and then tongue fucked me, pushing her tongue in and out of my cunt. I could hear her slurping on my juices and bringing me closer and closer to orgasm.

I felt Jayne’s tongue concentrating on my clit and my legs shuddered as my climax approached. My fingers were gripping the sheets and beads of perspiration were running off my face. I was gasping in air and my back arched off the bed as the second orgasm of that wonderful day shook through my body.

As I crashed back onto the bed my amazing seductress added to my pleasure by slipping two fingers into my pussy. Slowly but surely she finger fucked me into another screaming orgasm while her tongue and lips continued to play on my clit. I must have been like a bucking bronco but she held on, continuing to play with me gently as I moaned and shuddered on the damp sheet.

Finally Jayne removed her fingers and lifted her face from my sopping pussy. My eyes were still closed as I felt her move up and lay beside me. I was still gasping in air as miniature climaxes swept through my limp body. Jayne must have had a small towel under a pillow and she used it to wipe the perspiration from my face and upper body.

“Open your eyes Princess.” She whispered as my moaning slowly quietened.

I opened my eyes and blinked as the afternoon sun shone brightly through the windows. Jayne was propped up on an elbow smiling down at me as she wiped the towel across my breasts.

“Kiss me baby.” Jayne said as she lowered her head.

Our mouths met and I tasted my own juices again, this time on her lips and tongue.

After licking each other’s mouths Jayne lay down and hugged me to her.

“Feel like you can put some words together yet?” She asked with a grin.

I giggled. “I’I’m not sure if I can right now.”

“Take your time Princess, just relax and I’ll get us a drink and a snack.” Jayne gave me a peck on the lips and then bounced off the bed. “I’ll be right back, don’t go away.”

“I’m not going anywhere honey.” I managed to say as I closed my eyes again and sucked more air into my lungs.

Jayne was back in a couple of minutes with a tray of sandwiches, fresh fruit and the remaining half bottle of Chardonnay.

I looked at the tray and said, “You prepared well in advance. Were you that sure of me coming back here?”

“Well Princess, I was pretty sure but if you didn’t I would have shared this with my neighbour”. Jayne paused as she placed the tray on the bed and then carefully sat cross-legged next to me. “I’m sure glad you did, aren’t you baby?”

“Jayne my darling, that was absolutely the best oral sex I’ve ever had, you were fantastic, I’ve never had multiple orgasms before. God, I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Jayne laughed. “So pleased you enjoyed it my pet, now let’s eat, the day is but a pup.”

For the next fifteen minutes we sat and fed each other the sandwiches and fresh fruit. Some wine was spilt as we tried to hold the glasses to each other’s lips and we giggled and carried on like teenagers. Jayne was content to stay quiet most of the time and let me try and assimilate some of the amazing last couple of hours.

Finally the food and drink were finished and Jayne placed the tray on a nearby chair.

She smiled at me as she hopped back on the bed and lay down with her head on a pillow.

“Guess what happens next Princess?” She asked confidently.

I licked my lips with mock bravado as I glanced down at her bare pussy. “It’s your turn Jayne.” I wondered if I was I as nervous as my voice sounded?

“Yes it’s my turn Princess, what are you going to do?’

“I’m going to use my lips and tongue on you as you did for me.” I replied.

“Where are you going to pleasure me?” Jayne demanded.

I swallowed. “On your pussy Jayne, I mean, um, I’m going to pleasure your cunt.”

“Good girl, make my cunt cum Princess and remember, it’s only kinky the first time.” Jayne was so assured. “Go down on my cunt Princess, now.”

I took a deep breath and moved to kneel between Jayne’s slim thighs. I placed my hands on her legs and spread them wider apart while the butterflies once again flew inside my tummy. Jayne moved and I glanced up to see her arranging the pillows behind her so she easily view my movements. Once again I nervously licked my lips as the aroma of her vagina wafted into my nostrils.

“Start with your fingers Princess.” Jayne whispered encouragingly as she sensed my nerves taking over. “I’m sure you know how to play with yourself.”

I grinned ruefully at my sexy friend, lying back playing with those large hard nipples.

Of course! Use my fingers, I knew so well how to do that! Still looking at Jayne I pushed the middle finger of my right hand into my mouth and sucked on it suggestively. She grinned and pointed down at her pussy and I shivered as I realised that Jayne was gently but firmly in control.

