tagGroup SexContest Ch. 08

Contest Ch. 08


After her day of rest Violet was feeling much better and quite ready to tackle another task. She had no idea what Danielle would be up to, and she wondered what else Jared had put on her friends list. It had rather shocked her to find out that Danielle had give up her anal virginity - and enjoyed it! It might harder to beat Danielle than she had originally thought, although she was comforted in the fact that her friend seemed just as shocked by some of her own exploits. Talking on the phone she'd gotten rather hot listening to everything Danielle had done, dirty pictures of the buxom blonde running through her head. Well, if she just managed to win this contest then she would have her for a night even if she had to share her with Jared.

Looking over her list, she winced at the choices left to her.

It was time to swallow some cum.


Violet was moaning heavily as three dicks pumped in and out of her holes. She'd called Jared who'd arranged her to have a foursome with Hank, Ned and Brett - Jake was out on a business trip - and she was rather excited to be with the three guys again. They were all very attractive... and the thought that she might get to have Hank's long dick in her pussy had really gotten her going.

Showing up at the house she'd gotten rather aggressive, undressing them almost as quickly as they stripped the clothes off her body. It had been invigorating to have six hands running all over her body, all at once, stroking and squeezing. At one rather memorable point Hank had knelt between her legs, holding her up with his hands on her hips while Brett and Ned's mouths were latched onto her nipples sucking and their hands stroked her firm ass cheeks. Shaking and moaning with pleasure, she'd actually had her first orgasm within ten minutes of arriving at the house as all three of them pleasured her body.

After that though, they were all already rock hard and ready to go. So, kissing Hank passionately as she pushed him to the floor, the other two were running their hands all over her body as she straddled his long black cock. Moaning as she lowered herself onto him, it felt like she was being impaled on a long hard pole as she slid her wet pussy down the long shaft. Brett stuck his dick in her mouth and she immediately began sucking on him energetically as she continued to press her body down the long way to Hank's body; behind her Ned was rubbing his hard dick against her back and groping her breasts roughly. When she finally bottomed out on Hank's dick her throat opened up even more and Brett managed to shove his dick entirely down her throat as the muscles convulsed around his hard shaft. Her head was tilted back as she moaned around the dick in her mouth, body quivering with the impending orgasm that she had worked herself up to just lowering herself down onto the huge cock.

With much regret, Brett pulled himself out of her open throat and switched placed with Ned... they'd all agreed earlier on what hole they'd be taking and he knew he wanted her ass... but the massaging of her throat muscles had felt incredible. As soon as Ned's dick was in front of her she began licking and sucking on the head, although she slowed as she felt Brett getting into position behind her, realizing his intent.

Hand firmly gripping Ned's pulsing dick, she looked over her shoulder at Brett with imploring brown eyes, "Carefully please... that's an awful lot of meat to be packing back there."

Brett grinned at her and began to push his wet dick into her tight ass, Hank slowing his movements underneath her as her head hung and she panted as her asshole was stretched out again. The amount of cock in her holes was definitely getting her hot, even as she it was slightly uncomfortable and stretched. Hank began rubbing her breasts with his hands, they were so big that they almost completely covered her globes. Pleasure ran through her from her boobs to her pussy, making the discomfort of having both her holes plugged a little easier to bear. Slowly, as Brett slid home and her ass adjusted, the slight burning sensation in her ass started to feel as good as the heat burning in her pussy, her eyes half closed in pleasure she opened her mouth and pulled Ned's dick into her last hole.

Filling with hard cock, her body was shuddering as the three men started to fuck her in unison. Within minutes she was cumming again, her mouth completely swallowing Ned's cock as her moans massaged the hard shaft. The three men continued to pummel her holes as her orgasm clenched at them, wanting to hold off for a little longer in the half-Asian's hot body. Her mouth, pussy and ass were doing incredible things to their dicks as she came, her whole body clenching, bucking and spasming. As she came back to earth, their pumping thrusts kept her body sensitive and aroused, it was like a constant small orgasm as they continued to fuck her.

