Connie's Summer Stallion Ch. 01


"Have a sit honey. I will go get us something to drink." Connie led Chris to the couch and watched as he sat. She winked at the boy and turned towards the kitchen. Chris immediately reached down and squeezed the thick lump in his jeans. Then pushing his weight back into the couch, he lifted his ass up. His fingers manipulated the swollen tube of cock flesh that was beginning to fill out and stretch against his jeans. He somehow was able to get it up and out of the leg of his jeans so that it rest more comfortable across his groin.

Connie came back into the living area holding a bottle of champagne and two flutes. "You do like champagne don't you, darling?"

Chris smirked as he stood to meet her. "Anything is good with me."

Connie smiled and handed the bottle to Chris and set the glasses on the coffee table. "Would you be a doll and open it up for us?"

Chris took the bottle and with surprising ease removed the foil, unfastened the the wire and uncorked the bottle. Connie was impressed as she watched his deft actions. He poured them both a glass. Connie took hers and clinked it gently against Chris'. "Here's to a wonderful day." They each took a sip. "Mmmmmm", she purred. "I do so enjoy a good glass of champagne."


Back at the Paige residence, Lynn had finished her coffee and was done with the paper. Her mind was betraying her. Her thoughts continued to go back to her son's crotch. She had always seen him as her little boy. But that wasn't the case anymore. He was a 21 year old man. He was well built, very well built indeed. The more she thought about it, she began to quickly realize just what a hunk her own son was.

She walked into her oversized bathroom and tried to shake the thoughts and the images from her mind. But they kept coming back. Her impression of her son was rapidly morphing into something sinful. She began to recall a myriad of images of him, shirtless -- his broad shoulders, his long muscular arms, and those damn abs. Then her mind saw it again, and again. The vision of his big bulging crotch inches from her. Chris' father had been rather well endowed himself. Now Lynn found herself wondering if her son was hung like Richard had been. Or maybe even bigger she mused as a devious grin spread across her face. It had been over six years since her divorce from Richard and she missed the savage workout he would give her hungry pussy. Richard was a vigorous and skilled lover; a true cocksmith.

She slipped her robe off and let it fall to the floor. Standing in her gown, she reviewed her reflection in the large mirror. Smiling she approved of what met her gaze. Her breasts stood out from her body and pressed against her short, cream colored silk gown. A hint of nipple could be made out through it. Lynn reached up and gently slid one of the straps off of her shoulder. Her fingers caressed her shoulder. She could feel the light weight of the gown shift teasing her excited flesh. With her other hand she repeated the action on the other side. As the strap slid down so did the top of her gown. It began to cascade off of her body until her nipples caught the neckline and held it there. She hadn't realized until right then just how hard they were. She moaned. Then her fingers grasped the gown and pulled down. The material pulled down on her erect nipples until they finally released the fabric and sprung back up. Her tits shook and her nipples felt alive. They tingled with a newfound awareness.

The gown pooled down around her ankles and she stood before the mirror nude. She admired the natural curve of her hips and the way her breasts retained their youthful resiliency. A very respectable 36c, they were round and firm and still seemed to point upward. Lynn was not an especially glamorous woman, but rather she could easily be described as a classic beauty. She did not need to wear lots of makeup, but when she did her natural beauty was even further accentuated. As she studied her body in the mirror, she allowed her hands to explore and roam over her skin. The touch awakened her senses and she found herself becoming thoroughly aroused. Her fingers danced over the swollen caps of her breasts and almost immediately the vision came storming back. First, it was just as she had seen it, swollen, thick, obscenely obvious through his jeans. And then as if watching a virtual slide show she saw her son. He was nude. It was almost as if he were posing for her. His muscles rippled and his cock, oh his cock reared up from his groin powerfully. It was huge. It was thick. It seemed to fit his buff and masculine frame perfectly. Her other hand fell between her thighs. She allowed her fingers to graze through the silky fur of her pubic area. Lynn was too conservative to shave it bare, but she did keep it meticulously trimmed; a broad auburn colored "V" that pointed to her hungry opening. She allowed her fingers to part her already moist lips. A soft moan rose up from within as her entire body felt suddenly electrified. "Stop! Stop it!" She scolded herself out loud. She quit touching herself, turned on the shower and stepped in, effectively banishing those wicked visions from her mind, for the time being. They would return. Of that, she was certain.


