tagGroup SexComputer Service Ch. 05 Denouement

Computer Service Ch. 05 Denouement


Mark sat at his desk thinking that he was the luckiest guy in the world. It seemed he only had to sit here and women would come in and have sex with him. Not just sex. Mind Blowing sex. Amazing sex. He chuckled to himself. Well, damn, been an interesting couple of weeks.

Shaking his head he returned what attention he could muster back to the business.

Early that evening he again approached the door that had been the portal to a wonderful change in his life. And again, in answer to the doorbell, the ravishing Sarah opened it. Luscious black hair cascaded over her shoulders framing that beautiful face and those pale blue eyes. I was already getting lost in the eyes when she broke their spell.

"Hello there, gorgeous!" she exclaimed. "And with flowers! And wine! Wow, are you ever welcome. Come on in." And she seemed to flow down the hall pulling me into the house. I was always startled at her ability to move seemly without effort. The effect accentuated her grace.

I walked around the corner into the kitchen and stopped short. Standing at the counter cutting up lettuce was Kristin.

"Hi," I kind of stammered.

"Oh," Kristin said, "We're not returning to the you don't know what to say to me phase, are we?"

"Sorry," I said, moving quickly to give her a kiss on the cheek and a hug. "Caught me off guard. It's always good to see you."

"Sometimes more than others, huh?" Kristin said with a mischievous grin.

"Be nice," Sara quickly said, also with a little grin. Both of them deriving humor from my hesitance. "Kristin is staying with me for a few days," said Sarah. "She was visiting the area and staying in a motel. I moved her to my couch. It's been fun having the company."

I caught a quick glance between the two of them. There seemed to be some undercurrent with which I was not completely involved but considering what had happened between the three of us there were several undercurrents. I was focused on keeping my head above water.

Wine and some very good chicken enchiladas later, then some more wine and I was about knocked out.

"Can you stay?" asked Sarah, catching me off guard. "Are you sure?" I said, thinking that it might be a bit strange with Kristin here and all.

"Hey, you two," Kristin said, "Don't mind me. I'm fine."

"Well, yes," I said. "I'd love to stay." Another level in our relationship.

"Good night, sweetie," said Sarah to Kristin, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah, good night, sweetie," I said, being somewhat of a smart-ass. Leaning in to kiss her also on the cheek I got a bit more when she turned her head and accepted my kiss directly on her soft lips.

"Mmmmm..," murmured Kristin in a breathy voice. "Good night."

Just with those two words she had made me half hard. Wow.

Sarah and I went upstairs to the bedroom for the first time actually going to bed together. We had been in the bed. We had had sex in the bed, among other places, but we had not actually gone to bed together as a couple. It seemed domestic. And nice.

Sarah turned off the light and it occurred to me that I never been with her in the dark before. She rolled towards me as I lay on my back and leaned into me. I could feel her breath on my face. My arm was under her neck and stroking her back. Her hand was on my chest brushing lightly through the hair.

"This is so comfortable," Sarah said, softly. Her hand continued its up and down caressing moving a bit further south every time in an ever so tantalizing manner.

"Yes." is what I started to say but it came out as "Yessssss" as her last southbound caress ended up at my slightly hard cock and stayed there.

"So comfortable," she said in more of a teasing voice as she began to softly and gently stroke me from tip to testicles and back again. As far as I was concerned she could have done that forever.

"But not so comfortable that you aren't considering moving into a different position at some point?" I asked.

"Well," she said, still gently moving up and down my shaft. "Yes, I think some movement might be appropriate in the future. At the moment I'm just comfortable."

"Oh, don't let me stop you being comfortable if this is your idea of comfort," I quickly said.

I could almost feel her smile. Still up and down sometime with the pads of her fingers, sometimes with the nails. Pleasantly driving me insane.

"Mark," Sara started, "I want to ask you something and I want you to be comfortable saying no."

"Jesus, Sarah," I said. "I'll pretty much agree to anything you want if you keep doing that."

She stopped what she was doing with her hand. Not at all what I was going for here.

"Well, if I stop will your ability to disagree return?" she asked.

"You could just ask quickly and I could answer quickly and then you could go back to what you were doing," I said.

