Josh Anderson was 18 years old and spending his last summer before he graduated high school when he discovered something utterly fascinating about himself. He possessed some interesting abilities that added a completely new dimension to his young life.

Josh was a shy sort of guy and kept mostly to himself. His schoolmates considered him a computer geek but they would admit this dark haired young man was handsome in his own way. He did okay at the rural school he attended but did not have anyone he would call a close friend. He knew some of the small Gothic/Computer group at school but did not have the nerve to dress like them. He was also not interested in using drugs as most of them did.

Josh spent his off time divided between exploring the forest and fields around his house and surfing the Internet. He lived in a rural area and so there were always places to explore. This summer all he had was free time. His Mom, Julie would leave in the morning for work and not return till the afternoon. Josh and Julie were far from wealthy but they were able to afford the basics.

Josh loved sci-fi stories of all kind. This summer he found a series on mind control and some of it included control of attractive females. These stories fueled some of his fantasies. He read some pretty far out stories and even had written some of his own fantasies. He kept these hidden on his computer.

Josh also found several interesting Gothic-Magical sites that discussed various rituals to develop psychic abilities. Josh did not really believe in such things but was still intrigue by it. In fact one Saturday night just before the school semester ended he decided to perform one of the rituals.

He snuck out of the house during the full moon and went to an area he had prepared the previous afternoon. He had found a spot isolated but close enough to his house he did not have far to go. And he gathered a nice stack of wood for a fire. In the light of the full moon he lit the fire; undressed, painted a few ancient symbols on his chest, stood before the fire, and began to recite some ritualistic verses. He was little scared but as he said the verses he became absorbed in the proceedings. As his sweating body swayed before the fire he became strangely excited. There was an erotic feel to it that produced a raging hard-on.

“Oh Fire of the Underworld and all above flow into this mortal and fill me with your strength,” Josh recited standing near the fire with his dick now point straight out at full attention.

Josh’s hand moved to grasp his cock and almost without knowing it began rubbing back and forth. He was feeling very strange.

“God of the Underworld I give you my seed,” Josh screamed into the fire. As he ended this last phrase his cock erupted in a spray of cum. For a few moments he was in complete rapture. Josh had masturbated many times but it had never felt like this. In fact the feeling was so intense that as it ended he fell to the ground overcome by the sensations. He unable to move for a few minutes

“Wow, that was something!” Josh said to himself as he got up and went to small stream to clean up. As he washed himself a feeling of shame came over him as if he had done something very wrong. Josh decided at this point maybe Magic Ritual was not something he wanted to continue. He returned home, slipped into bed, and let the matter drop. Summer vacation was almost here.

The summer began and Josh was in heaven. He had no real responsibilities and he always found something fun to do. This particular day Josh was playing with his dog, Ralphee. They were in a field running and chasing whatever they happened to see. They had just come around a group of trees and Josh noticed his neighbor Mrs. Johnson hanging clothes. He had a good view of her but she could not see him.

Josh liked girls. He liked to scan the many naked women’s pictures on the Internet. He even snuck a peek at his Mom. He had seen in bra and panties several times and once got a quick view of her breasts. Jack had been very aroused by this and had masturbated numerous times thinking about what he had seen.

Mrs. Johnson was an attractive woman in her late 30’s. Josh had a good view from his vantage point about 30 yards away. Josh felt a tinge of excitement knowing she did not know he was there.

“Ssssshhhh”, he said quietly to his dog Ralphee. Ralphee sat quietly as Josh continued to watch.

Mrs. Johnson was wearing an old t-shirt and shorts as she hung clothes on a line to dry. Josh noticed she had hung some white bras and they were swaying in the breeze. Josh closed his eyes for a moment and formed an image in his mind of Mrs. Johnson hanging clothes in the nude. He felt his cock swelling as a result of this image. When he opened his eyes and to his complete astonishment Mrs. Johnson suddenly pulled the t-shirt over her head and then removed her shorts and her panties. Josh gasped in surprise but quickly found himself totally aroused by what he was seeing. Josh’s cock was hard almost instantly. He went with the feeling and pulled out his four-inch rock hard dick.

Josh had always wished his cock were large like the porno guys. He always felt embarrassed when he had to change in front of other guys. Several times guys had made fun of him and this was very upsetting. However, on this day watching Mrs. Johnson’s display of naked clothes hanging he was happy to feel his cock and began to rub it back and forth. It did not take long and he shot a load of cum on the ground.