"Please sit honey", Connie urged. Chris obeyed, his eyes transfixed on the woman's overflowing breasts. Connie sat down beside the young man and crossed her leg. The slit on the side of her gown allowed it to ride up over her knee exposing a firm, well toned thigh. With her body cocked slightly, she leaned into Chris. "How's your champagne?"

"It's very good. I like it." His eyes continued to roam freely all over the woman's body. But inadvertantly they always found their way back to the top of her straining gown and to those magnificent breasts.

"I'm glad you like it." Her knowing eyes watched Chris hungrily devour her. "Why you certainly are a bad boy, aren't you? Looking at me like that?" She purred. "Do you like that, Chris? Huh, do you like looking at my big titties like this?" She whispered hotly as she ran a hand up and around her left breast."

Chris stared in disbelief. Chris licked his lips as he gawked at the horny older woman. "Yes. Fuck yes! You look so fucking hot."

"Mmmmm. Thank you sugar. I like it, you know?" Her fingers toyed at the neckline of her gown, lightly caressing the tops of her breasts. "I like having you look at me like that. It makes me feel so sexy, so turned on and excited." Her nipples were straining against the thin fabric. They pressed through creating an unmistakeable outline. Her thumb grazed over one, teasing it. "Mmmmm fuck, Chris, I feel so naughty like this."

Not usually a shy one, Chris sat there watching in awe as the older woman flaunted and teased them both with her erotic display. "It's so goddamn sexy. " Chris breathed hoarsely. His mind was reeling from the view and the intoxicating aroma wafting from the gorgeous woman. His cock flexed in his tight jeans. He was so hard.

Connie set her glass down on the table and leaned back into the couch. She looked up at Chris seductively. Their faces were barely an inch apart. He could feel her breath. It was warm and laced with champagne. Her right hand began to caress his muscular chest. Her fingers tested and felt all over him. She loved the hard masculinity of the young stud beside her. "Mmmmm, Chris, I just love your sexy body. It's so strong and hard." She leaned ever closer, her lips were so close to his he could feel them. She let her tongue snake out of her mouth and slither over the boys lips. Chris groaned and reveled in the sensations that began to sweep over him.

He reached up and cupped the woman's face in his hands. His own tongue found hers and the two began to dance wildly. One of his hands slid down her cheek, down over her neck, across her shoulder and down until he felt the fullness of her breast. His large hand caressed the side, and then began to cup and palm the meaty orb. Connie moaned as she felt the young man began to take a more aggressive role with her. She kissed him passionately. Her fingers clawed at his chest through his tight tee shirt.

She pushed back from him. Her breathing was labored. She looked at the boy with a wildness in her eyes. She licked her lips and then plunged herself back against him. Her tongue sought frantically for his. She felt so alive. Her body surged with sexual electricity like she hadn't felt in a very long while. Chris' hand continued to maul the woman's big breast, groping and kneading it roughly. He brushed his thumb over her nipple again and again feeling its incredible hardness. His own cock was insanely hard. It felt bigger and harder than he could remember.

With both hands, Chris reached up and slid the thin straps of Connie's gown down over her shoulders. This time it was him. He pushed her back and eyed her hungrily. He shifted his weight on the couch and pulled the garment down over her full tits. They sprung free with a ripe fullness. They were big and round, soft and yet so firm. Her nipples were obscenely thick and distended. "Goddamn!" Chris breathed heavily as he saw his treasure. Her gown fell into a pool of silk around her hips.

He grabbed the woman around the waist powerfully pulled her on top of him. She straddled the young stud willingly. Her big tits swayed before his face as she ran her fingers through his hair and looked down at him. Then ever so gently she pulled him, guiding his face to her immaculate bosom. Chris latched on to first one and then the other. His mouth sucking, licking, biting the woman's perfect tits until they glistened with his saliva. He could taste her lipstick on the swollen buds. It fueled him to a new height. He attacked her breasts with his hands and his mouth.

"Oh god yes. Yes, baby, yes. God yes. Lick my big titties you gorgeous young stud. Lick and bite them all you want, lover." She thrust her breasts at him. She found herself unconsciously grinding down against him. Her passion was at an all time high. She reached down and began to frantically pull his shirt up. She had to see his lean, muscular young body. Chris sat up and tore his tee shirt off. He tossed it onto the floor and leaned back, pulling her to him once again.

