tagMind ControlMy Little Harem Ch. 01

My Little Harem Ch. 01


*Note, I am still pretty new to writing erotic stories. This is a rewrite of my first chapter of my first chapter. And like many mind control stories, it starts in a hospital. This is because Meghan is inspired by a real nurse in a real hospital. But, don't worry. It doesn't stay in the there long. I hope you enjoy the rewrite. Please Comment and Please Vote.

P.S. Many thanks to my editor Miss_Minx

* * * * *

chapter 1 (rewrite)

I am a 40 year old loser. At least, I was. No job, no car, no money, and of course, no girlfriend. I was riding my bike to the store one evening. It wasn't a great neighborhood, but I needed a couple of things, so I decided to get there and back as quickly as possible.

I wasn't going to win any races, but I wasn't exactly cruising either. As I was riding past a warehouse, someone jumped out, grabbed my handle bars, and steered me into a dumpster. At my rate of speed, this did some considerable damage to both me and my bike.

Being that all I had was very little money and the bike, that now had a bent rim and handle bars, my muggers decided to make me bleed a bit for their frustration. All I remember is a lot of pain, blood, and lying in something blue.

Apparently, I managed to crawl out to the road. Someone saw me and called an ambulance, anonymously, of course. I went to the emergency room, was told that I had a few fractured ribs, and a minor concussion, which seemed to surprise them, as I looked much worse. My clothes were ripped and covered in blood.

After a day in ICU, just to make sure they hadn't missed anything, they decided to keep me for a few more days, in a normal room. It seems that I qualified for some program or other to pay for my stay. And someone donated a pair of pants and a t-shirt to replace my bloody rags.

I had no one to send after my own clothes.

After being put in my new room, I soon met my daytime nurse (they work in 12 hour shifts, from 7am to 7pm). Her name was Meghan. She was nice, and friendly, but no more than the job required. She was a Registered Nurse, but she looked to be in her early 20's. She had a pretty face and long brown hair, which she kept in a ponytail. She had a smallish chest, but an ass that more than made up for it.

Although she wore a ring, I tried a little light flirting, and got absolutely nothing in return. She would smile at my lame jokes, but the conversation was limited, and she never talked about anything personal. Not that I expected much. I am middle aged, overweight, and balding.

As the days went on, I found myself fantasizing more and more about her. The hospital didn't see a need for a catheter, and I was minimally connected, so I could actually go to the bathroom, which I did more than once just to relieve my erection.

I found that it was increasingly hard to concentrate when Meghan was in the room. There were a few occasions that I considered myself lucky. She seemed to develop a habit of turning around when doing her paperwork. I certainly enjoyed the view. At one point as she was doing this near the bed, I put my hand on the edge of the bed, palm out, in hopes that she would rub up against it. She did. Then, she immediately withdrew and apologized. I, of course quickly removed my hand to hide the way I had positioned it.

On another occasion, I was sitting on the edge of the bed when she did this, I spread my legs, and she backed into me and kind of fell into my lap. Oh I enjoyed that. She apologized profusely and immediately left the room.

She didn't come back for a long while. I began to wonder if she was actually trying to flirt with me. When she finally returned, she did her best to keep her distance. Trying again to flirt with her, I mustered up the courage to tell her "It's alright Meghan; you can sit on my lap anytime." Her only response was a very stern, very cold look.

That answered that.

There were a few occasions when things would happen like she would rub up against me, or she would drop something on the floor and present her beautiful ass to me as she picked it up. Once she even seemed to be trying to show me her cleavage.

With the exception of these occasions, though, she remained completely professional, and gave me no doubt that she was NOT interested. I was a bit confused, but I became more and more obsessed with her. And these increasingly frequent occasions didn't help.

On the third day, I was in for a very pleasant surprise. As I lay there fantasizing about her, she came into my room with a sponge a washcloth and some soap. She helped me remove my gown and she filled the little plastic tub with warm water.

Then to my surprise, she started with my penis. She washed and rinsed my rock hard member then moved down my right leg. I had never had this done before, but I thought it more than a little odd.

When she washed and rinsed my right leg, she started my left leg at the foot, and worked her way back up. When she got back to my raging erection, she began to wash it again. I couldn't believe what she was doing.

She started to slowly massage my manhood with the soapy washcloth. Then to my amazement, she used the wet sponge to rinse the head of my dick only. Then she lowered her hot mouth onto the head of it and increased the speed of her right hand. She wasn't really giving me a blow-job, but she was indeed holding the head of my dick in her mouth as she jacked me off! This was way more than I had ever dreamed of. Well, maybe fantasized about, but never in a million years would I have expected this.

