Connie's Request


Thank heavens I had jacked off earlier, or I would have been in deep trouble by this point. Connie's loose bra came off her shoulders and down her arms, and I was gazing at her amazing tits. Standing up like two brave little soldiers, their helmets looking like pointy oriental hats. A funny thought went through my brain. "Connie is conical!" The sweetest, firmest little fellows I'd ever caressed, I thought, as my slick hands rounded their turns and coasted over their crests.

Connie was practically catatonic, but it was from the massive attention I was paying to her worthy body, not from any drugs. Unable to resist, I began tasting her right tit as my hands roamed her torso from shoulder to panty. I looked up to see a smile on her lips as she briefly surfaced from whatever fantasy her mind was creating.

"That feels nice, Paul." I liked it that she called me by name. "Ohhh, do that some more!"

Back and forth my mouth explored. Even the taste of body lotion did not deter me from feeling her smooth skin and wrinkly nipples with my lips and tongue.

Tearing myself away from her breasts, I sat up and again straddled her legs, just below the knees. I pushed the sheet up to her crotch and then decided to take it completely off her body and lay it to the side. We were at least a full hour into the massage, and she was limp as a noodle. I knew damned well she was primed and ready to learn a lesson about sex, and I had never been more confident as a teacher.

Connie's thighs, ass and lower abdomen were the only non-lotioned parts of her body. Nudging a leg aside, I raised her knees and lowered myself between her legs. Connie may never have had sex or even climaxed, but her scent was telling me that she was aroused. I began soft nibbling on her inner thighs, and I felt a tremor in her muscular legs.

"Oh my god, Paul!" she murmured, as I ate my way toward heaven.

My mouth covered her panty-clad pussy and I blew soft and steady, my hot breath searing her tender folds.

"Jesus, Paul! What are you doing to me?"

My hands found the elastic of her panties, and I began to ease them down her ass. I slipped them past my mouth, up her legs, and over my head. My way was clear. Spreading her sweet puss with 2 fingers, I eased my tongue into the source of her fragrance.

"Damn! Oh, damn!" That was maybe the strongest word Connie had ever uttered.

Connie was apparently a true blond, as her light colored pussy hair proved. She had a small amount of hair there, courtesy of Mother Nature, not a razor. I was hard as a rock, which is how I always react to the taste and feel of pussy on my tongue. I'd rather eat pussy than do almost anything else. Almost anything.

My hands were now behind Connie's knees, canting her pussy up to my mouth, which moved freely over her vulva. As my tongue crossed her clit, she jumped a little. That was the reaction I was looking for. I began making slow circles around her clit with the tip of my tongue, trying to make them light and very slow. Meanwhile, my middle finger had moved into her hole. Not far in, as she was still a virgin, but far enough to do a little "come hither" action on the illusive little G-spot area.

Connie was coming alive now. Her sleepy visions were morphing into full-blown sexual fantasies. She grabbed her knees and pulled them to her chest, allowing me maximum oral access. I took the opportunity to leave her clit and test out a theory. The next thing she felt was my tongue on her tight little sphincter.

"Oh, no! What in the hell? Paul, you can't do that!"

The lady protested, but she made no move to stop me. I poked and prodded her asshole with my tongue, occasionally kissing all around the area, and then returned to her pussy before I completely freaked her out. When she began moaning, unable to form words anymore, I knew she must be close.

My tongue movements were rapid and getting heavier on her clit. My middle finger was insistently massaging her G-spot. When I felt her grab my head, bear down and hold her breath, I pressed a wet finger against her sweet little rosebud asshole.

"Ahhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! Mmmmmph!" Connie was over the hump and on the downside of her first orgasm. I took a quick victory lap around "Paul is Wonderful" land, feeling like the Sex Expert of the World. Then I held on and enjoyed the fireworks.

As Connie came, my tongue persevered on her pussy, my finger strove to maintain its carnal contact inside her orifice, and my other finger pressed persistently into her bottom, gaining a knuckle's worth of access and feeling the spasms of her pelvic floor muscles. Connie dropped her legs and clinched them around my head as she convulsed. Her hands held my head into her vulva. It was touch-and-go there for awhile, as her muscular thighs could probably have collapsed my cranium. But eventually, my head was released, she relaxed, and I could breathe again. I felt all proud of what I'd done. I also felt horny as hell and hoped Connie would have the presence of mind to offer me some relief. I moved to her side and planted kisses on her face. She began to kiss my mouth and murmur her deep appreciation.

