tagLoving WivesComputer Stories Ch. 04

Computer Stories Ch. 04


Author's note –

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. Any resemblance to real life people, events, or someone else's writings is coincidental. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.

I think you will find this chapter a little more interesting, from an erotic standpoint. If you haven't read Ch 01, you may find it fills in some important background that leads up to this chapter. Key to the stories is a component inside Jerry's computer that causes what he writes to happen in real life.

Before submitting this chapter, I happened to check for comments to the first three. I saw where someone had commented that Chapter 1 is real similar to a work by Stephen King. I've never read or saw the Stephen King story the commenter mentioned. Everything I write is based on a simple premise that just pops into my head and I 'wing it' from there, no notes, no outline. In the 3-4 days it takes to write, I may find the finished story has taken a major detour from what I envisioned at the start.


Jerry Waters is slightly geeky kind of guy who one day acquires a computer with some interesting properties. He is using his computer to write erotic stories without fully realizing what is happening around him.

Soon after powering up his new acquisition, a strange twist of fate activated an interesting 'feature' on his 'antique' computer . . . .

The continuing saga --

It was early summer but already turning very warm on Saturday mid-morning. It was looking to turn out to be a hot day.

Jerry had already been up and around for a few hours. He'd had his breakfast, a shower, and cleaned up a few things in his room. It was when he walked by his 2nd floor bedroom window that he paused to see what was going on outside.

Jerry's 2nd floor bedroom window had a pretty good view of the back yards of the other houses on the next street over. Of particular interest to him was the neighbors directly behind Jerry's house. The house was owned by a couple in their early 30's. They didn't have any kids, and from some of the conversation that Jerry just happened to overhear when he was working on the bushes by the back fence, was that the wife didn't want kids to spoil their 'perfect' lifestyle. Apparently, this wasn't entirely what the husband wanted. Over the course of the last few years, Jerry had overheard the husband trying to convince his wife to consider kids. Other than that difference of opinion, the two of them got along quite well.

Almost every Saturday morning during the summer, his 32 yr old backyard neighbor would set up the lounger by her in-ground swimming pool. Jerry watched as her drop-dead gorgeous 36-28-32 body sauntered out the back slider door, placed a towel and a drink on the deck table, and eased her beautifully sun tanned body into the lounger. She almost always wore the same skimpy bikini, the one that barely covered her nipples and pussy. Even from 100 feet a way, Jerry could almost make out the hard nubs of her nipples, trying to poke through the fabric.

During the summer, it seemed like the same routine every Saturday. Mona's husband would leave at 9:30 in the morning to work for his shift as a high level supervisor at the power plant. At 10:00, Mona would come out the back slider, dressed only in her skimpy bikini, to soak up the sun by the pool. At 11:00, the pool maintenance guy would come by for an hour to skim any debris off the surface, check the filters, and add chemicals. By noon, Mona would go in for lunch, then come back out at 1:00 for another hour. At 6:00 PM, Mona's husband would be back home. By 9:00 PM, a pool party of friends and associates of Mona, and her husband, would be in full swing.

Jerry had gotten used to this Saturday schedule. When he wasn't busy on a Saturday morning, he would sit by his bedroom window, watching Mona in the lounger. Every time she shifted her body for a better position, her bikini had to be re-adjusted. Jerry was always on the ready with his binoculars in case she had a wardrobe malfunction that would expose her nipples or her pussy. On one occasion, Mona caught Jerry spying on her and shot him a dirty look to let him know his observations were unwanted. After that, Jerry was a little more careful to be unobserved.

With this happening every Saturday morning, it was driving him crazy. I mean, here she was, flaunting her body at him and at the same time, letting him know that she was totally off limits to him. By the time Mona went back inside at noon for lunch, Jerry was so horny from watching her through his binoculars, he had to furiously jerk off into a pair of his sister's old panties he had confiscated from her room some time ago.

With the heat of the day building and blood already surging through his body in expectation of the usual Saturday ritual about to unfold at the neighbor's house, Jerry's frustrations were building to an unbearable level. The only thing he could think of to help vent the frustration was to write about it, and his usual writing tool was the old computer he bought a few months ago at the estate sale shop he frequented.

Powering up the PC and opening up a blank document to type his thoughts in, the cube inside Jerry's computer began to glow a warm red, as Jerry's words began to flow . . .

* * * * *

"Every Saturday morning like clockwork, the gorgeous neighbor, Mona, would come outside to work on her tan. She knew she had a great body and loved to flaunt it. Almost all her friends had had a couple of kids and their figure; well lets just say it wasn't quite what it used to be with all the stretch marks and tired eyes from chasing kids around.