Nipples pinched tightly between Hank's fingers, her tongue lashed against Ned's dick, heavy suction actually making him the first to lose control. Gritting his teeth, he pulled his swelling dick out of her grasping mouth and grabbed the cup sitting nearby, watching Violet's small body flop in between her meat sandwich, he pumped his dick once and unloaded his cum into the cup. Then, panting for breath, he sat on the couch and watched as Hank continued to manipulate her nipples and breasts, her back arching to press them more firmly into his large hands.

Brett's hands were on her waist, holding her in place as his and Hank's dicks slammed into her holes in unison. Her ass was still incredibly tight, slick and her constant orgasms were making it pulse around his cock. Slamming harder and harder into her, the two men drove her towards another orgasm, making her cry out wordlessly as her body jerked and heaved between the two pistoning cocks. When her tight hole clenched down on Brett's cock again he couldn't hold himself back and the first spurt of his cum went straight into her dark hole, only then did he manage to pull out and pump the rest of his load into the cup along with Ned's. Looking on wistfully as Violet's body continued to grind against Hank's, riding the long dick in her heavy orgasm, he left the room to quickly wash off his dick.

When he came back, Violet was still orgasming and calling out helplessly as her body shook hard in ecstasy. Hank never stopped moving beneath her and the two men wondered at his incredibly staying power... they didn't know that he'd actually already cum once at the very beginning and had just been fucked back to hardness with his dick embedded in her tight hole while all three of them had been fucking her. Finally Violet's breathing slowed a little and Hank lifted her off of him with Ned and Brett's help. Grabbing the cup he took Violet's hand and wrapped it around his dick, tiredly she moved it, her head leaning against his thigh while her tongue snaked out to lick his heavy balls. Spurt after spurt of white cum joined the previous two loads.

Violet took the cup in hand... her first time swallowing cum and it was an awful lot of it. Smiling at the video camera, she tipped the cup towards her mouth and began drinking... salty and sticky it coated her mouth and throat as she swallowed, a little dribbling over her body lip and dripping down to her breast. She thought that it wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been for the large amount of it, her stomach felt a little nauseous... among other things.

Crawling over to Ned, she took his semi-hard dick in her mouth, and he moaned as her tongue fluttered over the head and shaft. Hank and Brett looked on in amazement as she slurped and sucked on the meat like it was a lollipop, teasing it to hardness with her tongue and lips. Pulling Ned down onto the floor she straddled his now rock hard dick and lowered her pussy onto it, making him moan as his dick was encased it wet warmth. Grabbing Hank, she began to slobber all over his dick as well, moving her hips on Ned's body as his hands ran from her breasts and nipples to her waist and back again. Hank took a little bit longer to get hard (as he had already cum twice), but her sluttiness and the skill of her tongue soon had him hard and moaning as she worked more and more of his long shaft into her throat. Pulling off the wet dick she smiled sexily up at him as her hand fisted the shaft.

"Put it in my ass, baby," her voice was throatily husky and immediately got him even harder. As he got into position behind her she reached her hand out towards Brett, who was already hard and stroking himself. Immediately he stepped up to find his dick guided into her mouth, where she began sucking him hard as Hank's long cock invaded her ass once more.

Danielle was not the only one to not make it home that night, Violet spent many hours with all three men until her pussy and ass were raw and leaking and she had swallowed two more loads of cum. Even after that she went home with brown haired Brett - the other two men claiming themselves to be way too tired to take her on, especially when they had work the next day. Lucky Brett happened to have the day off, and he spent a long night of pleasure with the horny brunette... and woke up to a very pleasant surprise the next morning when he opened his eyes groaning to find her bouncing up and down on his morning wood. He actually ended up calling his doctor and canceling the appointment which was the reason he'd had the day off. Later that afternoon, they also invited Ned back over.

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