Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 09


Taking a sip of champagne, as he looked at her admiringly he put the glass down and ran his hands up her sides and over her ass. Using his hands he guided her to turn so that her ass was right in front of his face.

"Such a beautiful ass Kelsey," he said as his hands roamed over each of her ass cheeks. "A perfect ass," he said admiringly, as his hands caressed each of her exposed ass cheeks.

"Oh god that feels so sexy. So hot," she said in a throaty voice as sparks shot into her pussy.

A number of boys, and a few of her girlfriends have had their hands on her body, especially her ass, but her grandfather's hands felt so exciting and thrilled her in a way none of them ever had.

"Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful," he said as he ran his hands over her ass for a good 15 minutes.

She was groaning like crazy from the way her grandfather continued to play with her ass. She could feel her pussy building up like a furnace. He then pushed against her narrow back making her lean forward and began kissing her ass, filling the room with popping sounds that had her feet squirming in her high heels.

"Yes, a gorgeous ass Kelsey. So perfect," he groaned as he began spreading her ass wide apart with his hands.

Her grandfather calling her by her first name really excited her. It made her feel just like one of his many young girls, instead of his granddaughter.

"Let's see this sexy pussy Kelsey," he said as he pushed the string between her ass cheeks to the side.

"Oh fuck," she groaned out loud from the feeling of her pussy lips being spread open.

"Yes a beautiful cunt, just as I imagined," he said as he admired his granddaughters perfectly designed pussy.

Opening and closing her ass cheeks in a steady rhythm began to make a swishing sound as her cunt opened and closed. She was so wet from the incredible feeling her grandfather was giving her. She knew that he absolutely knew what he was doing. She knew this came from the hundreds of teenage girls he fucked, just like her friends, and she was loving every second of it.

"Fuck that's gonna make me cum baby," she moaned as her pussy opened and closed.

Hearing that he kept her ass cheeks spread wide apart then sent his tongue into her soaking pussy. Not only was his granddaughter wet, her pussy was on fire. He stabbed it with his tongue then probed deep inside it. Pulling out after tasting her hot sex he sent his tongue over her exposed clit then went back inside her fuck hole for more of that sexy taste.

"Incredible taste Kelsey," he groaned as his tongue stabbed into her hot pussy.

Hearing that, her body exploded like a volcano, as a dam of cum washed over her grandfather's mouth.

"Ohhh fuck," she groaned as the biggest orgasm in her life shot right through her.

"That's it baby cum all over my mouth," her grandfather commanded as his tongue worked between her spread pussy lips then into her exposed cunt.

"Such an incredible taste Kelsey," he said in a complimentary voice as he continued to eat his granddaughters beautiful pussy.

She had boys go down on her before, but none were close to being as skilled as her grandfather. He did things to her pussy that her boyfriend and no other boys ever had.

After she came she went back to the fitting room and changed into a sexy and very naughty outfit that he had selected. It was a sheer white bustier that tied in the front and came down to the middle of her waist. Attached to the sides were long, white garter straps.

She had a string-like thong that went high on her waist and made a delicious separation of her incredible ass cheeks, as the string disappeared between them, making her look so nude and so very naughty. She wore a pair of sheer, nude color thigh high stockings that had a 6 inch lace band at the tops and her black, high heel pumps.

When she came out her grandfather immediately stood and looked at her slyly.

"Yes Kelsey...finally 18," he said in a dark, haunting voice.

As she walked to him her body was aching. Aching to be taken and fucked by him. Seeing the huge imprint of the outline of his cock caused her to moan. She knew he was going to be really big, but the sight of it straining against his pants running almost to his knee told her he was going to staggering in size.

Reaching each other they kissed hotly for 10 minutes as his hands roomed her ass then over her garter and stockings then up to her aching nipples. As they kissed she could taste her own pussy on his mouth. This heightened the hot kiss even more. As he was feeling her amazing body she was palming the imprint of his huge shaft. She was groaning loudly as he hand could only reach half-way down its length. The stunning thing was how much it bulged out; making a 6 inch mound.

"Oh fuck. You've got such a huge cock," she groaned as her hand pushed against the biggest cock she had ever felt.

"Kelsey. It's big for you," he said as he watched his incredibly sexy granddaughter go to her knees and begin unzipping his pants.

