tagNovels and NovellasCompromising Situations Ch. 01

Compromising Situations Ch. 01


Dante stood silently on a very crowded train. It was dark and he was itching to get home. He was tall with short black hair. He wore a white t-shirt with a black on over it with black dickie jeans and glasses. For the most part he was holding out fairly well but, tonight he was having one of his episodes. Dante was a virgin and very horny one at that. To satisfy his cravings for sex he masturbated and watched porn. Doing this ritual of self gratification he had developed weird tastes in porn and fetishes.

While riding on the train his mind wondered over things of sex. With each passing moment his dick twitched and hardened. Trying to stay calm while on the crowded train was not easy. Standing in front of him was an older woman. She was a little bit shorter than he was yet her body was tempting him. The lady wore a short red cotton dress that stop in the middle of her thighs and matching high heels .

Dante, lost in thought remembered the first time he started to develop his dark and taboo fetish. It all started when his older sister, Jane lived with him and their parents. During his late night piss runs he could hear the sounds of fucking coming from his sister's room while she got off to the porn she was watching. It was when he was a senior in high school that she had bought a new sex toy while their parents were out of town.

The toy was a male dummy with a changeable cock. He had known this when he started watching his sister's porn while alone in the house. It sat in a chair with a long cock sticking up. One day while watching porn in her room since it was the safest place to do it. He was jacking off when he heard a knock at the front door. Startled Dante tripped over his own underwear. Falling back his virgin ass was taken by his sister's dummy. Pushing him over the edge he climaxed to feeling of a full ass and his cock in his hand.

Since then he used her toy to satisfy his dark cravings for sex while keeping his virginity. Enjoying his twisted pleasure Dante bought his own dildos to pleasure his ass while jacking off. When alone in the house he would find himself jacking off while riding his sister's toy.

Snapping out of his day dream from the sudden jerking motion of the train he bumped into the woman in front of him. Jerking again his dick rubbed up against her panties. He soon realized that his dick was out in the open. Feeling something between her legs she turned to see who was behind her.

"I'm sorry ma'am. It is not what it looks like." Dante blushed.

"Then move it before I scream." She threatened. Trying to fix his self the train jerked as it came to a stop and let more people on to the all ready full train. Pushing them to the other side of the cab his dick was trapped between her legs rubbing up against her cunt through her panties.

"Stop, moving you are making me uncomfortable." She whispered.

"Sorry it is not me. The train is rocking. I can't help it." Dante replied. She tried locking her legs together but he was to close for that. The constant brushing was starting to get to her. She could feel her pussy dampen from his rubbing and poking. The truth was she hadn't had any sex in a while and the attention she was getting was half welcomed.

Dante was lost in the sauce. Craving sex yet, want to save him self for marriage was not working out right now. It soon became apparent that he was moving just a little too much now. "Sorry ma'am but, can you tell me your name?" he asked.

"Why, you have to know who you are molesting?" she snapped.

"No...no...it's not like that. I just wanted to know." Dante mumbled.

"Fine, my name is Sophia McDougal. Are you happy now?"

"I'm Dante and I go to New Age Media's Technical University." He smiled.

Smiling back for some reason she was at ease knowing his name and where she could find him if need be. However, she was now horny and needed to be satisfied. Dante's cock was still going to town on her now wet panties. "I can't stand this. It feels so good but I don't even know him. Plus he is a pervert and younger than me. I am so horny right now." She thought.

Looking back she could see the glazed look in his eyes. "Damn that bastard he is getting off on this. So am I but...fuck it!" Coming to a decision Sophia reach down and pulled down her panties best she could. "What are you doing?" Dante panicked once he felt the warm wet pussy lips over his shaft.

"Finishing what has been started. I'm horny and I want to fuck. It's your fault anyway. So take responsibility and fuck me."

"I can't I am saving my self."

"Are you serious? You get on a train with a woody, then molest me with it then when you have me were you want me you say that." She yelled. Freaking out he was looking for a way out of this horrible situation. Trapped like a rat the decision was made for him when someone moving to another spot pushed him.

"Sorry." They said passing by. Dante held his breath as he felt the sudden tightness around his penis. Frozen in the moment something in him seemed too clicked. Like a beast unleashed Dante pushed all the way in. Making subtle thrusts into her tight box Dante lost it. All of his pent up lust came out in that moment. Sticking his hands up her dress he grabbed her bra and removed it. Taking her large orbs of tit meat into his hungry hands he played with her hardened nipples.

Sophia was taken back by his aggressiveness. She had figured him the weak shy type. Biting her lip to keep from screaming she braced herself as each thrust pushed her forward. Trying not to cry out she softly panted as she stood on her toes. Feeling his large cock stretch out her cunt was blowing her mind. Never had she felt such fullness in all her sex life. Enjoying the deep and fast pounding she was receiving from Dante.

Her juices coated his cock and streamed down her legs as Dante pushed in deeper. "Right there... right there...oooh...I can feel it!" Sophia panted. Pounding her cunt with all he had he could feel his climax peaking. Not want to blow his top before she did he pulled on her nipples making her moan a little louder. Going all out he did care if any noticed now. Fucking her like a run away train Sophia craned her neck and kissed him.

Kissing her back Dante listen to the conductor as he spoke over the loud speaking, "Sleepy Meadows in two stops." Having to bring his first time to an end he reached around and fingered her clit. "No, not right there." She moaned in their kiss. The train came to a stop and now those who were closest noticed what was going on. Sophia embarrassed only wanted to get fucked more. Secretly liking being watched as she heard their whispers drove her over the edge. Hearing them talk about what was going on some yelled out while other cheered them on.

Screaming at the top of her lugs, "Yes...yes...yes," while cumming was all too great for her. Feeling her orgasm on his virgin meat pushed him over the limit. "I'm cumming...I'm cumming." He moaned in her ear while still thrusting.

"No...not in..." she tried to say but, it was too late. Dante's hot cream splashed around inside her as he pushed all the way in.

Spent the show was now over. Blushing they both quickly got off the train as those who watch cheered and yelled as they ran off. Stopping a few blocks away from the station Sophia realized she had left her panties and bra. "That was wild." Dante panted. Reality was now setting in for the both of them. "I'm sorry about what happened. I usually make it home but, instead I molested and raped you."

"That's true but, I did let you for the most part. Plus I took off my own panties."

They silently stood there for a moment while looking around. Sophia finally broke the silence. "Well do you know where we are?"

"Yes, I live about a few more blocks round here. Do you have a way home.?"

"Yes...yes I do thank you. I'll call a cab to get home. My stop was only after the next one anyway."

"Well I guess this is goodbye."

"I guess so." She replied as she turned to walk away. Suddenly grabbing her arm Dante pulled out a piece of paper and wrote his number on it.

"Take this just in case you have to find me." He said before running down the street. Smiling Sophia put the number into her pocket as she walked into the darkness of the street.

The next day for Dante...

"Dante did you hear about some couple have sex on the train last night?" asked his friend.

The next day for Sophia...

Sophia made her self a cup of coffee in the lounge at her job. Talking to her friends the news came on, "Last night around 10 P.M. a couple was reported have sex while traveling on the train." Dropping her cup it shattered on the floor. Quickly cleaning up the mess she left.

"Man... Sophia sure it a modest woman to be shocked by that." Said one of her friends.

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