tagLesbian SexConfusion and Pleasure Ch. 03

Confusion and Pleasure Ch. 03


Time dragged on and I pined for her. My every thought was tainted with the image of her, with the imagined taste and smell and feel of her. Linda was driving me mad, and if she had any idea she hid it very well. I needed desperately to be with her, but she had shown no interest in other women, and I didn't know how to coax her into such an encounter. I did have a plan, if it could be called that.

My plan was basically to invite her to a private "study" session, get her good and drunk, and make a move on her. Very creative, I know. Along with the fact that it was a stale idea, it had another great flaw. It required me to make the move, to be the dominant one in the encounter. Through my experiences with Maggy and Jennifer I had become certain that this was not what I wanted.

For this reason, along with an inexplicable timidity that overcame me every time I was in Linda's presence, I could not force myself to attempt an execution of my plan. Many times I tried, but each and every time ended with my face blushing and my tongue wrestling with itself.

To my great relief Linda made her own move, preempting me and ending the need for my completely useless plan. She proposed a girls night out of sorts, dinner and a movie. I didn't think she had intended it as a date in the slightest, though I had my hopes. I was a little apprehensive about the movie part. I don't really get along with movie theaters, for many reasons. But this was a chance at Linda. I would walk on glass for that, I think I could endure a movie theater for her.

I dressed casually for the night, but sexy. I wore the tightest pair of jeans I had, almost killing myself in the process of putting them on. The top half consisted of an itty bitty tee shirt that showed off my flat stomach. Linda was going to swing by and pick me up so we could save money on gas. I sat on my couch awaiting her. I had sweaty palms, and an anchor in my stomach. I looked at my watch. I was ready twenty minutes early.

I leapt up to open the door when I hear the knocking announcing her arrival. She was here early. I yanked the door and my jaw flew to the floor. Obviously my dressing casually had been a mistake. Linda was dressed in a black skirt that went just a little past halfway to her knees, and a lavender blouse. The skirt showed far too much of her shapely legs for the sake of my sanity, and the combination of her ample breasts, a tight blouse, and the fact that quite a few of the top buttons were undone created a stunning effect. I found that I had to repeatedly think to myself 'her mouth talks, not her tits.'

"I just realized that I looked at the wrong time for the movie," she explained, "we're going to have to hurry. It starts soon."

We quickly descended the stairs and made our way through the parking lot. It was a good thing she was going to drive, because I don't think I could have peeled my eyes away from her long enough to look at the road. I found her leading me to a newish sports car

"Buckle up," she reminded me as she started the car.

As we squealed and screeched out of my apartment parking lot I changed my stance on who should have been driving. Linda was a beast. She was by far the most aggressive driver I had ever ridden with. At stop signs she did nothing more than slow down to 15, she rode other cars so closely I couldn't even see their tires, and she swerved in and out of lanes like she was out of control on an icy road.

I found myself welcoming the sight of her sexy legs to distract me from everything flying by and all of the narrowly avoided collisions. When we finally slammed to a halt in the movie theater parking lot I gave thanks to whatever higher authority might have preserved me through that wild ride and then made my escape from the car.

"Wow!" was all I said.

"Sorry, that was a little rough."

"Just a little."

"But I got us her in time, didn't I?"

"On time, and alive somehow," I conceded, but my grin revealed to her that I wasn't truly upset.

We made our way through the ticket line, and considered the concessions stand.

"I don't think we have time, unless you don't mind missing the start of the movie," Linda said.

There aren't many things that bother me more than missing the beginning of a movie. On top of that, snacks only irritate me because they add background noise, which I usually have enough of in a theater anyway. So we decided to forgo the snacks.

We entered the screen room and quickly found some seats. The theater was surprisingly unoccupied, so we were able to find good seats that were neither too far away nor too close. There was a devil on my shoulder telling me to insist on seats in the back so Linda and I could engage in less than wholesome activities, but I ignored it.

In the pale flickering light, I was unable to fully study Linda's body as much as I would have liked, but perhaps that made it even more enticing. In the dim light the curves of her calves and the swell of her breasts looked even more inviting, even more seductive.

