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Complex Family Ch. 09


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Enjoy the ride, for seven years Brandon did just that. For seven years he watched as his new family grew. It all went by so fast. It seemed ages ago that Mel found out she would have a girl, a revelation that was welcome to all. Make no mistake Brandon would have been delighted to have a son, but that did not change general opinion on the situation.

Up until then there had been concern of what the consequences of a boy would be. Not only because of Mel's views on males in general, but also what it would mean for the agreement. It was unsaid by all but a girl was preferred in this case. So a few months later on a cold January afternoon they all welcomed Leah Katherine Murphy into the world.

Almost as soon as Leah was born, Brandon and Katy began work on their child. As with Mel, Brandon got Katy pregnant on the first try. That November brought a second girl, Kara Grace Murphy, into the family. As it turned out both girls had birthdays within two weeks of their mom's birthdays.

Katy was not the only one pregnant that summer and fall though. True to her word not long after Katy announced she was pregnant, Brandon and Ashley tried for their first together and just like her friends Ashley caught the first try. The following February Ashley and Brandon welcomed their first child, and yet another girl, Anna Cassandra Metcalf.

After having Anna, Ashley decided to hold on going back to teaching until the kids had reached school age. Due to this decision she and Brandon tried for their second child that summer and Brandon finally got his boy, two of them to be exact. The twins, who they named Jacob David Metcalf and Ethan Robert Metcalf, caught everyone by surprise, but Brandon for one was glad. After all after three girls he was glad to see a few boys to help balance the amount of estrogen roaming around the two houses.

Those too had worked out extremely well as both couples were well moved in before Mel really began to show. The homes were used pretty much interchangeably for those first few years, often with all four spending the night at one house or the other. This was especially the case when one of the girls was pregnant and near term. Brandon was surprised Mel insisted on his nightly presence as she neared her due date. Frankly he was still amazed at how horny the redhead got near the end.

As years passed and the children grew the idea of separate homes became more necessary. Brandon stopped being 'daddy' to Kara and Leah when it became clear that Leah was beginning to understand what that meant. It was a tough day for him knowing it would be fifteen years before he would be able to tell his two daughters the truth.

After that day though, the plan work perfectly. As far as Leah, now 7, and Kara, now 6, knew their dad lived out of the country and couldn't see them. Anna also 6, and the twins who were 5, were also quite unaware that the kids next door were actually their half-sisters. Although Brandon always chuckled at watching Kara and Anna together on the surface, they got along similar to the way their moms did, but for those who knew to look for it was obvious their was something deeper in their relationship that neither quite fully understood.

That is the way life had progressed the past seven years, hectic and crazy, but in a good way. Now, Brandon faced challenges, challenges from enemies long thought gone. Well most of them anyway. Jeff Yates had been one foe that had plagued him for sometime. The incident at the dinner had only strengthened the vindictive enemy's resolve to make Brandon's life at the company hell.

Somehow he had managed to rise higher than Brandon in the intervening years. As a result despite great success on a number of major projects Jeff had kept Brandon out of the managerial chair. Fortunately Brandon's success had been compensated financially, so his family had not suffered any in the seven years. He was just really frustrated at the lack of advancement. However, Jeff had managed to get Brandon reassigned to a new team with a nearly impossible task. The thought being if Brandon failed, which seemed highly likely, then Jeff could rid the company of Brandon despite the money Brandon had made them.

It was during that time that his arrangement with Katy and Mel got it's biggest test. The family had traveled to Boston to celebrate Mel's mom's 50th birthday. Brandon found a little odd that he, Ashley and their kids were invited but did not argue. The party was nice and it seemed Kelly had enjoyed it. However she was looking forward to spending time with her grandkids at the beach the next day even more. So on a calm June day in Boston Brandon, Ashley, Katy, Mel, the five kids, and Kelly went to the beach for the afternoon.

Brandon had to admit it was going well until no one could seem to find Leah. It was not surprising as she was often the outcast amongst the five kids with Kara and Anna getting along so well and the twins being the twins. This combined with Leah's solitary nature and curiosity often made her a source of trouble of the four adults.