"God, I wanna blow it so bad," she said, looking up at him with lust in her eyes.

Pulling his pants down slowly it seemed to take forever before his entire cock was revealed.

"Oh fuck," she groaned from the absolute staggering sight of the biggest cock she had ever seen. "Fucking huge," she groaned in a deep voice.

Ballooning out like a giant log, pulsing menacingly as it hooked to the left and nearly touched his knee she began kissing it as if it was a thing to be worshiped.

Kissing it while her hands ran along the sides he watched his sexy granddaughter work all over his 12 inch shaft as she tried to comprehend his size and what it would feel like in her pussy.

"Yes Kelsey, finally 18," he groaned as his granddaughter began flicking her tongue out across the wide maze of veins that shot out off the skin.

After 10 minutes she began taking the enormous head into her mouth and holding it with both hands began making loud, popping sounds as she sucked it hard.

"Oh yes Kelsey," he groaned from the excitement of his granddaughter sucking his huge cock.

As she sucked him enthusiastically he looked down at her amazing body. Over her shoulders he saw the backs of her feet lift out of her pumps. The sight of her exposed feet while the tips were anchored in the high heels turned him on like crazy.

"So sexy Kelsey," he groaned as he watched his granddaughter make love to his huge, 12 inch cock.

The room of the boutique was filled with the sounds of lust as her moans combined with the groaning words of how huge his cock was and how turned on she was made it such a hot scene. There was nothing sexier and naughtier than a beautiful 18 year old fucking her handsome, well-endowed 76 year old grandfather.

For Kelsey it was something she hungered for and fantasized about for years as she saw countless young girls on his arm and for him it watching his granddaughter grown into a stunning, young teenager, now with an amazingly fuckable body, a body he had to have. It was an explosive combination, because of how bad they both wanted to fuck each other.

Seeing her granddaughter glance over at the mirrors that lined the walls of the room and the look of shock on her face at the sight of the enormous cock she was holding and kissing he said" That's what you did to me Kelsey. Look how big I am for you."

As their tongues flicked across each other's wildly, sparks shot through her pussy making her groan feverously. As they kissed her instincts took over and she put her open palms on his massive cock and stroked all over it. Her hands could not even go around half his massive girth and when she lifted it to suck the huge crown she could not believe how frighteningly heavy it felt.

"So heavy too," she groaned as she began stroking the entire length of it.

Scooping it up with her palm in order to hold it, she began stroking the underside of his giant cock, as it jutted way-out past her face.

His cock was so huge she couldn't even see her long manicured finger nails off the sides his cock, because it was so wide around. Seeing it in the mirror was the most staggering sight ever. Her hand took on the shape and size of a small dolls hand in comparison to his monstrous size. Pumping her grandfather's massive shaft in a trance-like state said hotly,

" Oh God, let me take the edge off this great, big cock," then added, " I heard how hard and how much you cum, now I want your huge cock to cum for me," she groaned in a throaty voice.

Just knowing that the backs of her feet were out of her high heels made her feel so naughty. Suddenly the only thing in the world that mattered to her was pleasing her grandfather's massive cock. She felt possessed, just as crazed as all the other teens like her best friends that had the privilege to fuck his enormous cock.

As her toes pushed down into the front of her high heel pumps and the backs of my feet came out she noticed him looking in the mirror with his eyes fixed on her body as he took in her wanton and depraved look.

"Very sexy Kelsey," he said at the incredible sight of his granddaughter kneeling in front of his huge cock, as the backs of her feet came out of her high heel pumps.

"Is this the way you like it baby," she groaned hoping she was pleasing him.

"You're perfect Kelsey. Your instincts are incredible," he said as he watched her tongue flick across his huge shaft as her outstretched hands pumped his giant cock with utter devotion.

"So much to do with this monster cock and so many ways to please it," she said in a low groan as she went wild feeling its enormous power in my hands.

As he looked at his knockout granddaughter in the mirror watching her every move, and seeing her heels lifted out of her pumps he groaned in low, deep voice. His cock was so enormous and heavy that it had to rest against his knee for support. It was way too big to stick straight out like her boyfriends or any other guy she fucked.