I soon exploded in her mouth. She swallowed it all, which was a surprisingly huge amount of semen. Still holding the head in her mouth, she rinsed the shaft with the sponge, and as with a toothpaste tube, she tried to squeeze every bit of semen from my dick with her lips. Then she released my deflating penis and continued with my bath as if nothing had happened.

As she continued with my bath I noticed that her face had a kind of dazed look. Then her expression faded from blank to what seemed to be a slightly confused look. By the time she was finished, she was back to being her normal self.

I said to her "You are definitely talented, how about an encore?" In response, with a slightly annoyed look on her face, she said "Mr. Cooper, if you are trying to flirt with me again, please stop."

What the hell did that mean?

When she had finished with my bath, she picked up her little clip-board with her left hand and sat down on the edge of my bed at my right hand side. She began to tell me what the doctor had said, something about going home soon. But she didn't seem to notice as she laid her right hand gently on my shaft and began absently massaging me with her thumb. I didn't understand what was going on with this woman, but I decided not to say a word. When she finished talking, with a gasp, she realized where her hand was, and what it had been doing. She almost ran as she headed for the door trying to get out.

In my head I shouted

Oh Meghan, just stop!

To my surprise, she stopped, mid-stride with her hand reaching for the door. She looked like she was frozen that way except she was breathing. "What the fuck?" I got up and walked over to her, I.V. Rack in tow. She was breathing, and she had a pulse, but she didn't even seem to be blinking. I called her name a few times, looked her straight in the eye, and poked her a few times on the shoulder with my finger. Then I got a little bolder and groped her ass, and her tits. Nothing.

After a few minutes of thought, I realized I had told her to stop, and she did. So, I said "Meghan, stand up straight."


Upon further thought I remembered that I never actually gave her the command out loud. So, I tried it a little differently

Meghan, stand up straight

She did.

As I gave this some thought, I went and sat on the bed. It slowly dawned on me that all those strange happenings may have been me subconsciously exerting control over this gorgeous woman. I had to take it further.

Meghan, show me that bare ass.

She immediately bent over, and dropped her pants and panties to her ankles, pointing her gloriously bare ass directly at me. I had an instant flagpole. Having recovered a bit, I decided to take it further. I thought,

Meghan, remove your pants and panties, and come over here.

She immediately, if a little stiffly, obeyed with that blank look on her face.

I had no idea how I was doing this, but I was enjoying it. I had another idea, so I tried something else. I thought,

Meghan you will call me Master in private, but sir in public

Then aloud I asked "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

Meghan you will do as I say, and enjoy it, but you will also think and act for yourself.

Then aloud I asked "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good. Now strip the rest of the way, and show me that body." She complied with a smile on her face. After removing her remaining clothing, she did a slow sexy turn, showing me her smallish almost B cup tits, her landing strip, and her glorious ass.

After admiring and caressing that beautiful body for a few seconds, I asked Meghan how much time we had. She told me we had about up to about 20 minutes until my next nurse would come in, as it was nearly shift change. I didn't want to waste any more time, so I got her on the bed in the "doggy style" position. I told her "I am about to fuck you Meghan, get ready"

I was due for another pleasant surprise. I would soon discover that in bed Meghan was a completely different person. First clue, she was instantly wet

Second clue "Oh please, Master! Please fuck my pussy, Master! Please!" As I lined up on that luscious wet pussy, I couldn't help but admire that beautiful ass once again.

As I slid into her warm, wet love tunnel, she begged "Oh please, Master! Please fuck my pussy, hard, Master!" So, I slammed deep into her quim and. I began to drive hard and fast, she pushed back with every thrust, and moaned with every impact.

This girl was going to be a whirlwind in bed. Holding onto her wonderful hips, I began to drive harder and faster. She matched my rhythm with a fury, as she tried desperately to hold her mouth shut. Shortly I exploded inside her pussy, releasing another volcano of hot cum. She climaxed with me, burying her face in my pillow to trying to muffle her scream. It didn't work very well. I was surprised nobody came bursting in the door.

With my dick still buried deep within her pussy, and her pussy milking it for every last drop, I asked her, "Do you have a husband?"

"Yes Master."

"Call him, and tell him what is happening."

"Yes Master."

Meghan reached for the phone on the bedside table, dialed and paused for a moment, her voice sounding hot and hungry as she said "Hey, baby. I just called to tell you that I am at work. I am here with a patient, he is fucking my brains out, and I am loving every second of it." She took a breath. "My pussy belongs to him now. In fact, I belong to him now. Bye!" Click.

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