"Okay," she said. "That sounds reasonable. I told Kristin to wait 10 minutes and if I didn't come out to stop her she was to come join us."

Well, that accounted for the earlier undercurrents.

"And you want to know if I object?" I asked the rather obvious question.

"Yes," said Sarah. But then she shut down any ability I had to think objectively by returning her hand to stroking my cock. Not really a problem from my point of view but my occasionally discerning intellect was returning to its cave for the duration and the other head was taking over.

"Is okay," I kind of slurred. "I mean, it's okay with me if it is good with you."

Again I could feel her smile as she said, "Well, we'll just keep this up for a bit. And maybe this," as her head followed her hand down my stomach and she took my cock in her mouth for the second time that day. Not that I was objecting to the repetition. Far from it. I was lost in a fuzzy brain full of lust with my entire world reduced to the feeling of that warm, wet mouth on my cock. So much so that I barely felt Kristin sliding onto the bed and up next to Sarah. My arm behind Sarah brushed against her hair as she slid up and I cupped her head bringing it to me and kissed her deeply letting her know she was welcome.

From then on things became very difficult to keep track of as my world was made up of soft yielding flesh, stroking hands, warm and wet mouths and equally warm and wet lips of another kind. It was difficult to keep track of who, what, where and when. I would find a hand or a breast or some other body part and, although I was certain it was not mine I was not always so certain whose it was. Kristin was smaller all over so if I were to grasp a breast it would not take me long to find it was hers (not that it mattered as I tweaked or suckled the nipple anyway) but for the first moment I did not always know. It was dark enough that vision was not helping very much identifying parts and partners. This created the very unusual event that I would lick a slit in front of my mouth and hear Kirstin or Sarah moan so that the sound made the connection in my head before the taste or sight or feel identified the owner. It was a luscious playland of sight and touch and scent. Most of the time there was a hand or mouth stroking or sucking my cock and most of the time I had a breast in my mouth and a hand between someone's leg or the other way around. Somehow the entirety was an all consuming dance of the senses. At one point the two women were lying one on top of the other and I was kneeling between their legs barely able to see the two pussies one above the other and my single thought was how exceptional was such a bounty that I could choose which to lick or suck or fuck and I had an internal chuckle at a voice saying 'eenie, meenie, miney, moe'. Quickly moving forward I plunged into the lower of the two which was Sarah (actually I kind of knew that but the pretense of the quandary was more fun) at which time Kristin moved up still with her back to me and planted her pussy on Sara's mouth. She then leaned back into me presenting her mouth to my kiss and her breasts to my hands. I took advantage of them both and was in a state of wonder at being able to slide in and out of the hot slit of one woman while holding another who was as turned on as I. And then Kristin backed up effectively pushing me out of Sarah. She then replaced my cock in Sara's pussy with her mouth and presented a different target for me to ride. As I slid into her pussy I could not help but feel the slight difference in angle and pressures of one versus the other. Absolutely no objection to either sheath for my cock but it was the very subtle difference that brought me near to coming. Throughout all of this, I should say, there were a lot of groans and moans and "Yessss.." and slurping and all such wonderful sounds that one might expect would accompany such an event. But about the time I slid into Kristin things seemed to pick up in volume as they did in intensity. Kristin was apparently performing an effective job on Sarah as the latter began to increase the duration and sound level of her gasps and moans obviously ramping up to an orgasm. And I was with her. It was about that time that I felt Kristin's hand on her own pussy obviously working to keep up so that we could all finish near each other. And that is about what happened. Sarah began a moan that inexorably increased to a wail and I think had Kristin not had her mouth full she would have been on the same frequency. She had started to buck on my cock. And that put me over the edge as I exploded into Kristin's pussy rigid with my own orgasm losing track of just what the other two were doing.

We all fell together on the bed collapsing in one huge bundle of glistening flesh breathing heavily, exhausted from our efforts. The room was quiet, dark and warm as we languidly returned back to reality surrounded by pungent odor of our combined juices finally drifting off to sleep with limbs entangled and smiles on our faces.

Off and on during the night I would climb back up into consciousness enough to wonder where all this soft warm flesh came from and then just drift back off to blissful slumber. At one point I felt a hand on my cock and a butt pushing back into me. So I slid into what turned out to be Sarah's pussy (I was actually getting to know the difference by feel now and that was very strange). We rocked back and forth gently but then both fell asleep before doing anything else.

