tagExhibitionist & VoyeurConfessions of a Mailgirl Ch. 16

Confessions of a Mailgirl Ch. 16



"Kneel," Barbara ordered as I entered her office. I sank to my knees as four sets of eyes stared down at me.

"I wish I could get my people at City Hall to do that," a woman laughed and I recognized her immediately. It was Joyce Cooper, the mayor of Wildwood. I'd met her once before when Barbara had taken me to her home for a meeting when she was still a city councilwoman. Barbara had promised to help push Joyce over the top in her mayoral race if she would commit to helping pass Mailgirls-friendly laws in the large suburb. Both had kept their promises. Also in the room were the two unfamiliar men I'd seen earlier in Conference Room A on the tenth floor of the tower. I soon learned their names were Bill and Ted and I couldn't help but think of an old Keanu Reeves movie.

I'd been on the third floor of the south wing leading Diana on her naked "orientation tour" of DDE headquarters when Anna had shown up to replace me and my MMU had summoned me here. Now the meeting resumed as I knelt submissively on the floor, my nude body on display to these power players as they discussed a multi-million dollar deal.

Bill and Ted, I would discover, had founded a high tech startup that had recently gone public. After a successful initial public stock offering they were flush with cash and looking to build a new headquarters from the ground up after having outgrown their old corporate offices. Joyce and Barbara were trying to sell them on Wildwood as their new home and, of course, they would need mailgirls in order to take their business to the next level according to Barbara.

"So how many mailgirls do you think we would need to start off with if we decided to go that direction?" Bill asked, his eyes darting over for a glance at my bare tits before turning his attention back to Barbara.. He was the one who had performed the "inspection" on Diana and me in the earlier meeting.

"Probably eight to ten for starters," Barbara said. "Once you discover how much they help improve productivity and morale you'll want to add more though."

"And you guys hire and train them all here?"

"Yes. That helps insure consistency in the training and quality of mailgirls."

"And then you sell the girls to the highest bidder after their training?"

"We put their contracts up for bid," Barbara responded as if there was really a difference. You buy the contract you buy the girl.

"Okay, but what if we wanted to hire one of our own employees to be a mailgirl," Bill asked. "Would we still have to bid on her after you trained her?"

"No, not in that case." Barbara answered. "You can sign an employee who has worked for you for more than six months to a Mailgirls contract and you'll have the right of first refusal on her contract. We'll still train her but she's yours afterwards without having to bid if you want her."

"So it would actually be cheaper for us to hire from within then, right?" Bill asked.

"That's right," Barbara said.

"So why wouldn't we hire all of our mailgirls from within our organization?" Bill asked.

"You obviously can," Barbara replied. "I will mention that we draw from a much larger pool of qualified applicants from all over the country which would give you a better selection of girls to choose from, but if you want to hire entirely from within you have that choice."

"Wouldn't it be humiliating to have our own employees working naked in front of their friends and colleagues?" Ted asked Bill.

"That would be part of the fun," Bill grinned mischievously. "I can think of a few I'd like to sign up for the job. One in particular." Bill and Ted looked at each other and then broke out laughing. "Staci," they both said almost simultaneously.

Bill turned back to Barbara. "So what if we had an especially, um...'qualified' employee we'd like to recruit to become a mailgirl. Could we offer additional money and benefits beyond what's normally in the standard contract as an enticement to get her to sign on?"

"Of course," Barbara replied. I had no idea who this Staci was but I felt sorry for her knowing the full court press these two were going to put on her to get her to become a nude company slave.

"You know, I still have a hard time believing all of this is legal," Ted stated. "Buying and selling mailgirls on an open market. Forcing employees to work naked."

"There are lots of businesses where nudity is a requirement for employment," Barbara responded. "Strip clubs, for instance. And pro athletes are traded and sold all the time to other teams. We're not breaking any new ground here legally."

"Except it's never been done in a corporate setting before though," Ted replied. "It seems like it would be easy to end up with a sexual harassment suit."

"The mailgirls' duties are clearly outlined in the contract and we ask them a series of questions prior to signing the contract to make sure they understand the unusual requirements of the job. We also video the whole thing so they can't claim later that they didn't know." Barbara paused for a sip of water before continuing.

