tagNonConsent/ReluctanceConsummating the Marriage

Consummating the Marriage


Kyla and Dave had been dating for over two year, and had finally decided to get married. Both were young, and attractive. Dave was tall, and fit, with dark hair and eyes. Kyla was above average height, slim, with long, curly dark hair, a tight body, dark exotic eyes, and small, perky breasts.

Dave always treated Kyla with a lot of respect, and rarely, if ever felt the need to check out other women.

Kyla, while pleasant, had a tendency to be somewhat stuck up. Dave doting on her, only increased her level of self-importance. Kyla's best friend Tonya had noticed Kyla becoming more and more self-righteous, and began to feel the need to do something, to put Kyla in her place.

Tonya was no angel herself however. She was about the same height as Kyla, with should length dark hair, with blonde highlights. Unlike Kyla, Tonya had very large, full breasts, and was much less of a prude.

Tonya was set to become Kyla's maid of honor, and as a result, had been spending a lot of time with Dave and Kyla in the weeks leading up to the wedding. While Tonya never had much interest in dating Dave, she felt he was much too conservative for her; however she had begun to develop an intense sexual attraction to him. Whenever Tonya knew she would be seeing Dave, she was sure to wear a low cut top, showing off her ample cleavage. Dave had started to notice as well, and Tonya loved this. Every time she noticed Dave checking out her cleavage, she smiled, pleased that she was distracting Dave from his stuck up fiancé.

However, Dave's lustful glances were not enough. Tonya had to have him. She knew she could please him in ways that her selfish friend, Kyla never could. She also wanted to fuck Dave, as a way to get back at Kyla, for her condescending ways of late.

As the wedding drew near, Tonya developed a plan. Not only would she get a chance to be with Dave, but she would humiliate her Kyla, whether she knew about it or not.

The plan allowed for the wedding to take place, as normal, but would go into action at the wedding reception. Knowing Kyla was having a big wedding, and would be spending most of the reception, greeting guests, an enjoying being the center of attention, Tonya would be left unnoticed. Tonya would even draw her normal lustful glances from men, as the bridesmaid dresses Kyla had chosen were completely unflattering, with large poofy sleeves, and a large bow on the front, which hid Tonya's breasts.

During the wedding, Tonya could not keep from smiling. While it appeared she was just happy for her friend, in reality, she was excited for what was about to develop that evening.

The wedding went off, without a hitch, then the wedding partied went outside for pictures. The entire time, Kyla was bossy and condescending to her bridesmaids, groomsmen, and even the cameraman. Her behaviour just made Tonya smile even more, knowing she would deserve what was coming to her.

At the reception, there were the normal speeches, dancing and celebrating. Everything went off as expected, until guests began to filter out. Tonya had decided to wait until the bride's parents to leave, as the cue for her to input her devious plan.

Shortly after the crowd began to thin out, Kyla's parents decided to head out. As Kyla got up, to hug her parents, and see them off, Tonya offered to get her one final glass of champagne. Tonya poured the champagne, but then pulled a small veil out of her purse and poured a clear substance into the champagne. Tonya had drugged Kyla. The drug she gave her would not have any taste, or harm her in any way. But once it entered her bloodstream, Kyla would be out, like a light, for several hours.

Just as expected, shortly after finishing her champagne, Kyla began to feel woozy, and approached Dave. She whispered into his ear, |I think it's time to head to the bridal suite," which excited Dave. During the weeks leading up to the wedding Kyla had been withholding sex, thinking it would make their wedding night more special. All it really did was make Dave irritable, but he was ready for sex now.

Dave and Kyla made their way up the elevator, and towards the room. Ever the gentleman, Dave lifted up Kyla, and carried her into the hotel room; however by the time he got inside to the room, Kyla was completely out cold. Dave set her down on the bed, and attempted to wake her, however had no luck. Dave was beyond disgust. Kyla must have drunk so much champagne, that she passed out. How could she be so selfish?

Disappointed, Dave sat down, and poured himself a beer...may as well get drunk as well. After finishing about half his beer, he heard a knock on the door. Curious about who would be knocking on the bridal suite on their wedding night, Dave looked through the peephole, and was surprised to see Tonya, who had changed out of her ugly and dress, and was now wearing a long, silk night gown.

Dave opened the door, allowing Tonya inside.

"I thought you might be looking for some company," Tonya said, smiling slyly.

"Yeah...I think Kyla's done for the night," Dave responded, "I guess she must have drunk more champagne than I thought."

Tonya approached Kyla, on the bed, and feigned trying to wake her. "Doesn't look like you even get to make love as a married man. I think maybe Kyla forgot this was both your day, and not just about her," Tonya huffed. "You know, you really deserve to get laid on your wedding night, even if it's not with her," Tonya stated, while smiling at Dave seductively.

Dave blushed, and stammered, "Oh, uh I couldn't."

'I promise you, she will not be waking up tonight and nobody will ever know," Tonya responded.

Dave didn't know what to see, but could feel his penis beginning to stiffen at the thought of being with Tonya.

