tagErotic CouplingsConfessions Ch. 04

Confessions Ch. 04


Chapter 04 - Krista

Thank you Musicloverxo91 for editing.

It was midsummer when I went on a cruise with my folks a few years back. I was home for a while, just until I headed back to college in the fall. The weather was wonderful, and the boat had so much for me to do, but I remembered how much I missed the comforts of home. The people that were usually around me, and the man that held me at night. It is amazing how much you need comfort when it is not already available. I longed to feel his arms around me, to feel his breath on me, to be touched.

At night I would stand at the balcony of our room and look out into the ocean, watching the moons reflection as is skimmed the water mesmerizing me. I was amazed how long an hour was without his comfort, how four days had seemed to be a lifetime. As I thought about that fourth day, I decided to walk the ship's top deck instead of my own balcony, perhaps a change of view would help me in changing my gloomy mood. It was a nice night, as the Caribbean tends to have, and not many people were about on the ship, so I left my bikini top on, pulled a short skirt over my bottoms, and left the room.

I made my way to the top deck and leaned against the railing, taking in a deep breath of the warm ocean air. I could hear the waves licking at the ship, the darkness did not allow me to see them but I smiled at the rhythmic tune and closed my eyes. I shot straight up with an squeal as I felt hands take a hold of my sides. Before I could pull away I felt them pull me back pressing me to a body, I stayed still as a mouth touched my ear and whispered to me, "Don't be afraid, I am not going to hurt you." The voice was deep, very deep and sent shivers down my spine.

I felt his hands, large and rough, move around me to my stomach and he slowly caressed me as his voice touched me once more, whispering softly to me, "I've been watching you since you arrived and I have wanted you since I saw you. Your body is so young and tight, so fit, so tantalizing." His fingers moved up onto my breast and he squeezed it gently, his other hand moved down my body. He traced the waistline of my skirt with one finger and he lightly kissed my ear as he spoke, "And now I see you here, in the night, a goddess among the stars, waiting for me, longing for me, as I have longed for you."

My breath stopped for a minute, his hands were like magic on my skin, his voice alone sending shivers of delight down my spine, his words effected my mind, making my legs weak. His mouth closed on my ear and I felt myself melt into him, his hard chest pressing against my back. His mouth kissed down my ear, to the back of my neck and I felt a moan of pleasure escape my lips. His kisses were more tantalizing to me then I had ever thought possible, and I moved my hips, pressing my backside to him, feeling him through my clothes. I could feel the heat of myself between my legs and I moved my hips slowly as his fingers slid beneath my skirt and lightly caressed my small bikini bottoms.

His lips moved back to my ear, and he sucked on my lobe, then gently nibbled at it. His fingers moved lower on my bottoms, and I moved my legs further apart for him, almost begging for him to touch me. The tips of his fingers grazed over me and he spoke softly to my ear, his hot breath teasing me, "I have thought about you every night, wanting you, wanting to make you want me." I tried to push against his fingers, but he moved them as I did. I whimpered to him, asking him to touch me, my need was growing, I needed to feel him, had to feel him on me.

His fingers moved back to my waist and he slowly pulled the skirt from my body, sending shivers of excitement to me feeling his hard hands on my bare hips as the flimsy cloth slid from my legs. His voice was in my ear again, and I moaned with the seduction of his tone, "I will let you feel me Krista, but you must wait, you must want it." I don't know what made me squirm in delight more, the idea that he had been watching me so intensely that he knew my name, or the fact that I had no clue of who he was, and his ability to drive me wild was greater than any man I've ever known.

He moved his hand to my shoulder and slowly pushed at me, bending me before him, I moved as he wanted and held onto the rail of the ship, arching my back for him. His hands, like the softest stone, slid down my sides and pressed at my bottoms. His mouth moved to my neck again, then he moved his soft kisses down my spine, moving slowly, painstakingly slowly down my body.

I arched my back more as I felt his fingers hook into my bottoms and begin to pull them from me. His lips continued to move on my spine as I felt the warm ocean air on my bare ass, and I moaned lightly feeling the fabric teasing my skin as is it slid away from my crotch. He hummed lightly and I felt a wave of delight and passion flow through me. His mouth moved to my lower back and I felt his tongue tease the crack of my backside. His fingers moved my bottoms lower, his fingertips lightly sliding on my skin behind the fabric.

