tagExhibitionist & VoyeurConcert That Almost Turns To Riot

Concert That Almost Turns To Riot


It started out to be a fun day at an outside party down at the river park. Several local bands were to played on stage, the beer was flowing and a group of twelve of us were right in the middle of the party. Four of us girls and eight guys, it was hot, upper 90's, and we had all dresses for the heat. I had worn my usual worn out, old jean shorts that are faded, a few holes in just the right places that show I don’t wear panties and a cut off men's tank top tee shirt that was cut too short. My best friend, Kathy, was in a strapless bikini top that she was barely in and a very short wrap around skirt, more of a bikini cover than a skirt. The other two girls were dressed in tee shirts and shorts as well, but nothing as daring as us.

If you don’t remember what I look like, I am 34, blonde with blue eyes, about 5' 4", 125ish, a pleasing “C” chest, and a butt that is killer, so I’m told. Kathy is my best friend, she is a very sexy 33 year old lady with almost olive skin, shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, about 110ish and 5' 4". She has a heavy “C” maybe “D” chest, thin waist, and a butt that looks better naked than in clothes with no tan lines, she is shaved most of the time down under, same as me.

It was about half way thru the concert and we got there drunk and we were still drinking and dancing. Kathy and I had been teasing the guys around us, flashing a tit every now and then, even trading a flash for beer after we ran out of money. We were helping each other flash from time to time as well, I would lift her skirt and show off her butt, she would return the favor by lifting my shirt in return. The guys loved it and begged for more as we moved around the crowd and then back to our husbands and friends. We had just finished off our beers then someone told Kathy to show her tits, so I reached behind her and actually undid her top and pulled it off of her.

She turned to get it back and I started moving away from her, everyone was cheering and yelling, I kept moving away from her and then started trying to run through the crowd. I knew if she caught me, she would return the favor. As she moved through the crowd behind me, I could see
guys grabbing at her trying to catch a feel as her big tits bounced from her running after me. I figured I had better give her the top back before things got out of hand. I let her catch me, and when she did, she grabbed for my top. I grabbed her arm with one hand and her skirt with the other. I told her I could either give her the top back or she was going to lose the skirt, choice was hers. She let go of my shirt and all the guys booed her. She put her top back on and we went searching for more beer. We finally found a couple of drunk guys we had seen before in the clubs downtown, they bought us beers, we chatted with them for a bit, watching them look us up and down the whole time. We gave them hugs, one grabbed my ass as he hugged me, we thanked them for the beer and then we were off to find our friends again.

As we made our way around the crowd someone had cracked a fire hydrant and water was spraying into the air, Kathy pulled me over toward the water, some of the guys stopped and watched and cheered as Kathy pulled me into the water making my top become transparent, and the cool water made my nipples stand at attention, but it felt good. What she didn’t realize was her thin wrap also became transparent as well and clung to her butt and hips leaving nothing to the imagination, she never worn panties and today was no exception.

We stayed and cooled off in the water and drew a large crowd of mostly guys who made lewd remarks and begged us to take it off. We flashed a little extra shin at them, a nipple or ass cheeks, I even unbutton and unzipped my shorts pretending I was going to drop them but never did, which drew a cheer each time we gave them more. After getting soaked to the bone we decided to move on much to the guys disapproval. A few other girls were putting on little shows as well so they weren’t total disappointed.

I could tell everyone in the crowd was getting drunker and braver as hands were touching us as we moved through the crowd in our wet clothes. Some guys were braver than others, some would rub my ass, others would reach out a grab a tit, pulling on my wet shirt. My shirt had gotten to the point it had become stretched out from the water and the attempts at grabbing a hand full of tit. A lot of flesh was now showing from the sides as well as a bit of cleavage from the top. I finally had to put an arm across my chest to keep the hands off of me.

It was finally getting close to dark, we were very drunk and dancing with each other, putting on a show for everyone near us. As we would bend and wiggle to the enjoyment of all the guys around us. Then my husband decided more people should see me and lifted me onto his shoulders. From there I could see the hundreds of people partying in the park. There were girls here and there of guys shoulders who would flash a bra or tit at the edging on of the people in the crowd, yelling “tits, tits, tits.....” Every time a tit was flash a big cheer went up.

Then up came Kathy on a friends shoulders, we were close enough to hold hands and continue to dance on their shoulders with the crowd below us. I could tell the people behind Kathy had a good view of her ass, I had noticed her husband watching her as she danced and wigged on Larry’s shoulders and I could see the bottom of her creeks from where I was. I also realized I too was putting on a show as I look down, I could see guys looking right up my little shirt I was barely in, I even tease them a bit pulling it out to give them a better look. Then Kathy’s husband started rubbing her ass from behind her, lifting her little skirt up to see her ass. It wasn’t long before a few other guys joined in and actually pushed him out of the way to reach her ass and in just seconds her skirt was pushed up and she was bare assed. A few hands tried to reach up and grab a tit, she wrapped her arms and chest around Larry’s head as guys tried to reach up higher and grab at her tits.