If my life depended on it, I could not tell you anything about that movie we watched. When I was not furtively taking in the visual delight that Linda was, I was staring at the screen but seeing her. I found my thoughts fixated on her perfect calves. I had never known myself to have a leg fetish before, but her calves fascinated me. I could imagine myself spending an eternity lavishing my kisses upon her legs, worshiping them with my tongue, massaging them.

When the credits began to roll, I was still lost in my own little dream land. In that dream I was Linda's servant, and oh the tasks she had for me! When she stood to leave, I was yanked back into cruel reality.

"That was kind of disappointing," she remarked.

"I've seen worse," I replied, a grin lighting my face as I referred to something else entirely.

Linda gave me an odd little look but said nothing more.

We went back to her car and exited the parking lot. She drove a bit more gently this time around, though the aggressiveness was still there. It was controlled enough now that I found it kind of arousing.

"Do you like Italian?" she queried.

'Not really, but I like you,' I thought of saying for a brief moment. I settled for, "Sure," instead.

"That didn't sound very convincing."

"Don't worry about it. I'm just in a funny mood tonight."

"Do you even want to go out for dinner then? I can just drop you off at your apartment if you want."

I panicked. That was definitely not what I wanted. "No!". It escaped me with far too much conviction to be explainable by anything other than a deep consuming desire to spend time with her. "Let's go ahead. We're already out, no reason to waste the night."

If she noticed the strength of my outburst, she did not choose to acknowledge it. We went to a locally owned Itallian restaurant. We were seated. I have never been a drinker and I was unfamiliar with the whole wine thing, so Linda ordered a bottle for both of us in order to introduce me.

I ended up ordering some dish I could barely pronounce consisting of pasta and chicken. Linda ordered a similarly unpronounceable and similarly assembled dish.

We conversed about personal life. I heard a lot about Linda's ex-husband, she learned about my little family feud that had recently been somewhat healed. I was careful to skirt around the issue of Maggy's Sapphic tendencies.

I had little tolerance for alcohol, and I didn't want the wine to trick me into talking about the more intimate encounters I'd had with Maggy. I wasn't even comfortable with them; I was sure they would freak Linda out. Perhaps it was just the wine, but I thought I could feel some definite sexual innuendo emanating from Linda, and I definitely didn't want to ruin that.

While the table hid her luscious legs from my view, it did nothing to conceal the also enticing upper part of her body. Her golden hair cascaded down over her shoulders to frame her exquisite cleavage. I discovered that keeping my eyes on her face was like trying to keep a compass pointing south. The slight buzz from the wine certainly wasn't helping me control myself.

"Sophie, are you OK? You're acting kind of funny."

"It's the wine." That wasn't true.

"You've barely even had any."

"I told you I couldn't hold it." That wasn't as true as I was acting it was either.

"I don't think you should have any more then."

"That sounds like a good idea," I muttered with as good a fake slur as I could muster. I was forming a wicked scheme.

All throughout the meal I couldn't taste my food, because my mind kept imagining the taste of her flesh. I wanted so badly to lave her whole body with my tongue, to take all of her in my mouth, and to pleasure her utterly.

When finally we finished, she drove me home. All the way I stared out the window, pretending to be out of it.

She walked me up the stairs to my apartment, the obvious reason being concern for me in my "drunken" state. Of course I hoped there was more to it than that. We reached my door, and the time came for my evil plot to go into action. I stopped and whirled unsteadily to face her.

"Linda," I began, then paused like I imagined a drunk would do.

"Yes . . ."

"Have you ever - been with a woman?" Being "drunk" gave me the excuse to be so forward. It was a safety net. I could probe the waters with little fear of consequences. If she responded positively I would have that information to act on in the future, and if she didn't I would have a plausible excuse for my behavior.

"Why do you ask?"

"You're a very attractive woman Linda."

"So are you Sophie. But you're drunk. You should go to bed."

"I'm not that drunk. You should kiss me." I was getting bolder than I had expected myself to. I began to wonder if maybe my drunkenness was not all an act.

She hesitated for a moment. "Goodnight Sophie." She began to walk away.

