Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 10


The thought of her cousin Tracy fucking her father's great big cock suddenly made her very jealous. Parking the car they started kissing again real hotly as their hands roamed all over each other's bodies.

Thinking to herself that she wasn't going to allow her father to fuck her cousin before he fucked her she said kissing his lips softly,

"Why don't you join me in the shower?"

Inside the shower her and her father kissed like lovers as she pumped his huge, throbbing cock in her palm, shocked by his mammoth size, especially his width, that her fingers could barely close half way around.

His hands on her tits and ass had her pussy on fire, and when she dropped to her knees her lust to fuck him took over as she went wild licking her father's huge cock.

A minute later his huge load was splashing all over her hair, face and tits, and as he came, her pussy was exploding from the sexy scene.

After he came he pulled her up to him and they kissed hotly as she stroked his hanging cock to another raging hard-on. Turning her around and squatting to his knees her spread her sexy ass cheeks and slithered his tongue all over her extended clit and then between her swollen fuck-lips and into her wet fuck-hole. As he ate her, his cock was throbbing at the thought of her pussy and how he ached to fuck her.

"Oh fuck," his daughter groaned as she felt her pussy explode all over her father's skilled tongue.

After cumming hard he spun her around so that her hands were pressing against the shower glass as he began sending his big, 10 inch cock way up into his daughter's wild pussy.

For the next he inched his huge cock into her incredible cunt slowly until he finally bottomed out. The second her pussy adjusted to his massive shaft she began fucking against his thrust as the speed and hunger built inside them.

As his huge cock pumped into her tight pussy he felt sensations wash over him that he had never felt before, and as her cunt exploded over his huge, fat shaft she was in ecstasy cumming harder and more times then she ever had in her life. Fucking her father's huge cock was unlike any other time she ever fucked.

"Let me fuck you baby," she said looking back at him. "Stand still and let my pussy do all the work and fuck your great, big cock."

"Oh fuck baby. That's so fucking good baby," he said in a deep groan as he watched his daughters sexy ass slowly pull away from his huge cock then drop back down on his fat, angry shaft right to the base, where she spiraled her ass around and around, grinding it against his crotch until she pulled away and started the incredible fuck again all over again.

"Fuck, that's the biggest cock I ever had," she groaned as her pussy sucked and clung to her father's massive shaft.

"Fuck, such an amazing pussy baby," he snarled as he felt his daughter's pussy grip his huge shaft and actually milk it.

Feeling her wet pussy explode over his shaft in endless waves was unlike anything she ever experienced.

"Oh god, fuck me," she groaned, looking back at him as she felt her pussy get ready to explode again.

Grabbing her neck, he pounded his fat 10 inch cock into the deepest region of the back of her cunt, fucking her senseless as she exploded in the biggest orgasm of her life all over his huge shaft.

For the next hour he fucked into her incredible pussy like a jack-hammer; harder than her boyfriend or any other boy ever fucked her. As he fucked her, he kissed her and played with her extended nipples. Her father's fat cock made her exploded over and over again as she fucked him back with her spiraling ass.

During their hot father/daughter fuck, she told him she had to suck his huge cock, then dropped to her knees and proceeded to suck all over his huge crown while she pumped deliriously.

While Lindsay was fucking her father's huge cock her cousin Tracy was getting ready for her weekend with her sexy Uncle; sitting on her bed attaching the long garter straps of her sexy outfit to the black, thigh high stockings. As Lindsay drained her father of his fourth cum Tracy was stepping into her black, high heel pumps and slipping into her skin-tight, black mini dress.

As his daughter got ready for her night with her best friend and her 84 year old boss her father watched her every move, and as she put on her thong, stockings and pumps he was on the bed slowly stroking his huge cock. Every few minutes she would kiss and lick all over his huge shaft and tell him she loved his huge cock and that she couldn't wait to fuck him all next weekend.

Seeing her dressed in her stockings and heels and into her eye-catching mini dress, they kissed hotly while they touching each other's bodies.

"Next weekend I want this great, big cock all to myself baby," she said to her father.

"Baby, next weekend and a lot of weekends after that," he said as he watched the sway of her sexy ass walk away from his as the clicking sounds of her high heels drew his attention to her long, sexy legs.

As she walked to her car a sudden pang of lust overcame her and she went back to the house and her and her father kissed right in the doorway as his fingers went under her mini dress and fucked into her wet cunt bringing her off again. Just as she was about to tell her father that she needed him to fuck her again, her cell rang and it was Kelsey asking where she was, because she was picking her up.

That weekend Tracy was treated to the incredible fucking of her uncle's great, big 11 inch cock. It started as soon as she walked into his house where they kissed sinfully as their hands were all over each other. Within seconds of stripping her and seeing her incredible body in the sinful stockings, garter belt and high heels his mouth was all over her pussy and ass; thrilling her and bringing her off like the grand finale fireworks on the 4th of July. After she released his huge cock, he was treated to the most amazing head as his sexy niece brought him off three times before they started fucking.

The way her confident Uncle fucked, and the amount of times he came and the powerful amounts of cum he shot had her in a constant state of wanton lust every second of the weekend.

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