"God, that" she babbled. "I mean now I know...and why have I missed that all these years? God, Paul, you can really do that good! What the hell were you doing with my...little...that little place back there where you weren't supposed to be?"

"You mean when I tongued your asshole?" I said, smiling.

"Yes! And you put a finger up in me! And it felt...weird...and great! How did you know to do that?"

"But what about the other stuff? The other finger, and the tongue on your pussy? You liked that, did you?"

"Oh, yeah! That was the best. But those other things, on my little back door. That was crazy!"

"Something I learned on a field trip to Mexico," I said.

"A field trip. I'll bet it was a field trip. Did you sample every whore house in Matamoros?"

"No, no. I mostly just interviewed hookers. Got quite a lot of information. Like how to make someone come. One of the girls told me that if she was trying to get a guy off, she could put a finger to his ass and get him going every time."

"Huh. And what else did you learn?"

"Well, there are quite a few good techniques a woman can use. It might be helpful for you to know a few of them sometime. For instance, if you're tired or just want a guy to get finished so you can go to sleep, you can use the asshole thing. Or, you just pretend he's really getting you off. You can say, 'Oh, baby! You're so huge inside me!' or 'Fuck me, daddy!' or stuff like that. Talk nasty. The guy will not be able to keep from coming. Every woman learns those tricks on her own, and they always work. Even if a guy knows his dick is small or average, if you say, 'Baby, your cock is giant' he'll spew all over you. In fact, almost anything dirty you say will probably get him to cum. But if you ever want to hurt a guy, you can just look at his cock and snicker. He will wilt, guaranteed. Men can't take that."

"Hmm. I'll have to remember that. Now, what are we going to do about you and that giant cock of yours?" Connie was already learning how to manipulate men in bed. She was a quick learner, and I had one more lesson for her that night.

"So glad you asked." Really, really glad, I thought. "I have a homework assignment for you. You can get a head start on it now and help me out at the same time."

"Oh, yeah? Explain, please."

"Most women can get off, or have an orgasm, more than once in a short period of time. I want you to try to have one on your own now. You'll be helping me at the same time. And then I want you to get yourself off at least once a day for the next week. That's your lab assignment."

"Mmm, sounds like a fun assignment. What do I do now?"

"Turn over on your stomach, honey. I'm going to put some slick stuff between your lovely cheeks, and I'm going to rub myself there. I want you to put your hand on your pussy and fiddle with your little clit. You know, where my tongue was tickling you."

Connie did as she was told. As I pumped a glob of K-Y on her crack, she began exploring her clit and pussy with her right hand. I climbed into her saddle and began stroking my cock through those hard, muscular mountains. My chest on her back, my hips pumping hard and slow against her crack, I pushed her hair away from her ear and whispered.

"Connie, your ass feels so wonderful! God, I would love to be inside your pussy, but this feels so good, too! Are you touching your clit? Are you making yourself cum?"

"Oh, Paul, it's easier than I thought. Now that you've showed me how, I know just how to do it." Her hips began to rock against my cock.

"That's great, baby. I love the way your ass is moving. That gets me off. When you get close to cumming, tell me so I can get off with you. You'll see how great it is to climax with someone else."

"God, Paul! This is so sexy, with you on my back. Do people have sex this way, too? You could be inside me right now, and I think it would feel wonderful. I just feel so warm and safe under you like this. Hold me tight, Paul. Let me feel how strong you are. Oh, Paul! I think I'm getting close."

I was getting close, too, and I ground her ass harder and faster and put my tongue into her ear. Connie moaned something like, "what the hell are you..." and began to convulse. Her ass shook, putting me over the edge with the sight of her back arching, thrusting her tight, white, beautiful ass against my pulsing cock. Pent up semen shot between us, landing high on her back as I raised myself on both arms to watch the finale. I felt her ass cheeks between my thighs, hard as rocks, but soft as silk, too. I wanted to squeeze her ass between my thighs until we melded into each other. My hips bucked many more times, and I collapsed onto Connie's sweaty, cummy back. I was glad I had remembered to bring the towel. When she was able to speak again, she said, "You dog. That tongue in the ear thing. That's another one of those things that makes a person come, right?"