Mrs. Johnson was singing to herself as she hung her clothes. It was kind of hot but otherwise a normal day. Suddenly she felt rather strange and felt her clothes were too tight on her. She quickly removed everything she was wearing and immediately felt much better. So much better she was not aware she was now standing his her yard nude hanging clothes. Of course her house was isolated and there was no one to see her, she did not know about Josh, but it was not until she walked back in the house that she became conscious of the fact she had just been out in the yard naked. She looked out the kitchen window and stared at her clothes lying where she left them. She thought, “It must be the heat.”

When Josh looked back at Mrs. Johnson he saw her open the kitchen door and walk inside. Josh did not know what to make of this. It was really weird but he liked it. He would have to come watch Mrs. Johnson more often.

Josh and his mom lived together in a small country home. His father had divorced his mother the year before and they had not heard from him since. Josh had never had a very good relationship with his father and was glad when he left. However this meant his mother had to go to work at a small restaurant in town. She made enough to survive although there was not much left over.

Josh knew his father’s departure had hurt his mother and Josh resented him for hurting her. For sometime now his mother seemed unhappy and never had much to say. Other than working, keeping the house clean enough, and watching TV she did not do much of anything.

His mother at 35 was a very pretty woman and could have dated lots of men in town. However, she chose to work as many hours as she could and then return home. That was her life.

Josh did not have any real friends other than Ralphee. It was summer and he enjoyed being by himself. After watching Mrs. Johnson it looked to be a very interesting summer.

Josh had learned quite a bit about sex when he was 10 and his Dad bought him his first computer. He quickly learned how to use his computer and found lots of information on the Internet. Josh reached puberty shortly after this. While his parents were gone one afternoon Josh was looking at pictures of naked girls and rubbing his cock. Suddenly he had a feeling build up in his stomach and before he could do anything he shot his first load all over the computer desk.

Josh was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal while his Mom washed dishes. He was till thinking about Mrs. Johnson’s standing naked in her yard. He looked up about that time and saw his Mom standing before the sink. His Mom standing there naked flashed through his mind. Suddenly his Mom began pulling down her pants to reveal a red pair of panties that were tight across her ass. Josh surprised by this quickly became embarrassed and thought about his mother fully clothed. His mom quickly pulled up her jeans.

Julie was standing before the sink washing dishes thinking of nothing in particular when she suddenly felt that her jeans were terribly tight. Without a thought of what she was doing she unbuttoned them and began to pull them down. Just about as quickly as the feeling arose it left and she pulled them back up. She was dazed by this and looked over her shoulder to see if her son had been watching. He did not appear to have seen what happen.

“Josh, finished with cereal so I can wash the bowl,” Julie said trying to sound normal.

Josh had quickly looked down when his mom began to pull up her pants so as to appear as if he had not seen anything strange. However, he had seen much he needed to consider about these events.

Later after his Mom left for work he sat before his computer thinking. “I pictured Mom and Mrs. Johnson without clothes and suddenly they began removing their clothes. That can’t be just a coincidence. I need to go and test this out,” Josh concluded and rose from his desk in search of a test subject.

Josh lived in the country and had no transportation other than a bike. There were several neighbors within a few minutes walk. He did not want to use Mrs. Johnson again; he wanted to test it on someone else. He decided to go west to the Jones’ and see if anyone was home.

“Come on Ralphee, We have some hunting to do,” Josh said as the two companions went into the woods.

The Jones’ house was a small wood frame house and Josh found a nice vantage point only 20 yards away where he could be hidden. He and Ralphee sat and waited. Mr. Jones would be at work and Josh was hoping Mrs. Jones needed to come outside. Then he got an idea and pictured Mrs. Jones coming outside. He stopped the thought and then changed he mind picture to Mrs. Jones coming outside naked.

Mrs. Bertha Jones was 26 with short blond hair. She could stand to loose the weight she gained after the birth of her baby but she still was attractive. She was sitting on the couch watching soap when she suddenly felt very anxious. It was as if she had trouble breathing. She felt her bra squeezing her chest and tore at her blouse to remove it. She quickly unsnapped the bra and sighed as her ample 36D breasts were freed. However, she then felt her pants were squeezing her tightly and she tugged them down along with her black panties. Bertha’s nude body now sat dazed on the couch. She had felt something like this before when she had a panic attack. As she sat there naked suddenly the house was closing in on her and she had to go outside. Bertha left her baby playing on the floor and ran out the kitchen door and felt very relieved to be standing in her backyard.

Josh did not have long to wait. Only a few minutes after he pictured Mrs. Jones naked in the yard he saw the kitchen door open and she walk out. “Damn, she has big boobs,” he commented to Ralphee.

