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Marvin Rogers liked his new power in his recent promotion to the home office. It also made him the head man over a staff of nearly two hundred. Marvin had risen up the ranks due his minority status and his unscrupulous nature. Now he could look down at all the white boys below him.

One of the best paying positions for the female clerical staff was as an administrative assistant to the home office managers. The very best job of all was to be the assistant of the top manager for that assistant would be making double the salary to a junior manager. In this case, the top manager was held by the devious Marvin Rogers.

To obtain the job, an interview with the top manager was one of the requirements and it was left to the manager's discretion who he chose as his personal assistant. The company of course had its minimum requirements set on such things as the ability to take dictation, typing, etc.

However, Marvin Rogers had additional requirements in his selections. Those being that his assistant be young, beautiful, white and married. Once a month he had to attend the meeting that the directors held for their top managers. Each month the meeting was held at a different branch and this meant staying overnight whenever the meeting was held out of town. It also meant the his personal assistant had to accompany him and had to stay at an hotel overnight. It soon was a recognized thing and talk in the company.

This head manager named Marvin Rogers always took his assistant with him. That this top manager took a his assistant from the secretarial pool to the meetings with them .. and it became talk that this black manager's selection, besides being efficient in all the company's required areas, she also had to be young - beautiful, married - and most of all "white'. It soon became common talk among the elite of the secretarial pool that the girl Marvin Rogers selected to take as his secretary to the distant meetings was expected to share his bed at the hotel... so far he had been to five such meetings, selecting a different girl on each occasion... three of the girls had been given a promotion and a very substantial raise on their return to their own offices.

The two others had returned early and never got a chance to work for top managers again but they would not say anything for fear of losing their jobs. So it was reasonable to assume just what Marvin Rogers required of his personal assistant. The devious head manager was looking forward to the upcoming meeting with anticipation.

One beautiful secretary had captured his attention. This assistant for this next trip, was the lovely Sherry Murphy. She was a pretty little thing, just twenty three and with the company for only six months. What appealed to the lustful mind of Marvin Rogers most of all was the fact that, only a couple of weeks ago, she had returned to the office after her honeymoon.

When he had called her to his private office and told her she was the selected assistant for the Chicago meeting, she gave some excuses of not being able to go. She obviously knew from her peers just what her duties included towards her boss on these out of town meetings. Knowing this beauty was a young newlywed, Marvin Rogers expected her excuses.

On the hint that she would never last long with the company, coupled with the fact that her husband's company folded during their honeymoon, she reluctantly agreed to accompany him to Chicago as his personal secretary. Laura knew what she was being selected for but the consequences of losing her job, with her husband searching for work, was too much for her to refuse.

Her husband was already so stressed that she couldn't add to it. The room was booked at a small hotel not far from the office where the meeting was being held. Marvin Rogers knew the owner of this hotel and got the room with the hidden video cameras. This film would assure his future access into this beauty's tight panties, plus the money such a video would bring.

Marvin puffed happily on his cigar as he watched the very pretty but nervous Sherry was to undress for him. When she was down to her pale yellow bra and matching panties he was envied that young husband of hers but smiled thinking of the shock her husband would have knowing his newlywed wife was about to share her delicate charms for a nigger.

"You're beautiful, Sherry," he muttered, as he took long drags on the cigar.

"A very lovely newlywed. How long have you been with the firm, my dear?"

"Just six months, Mr. Rogers ," she replied.

"I recently got promoted to the secretarial pool for the executives. And for the last two weeks I have been away ... on my honeymoon." she stammered.

"So you have Mrs. Murphy" he chuckled.

"And now you are back from your honeymoon Mrs. Murphy."

Marvin loved to taunt the innocent beauty, loved her obvious embarrassment.

"I'm anxious to see you without those pretty panties. A beautiful newlywed about to bare her charms to another man. What would your loving husband say if he could see you now!"

He liked embarrassing pretty young wives in this way. With her eyes glued to his bulging cock, he slowly undid the zipper to fly. He saw her eyes widen and heard her gasp when his long thick cock came into view. He saw she was mesmerized by his twitching black cock, knowing she was mentally comparing it with her new husband's.

But it would not a few moments before she would be able to compare physically. Marvin's cock twitched knowing the difference would be clearly "black and white'. Of course Marvin had to promise the newlywed that he would put on an infernal rubber coat. He knew the lovely Sherry would absolutely refuse to come on the trip without such a guarantee.

Sherry of course could not afford to get impregnated by another man, especially a black one at that. But Marvin would prepare a surprise for the bride. He'd made sure the condoms were deliberately punctured with holes large enough to let his thick seed to ooze into her unprotected womb.

He took her in his arms. She smelled so sweet, her body so soft and innocent. Marvin was pleasantly surprised that she did not move away at all as he embraced her petite body, as he cupped her tight ass cheeks and caressed her soft pink nipples.

Sherry was trembling but forced herself to submit to this devious man, knowing that losing her job would be devastating with her husband out of work. Marvin wondered what this young newlywed had told her husband of the assignment but knew she would not dare divulge anything like this.