"Just helping you get off, ma'am," I replied.

I walked her back to her dorm. We parted that night with a deal made. She would do her homework (or, finger work) and decide in the next week if she wanted to stop what we'd started, continue with non-intercourse sex, or "go all the way". I could tell she was leaning toward the latter option, which suited me fine. For a church-going rich girl, she was turning out to be very fun in bed. We both knew there was no long-term relationship brewing, but that was not the point. She was feeding my ego and satisfying my physical needs, and she was getting something in return. We were friends, too, which made it maybe the best relationship of all.

I called Connie the next day, just to let her know that I felt good about everything that had happened, and to check how she felt. I told her I would leave her alone for a few days so that she could have room to decide about what we were doing. I waved to her a couple of times on campus, but we didn't speak again until lab on Thursday.

"Hi, lab partner," she said, as her hand grazed my back and she plopped down in the seat beside me.

"Hello to you, too." She was smiling and looking tasty. "Want to grab something to drink later?"

"Sure. Right after we carve up this frog."

"What a lovely thought. I mean the drink, not the frog."

Later, in our same booth, Connie said, "I'm digging this sex stuff. Can we move on to the next step?"

"You mean you're ready to kiss your virginity goodbye? Or maybe, have me kiss it goodbye?" I was very funny as a young man. Some people would have said so, anyway.

"Yes. And tomorrow night, if possible."

"I really like a strong, decisive woman. Eight o'clock okay?"

When Friday night at 8 o'clock rolled around, I was ready. Wine? Check. Incense? Check. Towel, K-Y, candles, mood music? All checked. But I wasn't quite ready for the sight of Connie with a small suitcase in tow.

"Hi, sweetie. Moving in, are you?"

"Silly guy. I checked out of the dorm to my sister's apartment. You don't mind if I stay the night, do you?"

(Things were different for women in 1970. At our little school, men could live on or off campus and had no curfew. Women had to live in the dorm until they were 21, with a 10PM curfew on week nights and a midnight curfew on Friday and Saturday. Since Connie's sister was over 21, she lived off campus, and Connie had the right to check out of the dorm to spend the night there, but only a few times a month. There were clothing restrictions on campus, too, including no shorts or pants for women. Men had no such restrictions.)

When she got inside, making sure no one saw her come in and locking the door behind her, I gave her a big hug and kiss. She said she wanted to "freshen up" (although I knew she had just come from her dorm room) and so she took her suitcase into the bedroom and closed the door. I got the wine poured and put on the music. Connie padded barefoot back into my front room in pink "baby doll" pajamas. Those were the big deal in sexy sleepwear in 1970, consisting of a thin cotton top and matching shorts, usually with a lot of frills. This one had laces to tie the top together in front. That left little to the imagination, and I could see her dark areolas through the thin material. It doesn't take much to understand the rather perverse idea fashion people were promoting when they came up with the name "baby doll".

After I managed to get my jaw closed, I handed her a wine glass and we sat on the couch. I was determined to be cool and not jump her bones right there and then, although the temptation was very strong. I actually managed to pull my eyes away from her tits and beautiful exposed legs once in awhile to look at her sweet, if rather plain, face. But how she expected me to hold a conversation with such distraction is beyond my understanding.

It didn't take long for us to put down our wine glasses and start necking. I'd love to go back to those days now and relive the necking and petting. At that age, I was all about getting the clothes off and getting in bed, and I think I missed a lot by not fully enjoying those sweet kisses and gentle touches. It seemed almost a formality to me. Something I did to make the transition to bed more fluid, and not a wonderful experience in itself. When I think back on those days, I think about the kissing and touching about as much as I do the sweating and pumping.

Connie was turned toward me with her right leg over my left one, her thigh pressing down on my stiff cock. Her torso was very open to my hands, all the way from her shoulders to her spread thighs.

"Pace yourself, Paul," I kept saying in my head. I confined my hands to light touches on the outside of her pajamas and on the skin of her arms, legs, and face. Our mouths moved against each other in a rhythm that had become familiar to us both. We kissed well together, both of us giving and taking, neither trying to dominate or submit.