"Ted, there are boundaries you can't cross but we know where those boundaries are. That's why it's important for DDE to monitor all North American licensees to make sure they are complying with local, state, and federal laws. There are a lot of people who'd love to find an excuse to snuff out the Mailgirls industry while it's still in its infancy."

"Will they be able to?" Ted asked.

"No, they won't," Barbara replied confidently. "And as the industry grows and matures it will become increasingly difficult for them to try."

"If we do this I don't want to end up spending a lot of money on legal fees to defend it," Bill said. "Having naked mailgirls sounds great and all but if we're getting dragged into court over it then it wouldn't be worth it."

"DDE and Hiromoto Industries have a joint legal defense fund," Barbara replied. "We'll provide legal assistance to all licensees if needed, provided they've followed the provisions of the licensing agreement and aren't flagrantly violating labor and sexual harassment laws. If a licensee gets caught demanding blow jobs from mailgirls then we'll pull their license and they're on their own."

It was always disconcerting to me to hear mailgirls discussed like this as if we were just another commodity being produced for consumption rather than real people. I also knew that Barbara intended to push and expand these boundaries she was talking about to the point where mailgirls would become virtual slaves. I was living proof of how far she'd already gotten toward that goal.

"That new construction going on down the road, is that a company you lured here with your Mailgirls program?" Bill asked.

"Yes it is," Barbara replied.

"They weren't lured here only by Barbara's mailgirls," Joyce interjected with a hint of annoyance in her voice. She'd been quiet up to now because the focus had been on mailgirls rather than the relocation of the company headquarters to her city. "There's also Wildwood's young, well-educated workforce, relatively cheap land, and the generous tax break the city is willing to negotiate with you. Let's not forget that, Barbara."

"Of course not, mayor," Barbara smiled. "Wildwood offers the complete package." She glanced at her watch. "What do you say we all break for lunch? There's a bar a few blocks away that I think you'll like. It's a burgers and wings place if that's okay."

"That'll work," Bill said as Ted nodded in agreement.

"I've got to get back to the office," Joyce said. "I'll talk to you gentleman some more before you leave town." They all rose and shook hands. Joyce gave me a sly smile as she passed by without speaking.

"Come, Nine," Barbara ordered. "Leave your MMU on my desk. You won't need it." I rose to my feet.

"Is she coming with us like that?" Ted asked.

"Of course," Barbara smiled as she looked at me with a gleam in her eye. "Unless the two of you object?"

"No!" they both said in unison.


"Are we going to take a car or walk?" Bill asked as we exited DDE headquarters into a beautiful spring day.

"It's so nice out I thought we'd walk," Barbara said. "It's only a few blocks."

Our path took us south of DDE headquarters, the opposite direction of my daily nude walk home to the condo. I followed several steps behind Barbara with my arms at my side and my eyes lowered to the ground. This area was a business and shopping district and with each passing block the number of pedestrians grew. I could feel their stares, hear their laughs and comments, and with each step my nervousness about what lay ahead increased.

"So this is legal? For her to walk around naked in public like this?" Ted asked.

"Yeah, it is now within Wildwood city limits," Barbara replied. "There's a new city law that allows registered mailgirls to be nude in public while they're on duty. They have to be wearing an ID necklace like Nine's with a scannable RFID chip. They're also only allowed to enter businesses that have signed agreements with us and we're working on that. This bar we're going to today is one that has signed on with us."

Even though it was a clear sunny day there was still a hint of chill in the spring air raising goosebumps on my bare skin and hardening my nipples. As we walked down that busy sidewalk it suddenly occurred to me that this was the fulfillment of one of Barbara's visions. She had once told me that someday she'd be allowed to walk openly down city streets with me following naked and collared behind her and that she would dine in a public restaurant as I knelt on the floor beside her. A sudden surge of humiliation and arousal coursed through my body as I realized today was that day! It had seemed like such a crazy fantasy at the time but it had taken less than two years for Barbara to make it happen.