Brandon was relieved to find her on a nearby pier seemingly talking to a man fishing. Upon seeing the latter Brandon made his way toward his eldest daughter. While he was glad she was not lost he did not like the idea of her talking to a strange man.

It was not until he got closer and got a better look at the man that his blood ran cold. He knew the man and had last seen him in an apartment lobby on his last trip here all those years before. Now standing there his arm around Leah in a rather possessive way was Mel's father, Frank.

"Hi Mr. Brandon," Leah said when she spotted him using the nickname that Kara and Leah had for him. It was clear she did not understand the situation or who she had been talking to for the past few minutes, but Brandon did and he was eager to get Leah away from her new friend as soon as possible.

He greeted her before reaching his hand toward her saying, "Leah why don't you come back to the beach and join us?"

"I don't want to," Leah said stubbornly before adding, "Kara and Annie are being stupid and you are all too busy to do what I want to do."

Brandon knew this was not going well for him, but desperate to get away from Frank he tried again, "Tell you what pumpkin you come back with me and I'll do whatever you want I promise."

"Pardon me." Frank said in a slurred tone that let Brandon know he had been drinking, clearly enjoying Brandon's desperation he added, "I think she is already doing that. Aren't you Leah?" He asked looking down at the red haired girl. Leah still too young and innocent to understand she was in danger nodded.

"This man is teaching me to fish," she said.

"Yes," Frank said smiling, "I'm teaching her like my daddy taught me, but she can't learn from her daddy you know why Mr. Brandon?" Then without waiting he said in was clearly supposed to be a whisper, but in his drunk state came out much louder he said, "because she doesn't have a daddy, just two mommies. Isn't that just sad? To go through life with no daddy?"

Brandon was seething inside as Frank laid it on thick and he could only take it because lashing out meant outing the secret. It took all his effort to remain calm.

"I'm sure he has his reasons," Brandon said when he could finally think straight.

"Still though, what kind of low-life scumbag would walk out on an angel like Leah here?" Frank said taunting Brandon. Brandon just stared at him not believing that he had to take this from a man who had beat and raped his own daughter. Its possible Brandon would have lashed out but another voice cut him off.

"Oh, I think you know very well Frank." Mel said in an icy tone. Brandon looked to find both she and Katy had arrived no doubt looking for Leah as well.

"Now, now Melissa that's no way to talk to your daddy."

"My father is dead Frank, but if he were alive he'd know to stay away from me and my family. Now release my daughter and leave."

"I don't think I can do that," Frank said with an evil grin and before any of the adults could move snatched Leah up and held a small knife he had been using to cut fishing line to her throat. "I want to spend some quality time with my granddaughter."

"Mommy!" Leah pleaded now clearly scared now both because the man had grabbed her and because she had heard stories about how mean Mel's dad had been to Mel.

"It's going to be okay baby." Mel said trying to reassure her, "I won't let him hurt you."

"Now Missy why lie to the girl, you were never strong enough to stop me, and you still can't. Even after all these years with that bitch Andy filling your head full of lies."

He went on laying into Mel and Brandon could see her getting angrier and angrier and only the fact that he was holding Leah was keeping her from pummeling him. Katy tried to calm Mel but it was near impossible and Katy looked at him her eyes pleading for help.

Brandon was stuck, but at that moment Frank it seemed finally saw how angry he had made his daughter and Brandon knew from experience that an angry Mel was a terrifying sight. It seemed the drunk man forgot the situation for a second and stumbled back a step. As he did his feet made contact with his tackle box and he tripped. This combined with his already alcohol impaired balance caused him the hit the rail behind him.

Somehow, and Brandon would not believe it had happened if he had not witnessed it, but somehow Frank managed to stay on the raised pier while Leah banged her head against the metal bar and tumbled over it toward the water below.

Time seemed to stand still for Brandon as he watched Leah's limp form go over the edge. On instinct he threw off his shirt and running to the edge leapt over the side after his daughter. As he had been running he had noticed Mel make for the edge too but when he reached the water he realized he was alone in his search for Leah.

In no time he located the dazed girl and treading the cold Atlantic water he shook her awake. She got scared when she realized where she was and he pulled her close while trying to reassure her.

