tagMind ControlFamily Time Ch. 1

Family Time Ch. 1


As a teenager, I realized that I could make people do whatever I wanted them to and it was quite intoxicating. When I was 18 and a senior in high school, I was still a virgin. Not a lot to look at, but not ugly either, just ordinary. There were a lot of cute girls at school and I masturbated quite often, because I knew I couldn't have any of them, I was too ordinary.

There was this girl, Marilyn, in my chemistry class. She was about 5'8", long blonde hair, perky chest and lovely long legs. She always wore a dress, never saw her in pants. Sometimes she would wear panty hose, other times not, either way her legs were incredible. The teacher broke us up into groups for a project and I got paired with Marilyn. I could tell she wasn't thrilled to be with me, but she didn't have a choice. Each pair was put in a cubicle and we were told to work on our projects and the teacher left. Marilyn sat across from me and we began to work, I sat there staring at her, wondering what it would be like to fuck her, this school beauty queen.

My mind was wandering as I gazed at her and I didn't even hear her question and she looked up at me and when our eyes locked, she fell silent. I realized that she was looking at me and it brought me back and I said I was sorry. "For what?" she asked.

"For not paying attention," I humbled. She sat there in a trance and gave me simple answers to all my questions, so I boldly asked her to come sit beside me to make the work easier. She immediately got up and moved next to me.

I couldn't believe that she had done as I asked, so I decided to test it further. "Pull your dress up and spread your legs," I ordered, expecting to get slapped at any moment. She did as I asked and I slid my hand onto her thigh, still waiting for the slap that didn't come. The walls of the cubicle hid everyone from each other. "Kiss me," I commanded and she did. Her lips were so soft and she opened her mouth and I slipped my tongue in, exploring her warm mouth as my hand moved over her panty hose towards her crotch. The fabric of the panty hose felt great and I soon reached her crotch.

I rubbed her pussy through the material and a little moan escaped her, I reached the band of the pantyhose and pushed my hand underneath it and down to her pussy. I had never felt a pussy before, but I had watched dad's pornos and that was my teacher. I stroked the lips of her pussy and she spread her legs wider to give me more room, her breath was getting shallower now. I pushed a finger into her tight hole and was met by a rush of fluids. Afraid that I would get caught, I removed my hand and told her to put her clothes back in order. A

s a last test, I had her massage her tits which she did without question. I told her to stop when she began to moan and she did. Then I told her that after school, she would come over to my house. She said ok, and I told her that she would tell anyone who asked that we were going to work on our project, but when I said megabyte, she would once again do anything I asked. She nodded her head and I told her to wake up.

"What the hell are you doing?" she asked, "why am I sitting beside you?"

"You came over here on your own Marilyn, don't you remember?" She looked puzzled and said she was sorry. She moved back to her chair and we worked on.

At 2:30, the doorbell rang, I couldn't believe it had worked! There stood Marilyn in all her beauty, "Let's get this shit over with Jonathan, I have a date tonight," was all she said as she came in. Mom and dad worked until 5:30, so I only had 3 hours, had to press on. She sat at the dining room table and opened her books and I stood there gazing at her beauty.

"What the hell are you waiting for Jonathan, let's go! Homework?? You know, why I'm here?" She avoided my gaze, I was hoping to try that again, but I just said, "Megabyte," and her eyes glassed over. "Get up and follow me," I said and she followed me to my bedroom. I sat on the bed and she stood in front of me, "Take your clothes off," I commanded and she began unzipping her dress and pulled it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it.

She was beautiful, standing there in her bra and panty hose. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra and pulled it off revealing her gorgeous chest. "How big are your tits?" I asked her.

"34 b cup," she replied, as she pulled her panty hose off her hips and rolled them down her legs. She stood back up and I drank in her beauty, her crotch was shaved and her pubes stood out.

"Come over and put one leg up on the bed for inspection," I told her and she did. I ran my hand up her legs and towards her beautiful pussy. I spread it open and slowly inserted a finger and she moaned. I put my other hand on her beautiful, firm tits and massaged them, my cock was straining to get out. What the hell are you waiting for? I asked myself. I told her to go back to where she was and stood up and walked over to her. "Do you like to fuck Marilyn?" I asked her, "Very much," she replied. "Do you suck dick Marilyn?" Her demeanor never changed as she replied, "I love to suck cock."

"Do it!!" I told her and she dropped to her knees and opened my pants and freed my cock, took it in her hand and guided it to her mouth. Her lips felt like satin as they grazed over my throbbing meat. Her mouth was like silk as she sucked me in and I saw her cheeks suck in as she sucked me. She pumped me in and out of her mouth and then she withdrew and licked my shaft, "Do you swallow Marilyn?"