When Connie had been making little moaning sounds for a few minutes, I suggested we move to the bedroom, and she readily agreed. She went straight under the sheet while a removed my clothes and crawled in beside her.

She put her head under the covers. "So, that's the thing, is it?" she said, her fingertips tracing the length of my cock. "That's the right tool for the job tonight? Gosh, it's so big I don't think it'll ever fit in me."

My hips jolted as she touched me. This was the first time she'd actually touched me, and she did it without warning. It almost felt like a challenge from her. A little bravado on her part to show how ready she was for what was to come. And a little exercise in "what to say to turn on your man."

I tried to regain some composure. "Con, I guarantee it will fit. We'll make it fit. Actually, you'll make it fit."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You'll see. But if you want to get to that, you need to go easy so I don't have an accident. I'll let you play around with it all you like later. Right now, let's work on you some more." I began untying the laces of her pajama top. With three of them undone, I slipped my hand under the edge and felt one of the most perfect breasts in the world. My mouth descended to the other nipple, and I began to nurse like a baby.

"I never really let anybody do that before you. I've had guys try to cop a feel, but it didn't feel nice like what you're doing." I mumbled something in reply and switched breasts. Our legs were now entwined and my cock was riding her bare thigh. Her left thigh was rubbing up and down on my right one. Geez, I hoped I could hold out.

I went back to kissing her mouth, and my right hand began to rummage her pajama bottoms. I could feel the warmth there and she was definitely damp, too. She hunched her hips and moaned into my mouth as my fingers slid over the thin, loose material covering her pussy. In short order, I was tugging them down with my right hand, and she lifted her hips to help me. But the job was not getting done fast enough, and I had business down south, so I pushed up onto my knees and removed her shorts using both hands.

Yep, it was still there, and as beautiful as could be. To this day, I don't know if I've ever seen a more beautiful pussy that Connie's. It seemed to me, in the dim candle light, that her outer lips were bulging open and her pinkness was beginning to show, wet and warm.

"Eat me, Paul! Please!"

In a replay of the previous week, my tongue lashed out to greet her nether lips, and I lapped up her juices, musky and warm. God, I love to eat pussy! I love it for the act itself, for what it does to a woman, and for the effect it has on my own arousal. But my aim this time was not to make her cum as fast as possible. I wanted to tease her now to heighten what I hoped to be her climax during intercourse. So I played, and I backed off, time after time. She sounded exasperated a few times when her impending climax subsided, and I knew she was ready when she said, "Paul! Stop that!" That was my cue.

I made Connie scoot to the edge of the bed and I lay down on my back as close to the middle as possible. I reached for the K-Y and handed it to her. My cock was straight up in the air, and that's where her eyes went.

"Now's your chance to back out, sweetheart. Or, you can climb on top and de-flower yourself. Your choice."

"You want me to do it? I thought you'd just poke it in me."

"Oh, I will, later. The first time is yours. Just throw that meaty thigh over my legs, squirt a bunch of this stuff on us both, and then put it inside you at your own pace."

"I still don't think it'll fit..."

"It'll fit. Use plenty of the goo."

Connie's soft hands began with my cock, and I had to start trying to think about something else. She took rather too much time with my cock, and though it felt wonderful, I was determined that my jizz would be in her belly tonight, not all over my stomach. I made her push a big wad of K-Y up inside her, let her wipe off her hands on the towel, and aim the business end of my cock into her brand spanking new hole. She began to sit back, very gingerly, on my cock's head.

For awhile, I thought Connie might have been right about my cock not fitting. Tight is not the word for it. I was barely getting the head into her.

"Rub a finger around on your clit and bounce up and down a little. Concentrate on how good it feels to rub yourself. If you feel any pain, it will be over very soon." Just fuck me and enjoy it, I thought to myself.

As my length broke through, she wailed and began to take me deeper, moaning loudly all the time, I was having trouble keeping control. Sure, I had timed a jack off session for earlier in the day to give myself a little breathing room, but this was so intense. A beautiful virgin, impaling herself for the first time on my cock, expecting me to satisfy her and setting the tone for all future sexual encounters. Not much pressure there. I started to bite my tongue, employing a technique that was crude but effective. A person can only really concentrate on 1 thing at a time, so if I bit my tongue just enough to make it hurt, I could ignore the other, much more pleasurable, sensation down below.

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