I moaned once more when his lips left me but returned on the back of my thigh as he finished pulling my bottoms to the ground. I stepped out of them and whimpered again as his tongue flicked high on my inner thigh. I tried to push back to him, tried to encourage him to taste me, but he stopped me with a hand on my backside, preventing me from moving back. My breath was heavy with him teasing me, my heat was intense, I wanted him to take me, to take me hard and fast, to drive himself inside me, but he did not. He let his mouth move back to my thigh and slowly kissed up my right cheek. His mouth moved slower, licking up my spine, with his hand slowly caressing my backside, his fingers nearing my folds, but not quite touching them.

I tried once again to get a part of him inside me as his mouth hit my neck, but his hand moved away. His mouth moved to my ear, and he lifted me to stand straight again, with his left hand on my breast. He kissed around to my cheek, then moved his right hand around me and turned my head to face him. I pushed against his as I kissed him, his mouth gentle on mine. I could feel his manhood lodged between my cheeks and the heat from it made me moan into his mouth. He offered his tongue and I took it, caressing it with my own. His hands cupped my breasts and he slowly slid the top from them, releasing my hard nipples to the air. His fingers moved with a magic, slowly rolling my nipples between them, and tugging at them lightly. I moaned through our kiss, his touch, his mouth, his manhood, all driving my need to feel him. I moved my lips from him and almost begged him to take me, to let me feel him. I moved my hips, caressing his manhood with my backside.

He kissed me lightly and backed off once again, taking his hard body away from mine, causing me to whimper once more. I felt his hands upon my sides and he guided me to the ground, sitting upon the hard deck. His hands moved to my neck and he prodded me to lay and he kissed my head softly as it touched the deck. His words were soft, "I am going to take you now Krista, I'm going to go nice and slow and show you how we make love." He moved around me and slowly lowered his body onto my own, his mouth kissed mine and I could feel his manhood on my crotch. I kissed him and spread my legs further apart, offering myself to him. He lifted his hips slightly and pressed his manhood to me, stopping with just the tip parting my lips. I moaned softly into his mouth and tried to push up to him, but his hands prevented me from moving.

He hummed lightly on my mouth as he inched his way inside me, delivering waves of delight through my body. I cried out as he moved deeper, filling me, and moved my legs up, wrapping them around him and crossing my feet behind his back, locking him inside me. His hand caressed my backside as he began to pump his manhood inside me, slow and deliberate, filling me, and emptying me so slowly that I felt every movement inside me. My back arched as his movements teased me, my body ached for him to move faster, but the simple movement was bringing me closer to pleasure quicker than I ever thought possible.

He must have felt my pussy clenching upon him as he moved, he took his mouth from my mouth and placed it upon me and whispered again, "Let me feel your orgasm Krista, let me feel your love." I cried out in delight as the waves of my orgasm flowed from me as if on cue. His words, his voice bringing me over the edge, the delight greater than any delight I had ever had. I clenched my legs around him tightly as I released on him, my breath came in short, quicken intakes as I tried to catch it through my orgasm, an orgasm that seemed to last for hours.

He let his lips close over mine as my orgasm subsided, he moved his manhood from me as he took my hand and slid it down him. I did as he wanted and wrapped my fingers around him, slowly stroking him. He kissed me softly as his manhood pumped in my hand. His moan was deep, and vibrated through my body as I felt his semen flow onto my belly and chest, I moaned in delight with him as I stroked him, releasing several more streams onto my creamy white skin.

He let his breath settle, never removing his lips from mine, before he moved my hand from him. He moved his lips to my ear and kissed me softly, before he let his voice take me once more, "Thank you Krista, I will never forget you, don't ever forget me." He moved back and kissed my lips softly, then lifted himself and walked away from me.

I watched him as he moved into the darkness, don't forget him? As if I could, even as he disappeared I found myself wanting him once more. I smiled and cleaned myself up though, perhaps he would visit again tomorrow. For the next three nights I waited on the top deck, but he never came to me. Everyday I watched, searching for the one whose eyes never left me. I listened for the voice that could claim me. But I did not find what I searched for. I left the boat, saddened and delighted. I longed for his touch once more, but, in truth, he gave me more then I could have ever asked for. I still search for such an intense love making night.

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