When we reached the entrance to the restaurant I recognized it immediately. It was a sports bar that was a popular after work hangout for DDE employees. I'd been here a few times with friends during my days as an up-and-coming management trainee working in the company's marketing department. I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams back then that I would someday enter these doors stark naked.

The bar's hostess stared at me wide-eyed as we approached her stand. "Table for four, please," Barbara said to her.

"Um, I don't think she's allowed..."

"She's a licensed mailgirl and we have an agreement with the owner," Barbara interrupted.

"Um, okay...I'll have to talk to my manager." As she walked away I glanced around. We were standing in the bar area with about a dozen big screen TV sets mounted around the room showing ESPN and other sports channels. The bar area was about half full with a lunchtime crowd of shoppers and local business people. So far only a few of them had noticed me but as they told their friends I saw more and more heads turning my way. I lowered my eyes again as the conflicting emotions of shame and excitement raced through me.

The hostess returned with a lumpy thirtyish looking guy wearing a tie and white shirt with the bar's logo on it that was sloppily tucked into a pair of black pants. An astonished grin broke out on his face when saw me. "Holy shit, you're Mailgirl 9!" he said. "I've been playing the crap out of your character in 'Gangsta 4!'" I wasn't really sure how to respond to that so I just nodded uncomfortably.

The manager took out his smart phone, snapped a selfie with me, and then punched open an app. "Sorry," he said, "but I'm supposed to verify that you're a licensed mailgirl even though I know you are." He held the phone up to my collar and I heard it beep. "All good," the man smiled. "Take them to their table," he said to the hostess.

The hostess stared at him with an incredulous look on her face before picking up four menus.

"We'll only need three of those," Barbara said to her. "Nine here won't be ordering anything."

The hostess led us through the bar toward the restaurant area as customers and employees gawked. When we reached an empty table toward the rear she placed the menus on it and stood back to watch. Bill and Ted sat down on one side of the table while Barbara took a seat opposite them. I stood quietly waiting for instructions as I felt every eye in the house on me. "Kneel," Barbara ordered. I'd known this was coming but it was still no less humiliating. I knelt down on the hardwood floor with my knees spread at shoulder width. I placed hands on my thighs and arched my back slightly placing my breasts on prominent display, then lowered my gaze to the floor to complete the submissive posture.

"Wow, um... okay then," I heard the hostess say above me sounding completely flustered by what she was seeing. "Teri will be your waitress. Enjoy your meal." As she walked away I heard astonished gasps and laughter from the surrounding tables. This was without doubt the most humiliating situation I'd been in since that day on stage when Barbara had managed to induce an involuntarily orgasm in front of several hundred people without ever touching me. I felt my arousal climbing rapidly as I closed my eyes and tried to still my mind.

"You're really going to make her kneel on the floor while we eat?" Ted asked.

"Mailgirls aren't allowed to sit on furniture while in uniform," Barbara responded. "Not in the office building, not anywhere. This is their required resting position."

"This is so awesome," Bill laughed. "Will we be able to do this with our mailgirls?"

"Of course," Barbara said. "As long as the restaurant has signed a Mailgirls agreement."

"How many have signed so far?" Ted asked.

"This is the first. There are others that are interested but are waiting to see how things go here. There's no doubt in my mind that business will boom here when word gets around about Nine's appearance today." This made me wonder if Barbara planned on making this a regular thing for me to help boost business and encourage other restaurants sign up. Just thinking about it caused another surge of arousal to flood through my body. I immediately tried to dial it down with limited success.

I heard footsteps approach and looked up briefly to see a very pretty blonde waitress. "Hi, may name is Teri and I'll be your server today." She didn't seem as shocked about my appearance as the hostess had been and I'm guessing that the manager had tipped her off about what was going on. She went through her spiel about the daily specials and Barbara and the two men put in their drink orders. "And what about her," she asked looking down at me.

"Nine won't be eating today," Barbara replied. "She would like a bowl of milk though."

"A bowl of milk?" Teri asked sounding a little nonplussed for the first time.

"Yes," Barbara said. "You can place it down in front of her on the floor."

"Um, okay. I'll be right back with your drinks."