"Its going to be okay pumpkin just hold onto me and you'll be okay. Can you do that for me?" she nodded and held tight to him. "Good girl," Brandon said.

He then began the swim back to the beach. While it was deep where he had jumped in it was not very far to the swimming area and before long he was at last able to stand in the water.

He shifted her to his arms as he carried her in as he waded through the water to shore. When the pair reached the beach Katy immediately wrapped Leah in towel and hugged her tight. Not long after Mel joined them and the lovers hugged their daughter so tight Brandon was surprised Leah didn't suffocate. Brandon, his lungs and muscles burning from his swim, just watched on wanting so bad to be a part of that hug, but knowing he could not.

Only when the rest of the family checked in on Leah did he feel it was appropriate to see her. Over the next hour both he and Leah were checked out by the beach staff. He also had his statement, along with Katy's, taken because apparently when he had seen Mel rush at the rail it had been Frank that was her target. The drunk man had been sent to the local hospital to treat his injuries after the beating Mel had given him.

It seemed the incident on the pier would be the last they saw of him for a long time because between the time in the hospital, the repercussions of violating the restraining order, his attempted assault of Leah, and his flight of a hit-and-run and DUI charge in Boston, Frank was going to be out of commission for some time.

Leah was quiet for most of the afternoon, but later she walked up to Brandon as he was talking with a few of the other adults and asked, "Mr. Brandon will you be my daddy?"

That simple question started an internal wrestling match for Brandon. Part of him wanting so bad to admit the truth right there. She looked so hopeful, but he knew he couldn't tell her, not for sometime.

"Leah, I'm afraid it doesn't work that way." Brandon said after gathering his thoughts. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Why not?!" She asked crying, "I want a daddy like you Mr. Brandon why can't you be my daddy?" He searched for an answer and it killed him to see her in this much pain. It was not fair to either of them that he had to deceive her. That he could not tell her that he was her daddy. He wanted so much to hug her close and tell her how much he loved her and always would.

"Because," he said, "You already have a daddy, and you only get one. He's very special Leah and I know he misses you as much as you miss him."

"How?" Leah asked skeptically.

"I've met him. It was a long time ago before he moved away. I also know he would have loved nothing more than to stay with you and be your daddy, but he had to go. I remember him telling me that the hardest thing he ever had to do was to leave you and Kara behind." Brandon said all this softly hoping the 7-year-old would accept it. Then thinking quickly he said, "You know what though I just remembered something else, I made him a promise and I think it will help. You know what he asked me the last time I saw him?" Leah shook her head and Brandon said, "He asked me to help take care of you and your sister in his place. So they way I see it I can do his job until he gets back. So all those things you would want a daddy for I can do, how does that sound?"

To his great relief Leah smiled, "I'd like that a lot Mr. Brandon." She then asked about fishing and Brandon told her they would go when thy got back home. Leah then ran off to play.

Later that night Brandon sat alone on the porch at Kelly's house thinking about the day's events when Mel's mom sat down next to him.

"That was a great thing you did this afternoon."

"Saving Leah, Hey no problem. Anybody would have."

"Especially her father." Kelly said calmly and Brandon looked at her in shock.

"But I'm not..."

"Brandon you're a good guy and you maybe able to fool a 7-year-old but you're a horrible liar."

"How did you know?" Brandon asked.

"I knew the day I met you for Melissa's birthday. I took one look at how she acted around you and said to myself 'Well Kelly if there's any man can give you grandchildren it's him.' Looks like I was right."

"So that's why you were so nice to me." Brandon said smiling.

"Hey if I learned anything from Andy and my daughter it's that a woman must have her priorities and I wanted grand babies." Brandon laughed and she continued, "However don't think I haven't noticed the changes in my daughter since you've been in her life. I love Katy dearly and she takes care of my Melissa like no man could," She said then glancing at him said, "No offense."

"None taken," Brandon said

"That said Melissa definitely needed a strong sensitive man in her life to show her that you are not all bad. After what her father did I didn't think she would ever care for a man again much less let one get her pregnant. Of course the fact that you're some kind of sexual dynamo didn't hurt I'm sure." Brandon again stared in awe at the normally reserved Kelly.

