tagErotic CouplingsConfessions Ch. 07

Confessions Ch. 07


Chapter 07 - Nick

Thank you Krissta for editing.


My wife and I have a great relationship, even after several years. The lust is still alive and flourishing; the conversations remain wonderful; the time spent together still of great quality. And with all that, I did slip one day, and betrayed her. Still, to this day, she does not know, but her sister is quite aware, for it was her that this betrayal was with.

A few months ago, I was sitting in my office relaxing on my computer. The kids were at school, and the wife was at work. I valued this peaceful quiet time when it arose, cherishing the silence of my household. I was spending this day surfing the net, letting the clicking of my mouse and keyboard mesmerize me, and living for this moment.

I spun in my chair quickly, slightly startled when my front door opened. I looked out my office doorway, and remained quiet until I could see the intruder that had entered my home. Slowly I reached for the bat that I kept by my desk and stood.

I relaxed my grip and sat back down as the voice of Heather, my wife's sister, hit my ears. "Hello? Nick, are you here?"

As I set the bat back down I answered, "I'm in my office, Heather, but Jill isn't here."

Wonderful. Heather was here and I had to deal with her. Her and I never really saw eye to eye about much, and dealing with her usually made my head hurt. I figured I would see what she needed and, hopefully, she would be on her way soon.

As Heather spoke, I could hear her getting closer, her high heel shoes hitting my nice polished hardwood floor.

"Jill said I could barrow her suitcase, and told me you would be here, so I could just come pick it up. Didn't she let you know I was coming?"

I leaned back in my chair, still watching my doorway, great, another item for her to take and never return, or if she did return it, it would be ruined beyond repair.

"No, she didn't tell me. I do think I know where it is though."

She stepped into my office with a hand on her hip and an irritated sigh, as if we are to work around her schedule.

"Well," she said, stopping in mid sentence. Her eyes looking past me, and she huffed. "Well, I see what you do when she isn't here"

I crunched my brows as she stared at me accusingly "Okay, what do you mean? I'm looking up information on teenage behavior. Figured I mind as well inform myself, seeing my kids are about to become them."

Heather rolled her eyes at me, and scoffed. "Yeah, you are looking up teen something, nice pictures, did I interrupt your me time?"

I shook my head, what the hell, cant a man just look for information without being accused of something. "Really, Heather? I'm just looking up information on the computer, that's all."

She took a few steps closer and pointed to my screen. "And how fast did your pants go back on when I came in?"

"What?" I turned and looked to my screen. And there it was, a plethora of pictures of women in sexual positions. I cursed the internet for its need to show smut with every search and turned back to Heather.

"This isn't what it looks like, I was looking for information, not porn."

She winked at me and smiled, "Sure Nick, whatever you say."

I scoffed and stood up. "I'll go get that suitcase for you, its upstairs, Ill be just a second."

I hurried out of the room, not quite sure if I was irritated that she thought I was playing with myself, or embarrassed by what was on my screen. Either way I needed to get the suitcase and give it to her so I could be rid of her. I had a lot planned for me today and just wanted to be left alone.

I found the suitcase and headed back down the stairs, expecting to see her by the door. However she wasn't there, and I realized that she may be harder to get rid of then I thought. I set the suitcase by the door and headed back to my office. My jaw dropped when I stepped inside.

Heather was sitting in my chair, and scrolling through pictures of women in various sexual acts, her left arm appeared to be in front of her, and it looked like her hand was between her legs. I coughed to announce my re-entry to the room.

She didn't turn to look at me, but stopped scrolling with a picture of a man licking a girl out. She sighed quietly. "Jill says you are great at that you know?"

I shook my head, what the hell? Jill and her talk about our sex life? "That's great Heather. The suitcase is by the door."

"Mmhmm." It was barely audible and she scrolled some more.

I ran my fingers through my hair. I didn't care for her, but I didn't want to sound rude, I just wanted her to leave.

"It's all set, sitting by the door, it doesn't weigh much."

She stopped scrolling on a picture of a woman sitting on a table, the man was inside her, and his mouth was on her breast, "That would be nice, wouldn't it, Nick. I bet he is giving it to her good and hard. I don't remember the last time I got it like that."

"Okay. Well, that's too bad, looks like fun. Um, so, is there anything else you need?"

She shook her head and began to scroll again. I couldn't believe it. What was going on? Here she was in my house, looking at porn, and ignoring my obvious need for her to leave.

She stopped on a picture of a girl sucking on a man. "Now that is fun. I know Jill doesn't swallow, but I do. I love swallowing, tastes great."

I shifted. This was getting way to weird.

"Nope, she doesn't, and I know you do. That's great. Anyway, its starting to get late. Don't you need to get some stuff done?"

She began scrolling more.

"Nope, I have some time." She stopped on a picture of a girl touching herself, the panties were pulled to the side and you could see she was shaved. "Now, there you go, just like me, shaved bare. More sensation that way. The funny thing is, that I have a pair of panties just like that on today." She laughed and began scrolling again.

"Really? You look at this stuff often Heather? I would think you wouldn't like this kind of stuff." Hell, I knew she wasn't going to leave, maybe if I humored her for a bit she would get sick of me.

"Oh fuck yes, Nick. I have a few sites I frequently look at, lots of video's too. I have not been laid in a while, so, of course, I have to masturbate."

I was thrown way back, I never even thought about talking to her like this, never even thought she would think of porn. I took a breath, trying to think of a way out of this conversation, but she continued.

"Come on Nick, it's not like you don't look at this and pull on your crank. Everyone masturbates, its nice to have visuals to help. I'm willing to bet that you're hard right now." She laughed and turned the chair to face me, "Aren't you?"