I grabbed her hand, forcing her to halt. "You can't leave until you kiss me Linda."

She darted in quicker than I had expected and planted her lips on mine. I had expected a quick peck. Instead I got a long, passionate kiss. Her tongue invaded my mouth and roamed freely. This was definitely a positive response.

When finally she broke the kiss, she still lingered near for a moment longer and we both savored each other's scent and searched each other's eyes. Then she turned to leave, saying goodnight again.

I held on to her hand still, and would not release her. "You've been drinking too, Linda. You shouldn't drive."

She was probably fine, and she was about to argue for a moment. But we both knew what she wanted, and she stopped herself. She closed for another kiss, pinning me against the door and exploring my mouth.

Her hands caressed the sides of my face and the back of my neck, as well as traveling up and down my back. Meanwhile, my hands fumbled for the doorknob. When I was at last able to open the door, we both fell into my apartment and nearly ended up sprawled on the floor.

With our faces still attached at the lips, we made our way to my bedroom. Linda threw me down on the bed and got above me. Her mouth was back at mine, and then she kissed along the side of my face, working her way to nibbling on my earlobe. Then she worked her way down the side of my neck to my collar bone. There she stopped.

"We shouldn't do this now Sophie. You're drunk."

"I'm not that bad," I insisted.

"Yes you are Sophie," something about her tone led me to believe I should not argue. "We're not doing this tonight."

She was taking charge, and it was in my best interest to obey. I did so, disappointed. She got off the bed and removed my shoes for me, then walked out of the room. I curled up on my side and lay there, waiting for sleep to take me. I jumped a little when I felt her descend back onto the bed. She lay on her side behind me and draped her arm over my waist, pulling me to her.

I drifted to sleep with a smile on my face.

When I woke in the morning, I was still in Linda's grasp and the smile was back on my face. She still slept, so I lay still for a while enjoying her embrace. I yearned for more than a sleepy embrace though, and eventually my patience wore out. I started tracing my fingers along the back of her hand and then her forearm in an attempt to gently rouse her.

That didn't seem to work. Another, more mischievous idea occurred to me. First I took the arm that she had draped across me and moved it so that her hand grasped my breast. Then I snuck one of my hands down into my pants and fingered myself for a second. Awkwardly I reached that same hand behind her and tried to rub my scent under her nose. It didn't seem to work too well, but it was a fun idea.

She finally woke. Still half in a daze, she seemed to have forgotten where she was despite my little reminder. She sat up with a start. Then she seemed to recall last night, and the flame of desire was back in her eyes.

Without pausing to make sure that I recalled last night, or to make sure that I was all right with it, she rolled me onto my back and glued her mouth to mine once more. Without having to worry about pretending to be drunk I was able to enjoy the experience much more now.

"I wasn't really drunk last night," I admitted when the kiss finally ended.

"I know. I wasn't convinced for a minute."

"Then why did you stop? You could have had me then." I was a little upset. We had already lost so much time.

"If you're going to pretend, you have to accept the consequences."

"I'm not pretending anymore," I said.

She said nothing, but kissed me again. Then her mouth was traveling down my neck while her hands worked their way under the hem of my shirt. I sat up for a moment so she could pull the shirt up over my head, and slipped out of my bra while I was at it. My heart beat accelerated rapidly as I exposed myself before this woman I had longed for for so long.

I lay back again and she started kissing the junction of my collarbones. Her tongue slipped out and she licked along the bone to my shoulder, which she nipped gently. She worked her way like this all around my upper body, intentionally avoiding my breasts just to tease me.

When finally my jeans came off and I was completely exposed and vulnerable before her, my whole body ached for release. But she subjected my legs to the same treatment, starting at the inside of one thigh and making her way all the way around my leg as she worked her way downward. When she reached that foot she switched to the other leg and worked her way back up.

By the time she finished my whole body was tingling. When her mouth reached its final destination, my pussy was eager for her. She kissed my pussy much as she had kissed the rest of my body. They were short, rapid, gentle kisses. Occasionally her tongue would flick out and lick from the bottom to the top, flicking over my clit. It was not long at all before I had a tremulous little orgasm.