Connie's hands were all over his chest. It was as if she had a new malliable toy. She wanted to, no she had to feel and test every hard inch of him. She was heaven.

Chris was in his own heaven as he continued to slather his tongue and mouth all over the older woman's massive mammaries. His strong hands cupped and molded them. He squeezed them roughly further exciting the horny woman. "Goddamn! " He exclaimed. "Fuck I love these big fucking tits."

"Mmmmm, yessss baby." Connie moaned as she sat up and back, arching her back so that they stuck out obscenely from her petite body. She raised her hands up over her head ceremoniously and shook her oversized melons at the wide eyed boy. Then reaching down she ran her hands up under and then all around her meaty breasts. She caressed them with her hot hands for both of their pleasure. She continued to grind and gyrate her drooling cunt down against him. She could feel the thick lump of cock that strained against the coarse denim of his jeans. She had to see it. She had to touch and taste his virulent cock.

Slowly Connie slid backwards off of Chris. Once her feet found the floor she lifted herself momentarily and leaned over him. Her big breasts swung enticingly for him. She pressed her lips to his and their mouths opened, their tongues sliding violently together again.

Sensing what was coming next, Chris kicked off his shoes as the two continued their hungry kiss. Then Connie pulled back. She looked down at him with a wild hunger in her eyes. She could not find her voice, she was too excited to speak. Her fingers trailed down over his rock hard chest, down over his rippling abdomen until she felt the top of his jeans. She knelt down between his spread thighs, her fingers toying with the top button. Chris had first thought to let her strip him as he was, but then without warning he stood. His long muscular body seemed to tower over the kneeling woman. She looked up at him in awe, as if he were a conquering young god. Chris replaced her fingers with his own as he slowly, teasingly opened the top button. Connie watched. Her eyes never blinked. She was inrapt. She could see the powerful outline through his jeans. Her fingers reached for it. It was so long and firm. It felt so thick. Her fingers slid back and forth over the obscene bulge, exploring him as if she were measuring it.

"Jesus..." She breathed as she looked up at him. "It feels soooo big, Chris." Licking her lips, her fingers continued to toy with the massive swell.

Chris leered down at her arrogantly. He popped the remaining buttons open and spread the fly of his jeans. The waist band of his tiny Calvin briefs came into view. They were snow white. A perfect contrast to his tan skin. He left the briefs in place, but pushed the jeans down his smooth thighs.

Connie was beside herself with wanton lust for this amazing young man. He stood before her, over her, stripping confidently. As the jeans fell around his ankles, he kicked them off and stood upright. His young cock throbbed hotly through the thin cotton holding it in place. Connie gawked at the sight. Every inch and ridge of his incredible meat was visible. It looked to be at least nine inches long. It stretched across the front of his briefs like a giant cucumber, thick, long, alive. The cotton seemed ready to burst under the pressure. It clung to him like a second skin, accentuating the hugely flared knob.

"Holy shit!" Connie whispered as she eyed the cotton covered fuck tube. Her hands slid up the young man's muscular thighs. She relished every inch of him.

"You like?" Chris asked as he looked down at the woman. An cocky smirk spread across his face.

Connie's hand roamed all along and over the boy's big cotton covered rod. She leaned in pressing her face against it. "God yes. It's soo big, Chris. Sooo fucking big..." She murmured as she nuzzled it with her nose. She looked up at him and smiled. She bit her lip and rolled her tongue around her lips. "I want it." She said. She leaned in and allowed her tongue to swipe up under the pouch holding his bloated nuts.

"Mmmm fuck yeah...." Chris moaned and stiffened his athletic body. His cock flexed, growing bigger and harder. It stretched against the cotton as the head swelled.

Connie's tongue slid along the mighty pipe, her eyes never leaving Chris'. She purred like a kitten as she teased the gorgeous young man. "Mmmmm such a big, big boy."