The sun streaming into the room finally woke me for good in the morning. I felt more than a little hung over but less from alcohol than sex. Apparently one can have a sex hangover. I was alone in the bedroom so I got up, pulled on pants and my t-shirt and went downstairs. Sara was in the kitchen.

"Good morning, sleepy," she said.

"Coffee," was what I managed to get out. And the cup arrived with a kiss.

"No Kristin?" I asked.

"She had some errands to run," said Sarah, "but will be back after lunch. It's just us kids here."

"Wow," I managed.

"I could not have said it better myself," said Sarah with a smile.

"Where do we go from here?" I asked, not sure if I even wanted an answer.

"Well, since you bring it up," said Sarah sitting down next to me and looking me straight into my eyes. "I've got something to discuss with you."

"Early for bad news," I said, "if it is bad news."

"Oh, no," she said with a smile. "Not bad news at all. But more of a confession on my part."

"You've been having sex with another woman?" I said, lightly.

"Well, yeah," she said. "But that is hardly a news flash, is it? No Mark, did you ever wonder what I did for a living? What I did to support myself?"

"I figured that was your business and you'd bring it up when you wanted," I said.

With a deep breath she said, "I don't work because I don't have to," and paused to let me take that in. "My father was very good at what he did and was paid a lot of money and invested it wisely for a long time. My parents had a full life but died in a plane crash a couple of years ago. I bought and moved into this house to get some time alone to think of things and gain a perspective on what it all meant to me and to my life. And to think about what I wanted to do from here."

"I'm so sorry, sweetheart," I said with genuine sadness in my heart. "I understand about losing parents. It sucks."

"Yes, well, there's a catch in my case," she said. "Do you know the term 'Drop dead rich'?"

"Well, yeah," I said. "As I understand it one has enough money to tell the world to drop dead if they so desire and no one can touch them. The Gates and Buffetts and, well, Opra and the like."

"I'm not in that league," she said, "but I've got enough money to be considered by nearly anyone to be drop dead rich."

My mind froze. I had no idea what to say to that but I realized that there was something of a minefield here and I wanted to be careful not to say the wrong thing.

"Sarah," I said. "I knew you 10 minutes ago when you were poor and cared about you more than I've ever cared about anyone before. And I care about you now as much. And I only hope this discussion is not leading us to some reason we can't be together because of your money."

"No," she said, nearly in a whisper. "I've come to realize I badly need a partner to help me make decisions. Having so much money is difficult. There are an infinite number and variety of decisions and all manners of people pushing and pulling and wanting things from me and my money. And I have few to trust. But I knew someone I was able trust when he thought I had no money, who accepted me for who I was when he thought I was poor and I'm hoping that still is true, that I can trust him now."

I started to say something but she put her fingers on my lips.

"Wait," she said, "there's more. I've got a plan. I want to put together a foundation and have directed some people towards that end but I want to take a year and spend time thinking about it and talking about it and decompressing. And I want to do it with you."

Again I started to talk but again she stopped me.

"One more thing," she said, "a question. I've seen the picture of the sailboat over your desk. Is that yours? Or one you want?"

"It's.. it's one I've always wanted," I stammered. It is a Benetau 50'. Large enough to be a house that several people could live in for a long time but outfitted so that one or two people could sail it."

"What if," Sarah hesitated. "What if we bought one and spent that year nosing around some islands somewhere."

I was dumbstruck. "Buy one?"

"Okay, this is where it gets weird," she said. "I could buy it today for cash if I wanted to and not even make a minor dent in my checking account. My guess is that you would feel uncomfortable letting me do that for you and, frankly, it would seem a bit strange. BUT, if we bought it as a place to live and travel and spend time working out a plan to launch a great charitable foundation with the intent of helping others I thought you might be able to stand it."

"Purely altruistic, if you put it that way," I said. "It would be selfish of me to turn you down."

"Mean," she said.

"Self centered," I said.

"Terrible," she said.

"Well, I wouldn't want any of that," I said. "I'm in. I sell the shop and we go to work. Sort of. Ok, we take a little time off and THEN go to work. But it is the work that's important."