I had no doubt what Barbara was trying to do now. She knew that humiliation was a huge turn on for me so she was dialing it up to eleven. Her intent was to orchestrate an orgasm in front of all these people just like she had that day on stage! I tried to fight it off but my usual mantras and breathing were having only limited success. My entire body felt electrified. It wouldn't take much to push me over the edge.

Teri soon returned with beers for the two men and a glass of wine for Barbara. Then she placed a clear glass bowl of milk on the floor in front of me. I heard snickering coming from surrounding tables as I stared down at it. "Have a drink, Nine," Barbara said. I picked up the bowl with both hands and began lifting it to my mouth. "No hands," Barbara ordered. "Put it back on the floor." I glanced up at her and saw the excitement in her eyes and knew she was determined to push me past the brink.

I placed the bowl back onto the floor in front of me and noticed that Teri had remained at our table watching me. I felt dozens of eyes on me as I took a deep breath to once again try to control my nervous excitement. I lowered myself down onto my elbows and was forced to use my right hand to control my hair to keep it from spilling down into the bowl. As my head dipped toward the bowl my feet rose into the air to balance myself and I knew that anyone sitting behind me was getting a hell of a view. My entire body was trembling in shame and excitement as I began to lick the milk.

"Meow," I heard a male voice say nearby.

"Here kitty, kitty," said another.

The remarks and laughter were still ringing in my ears as I returned to my kneeling position. Red faced with shame I was at the very brink of an orgasm, but before I could go into my ritual for bringing myself back from the edge I felt Barbara's hand stroking my hair. Then I felt her thumb lightly caressing my inner ear and earlobe which she knew was a very sexually sensitive area for me. My body continued to tremble as I fought a vain battle to hold off the inevitable. Finally a moan escaped my lips as a spasm rocked my body. Then another.

Applause broke out around me. "I'll have what she's having," a female voice said as the restaurant exploded with laughter.

Barbara began stroking my hair again. "Good girl, Nine. Good girl."


About ninety minutes later I found myself back on my knees in Barbara's office, the events of the lunch still vivid in my mind. Like similar humiliations that Barbara had put me through over the past two years it was generating an avalanche of complex and conflicting emotions. As shameful and degrading as the experience had been I couldn't deny that at some level it had also been tremendously thrilling. Who does what I had just done? Who lives like that?

One thing I knew for certain was that my life under Barbara's control was never boring or uneventful. My experiences as a mailgirl felt like they had been chaotically splashed from a palette of vivid colors into my memory like an abstract painting. By contrast, memories from my previous life tended to blend into muted tones as if sketched with chalk. But could I continue to live like this without eventually surrendering my individuality and identity completely? Would there ever be a path back from that place if I did? On the other hand could I ever return to being just another "norm" spinning on a hamster wheel chasing a prize that wouldn't necessarily make me any happier even if I caught it? After two years of this I still felt as confused as ever about what I really wanted.

"What did you think of Teri?" Barbara asked from behind her desk. We were alone now, Bill and Ted having returned to their hotel after lunch. She'd been ignoring me while working quietly on her laptop so the sudden question startled me out of my thoughts.


"Teri. Our waitress at lunch. She was very pretty wasn't she?"

"Yes ma'am, she was."

"You probably couldn't see her face but you should have seen how she looked at you," Barbara chuckled. "At one point it looked like she wished she could trade places with you. She was absolutely fascinated with the whole scene so I handed her a Mailgirls business card as we left. I'm willing to bet we hear from her in the next week. Two weeks tops."

"Yes ma'am." Barbara was seldom wrong about these things so I wouldn't have bet against her.

Barbara got up now, walked to the front of her desk and sat on the edge of it looking down on me. "It's time for us to talk about your future, Danica," she said.

"Yes ma'am," I replied as a surge of nervous energy coursed through me. This was a moment I'd been thinking about for a very long time and now it was here.

"Your submissive speech requirements are lifted for this conversation, Danica. No need to call me ma'am. We can speak as equals."

"Okay." I noticed that her concept of speaking as "equals" didn't include allowing me to put on clothes or get up off of my knees.

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