This particular Saturday morning was starting out to be a warm one. Mona brought out her towel, cold drink, and sun tan lotion to the lounger beside the in-ground pool. After arranging the towel and cold drink on the table, and the sun tan bottle on the ground beside her, she laid back on the lounger.

It was a little while later when the pool maintenance man showed up to clean the pool and check chemical levels. Normally Mona would take a few glances, hidden behind her sunglasses, then close her eyes and soak up more sun. Today was different though. The pool maintenance guy was new.

Whereas the usual maintenance guy was a grubby looking 50 yr old guy with a couple of teeth missing, the new guy was a real hunk. Mike was 25 yrs old, 6'2", with sandy blonde hair, and looked like he worked out at the gym every day. Within minutes, Mona was almost drooling at the solid-as-a-rock thighs, the biceps that looked like they used sports cars for dumbbells, and a 6-pack that rippled every time he worked the skimmer pole back and forth across the water.

The idea struck her that she had to do something to make it so Mike stuck around longer than the normal 30 minutes it took to clean the pool and adjust the chemical balance. As he walked by her lounger, she asked if he would apply some of the suntan lotion to her back for her. Since Mike was new to the company, and wanting to keep the customers happy, he set down his skimmer pole and knelt down beside Mona.

Mona handed him the bottle, turned over on her stomach, and instructed him to make sure he covered every area of her skin well."

* * * * *

Jerry's computer desk was positioned so that when he was seated at the computer, his back was to the window. When Jerry sat down at his computer, there wasn't much that would tear him away from it until he was done doing whatever it was he was working on.

Out the window, the neighbor woman directly behind Jerry's house was in her usual Saturday ritual of lying on her favorite lounger, in a skimpy bikini, for a couple of hours, oblivious to what was going on around her.

This morning, for her, she found herself taking more than a passing interest in the new pool maintenance man. She couldn't help it. The new guy was in his mid-twenties and looked like he'd just won the Mr. Universe contest. She found herself wanting to drink in more of this incredible hunk than the usual 30 minute time it took to clean the pool. She couldn't believe she was calling him over to put lotion on her back.

As the pool guy started to rub lotion onto her back, she started making little comments about how good hi hands felt on her back. She had gotten 'into' the feel of his hands so much, she asked him to untie the string bikini so the sun wouldn't leave a tan line. His fingers deftly untied the spaghetti strings of her bikini top and started rubbing in the lotion. After spending a fair amount of time on her back, he was about to get back to his work when she asked if he would do her legs as well.

Grabbing the lotion bottle again, he put a generous amount on his hands and started working her legs, starting from her ankles and working upward. When his hands made it up to her ass, she asked him to untie the side strings to her bikini so there would be no missed areas around her ass cheeks. As his hands played over her firm ass, she began to whisper little moans. As soon as he finished her backside, she flipped over on her back and asked him to take care of the front side of her as well.

Again, the lotion was applied to his strong hands as he started on her legs first, working his way high up on her thighs. Another dollop of lotion and he was working it in to her stomach and lower chest. Even with her sunglasses on, he could see she had her eyes closed in a euphoric state. His hands worked higher, finally sliding up under the loose bikini top until her breasts were firmly cupped in his big hands.

Her top was pushed aside, exposing her hardening nipples, which his fingertips brushed across frequently. Every time his fingers made contact with her hardening nipple, she would arch her back, as if to push more of her breasts into his hands. By now her moans were definitely audible. Her free hand made its way to his crotch and was brushing across the growing bulge in his loose shorts.

Encouraged by her behavior, his hand reached down to the top of her bikini bottom. Because the strings had been untied on each side, it was easy to push his fingers under the material down to her moistening slit.

As his fingers traveled further down, they brushed against her swelling clit, before sliding between hr pussy lips. As he worked her ever moistening pussy, her hips undulated back and forth to gain more contact with his fingers. Her own fingers had found opening in his shorts and were now making direct contact with his hardening cock."

* * * * *

As Jerry's fingers flew across the keyboard, tapping out the fantasy scenario he only wished would happen. It was his way of dealing with his social frustrations. He was so engrossed in the story developing on his computer screen, he did not see, and did not know, what was unfolding at the neighbor's house behind him. He did not see the hunk of a pool guy pick up the neighbor, Mona, in his arms and carry her through the slider on into the house. He was also unaware of the cube inside his computer case that glowed a bright red.

* * * *

"The strong pool guy carried the now naked neighbor woman into the house, down the hallway, and into the master bedroom before seating her on the edge of the bed. From the moment he had lifted her up off the lounger till when he seated her on the bed, their lips were locked in a fierce battle of tongues probing each other's mouth.

Once he let go of her at the edge of the bed, she dropped to her knees and began tugging his shorts down to his ankles. Having been freed from the confining material, a fat, 9" cock bobbed in front of her face. Her fingers soon wrapped around it, feeling the large vein that ran the length of it. The large purple head seemed to pulse with each heartbeat.