While he kissed her soft lips, he fingered her soft pink nipples, which soon began hardening and growing. Sherry kept her eyes closed but couldn't suppress her moans from the unwanted stimulation. As he kissed her deeply, his black cock was hot and heavy. He grasped her dainty hand to put it on his pulsing cock, letting her compare it to her new husband's.

In no time the lacy pink panties dropped to her ankles. In another few moments, the young newlywed was lying naked on the bed with her black boss anxious to mount her. But all things had to come to a halt when Sherry kept a sturdy grip on his pulsing black cock.

"Please Mr. Rogers, you promised!"

Marvin reluctantly stopped and reached over to get his condom. He saw her sigh with relief as he rolled the white condom, with a red tip, over his oozing cock head. He wanted to laugh knowing that the punctured condom would not prevent his potent seed from fertilizing her womb.

He guided his cock her moist pikpuy lips, pushing his rubber coated prick into that hot sex sleeve. He drew his mouth away from hers in a low voice, he asked, "How long is it made love to your husband, Sherry?"

"It's been about a week, Mr. Rogers. My husband's been too upset after losing his job" she replied.

He chuckled as it was rather bizarre and very stimulating to have this pretty young wife calling him "Mister", with his thick cock deep in her womb.

"And how many times has your husband done this to you since the honeymoon, Mrs. Murpy?" he chuckled adding emphasis to Mrs., for this newlywed, and giving a twitch of his monster cock.

She blushed in embarrassment wondering how she could willingly and take another man's cock and yet to talk about lovemaking with her husband so soon after her wedding.

"Only once ... just once," she mumbled.

"He has been worried about getting a new job that he's been too stressed."

Marvin Rogers almost laughed outright the young fool of a husband. Less than a month since their honeymoon and the young bride was being deprived of sex. He'd see to it that she would look forward to more "business" trips in the future. It was little wonder she was so anxious and willing to submit to a new lover. Even if that lover was pudgy, middle-aged, black and her boss.

He eased himself over on top of her, driving his black cock hard and as deep as possible, right to her womb. Marvin watched her face contort from the pain caused by his monstrous cock but also the pleasure it brought her. This innocent wife was going to be taught what a real fucking was all about. He could feel her tight pussy gripping and clamping to his cock like a glove.

Sherry moaned and it was obvious she was loving it. Marvin got his feet to the wooden bed frame to use the bed itself for more leverage. He wanted to feed into her every inch of cock he had. To make sure he gave her more than her husband, Marvin reared back and slammed forward with all his might.

Over and over he withdrew and slammed ahead. He saw the young wife's eyes glaze with ecstasy as orgasm after orgasm overtook her petite body. What could be a more enjoyable, more lustful sight for Marvin Rogers than to watch this very pretty secretary's face contort in passion. To see her reactions to this first fucking with a man other than her husband, a black man at that, and less than a month since she had returned from the honeymoon!

Throughout the night, the hotel bed continued to creak under the constant stress. No sleep would be obtained on this evening. Marvin was glad that he had brought an entire box of his specially prepared rubbers. When he tried to enter the young wife without the darn rubber, she had put up such a fight.

Marvin chuckled when she said "Please Mr. Rogers, you must put a condom on. I must be true to my husband!"

As if she was being faithful by letting another man fuck her with a rubber on. This young bitch had some logic in thinking she wasn't being unfaithful. Thus, Marvin only smiled each time as he twitched his oozing cock to force the thick cum into the rubber tip, forcing it through the porous holes.

Marvin Rogers had a suspicion that Sherry Murphy would have stayed another night with him in Chicago. But the train reservations were set ahead of time and he had other commitments. It was an added bonus for him to find Sherry's young husband waiting for her at the station when they got back to Milwaukee.

He watched the young happy couple kissing and embracing, the husband giving a passionate kiss on his wife's sweet creamy lips. Marvin smiled wondering if the unsuspecting husband would kiss his beautiful wife so passionately, or at all, if he knew that just before the train pulled into the station, his lovely wife was on her knees being fed a pint of creamy hot nigger cum.

Marvin's foot long cock had erupted deep down her throat and he pulled out to paint her soft lips with glossy cream. He had ordered to to lick her lips and to kiss her husband when she greeted him. The young husband would be shocked if he felt up his lovely wife, what should be his private possession was coated by another man's potent cream.

Marvin Rogers watched them lightly kissing as they headed to the parking lot. He smiled looking at the young couple, only recently back from their honeymoon, yet the naive young wife had already sampled another man's prick. A black one that was twice hubby's size in length and thickness.

Was the beautiful young wife on the pill? Marvin smiled as it was quite doubtful, especially with the fuss she put up insisting he wear a raincoat each time. Well, if she wasn't, she was likely to find herself with a puffy belly in a month or so.

Lucky he had poked holes in each one ahead of time. He loved to see the young beauty's tummy swell with his black offspring. He had bred her well. He'd enjoy seeing her reaction when she discovered she was pregnant. And young Mr. Murphy would find himself the father of a baby. One that was obviously not fathered by him, especially with the baby's dark complexion and kinky black hair.

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