She took her mouth off my cock for a second and said, "What else? I don't waste it." I smiled and told her, "Suck my cum out of me Marilyn," and she sucked in earnest. I felt the back of her mouth and occasionally her throat as she jammed my cock in and out of her mouth. I felt the growing load in my balls and I pumped it in her mouth, watching her try so hard to swallow it all. As she pulled my softening cock out, a small dribble of cum came with it and she lapped it up.

My little princess, I looked at the clock, two and a half hours left. I pulled my clothes off and lay back on the bed and told her to come climb on top of me. She did as I aslked and as she slid over my cock, it came back to life. She reached down and guided my semi hard cock into her pussy, rubbing it against her clit to moisten herself and then in it went. I watched as it disappeared in that beautiful snatch and she began to move up and down on it. "Are you on birth control?" I asked her.

"Oh, yes," she replied as she quickened her pace. I reached up and grabbed her tits and pulled them down to my mouth and sucked on them. She threw her long blonde hair back and began moaning and riding me harder, I knew she was going to have an orgasm. Her vaginal muscles sucked on my cock as her mouth had and I glanced down and saw part of her vagina come out with my cock as she rode it.

Her pace quickened and so did her thrusts as she screamed out her orgasm. That was all it took and I pumped my load into her as well, my first piece of ass, I thought. Actually, it was a piece of pussy, I corrected myself, but what about a piece of ass? She rolled off of me and lay there until her breathing calmed down. "Ever had a cock in your ass Marilyn?" I asked and she said,"No."

"You will today Marilyn and you will like it," I told her even though I didn't know whether either one of us would. "Clean my cock off Marilyn," and she rolled over and sucked all of our juices off my shaft and then tenderly kissed the head. I got up and went into mom and dad's bathroom and looked around and found one of mom's dildoes and a tube of anal lube hidden with dad's pornos and brought it back in.

"Get on your hands and knees Marilyn," I instructed and she did. I should prepare her first, I thought and told her to spread her legs as wide as she could and she complied. I had seen some anal fucking on one of dad's tapes, so I lubed up her asshole and began working a finger into it, "Relax Marilyn, let all of your muscles relax," and she did. "You will enjoy this Marilyn, no matter how much it hurts, you will enjoy it." I lubed up the dildo and stroked it over her anus and slowly pushed it in, she jumped as the head broke through her anal ring.

She relaxed and soon I had most of the big cock in her and started moving it in and out and I could hear her begin to moan. My cock is a lot smaller than this thing, I thought, she should take me easy. Her moaning got to me and my cock started it's upward journey again. I pulled the dildo out and she sighed and her anus remained just smaller than the girth of the dildo. I lubed my own cock and put it in, no problems as her anus was still stretched from the dildo. I began to pump her ass and it adjusted to my size and her anal ring stroked my cock as I pushed in and out.

She reached over picked up the dildo and inserted it in her twat and fucked both of us. Her ass was a whole lot tighter than her pussy and it didn't take long before I was ready to cum again. Her pace quickened too and I knew she would join me. I blasted a load in her tight ass and fell on top of her when I was done, exhausted. She kept pumping the dildo in her twat until she finished her orgasm. I withdrew from her ass and made her clean my cock again.

"Pictures!!!!" damn, I should get some pictures. I got my Polaroid out and took some pictures of her laying there with my cum dribbling out her ass and her own juices coming out of her pussy. I made her turn over and took some close ups of her bare pussy and those perky tits. I had her get back on her knees and blow me again and told her that when she felt me about to cum, to squirt it all over her face. She sucked me and I took some pictures of that angelic face going down on my cock. I felt my orgasm building and she pulled my cock out and jacked it off.

A big rope of cum hit her in the eye and the rest squirted all over her nose, and face. She licked all the cum that hung on my cock and I took some pictures of her face with my jism hanging all over it. I told her to go wash her face and she did and came back, all nice and fresh. I kissed her and told her to get dressed, only 15 minutes before mom and dad get home. I watched her dress relishing the two hours I'd just had. We went downstairs to the dining room and I told her that when she woke up, she wouldn't remember what we did, only what she felt. I told her that she would complete our project and give me credit also.

As an added thought, I told her she would ask her date to fuck her in the ass tonight and smiled at myself. I instructed her to wake up and she looked at me strangely, "Thanks for coming over Marilyn," I told her. "You're welcome Jonathan, I had fun and a good time working with you." She left and I ran and took a shower.