I shook my head, but felt my face flush a bit, of course I was a little stiff, they were sexy pictures, but I was not about to admit it.

"No, Heather, I am not. My sex life is good without needing porn, thanks."

She smiled to me. "Really?"

I nodded in a reply and she moved the chair closer to me. She reached her hand out and pressed it onto my jeans. "You seem pretty hard to me."

I stood, frozen in place as she slowly stoked my dick through my pants, I didn't know what to say, didn't know what to do. She continued to take control though, as her other hand quickly unfastened my pants as she continued to stroke me. "I think you are pretty hard, Nick. So hard, that I think your little friend needs to come out and play."

My words were slurred and I stuttered. "Heather, I am Jill's husband, your brother -in-law."

She smiled as she rolled my pants down my legs and kissed me through my underwear. "So we better keep this a secret. I mean, I cant leave you like this can I?"

I swallowed hard. "Yes you can, you can leave me just like this, and I am good with it."

She smiled up to me and pulled my underwear from me. She wrapped her fingers around my dick and began stroking me, then moved her mouth to my balls and licked at them. "Oh Nick, don't be silly, this will be fine."

I held my breath for a moment as she opened her mouth and slid it over the tip of my dick, then released it and licked down the shaft. "And I'll swallow you, Nick. I'll take you in my mouth after I have you inside me. You want that, don't you, Nick. You have always wanted to fuck me, we both know it. Jill knows it. Everyone knows it."

I shook my head slowly in fleeting defiance, and she giggled, as she licked back up my shaft and flicked her tongue over the tip. "Oh yes, Nick, we all know. And I want you to fuck me Nick, I want you to fuck me hard and fast."

I stood still as she moved up my body and kissed my lips lightly. Her fingers slid down her own body and she unfastened her own pants and slid out of them, "See Nick, my panties are the same as that girls, and I can do what she did to entice you a bit."

She kissed my mouth, then stepped back from me. She smiled and quickly removed her shirt, ran her fingers over her own breasts, then removed her bra exposing them for me. She licked two of her fingers then rolled them over a nipple.

"You like that Nick?" She giggled, then sat back down in my chair with her legs spread.

Surprisingly, her panties were the same, tiny, silky red panties, with little fabric covering her pussy and ass, and connected by a thin strap around her hips. She smiled as she saw my eyes taking in her panties.

"Watch this, Nick." Her hand moved quickly to the panties and she pulled the fabric to the side showing me her shaved pussy, she moaned softly as the fabric teased her, then her other hand slid down her body and she began sliding her fingers over herself. She moaned again as she pressed her finger against her lips, and began dipping the tip of a finger in and out of herself.

I watched her as she fingered herself and felt my own hand grabbing a hold of my dick and I slowly stroked myself for her. She smiled at me and reached up to me.

"I'm really wet, Nick. Come fuck me."

I knelt down and moved closer to her. She withdrew her fingers and placed them on my dick, pulling me closer, then she pressed her pussy to me.

"Come on, Nick, fuck me!"

She demanded, and I obeyed, sliding myself deep inside her with one hard thrust. She moaned loudly and smiled to me.

"That's it, Nick, fuck me hard."

She bucked against me and I began to move my hips, pulling out of her and sliding myself back in roughly. I lowered my mouth and sucked on her nipple, rolling my tongue around it, then setting my teeth on it and biting softly. Her moans were getting louder, crossing into screams of joyful pain, and it drove me on, making me push harder and faster into her.

Her hips bucked against me and her screams made her words more separated then had she just spoken them. "Oh yes, Nick, make me cum, Nick, I'm going to cum! Keep fucking me!"

I moved my hips faster and harder then I had ever thought I would be able to. I felt her mouth on my shoulder and felt her pussy pulsating on my dick as she came on me, her body was shaking and her breath was lost in a soundless scream of delight.

He body shook fiercely for some time as I continued to give her all I had, continued to pound myself into her throughout her orgasm. Her moans became pants of joy and she looked down to me.

"Now I want your cum in my mouth, Nick. I need it as bad as you."

Again I felt myself obeying to her desires and I stopped my thrusting, pulling myself out of her, I laid upon my back. She moved quickly over me, taking my dick in her mouth and bobbing her head quickly. Her hand moved to my balls, caressing them, as the other moved to my dick, following and leading her mouth as it moved up and down me.

Her tongue seemed to move like a tornado over my shaft as her head moved faster on me. I could feel my orgasm building and closed my eyes in sheer pleasure. She must have felt me drawing close and squeezed my balls lightly as she dropped her mouth on me, taking me in deep and swirled her tongue.

I released my breaths with heavy grunts as I felt my sperm burst into her mouth in thick heavy streams of ecstasy. She kept her tongue rolling around me as I came, leaving me unable to catch my breath as she swallowed me.

Her lips began to move up and down my dick as my orgasm subsided, draining me. She withdrew her mouth and licked the tip as she looked up to me, "Now that was great, Nick. We should solve all of our problems this way." She smiled and ran her tongue up my dick. "Would be a lot better, and far more satisfying."

She moved up to her knees and adjusted her panties. "Next time don't make me work so hard for it, though. I would like it if you would just come take me." She smiled and began dressing, "And I can obey as well, from time to time. But you can too, you did well."

I watched her as she left the room, and stayed upon the floor as I heard the front door open and close. I collected my thoughts and dressed myself, did I really just fuck my sister-in-law? There was no question I did. And oddly enough, I was looking forward to the next time.

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Strangely, not as arousing as other Chapters so far. Could be my mood of course but perhaps the absence of romance made it less enjoyable. Must quickly move on and see what follows.

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