And then it happened, I felt a hand grab my shorts and I was pulled backwards into the hands of a bunch of people behind me, I held my arms out trying to catch myself as I was being passed backwards, I felt hands grabbing my ass and tits, reaching under my shirt. I wrapped my arms across my chest to try and protect myself some. I screamed and tried to kick to got them to put me down. Then I started to feel my shirt tighten across my chest, then I felt it give on my left shoulder as it was ripped. As I traveled backward I could feel my shirt being ripped down my back.

Then in a swift pull I felt it being pulled out from under my arms across my chest, pulling on my right arm, pulling my arm off my chest. The shirt went down my arm and it was gone. People were pull at my arms trying to get to my tits, squeezing my ass and crotch through my jean shorts, trying to get a hand up the leg holes. Then I felt a rip on my shorts and hands on my bare ass. I reached back in shock, someone had ripped off a pocket along with a strip of my shorts. That started a new frenzy, as all the sudden hand were pulling my shorts in every direction and in a matter of seconds they were now gone too. I felt the open air hit my naked ass and crotch which were quickly replaced with hands. I could no longer defend myself hands were all over me, grabbing my tits, my ass, they held my legs spread giving everyone easy access to my pussy and ass. They were being very ruff with me grabbing at me, mauling my tits, pushing fingers inside me and there was nothing I could do it fight them off.

When I tried to get an arm loose to push a hand away, I was grabbed somewhere else. It felt like there were five of six fingers each in my pussy and ass. I was starting to panic and fight, screaming and crying, just then two guys pulled my down from on top of crowd, and wrapped there arms around me between them, protecting me from the uninvited touches. They began almost carrying me, moving me through the crowd. It was two of the guys that had bought me and Kathy beers earlier. They took me toward where I told them my husband was. As we got there, I saw Kathy there naked too. A little skinny girl, about 5 feet tall, with big tits which made her short sweater out, standing next to us made a comment to her friends about us being sluts and if we didn’t act like that, things like that wouldn’t happen. Kathy told me the same thing had happened to her, but that before she was passed over head she had lost her clothes on Larry’s shoulders.

As she was clinging to Larry's head she told me her skirt was ripped away by guys trying to touch her body. And then someone grabbed her top and pulled so hard, it pulled her backwards and she lost her grip on Larry not wanting to scratch him she let go. Then her top was just pulled off of her and she was grabbed by all the hands. Larry and Kathy’s husband grabbed her a few minutes after the assault began and pulled her back down, but not before her tits and crotch was mauled by the hands as well.

As we stood there trying to figure out what to do, my husband gave me his shirt, a large tank top that did little to cover my tits, and Larry gave Kathy his shirt so we didn’t have to stand there naked. As girls on the shoulders of guys would flash their tits, it was like a invitation to rip their shirts away and grab their tits. We heard a scream and another girl about thirty feet away on a guys shoulders flashed her tits, she was then pulled down by the crowd, and in a matter of seconds her cloths were shredded, her thin shorts and panties were ripped into pieces as hands covered her, as her shirt was ripped away in handfuls, leaving her naked and exposed to the hands.

Then the bitch next to us said, see another slut, Darla, one of the other girls with us, told her we were not sluts and she better watch her mouth, she then spouted back at her about minding her own business. She told Darla to make her if she thought she was cocky enough and started getting in her face, Darla grabbed at her sweater and pushed her backwards into her friends, then two of the guys with us just grabbed her by the waist and legs, and lifted her into the air and onto the heads and shoulders of the guys behind her. She screamed and round around trying to get away as her short sweater was pulled apart, exposing her sports bra, other guys reached for her stretch pants pulling them down her legs and inside out, and off legs in seconds exposing her thong panties, that were ripped apart along with her sports bra.

Leaving her exposed to the hands exploring her pussy and ass, hands grabbing at her huge at least “D” tits that stood firm from her chest, they had to be store bought ones, they barely moved or giggled. They spread her wide just like they had done me, she tried to cover up, but there were to many hands covering her, one of her friends tried to help her, but she too was lifted up and as her shorts were pulled off and her top half ripped off exposing her bra, she managed to drop down into the crowd, we heard her screaming and then she pushed her way through the crowd, when she passed us she was naked too, she had lost the rest of her top and bra.

All the sudden it was like free game on tops, girls that were not there with guys, started having tops ripped away. Bikini tops, tee shirts, tube tops, one girl in a little sun dress had her dress pulled up over her head but not off, guys just ripped her panties away and grabbed at her breasts after pushing her bra away from her tits. She finally just dropped to the ground pulling her dress off leaving her in just a bra, she ran away toward the exits. As she was heading out, the cops started coming in to break up the what had almost become a riot of stripping woman. We figured it was time to leave before the fights started and headed toward the parking lot. We say several other girls that were walking with their arms across their chests and had no tops on. Some didn’t care and flaunted their nakedness as did two girls we saw walking together completely nude. A few had ripped or stretched out tee shirts as well, they had escaped being stripped of their clothes.

After the fact it was a bit exciting, but also scary. I have been stripped before in public but never in a situation like this, I lost control of the situation which I don’t like to do. Will it stop me from dressing like a slut, showing off my body? NEVER!

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