“Ralphee, I don’t know what is going on but this is really something. Somehow I can control people just by thinking. I wonder what Mrs. Jones is thinking right now standing there naked. Boy, she has some hair on her pussy and it is not blond like on her head.”

Ralphee always agreed with Josh.

Mrs. Jones was not thinking much at this moment. She was feeling very good letting the wind brush away the feelings of anxiety.

Josh decided he had better let Mrs. Jones go back to what she was doing. He knew she had a baby inside and did not want anything bad to happen. He could have easily emptied his balls again at the sight of her big boobs but thought he had better let her go back to the baby.

Bertha suddenly looked around and wondered what had happened to her. She remembered the anxious feeling and attributed to an anxiety attack. But as she quickly reentered the house she was disturbed that she was standing naked in back yard. Luckily no one saw her. Bertha had no way of knowing about Josh.

Josh spent the remainder of the day considering the implications of what he had learned he could do. He wasn’t a bad person but he was loving the idea of controlling people particularly women. The day went by quickly and soon it was time for his mother to get off work and return home.

“Hi, Josh,” Julie said as she entered the front door.

“Hi, Mom,” Josh replied looking up from his computer screen.

“Come help me prepare supper,” she asked.


Josh walked into the kitchen where his Mom was cutting up some vegetables. He noticed her jeans were tight and the outline of her firm ass was very appealing. Josh did not like it that he liked his mother’s butt but he did.

After supper Josh helped his Mom clean up.

“I’m tired so I am going to go take a shower and go to be early,” Julie told her son.

“Ok mom.” Josh had an idea as he watched his Mom go to her room. Josh wondered if he could make someone not see him. So he pictured his Mom and then he attempted to send her the thought, “You will not be able to see me until I say it is okay.”

Josh rose from the sofa and walked into his mother room. She was getting ready for her shower and as Josh walked through the door she rose from her vanity and closed the door locking it. Julie did not like the thought but several times she thought Josh might have snuck in her room to peep at her in the shower. She noticed him looking at her at times when she was dressing and she felt very uncomfortable with him seeing her in a state of undress much less naked.

Josh stood by and watched his Mom. She slipped off her blouse and undid her bra revealing her breasts. They were not large but firm with tight little brown nipples. Josh felt his cock beginning to swell as his Mom slid her jeans down her long legs. She now wore only white cotton panties and she turned on the shower. As she moved across the bathroom she slipped off her panties to reveal a firm ass. When she turned around Josh had a perfect view of his Mom’s hairy bush protecting her pink pussy.

Josh was enjoying the show and soon had his dick in his hands. When his mother finished she toweled off and went into the bedroom. She got her pajamas and another pair of panties but before she put them on Josh intervened.

“Mom, lay down on the bed naked,” he thought as he focused on eyes.

Julie suddenly had the strangest feeling. She dropped her panties and pajamas and lay back on the bed.

“Spread you legs Mom,” Josh commanded.

Julie felt a bit dazed as she almost mechanically spread her legs. “What was she doing?” she thought.

“Rub your breasts.”

Julie had the oddest desire to touch her own breast and as she was considering this feeling she discovered her hand had moved to her chest and were kneading her breasts. She was surprised that it felt good.

Josh watched his nude Mom lying back and playing with her own boobs. He also had a perfect view of her pussy. After watching her for a few minutes, Josh thought, “Rub your pussy Mom.”

Julie’s hand slowly moved down her body and landed on the patch of dark hard that surrounded her pussy. As her hand hit the mark her body jerked.

“Keep rubbing Mom. Make your pussy feel good!” Josh continued to send his thoughts.

Julie did not know what was happening but she did feel a pressure building up deep within her. It was a pressure she had not felt for a very long time.

“Oh God,” she moaned as she began to wiggle back and forth on the bed. She rocking back and forth as her hand massaged her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” she said moving closer to an orgasm. Julie did not understand why she was feeling this way but she was consumed with desire. She could think of nothing but the sensation of her fingers on her clit.

Josh had never heard his Mom curse but then he had never seen her pussy either. Josh felt his cock pressing hard against his pants.

“Oh God I am Cumming,” his Mom groaned.

That was just too much for Josh. He had not even touched his dick but he came in his pants as his mother experienced her first orgasm in several years.

His mother groaned a bit more and then lay still for a few moments. Looking confused she got up and went to the bathroom. With that Josh slipped out the door sending one last thought to his Mom, “You can now see me again.”

Josh took a shower and then went to bed. He slept very well.

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