Tentatively my shaking hand reached out and rubbed the tip of the finger along her smooth slit. Gently I pushed it inwards and shivered as I felt the wet folds of her labia.

Jayne moaned as my finger pushed in until it my knuckles touched her outer lips. I withdrew, added my index finger and pushed them both in her wetness. I started to finger fuck my sexy lover, pulling them in and out in a similar rhythm to using my vibrator at home. I glanced up at Jayne and felt a rush of confidence as I saw her head pushing back into the pillows with her eyes closed. A sudden flash of inspiration resulted in me rubbing my thumb against Jayne’s hard little clit as my fingers continued to explore her pussy.

“Oh yes Princess!” She cried making me jump.

I eased the speed of my fingers, slowing down to tease her a little as Jayne had me.

The feel of her vaginal walls against my fingers was so thrilling and I determined to pleasure my new lover as best I could.

“Faster baby, faster, make me cum!” Jayne’s pleading words were music to my ears as her hips thrust forward.

I increased the speed of my fingers and soon her back arched to meet my exploring fingers as the first orgasm shook her sexy body.

“Ohhhhh lovely Princess.” Jayne moaned. “Come on baby, go down on me.”

I swallowed hard and bit my bottom lip as I looked down at her glistening pussy lips. Slowly I lowered my head but suddenly froze with my mouth about two inches from its intended target.

“MMmmmffffffff!” I spluttered as Jayne suddenly grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed my face into her cunt.

I nearly panicked at the unfamiliar taste and smell on my lips but Jayne held me firm. I pushed my tongue tentatively at her slit while trying to gasp in some air. Jayne pushed and pulled my head along the damp labia in an attempt to show me what to do.

I flattened my tongue as if I was licking an ice cream and through my confusion heard Jayne hiss, “Yeeeeesssssss Princess!”

She let go of my hair and I glanced up to see a wide smile. Knowing I had pleased Jayne and my desire to give her pleasure renewed my resolve and I went down on her again. As I resumed the licking of Jayne’s lips I realised that the taste was not repulsive and that I actually liked it! That was the boost I needed and I used my fingertips to spread her labia apart before pushing the tip of my tongue into her slit. I heard Jayne moan as her hips rose me as I pushed my tongue in as far as possible.

Gaining confidence I used my tongue as a small cock as I bobbed my head up and down.

‘Oh Laura, you’re doing it!’ I thought to myself as Jayne continued to moan and urge me on. ‘She loves it, she loves it!’ I had overcome my main fear and was making love to another woman!

It seemed so natural to me now as I licked and sucked on my lover’s cunt. It was if I couldn’t get enough of Jayne’s juices as I slurped them into my mouth. Jayne’s body was jerking and wriggling so much I moved my arms under and around her thighs, there was no way she was throwing me off until she was satisfied. I raised my head a little and concentrated on her clitoris, licking and nibbling on the hard little nub.

“OH YES!!!” Jayne screamed as her body spasmed and released her second climax.

I glanced up to see a sight that would always remain in my memory. Jayne’s head was pushed back into the pillows and her eyes were wide apart. A long low moan of ecstasy came from her throat and her nipples were rock hard. Both clenched fists had a handful of the sheet that must have been close to ripping. Her back was arched well off the bed and all of her body glowed with perspiration. As I stored the mental photograph in my mind I bent my head down again to her pussy. This time I managed to fit three fingers into the tight cavity as my tongue went again to her clit. I could hear Jayne’s lungs gasping in air as her body continued to shake.

I raised my head and urged, “Come on Lady Jayne, come again for your Princess!” as my fingers plunged quickly in and out of her cunt.

A minute later my lover screamed again and then collapsed back on the bed as her body trembled with the third orgasm. I withdrew my fingers and after licking most of the cum off them I scrambled to lie beside Jayne’s shaking figure. I found the small towel and tried to wipe off some of the perspiration as she gulped in air and slowly calmed down.

“Oh Princess, oh baby, that was sooooo good.” Jayne gasped. “Hold me sweetheart.”

Jayne and I rolled on our sides and with sweaty breasts squashing each other and legs entwined hugged each other tight. A wonderful feeling of elation filled me at Jayne’s last words, to have pleasured my lover like that was amazing.

Different emotions crowded my mind and to my surprise I felt tears welling in my eyes. The sensuality, caring, understanding and love that I had shared with Jayne that day was something I had not experienced ever before and I started to cry.

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