"You can just pretend you are doing her. It's the best for both of you, otherwise you will just be upset with her, and it will ruin both your honeymoon," Tonya suggested. "I will even put on her wedding dress, so it's like you are with her."

Before Dave could say anything, Tonya, approached the unconscious Kyla, rolling her over, so she could gain access to the zipper on the back of her dress. Before Dave could even think of interceding, she bent over, and lifted up her robe, briefly revealing her bare ass. It was round, and tight, and any will power Dave had, instantly vanished. His large penis was now fully erect, creating a budge in his Tuxedo pants.

Tonya unzipped the wedding dress, and pulled it down, past Kyla's feet, leaving her on the bed, in just her white panties, and bra. Tonya then rolled her back over, so she was lying on her back.

She took the wedding dress into the bathroom, to get changed, emerging minutes later.

The dress fit her well, as she was about the same size as Kyla, except Tonya's breasts were much larger. The dress designed for Kyla's small tits could barely contain Tonya's big, full breasts, and they pushed out the top, with her nipples just barely covered.

"Who do you think the dress looks better on, Dave?"

Dave admitted, "I think probably you...wow"

Tonya approached Dave, grabbed his hand, and pulled him in for a kiss. She then gently stroked his large, hard cock, "I see you are enjoying this." She pulled him towards the bed, and laid down, pulling Dave on top of her. As she did this, her tits popped out the top of the dress, giving Dave his first unobstructed view of her big tits.

"Do you like them? I bet you like to get to play with big ones for a change," Tonya asked.

"They are magnificent," Dave answered.

"Let's see how they compare to your wife's little tits!" shot back Tonya, as she reached towards Kyla, and undid her bra. Tossing it to the floor, and revealing Kyla's small tits, which looked even smaller because she was on her back.

"Oh my, I forgot how flat she was," Tonya giggled, as she pinched one of Kyla's nipples. She grabbed Dave's hand, and placed it on her big tits. "Don't they feel nicer too?"

"Oh yes, I just loved them!" Dave moaned.

Tonya started kissing Dave, as she reached down toward his belt buckle, and undid his pants, before reaching down, and grabbing his penis. "Mmm, you feel thick Dave; I can't wait to feel you inside me."

With this, Dave could not contain himself. He pulled back, and lifted the dress, revealing Tonya's bare, smooth pussy. "Your pussy looks wonderful," He moaned, "so much sexier than Kyla."

"I bet," stated Tonya, "I want to see hers, so I know how much hotter mine is." Tonya then reached over, and tugged Kyla's panties to her knees, revealing her pussy. Kyla had a thick, dark, unkempt bush. "Gross!" Tonya blurted, "It looks like a bird's nest that must be awful to go down on."

"Well Kyla doesn't really like oral," Dave confessed.

"Good thing I do," Tonya cooed, as she pulled Dave's face towards her smooth pussy, 'I bet you will enjoy how this tastes."

Dave started licking her smooth pussy lips, and sucking on her clit. He stuck his tongue inside her pussy, and lapped up her juices. "Your pussy tastes better, and looks better," He kept on her pussy, until Tonya had cum a couple times.

Then he stood back up, undid his shirt, and pulled his pants down, revealing his erect cock.

"Oh, wow you are so hung. I just love it," Tonya complimented him.

He grabbed her legs, and spread them wide, and pushed them back, then thrust his large penis, into her wet pussy. Tonya rocked her hips as he pumped her deep and hard, her big tits bouncing up and down. Tonya's pussy felt so good, the way she worked her hips, lovemaking felt better than anything he had ever experienced with Kyla.

It didn't take long, until Dave was about to cum. Tonya could tell he was getting close, and had him pull out. Then she scooted up to the edge of the bed, and inserted Dave's big penis into her mouth. It was already dripping with precum. She gently squeezed his balls, as she licked the head of his thick penis. The few times Kyla had given him head, had never felt so good.

"OHHHHH!" Dave shouted out, as he shot a huge load into Tonya's mouth. She pumped his cocked, to ensure she had sucked out every last drop, swallowing most but not all of it.

As Dave collapsed onto the bed, Tonya, smiled at him, and got up, circling around the bed next to Kyla.

As one final act of humiliation, she leaned towards Kyla, grabbed her chin, tilting her face forward, and tongue kissed her, depositing what was left of Dave's cum into her mouth. She then pinched both her nipples, and gave her pubic hair a quick tug, before making her way back to Dave, 'I think that was probably better than anything she could have given you," as Dave smiled and nodded in agreement.

With this, she removed the dress, and tossed it on a chair beside the bed, standing fully nude in front of Dave for a few seconds, before going to the bathroom to retrieve her robe. She came back out of the bathroom, walked over to Dave, gave him a kiss, on the lips, and made her way to the door. As she opened the door, she looked back and said, "Luckily Kyla has invited me along on the honeymoon, so there can be more of this," she lifted her robe, giving Dave one last glimpse of her smooth pussy, before leaving for the night.

That night Dave slept soundly, and Kyla awoke the next morning not suspecting a thing, just thinking she had drank too much. She had no idea the fun Dave and Tonya had, or the humiliation she herself had endured.

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