Confident, Older & Powerful Men Ch. 11


"I used to get so wet every time I saw him by the pool. He had these amazing pecs and a thin patch of silver hair on his perfectly-toned body. At 63 he was in ten times better shape then all the sports guys I knew and especially his son. I used to always wear a hot mini skirt or really sexy bikini when I knew he was going to be home and even if he had a young date with him I always saw him checking me out too."

"My boyfriend was crashed- out in the car and his father and I were talking in the car and laughing a little. Suddenly, he leaned in and told me I was really sexy and we started kissing each other. It was so hot. I was going crazy and we kissed for like 15 minutes as his son was passed-out and snoring in the back seat. When he whispered in my ear and said that he wanted to fuck me from the moment his son brought me home, I groaned back and whispered that I wanted the same thing too. When I told him that I wanted to fuck him he got out of the car and I followed him into his house."

"We went inside and started kissing and touching each other as soon as he closed the front door. We totally forgot about his son, and both knew he was passed out for the night after all the booze he drank at the prom."

"When my hands touched his cock I nearly screamed because of how big it was. I was going wild as I rubbed it and even came from feeling the size of it. He knew he was huge compared to his son and even said, "A lot bigger than he is," in a confident voice that made me kiss him hard. I knew from the story's I heard that he fucked constantly, and I had a real good feeling that I wasn't the first of his son's girlfriend's to get fucked by him."

"From there he carried me all the way to his bedroom kissing me the whole way and once he stripped me of my prom dress we went wild from there. Under my prom dress I wore a sexy garter belt and stockings on and a tiny thong. My boyfriend's father really appreciated my look. Just the way he looked at me and told me how sexy I was as I stood in front of him made me feel so hot and so uninhibited."

"I even told him that I wore what I hand on because I secretly hoped the night would end like this with him and I. We fucked all night. It was so hot, and he made me cum non-stop and had me in positions I never knew existed. He was amazing in bed and didn't rush a thing. All the guys I fucked, including his son finished in like 10 minutes. It took longer to get undressed than to fuck."

"When I was lying on top of him in a 69 position I went wild feeling his hands roam over my stockings and garters then over my ass. He really knew how to fuck and how to turn me on. During the night when we weren't fucking we would lie beside each other and just kiss while I stroked his huge cock."

"I went wild from him having such a big cock, at least five times bigger than his son's and fucking me in ways my boyfriend or any other guy in school ever did. When the sun came up I was on my knees at the end of the bed as he was fucking me from behind. As he hammered me from behind with his great, big cock he pulled on my garter straps using them as if they were the reins of a horse.

"In the shower we kissed like crazy and as he fucked me we let each other know we wanted a lot more of this. After the shower I dressed in front of him and felt so sexy as he sat on a chair in his bedroom and watched me attach my stockings to the garter straps."

"I went wild watching him stroke his big cock while I dressed. He made me feel so sexy, as I saw and felt his eyes riveted to my body. I was so turned on watching him stoke his cock that right after I stepped into my high heels I went over to him and dropped to my knees and blew him until he exploded in my mouth."

"After I put my prom dress on he called my mother to let her know he was bringing me home and that I had spent the night there because of what happened to his son. My mother wasn't upset, because she was crazy about him and had been trying her best to date him ever since I started going out with his son. He took me home at 9 in the morning with his son still crashed out in the back seat," she said with a sly grin on her face as we all giggled with her.

"The second I saw Mr. Sterling's cock I knew he was 5 times bigger than my Ex- boyfriend's father. I instantly took him in my hands and as he laid back I went wild kissing all over him as my pussy got wetter by the second."

"I spent an hour just kissing and sucking the head of his huge cock until he said he had to fuck me. We spent the next three hours fucking in his Penthouse. God, I never came so hard and so much in my life and was never more stretched out either. He was massive and stayed rock hard even after he came."

"After that day Mr. Sterling and I fucked a few more times. One weekend he had sent my husband away on business and he took me and the intern Katelin to his yacht for the weekend. It was the wildest time I ever had. He had her and I screaming for 48 hours as he tortured us with that giant cock and made us cum so hard we nearly passed out at times."

"I've never been fucked so hard in my life. He's like a machine that never stops. It seems like the more he cums the harder he fucks. It was like a non-stop porn scene as Katelin and I were always dressed in the sexiest lingerie and heels just worshiping his massive cock as we groaned and marveled his incredible size."

"I was disappointed when Mr. Sterling found his next teenage play-thing, because I know I'll never fuck like that again in my life or cum as incredible as he made me. The consolation is that Katelin and I still have our hot get-togethers from time to time, and she has this really hung black boyfriend that has a pretty-healthy sexual appetite," she said then giggled as we all joined in with her.

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