"Right," she said. "Important work."

"So, now you've got money and you and I are completely different," I said, does that mean I can't ravish you right now? I mean would you take it that I was only doing it because you had money?"

"Well, I would probably think that," she said. "But I'd likely get over it about the time you put that great big cock inside of me."

"Well," I said, "let's do a little experimenting and see." And I grabbed her and nearly lifted her out of her chair headed for the stairway to the bedroom.


Sarah was learning how to steer the boat and keep the sail full while maintaining a course. We were running down the eastern seaboard just north of the Carolinas and Hatteras headed towards Florida where we would depart for the run to the Caribbean. We had a group of other like minded sailboat owners who wanted to cross together for safety. The Gulf Stream can be treacherous and safety in numbers is a good policy. Until we met with them in Port Canaveral, Florida, though we were sailing alone far out of sight of land just the good ship Mallery (named after Sarah's mother) and a lot of blue water.

It took me a month but I had found a buyer for the business. A great guy. And it took us that long to make the initial arrangements to leave the country for a year. And to find the Benetau. They had a new one in Newport, Rhode Island. Actually they had several but we thought it would be tacky to buy a fleet right off. So we bought the one. For cash. And hired a separate party, a professional marine inspector, to give it a work out and get it ready for sea.

One day Sarah told me about her family lawyer who was setting up the first part of the foundation. Initial indications were that it was going to be able to dovetail with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation becoming part of a much larger mosaic working to beat back childhood diseases in third world countries. Heady stuff.

The night before we were leaving a friend of Sarah's came over. Her name was Trudy and she was going to finish settling the house and turn it over to the new owners, a family who had fallen on hard times during the recession. They were able to take out a very low interest loan with the bank, one not available to them before. The mom had called it a minor miracle. Sarah had called it a favor from a friendly banker. Of course given her situation, all bankers were friendly to her. Kind of annoyed me but c'est live or c'est argent is more like it.

Trudy, Sarah and I sat around and went through a couple of bottles of wine during which time Sarah told her how we met. A mostly 'G' rated version with a little 'R' spice in there, enough to give the idea without giving away the entire plot.

"Well," said Trudy. "I've got computer problems too. Suppose you could fix them?"

"Not on your life," Sarah jumped on the question, but with a smile.

"Tell you what, call Al at the shop," I said. "He's the new owner. Here's what you say...."


"You're doing great," I said.

"I can tell," Sarah replied. "You haven't told me to look at the tattletale in 10 minutes!"

This was a day made for blue water sailboats. The sun was out, the seas only a bit choppy, puffy clouds in the sky and the wind was out of the north west and strong enough to fill both mainsail and jib completely sending us quickly on our way running south down the coast.

The Benetau 50' had a comfortable perch behind the wheel and I leaned on it pulling Sarah to me. She could still steer and be in my arms, an altogether satisfactory arrangement in my mind.

"I've got a question," I said. "When we first met at your house you said you didn't have any money to repair your computer and were forced to create an 'arrangement'. Just how far down the road were you looking?"

"Well, I," Sarah hesitated, seemingly stuck.

"You know, such deception should not go unpunished," I said with some menace in my voice. "We may need another session of correction. Fortunately for you the job as helmsperson overrides that right now but you have a spanking in your future, young lady."

Sarah made a very sub vocal sound that might have been a harumph or a groan or a moan. I couldn't' tell for certain. So I ignored it and ran my hands up then inside of her sweatshirt. The weather was very cool and we both were dressed in cotton sweatshirts and sweatpants courtesy of the Navy store in Newport. Her firm breasts were very accessible and with no bra I could clearly feel the hard nipples. It would seem that the sound I had heard previously was a moan and I had her attention. I moved my hand down below the waist of the sweatpants until I was cupping her pussy and then slid my finger down the slit and easily into the already damp tunnel. Now she was clearly moaning. She ground her ass into my rapidly hardening cock and then reached down behind her back and into the top of my sweats freeing the shaft. I pulled down her sweatpants and panties enough that she could back into me and impale herself on my cock now eliciting a moan from both of us. She then started sliding up and down while still holding onto the wheel and maintaining course. I would have been impressed with her seamanship but was already too far gone to think much of it.

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