As if she wasn't already turned on enough by the wicked thoughts and images of her son and his big throbbing fuck rod, the warm water of the shower cascading down on Lynn's body sent waves of pleasure all over her skin. Her nipples responded immediately, filling and swelling with blood as the water hit them like a hard rain. She turned and let the shower wet her long auburn hair. She slicked it back with her hands and then let them explore her feminine frame. They caressed her shoulders, then her arms, her tummy and up to her excited breasts. Her hands curled around them, squeezing them firmly. She rubbed them together then let her fingers slide forward, each grasping a nipple. "Mmmmm, God!" She hissed in the steamy compartment. She rolled and pulled at the rubbery nubs, making them stretch out lewdly.

Feeling weak, yet still so energized, she sat down on the small bench seat. The shower rained down on her body. She opened her thighs and gasped sharply when the first streams began to sting her agitated pussy. With her mouth open she panted. At first content to let the punishing flow continue to stoke her burning womb, with her eyes closed, she reached down. Her fingers parted the wet, matted bush and delved in between her lips. Her other hand was busy alternating between her two breasts as she delicately slid her middle finger into her burning hole. "Yesssssssssss." She exclaimed loudly. Her finger began to work in and out of her juicy pussy harder and faster as she frantically finger fucked herself.

Her mind continued to supply images of her strapping son. His magnificent cock throbbed with obvious fuck power. Then almost as if she knew or she sensed, she saw Connie, the office tease. She was on her knees licking and kissing all over Chris' massive cock. Lynn could imagine the filth that would be coming out of Connie's mouth as she worshipped the boy's immense rod.

In her mind's eye, she was there watching them. Connie was slobbering all over the big prick, moaning and cooing like a whore. "Mmmm, God yes, baby. I love it. I love this huge young cock of yours." Her tongue flicked at the angry knob, teasing it. A long strand of spit connected her tongue and his iron hard prick.

Lynn's finger was a blur as it drove in and out of her marshy cunt. She pulled on her nipples sadistically. It was almost as if she was raping herself in the shower. She needed it. She needed to be fucked. She missed the feeling of a big, thick cock battering her womb like a jackhammer.

Again, she saw Chris. It was like he was standing there watching her through the glass. Nude, his fist wrapped around his mammoth cock, he glared at her. Bold and confident, he slid his fist up and down the meaty cylinder as he watched his horny mom get herself off. The thought, the image sent Lynn over the edge. The conservative mother began to slap her pussy with one hand while the other thrust one, two, then three fingers in and out of her starved pussy. "FUCK ME!" She screamed. "Oh goddammit, fuck me! Pound me with that big fucking cock." She was delirious. She moaned and blathered on incoherently. "Jesus, baby, fuck me, fuck your horny mommy with that giant cock! Hurt me with it! Fuck me like a little whore....!" Just as the last syllable escaped her throat, her cunt seized up. Her whole body stiffened. She yanked her fingers from her sopping hole. A fountain of cuntal spray erupted. She slapped at her clit, angrily beating her too long neglected pussy like a mad woman. Her cunt convulsed and sent stream after stream of hot pussy juice arcing against the glass door. Spent and content, she collapsed against the back wall and let the warm water continue to wash over her. A pang of embarrassment swept through her. She felt ashamed for her sinful thoughts and actions, but her pussy felt refreshed and thoroughly sated for the first time in far too long.


Chris continued to stand over the kneeling cougar as her tongue explored his bulging cock. Her fingers caressed his thighs and his hips further exciting the young stud. "I wanna see it." She cooed. "Can I? Hmmm? Can I take it out, honey?" Her fingertips toyed at the waistband of his snow white briefs. "Let Miss Connie see this big fucker in all its glory." She was chewing on her lip as she looked up at him.

"Fuck yeah, pull 'em down. Take it out. Free my big horny cock."

Connie couldn't believe how smooth and strong his body felt to her. His flesh was warm and pliable yet so firm and textured with striations. As it bracing for her prize, Connie inhaled sharply and dug her fingers into the tight waist band. She let them linger there for a moment as she prepared for its unveiling. She looked up at Chris. Her eyes had a animalistic glint to them. Then, slowly she began to peel the tiny cotton briefs down. She held her breath as each centimeter of the boy's flesh was uncovered. First she saw the furry little patch of pubic hair come into view. It was neatly trimmed. Then she continued to ease his shorts down over the sideways angled length of his cock. As soon as the fabric had cleared the massive fuck rod, it sprang up, bouncing lewdly for a moment, and swaying side to side before settling. It reared up from his crotch straining upwards, almost perfectly straight up.

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