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Complete Text Control


Her smart phone dings, she knows what she has to do this time and knows it will push her boundaries further. Her heart races and she can already feel herself getting wet as she reaches for the phone, picks it up and swipes across the screen so she can receive her long awaited instructions.

"Hello, Claire"

"Hello, Sir"

"What are you wearing?"

"I just got home from work, so dress pants and a blouse Sir"

"Take off your pants"

"Yes, Sir"

She unbuttons her pants and slides them down her long legs with her already wet panties inside exposing her throbbing pussy to the cool evening air of her one room apartment.

"Done, Sir"

"Good Girl"

"Thank you, sir"

"Now touch your pussy for me, just one finger, get it nice and wet for me, send proof"

"Yes, Sir"

She slides her index finger onto her clit and wishes she could just rub it now and feel the release of cumming but she knows it will be so much better when she is told to do it so she obeys. She touches her pussy lightly and pushes the finger into herself, letting out a little gasp, she moves her finger around just a little, takes a picture and removes her finger. Sends the picture.

"Done, Sir"

"That's very hot Claire"

"Thank you Sir"

"Now, taste yourself for me, clean that finger off"

Claire licks her index finger slowly, savouring the taste that she has been allowed to have. Knowing she is in his hands now, this relaxes her and makes her excited at the same time.

"Done, Sir"

"Good Girl"

"Thank you Sir"

"Claire, I want you to go into your top right kitchen drawer and pull out a big spoon with a long handle, I want you to wash it and then push it into your wet pussy, I want you to fuck yourself with it slowly, send proof"

"Yes, Sir"

She walks over to her cabinets and opens the draw on the right hand side of her stove, the fact that he knows exactly where she can find the spoon is even more of a turn on for her, he's in complete control now. Claire walks over to the sink and washes the spoon then pauses before moving it down her body, just to the outside of her pussy, she wants to cum so badly now that she can barely stand it.

She just does it, she pushes the spoon handle inside of herself, she's never done this before, it feels so new, so wrong, but he is in control so she must do it for him. The spoon handle slides in easily, she starts to pull it in and out slowly, feeling the larger part of the handle open her pussy up more, her whole body is alive now and she wants to cum right this instant but knows she can't just yet because it is not what he wants. Claire takes a photo showing the spoon sticking out of her vagina, hoping it is perfect for him.

"Done, Sir"

"That makes me happy Claire, now sit on the floor against the door of your apartment and fuck yourself harder with the spoon, like I would be fucking you if I was there, Say 'Yes Sir' again and again as you do, send video proof"

"Yes, Sir"

Claire pulls the spoon out of her pussy and walks over to her apartment door again thinking about how well he can picture her surroundings and how that excites her so much. She sits down on her floor and flinches from how cold the tile floor is on her tight ass but knows her ass belongs to him right now so this must be done.

Now sitting on the floor, her ass starting to warm up but still a little uncomfortable, she pushes the uncomfortable thoughts out of her mind knowing that for him she will do anything asked. On the floor she spreads her legs open then turns her phone on video mode points it down at her pussy and slowly inserts the spoon. Claire starts fucking herself with the spoon faster, harder, saying "Yes, Sir" "Yes, Sir" again and again, getting louder and the spoon thrusts into her body. As she does this she pictures him between her legs, pushing his hard cock into her with every thrust of the spoon. She can hardly wait to feel the orgasm she wants so badly, everything she has is going towards keeping herself from cumming before he allows it.

She sends the video, not able to type anything else through the haze of pleasure she is experiencing because of him.

"Good Girl, Claire"

"Thank you Sir"

"You've been such a good girl that I will now let you cum"

"You are so generous Sir"

"Take off your blouse and bra and lay completely on the floor, face down, use your wetness to get your tight ass all wet and insert the spoon handle into your ass. After that you may rub your clit until you cum for me, be loud Claire. Send Video proof and make sure to say "I just came for you like a good girl, Sir".

Claire walks over to the small tripod that he sent her last week and mounts her camera, then places it on the floor and lays down so the camera can see everything.

She starts unbuttoning her blouse quickly, her fingers are barely working with all of her excitement and shaking, she wants to cum for him so badly. She gets the shirt off and puts her hand behind her back, undoes her bra and releases her perfectly round tits, her nipples are so hard they hurt, she is overcome with her own pleasure and knowing she is obeying without question.

She lays face down on her now warm floor, all she can smell is the smell of her wet pussy, the smell of longing and wetness, she's wanted this since she woke up but he made her wait all day. She slides her index finger down to her soaked pussy and rubs it for a minute then slides the finger into her ass, pulling it apart, with her other hand she grabs then spoon turns it so the handle is facing he ass and slowly pushes it in, pulling aside one cheek to make room, she moans as it goes into her, she leaves it like that.

Claire slides her right hand down between her legs and starts rubbing her clit, letting out so much noise she's worried that her neighbours might hear her. It doesn't take long and she starts to shake and moan louder and louder just like he wants. She finally feels the relief of cumming, knowing it is for him and she obeyed makes her orgasm so intense she can barely move afterwards, she reaches for her phone on the tripod and send the video. Breathing heavily she awaits the confirmation that she craves.

"I just came for you like a good girl, Sir"

"Good Girl, Claire"

"Thank you, Sir"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/09/18

Good first story

Keep it up!

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