Linda did not stop her attentions, but she changed them a little. Licking become more prevalent, rather than kissing. She stimulated me with her tongue at a rapid pace now. I lost my perception of time for a while, laying in the sweet state of ecstasy she put me in. Eventually I had another orgasm, and time came back to me. I found my hands tangled in Linda's hair, though I had no memory of putting them there.

"It's your turn now," I purred.

I got off the bed, holding her hand, and I sank to my knees. She stood, and I knelt at her bare feet. I began by planting kisses first on one foot, and then on the other. I switched from one side to the other as I slowly made my way up towards her calves. As I reached them, I made sure to move around the sides of her legs as much as I could without getting up. I couldn't bear for my lips to be parted from her flesh for that long.

I worshiped her legs with my lips and with my tongue, just as I had desired to do last night. I tantalized my way up her legs until I got to the bottom of her skirt, which I began to push upward. She unzipped it instead, and I dragged it down off of her to reveal her silky panties. I began my worship again, paying special attention to the insides of her thighs.

When I reached her panties, I licked her through the fabric, treasuring the low throaty sound that escaped from her mouth. I hooked my fingers in her panties and drew them down off of her hips. Her pubic hair was groomed into a neat little rounded triangle pointing down to that most precious orifice. I didn't think I had ever beheld so perfect a sight.

I put my tongue to work pleasing her. I realized soon that she had a much muskier taste and scent than Jennifer and Maggy, the only other women I had tasted. While my tongue performed, Linda removed the clothing that hid her upper body from me. When she was finally naked, her tempting tits hung down towards me, trying to seduce me away from her pussy, but I refused the bait and stayed right where I was.

Linda's hand began to roam over her body. Low moans came from her throat, and her body began gyrating. When she finally came I captured the rush of her tangy fluid on my tongue and in my mouth.

Linda looked down at me and returned the smile that had taken over my face. I was so pleased with myself. I had become Linda's servant. I was her sex slave, at least in my mind. I would perform her wishes, please her in any way, and that was better than any orgasm.

She ran her fingers over my cheek as our eyes rested in each others'.

"That was wonderful, Sophie," she cooed.

I stood, and her mouth overwhelmed mine. We just kissed for a very long time. When our lips parted again I rested my head upon her shoulder and she held me.

"I've wanted this - you - for so long, Sophie," she whispered in my ear.

"You have? So have I. I haven't been able to think of anything else since I met you," my reply rushed out.

She gave a small chuckle. "Last night you finally gave me a chance, and I almost didn't take it because I was so nervous."

"I didn't notice, but maybe that's because I was too nervous myself."

"Or maybe it's because you were trying to act drunk, you little imp."

My relationship with Linda progressed very quickly. I don't know if I would say we were in love, but there was definitely something there besides sexual attraction. We spent nearly every night together making love.

I convinced her to somewhat reluctantly slip into a role which allowed me to serve her. She was a little disappointed. While she was in a dominant position, it was still a docile one. Still, she enjoyed our lovemaking, and our relationship flourished despite that one nagging issue.

After only about three weeks, we decided to take a big step. I moved in with her.

I knelt in her - our living room unpacking books. A bit of nostalgia overcame me and I started reading bits and pieces of each, remembering when I had last read them and where I had been in my life then. So enraptured was I that I did not hear Linda pad into the living room. She cleared her throat and I turned.

My jaw nearly hit the floor. Dangling from her hand was Maggy's strapon. At least, I still thought of it as Maggy's. That was the biggest reason I had not revealed it to Linda, though I had dearly wanted to. I had forgotten about it and Linda must have come across it in a box.

"When did you get this?" She had a devilish gleam in her eyes.

I hesitated for a second. I didn't want to lie to her, but I didn't want to let her know anything about Maggy. "A while ago."

"Why didn't you tell me about it?"

I could see the hunger in her eyes. I couldn't tell her I didn't think she would like it, as that obviously wasn't true. "I guess I felt kind of weird about it." That was close to the truth. Every time I thought about it I thought about Maggy, and that definitely made me feel a little weird.

"I want to try it," she said as she turned to walk back into her- our bedroom.

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