She put her palm at the base and hefted his huge cock to her mouth. It was so sexy to have to control over such a massive cock she thought to herself. She started by just kissing the huge cockhead and licking it wildly, flicking her tongue across the giant crown as she looked up at him slyly.

"So fucking big...Huge," she groaned as she looked up at his penetrating eyes.

She then ran her tongue across one side; feeling sparks in her pussy from the powerful veins that crisscrossed like a giant spider web that ran along the length of his massive shaft, than ran her tongue to the tip and back down the other side.

At times she would stab his huge cock with her tongue which made it thump off his knee and bounce to the other side. Blowing her grandfather's huge cock was the most thrilling thing in the world to her. Feeling its incredible power as she lovingly stroked it made her groan lustfully.

Her grandfather's huge cock was like a giant magnet, drawing her tongue to it, and sending sparks into her teenage pussy every time she flicked away at it. She would lick and kiss all over his massive shaft for a few minutes then make eye contact with him and grin slyly as she flicked her tongue across his huge cockhead.

As her tongue traveled across the surface of his huge shaft and over the wide maze of protruding veins he was experiencing feelings in his cock he never did before. He had had hundreds of young teenage girls play with his huge cock, but all of them combined didn't excite him the way his granddaughter was. His lust for his granddaughter had his giant cock throbbing and twitching like never before.

His deep groans sent a clear signal that he liked the way I was playing with his great, big cock.

"Very nice baby," he moaned, looking at her while she basked in the sexy play of his huge cock.

When she brought it to her mouth she realized that she would never get more than half of the huge, grapefruit shaped cockhead inside, so she knew her hands and tongue were what was going to please it.

Her grandfather's cock was so huge it was impossible to suck like her boyfriends or other guys she had fucked. What his huge cock needed was to be played with and worshiped, and she was more than eager to do both.

"Great baby, now spit on it," he commanded as she looked up and grinned slyly.

"Umm, you know just what you like," she said, looking up at him slyly. "With this huge cock I'll do anything you want baby," she said in a voice she didn't recognize, astonished by his staggering cock.

She was so turned on by my grandfather's confidence, knowing just what he wanted that she instantly began spitting my hot saliva along the top of his huge crown then began pumping it through her palm as my other hand caressed his huge, hanging balls.

His huge, hanging balls, the size of grapefruits, seemed perfectly matched for his giant cock and something inside her told her he could store up and shoot a real big load of cum.

"That's perfect Kelsey. Just how I like it sexy," he said which made me real hot.

There was something about the way he said her name that turned her on and almost made her cum. It made her feel so sexy. Calling her by her name made her feel more like one of his countless scores of 18 year old fucks, and that drove her wild.

Mesmerized by the size of his cock, and his huge, hanging balls, she lifted it against his tight stomach and pressed it in place with my palm. His cock was so heavy and so huge that it went a good 10 inches above his navel. It was such a powerful and staggering sight that it made her groan. "Oh fuck," she moaned from the powerful sight of his towering cock.

She began licking all over his huge balls. They were huge, each the size of grapefruits that seemed perfectly matched to his enormous cock, as his sack hung down almost 10 inches.

His huge ball sack hanging down so low added to making his cock look terrifying. She went wild, licking his hanging sack and lifting each of his huge balls with her tongue. When she looked up she was happy to see him looking at her with lust in his eyes. She grinned at him slyly then flicked her tongue across his giant cockhead.

"That's real nice Kelsey. Suck my balls just like that baby," he said as she took one in my mouth and pulled on his ball sack, stretching it out almost a foot. "Oh naughty Kelsey," he groaned in a deep resonant voice, as she grinned at him slyly.

"Ummm. the biggest pair of balls...Loaded with hot cum for me I hope," she said in her throaty voice, surprised at herself that she was talking this way, as she went back to licking all over his towering shaft as she held it in her palm.

"Lots of cum for you Kelsey. Lots of cum," he snarled as she let go of his huge cock, as it bounced to his knee and continued spitting all over his massive shaft, and pumping the endless length of it.

"What's it like to have a different mouth and pussy on this great, big cock every night," she said in a serious voice as she looked up at him slyly than ran the tip of her tongue over his huge crown than down the left side and back up and over the right side.