"What?" she asked seeing his look of shock, "Oh don't try to deny it. Have you seen your wife? A hot woman like her does get into a relationship with bad sex. Not to mention the fact that you may have tamed Katy, like I said, great for Melissa and a spectacular mother, but horny as hell that one. As for my daughter well let's just say I watched her teen years when she looked but was afraid to touch thanks to her asshole of a father.

"When she declared she was a lesbian I didn't buy it for a second. I was ecstatic she found Katy, but I knew the truth. When Melissa came back something was different and it didn't take long to figure out what, then you showed and I knew who had the key to my daughter's panties." Brandon was shocked at the speech from the normally reserved woman. "What?" she asked.

"It's just I never expected this from you."

"Brandon I'm Irish-Catholic and I came from a big family of people that liked to fuck. Why do you think I ended up pregnant so young?" She paused then said, "Anyway now that I'm done shocking you, back to what I really came out here for. I wanted to say thanks for saving my granddaughter and while it's out between us, thank you for her and for taking good care of my daughter and putting up with her BS. You're a special guy Brandon and if Leah scoured the earth looking for a daddy she wouldn't be able to top the one she's already got and that goes for Kara, Annie, and those adorable twin boys you got. They are all extremely lucky even if they don't know it yet. Not that their moms aren't lucky too, my daughter included."

"I'm the lucky one ma'am." Brandon said.

"Speaking of which I gave you and the girls my bed I know how you four like to sleep and don't worry about the munchkins tomorrow I'll handle breakfast." Brandon just shook his head and went upstairs.

It was as he neared the door he heard that the shower was on in the bathroom, but the door was open. Curious Brandon went in to investigate as he did the water shut off and he soon found himself face to face with a naked red head drying herself.

"Hey Baby!" A surprisingly cheerful Mel said. Seemingly not alarmed at being walked in on.

Before he spoke he had to admire the red-head's body. She was ten years older than when he had first met her but you wouldn't know it by looking at her. Due to her workouts and the healthier diet Katy had put them all on years before Mel was still able to pass for a woman in her twenties. Looking at her you could barely tell she had ever had a child too. Of course Brandon, Katy, and Ashley had definitely noticed the small increase to Mel's tits that hadn't faded after having Leah. Also her hips did have more curviness to them. These were small changes, but pleasant ones. Although, Brandon couldn't help remember the time near the end of Mel's pregnancy when her tits nearly equaled Katy's.

Still naked and wet Mel greeted him with a kiss. She then began to dry herself and said, "Thanks for saving our baby, and for keeping the secret, I can't believe you did that."

"My pleasure," Brandon said, "anyone would have in my..."

"I didn't," Mel said cutting him off her mood growing dark. She then asked, "What kind of mother am I?"

"A great one Kara and Leah are lucky you have you."

"Thanks for that but still..." she said trailing off.

"Mel you were reasonably distracted. You weren't the only one who had their head messed with by Frank today. He went after me as well."

"That maybe but when the time came you had the clarity to save Leah, I didn't."

"To be honest Mel I was about a second from going off myself if you hadn't arrived. He switched his focus and that gave me time. What got you all riled up anyway?"

"He brought up Missy, and everything went red after that."

"Still haven't seen anyone about that eh?" She shook her head. "You really should do that that name has way to much power over you. If not for your sake then Leah, Kara, and Katy's. Next time someone may not be there to help."

She nodded and said, "That is what sickens me most my little girl needed me and I was too focused on revenge."

"Don't worry about it just take care of this Missy thing and you should be okay and hey if you need a hand you know I'll be there and so will Katy and Ashley." Mel nodded.

He hugged her close then and reassured her while he ran his hands through her short hair. She had been cutting her hair real short these days, Mel said it helped her to better play the 'queen bitch' role at work. Of course the fact that Katy, Ashley, and Brandon also found it rather sexy as well did not hurt.

He felt the others join him in comforting Mel and soon the rubbing and soothing gave way to the more sexual kissing and caressing. When he stepped back from the trio he took a moment to check out the other two ladies.

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