Licking her lips, she began to partake of this meaty morsel, first licking the sides, then opening her mouth wide to let the large mushroom head slowly slide into her mouth. All the while, the pool guy encouraged her on, telling her how good her hot mouth felt enveloping his cock.

While never having sucked a guy's cock before, not even her husband's, somehow she knew just how to give an expert blowjob. She had never given any guy a blowjob because she thought it was really nasty. Right now, it just seemed so natural.

Deeper and deeper she took him into her mouth until the mushroom head bumped against the back of her mouth. In and instinctive reflex, she began swallowing, pulling the cockhead and shaft down into her throat. Pulling back out until her lips were right at the crown on his cock, her mouth sunk down again until her lips were at the base of his cock and his cockhead was driven deep down her throat. As his cock slid back and forth, in and out of her mouth, her tongue lapped at the underside, sending little shivers into his body.

This went on for 10-15 minutes until the pool guy could take no more. Very quickly, his balls began to tense and the beginnings of a hot stream began to course up the shaft. Sensing he was about to cum, she pulled back until lips encircled just the large head. As she gave one good lap at the underside, his cock exploded in jet after jet of hot cum. The last stream landed on her chin and dripped down to her nipples when her mouth filled up to where she couldn't swallow fast enough.

With only a short time to recover, the pool guy lifted her up and pushed her back on the bed so she was laying on her back with hr ass just at the edge of the bed. Kneeling down, the pool guy lifted her legs, spread them wide, and planted his mouth on her moist pussy.

The initial shock of his lips at her pussy caused her to shudder a little.

In a deliberately slow lapping motion, his tongue started at the top of her pussy and worked its way down, drilling deep into her pussy at the opening. Each time his tongue flicked across her clit, she tensed and wiggled at the extreme stimulation. Every once in a while, he would suck her clit into his mouth, causing her to tremble even more. Soon, her hips were in constant motion, side-to-side, up and down.

After just 15 minutes of this intense manipulation, she was going out of her mind, her body thrashing, her breathing turned to a panting. Suddenly, she was at the point of no return. Her legs wrapped around him, pulling his head deeply into her pussy, as a stream of pussy juice sprayed into his mouth. In an instant, the revulsion to oral sex vanished in a thunderous climax.

As the flow of her juices dwindled, her legs loosened their grip on his head, allowing him to stand up. He was by no means done with her.

With his cock now back up to full hardness, he pulled her legs up and out again, allowing him to push that large bulbous cock head right up to the opening of her pussy. Since her pussy was already well lubricated, his cock slid easily into her hot tunnel. Nine inches was much more than she had ever taken into her pussy, seeing as how her husband's 6 inches was the only cock she had ever known. The pool guy's cock was even trying to push past her cervix, trying to fill her womb.

Soon, she was panting heavily again, constantly moving her hips so she could get more of his fat cock into her. For half an hour, the pool guy pounded her pussy in constant strokes. Over the course of the next hour, she experienced numerous mini-orgasms, in ever increasing frequency. While her pussy was getting pounded, her nipples were being rolled and tugged on by his fingers. It got to be that she couldn't tell when one ended and another started.

Harder and harder, the cock pounded her pussy. The orgasms were no longer a long string, but were building on top of each other, until her body couldn't take it any longer. Taking even him by surprise, her legs wrapped around his back, driving his cock past her cervix and deep into her womb. Her cunt constricted hard around his cock, providing the over-the-top stimulation it took to shoot his cum into her. Her rippling cunt milked his potent sperm directly into her fertile womb. The ear splitting scream that emanated from her lips when she hit her climax, could be heard all the way to houses nearby.

When the pool guy finally left 2 hours later, after taking the neighbor woman in multiple positions, it was only 2 hours before the woman's husband was to return home from work.

A quick shower and a change of bed covers obliterated almost all traces of what had transpired. That evening, the pool party went on as usual. After the party ended, things got noisy again as the couple went at it like they hadn't don anything for months."

* * * *

As Jerry wrapped up his story on the computer, he seemed to feel a lot better, having vented his sexual frustration cause by the gorgeous neighbor. In one last check with his binoculars, Mona was gone. What seemed odd was that the pool skimmer net was laying near the lounger and the only evidence that Mona had been out on the deck was the trail of bikini top and bottoms between the lounger and the back slider.

Months later, when Jerry happened to see Mona on the lounger by the pool, it looked as though her mid-section had a slight bulge to it. When Jerry happened to talk to her husband, he remarked that they were expecting a baby in about 5 months. It seems as though the condom broke a few months back and now their lifestyle was about to change.

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