He didn't respond, but groaned as he watched her tease his huge cock with her tongue. After she bathed his huge cock in her hot saliva she mischievously flicked the tip of her tongue, over the crown of his big cockhead, like a snake.

It was so sexy sending her tongue out to swirl around his huge cockhead as he watched her intently. She would just swirl her tongue around his huge crown as she looked into his deep-set, dark eyes then flick her tongue across it like a snake. This caused him to groan in a deep voice. At one point her tongue was flicking his huge cockhead for ten minutes as she looked at him slyly. She felt so empowered and even grinned slyly at him.

At one point she just ran her tongue up and down his immense shaft without using her hands. She wanted him to see her thrill his huge cock with just her tongue. It was so hot licking her way up the sides and the top of his fat cock as it extended out and curved down from his tight body over a foot away.

"So naughty Kelsey," he groaned he watched his granddaughter run her tongue up his huge shaft without using her hands, then swirled her tongue around his fat, mushroom shaped crown.

At times she would just control his massive shaft with her hand at the base and twist it so that it flew like a flag-pole in front of her face. She just could not believe his immense, staggering size.

"Umm, I like a real naughty girl Kelsey" he said as she kept flicking her tongue against his cockhead, then kissed it as I looked into his piercing eyes with the slyest of grins.

"Oh trust me, I am real naughty baby, and with this great, big cock, I'm going to be naughtier than ever," she said teasingly, looking up at him with a sly grin that caused him to grin back.

She then spit on his huge shaft again and took the flow of pre-cum in her palm and messaged it into his thick, veined shaft, mixing it with her hot saliva. Abruptly, he took his huge shaft in his hand and started rubbing it against her throbbing nipples.

She was delirious from the friction his massive shaft caused as it ran over her nipples, crushing the rock hard tips, bending them to her chest. She was going wild from the sensation of his big, maze of veins that ran off the sides of his giant cock.

"Oh fuck, that's so fucking hot," she moaned out loud, feeling her big, sensitive nipples go crazy from the incredible sensation of being rubbed by his huge cock.

As his huge veins traveled over her fat nipples she felt her pussy reach the boiling point and knew his huge cock was going to make her cum, and he knew it too.

"Fuck that's gonna make me cum baby. Oh Fuuuuck," she groaned feeling her pussy boil over.

"Cum baby," he snarled. "Let those big hard nipples cum Kelsey," he said in a commanding voice.

That did it. For the next minute she came like a faucet all over his huge shaft as he continued to rub it against her aching nipples. Pulling her up to him she was still cumming.

They kissed hard for 10 minutes as the tips of their tongues whisked over each other in a hot frenzy. Stepping away from his pants and removing his shoes jacket and shirt he sat back in the chair as his granddaughter told him to get comfortable.

When sat back on the sofa and she nearly passed out when his huge cock thumped on his tight chest going up to his pectoral muscles then bounced back and went across his thigh and hung off the sides more than 10 inches, his huge cockhead touching the sofa .

"Oh god, I know you've heard this a million times but you absolutely have the biggest cock," she mumbled to him repeatedly as she put my right knee on the sofa while her left high heel pump was on the carpeted floor.

Lifting it off his thigh with both hands, she felt it throbbing in a way that separated her palms with each angry breath it seemed to take. As she pumped her outstretched hands up and down his fat, 12 inch shaft, her mind still could not comprehend his freakish size.

"Such a huge cock," she groaned over and over as she sent her tongue out to lick up and down his shaft, as she teasingly flicked my tongue across it.

"Oh Kelsey, you're so sexy baby," he said in a heated voice as he watched her in the mirrors while she flicked her tongue quickly across his huge shaft then pumped her hands up and down, while twisting her palms in an effort to massage every inch of his huge cock.

"Oh god if I didn't want to fuck you so bad I could suck this huge forever," she said in a heated voice as she listened to him groan excitedly while telling her she looked so sexy. That caused her to look up at him slyly and flick the tip of her tongue across his grapefruit, sized cock head.

She played with his giant cock without any concern for time. He had told her they could stay there privately as long as he wanted. Consumed by his shocking size and her desperation to please him and bring him off she kissed all over his fat shaft making lusty popping sounds that added to the hot scene.

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