I was in the shower when mom got home. "Honey, I'm home," she called as she pushed the bathroom door slightly open. "Dad has to work late, so it'll just be you and me for dinner baby." I finished my shower and got out and toweled off and headed for my room with my towel around my waist. I walked in to find mom looking at my pictures of Marilyn, dammit, I forgot to hide them.

"Jonathan!!! What is this?" She looked at me and I stared back and soon I recognized that glassy look again, mom was under! "You never saw these pictures mom," and she replied "Yes, Jonathan." I had never thought about fucking my own mother but after my recent session with Marilyn, it was hard to control my cock. Mom was a good looking woman, brown hair and eyes and a nice small chest and I loved her ass, it was so perfect, even better than Marilyn's.

She had on a tan skirt and a white blouse, she was a secretary and she always dressed conservatively. Her legs weren't as sexy as Marilyn's, but there weren't bad. I opened my towel and let it drop and told her to blow me. She dropped to her knees and took my rising cock in her hand and guided it towards her mouth. Mom had more experience than Marilyn as she sucked my cock and my balls. I looked down and watched mom working on my cock and I could just see the outline of her tits through the opening in her blouse.

"Take your blouse off mom," I told her and she did as she kept sucking me. She let it drop to the floor and I saw her chest rise and fall as she sucked my cock. She had a pink, lacy bra on and I told her to take that off too. She complied, again never missing a mouthful of my cock. Her tits looked a little smaller than Marilyn's and her nipples were larger. Her hands started stroking her nipples as she sucked my cock into her mouth and I could hear her getting excited and her little tits rose and fell as she sucked. I didn't ask her if she swallowed, I just let it rip and her cheeks expanded to hold the sticky cum. After she was sure I had stopped cumming, she removed my cock and got up to head for the bathroom, I figured she was going to spit out my load.

"Mom, swallow it," I instructed and she did hesitantly. "From now on mom, when dad or I cum in your mouth, you will swallow it and you will love the taste." She stood there, transfixed "Yes, Jonathan." As she was headed for the bathroom, I was now behind her and I looked over her fine ass. "Take your skirt off mom," and she complied. She had matching pink, lacy panties on and they hugged her ass globes. "Take your panties off too mom, and turn around." She did and I marveled a her nice tight body, mom was a knockout! She still had her panties in her hand and I told her to bring them to me. I took them and noticed a wet spot on the crotch, "What's this mom?' I asked, and she just stood there. I had excited my mom as much as she had excited me.

"Did you like sucking my cock mom?" I asked her and she replied," Yes, Jonathan, very much." I thought about what a gift I had and how I had jerked off all those times and could have had the real thing! "Do you ever cheat on dad, mom?" I asked.

"Yes, with Mr. Bishop, at work," she replied. She was Mr. Bishop's secretary, he was an old fucker.

"You won't again mom, you'll only have sex with dad and me from now on."

She looked at me blankly and replied, "Yes Jonathan." I told her to lay on the bed and spread her legs and to teach me how to eat pussy. She walked over and laid on the bed and spread her legs wide and told me to put my head between her legs and I did. She had a nice pussy, but I liked the fact that Marilyn's was shaved. I made her stop and get up and go shave her pussy and then come back. She returned with a nicely shaven pussy, there was no hint of the brown curls that had adorned it. I hadn't really looked at Marilyn's pussy and I now stared at mom's.

A fold of skin hung down from the top and I leaned forward and took it and sucked on it, mom moaned. "Put your tongue in me Jonathan," and I inserted my tongue in her and licked up and down her slit, she began to gyrate her hips and moan. She reached down and pulled the lips apart and pointed to a little flap of meat at the top of her opening,

"Suck on that Jonathan," and I sucked it in and nibbled on it. "Ohhhh, suck my clit Jonathan," and I obliged her. Soon, she was rocking her pussy into my face as I sucked and pulled on her clit. She arched her back, let out a scream and a flood of juice poured out of her opening. I dropped my tongue and tasted it, it wasn't bad, so I sucked it in. After all, she had swallowed mine. She finally released her grip on my head and lay back.

I eased up onto her and began to suckle on her small tits and those large, hard nipples. she moaned and rubbed her hands through my hair. My cock started to stir again and began pushing against her thigh. I eased up and it was over her naked entrance and she reached down and guided me in. Mom was tighter than Marilyn! My cock had a hard time penetrating mom, but she never gave up.

Soon, I was buried up to my balls in mom's tight pussy and began to thrust in and out and she soon joined my rhythm thrusting her hips up to meet my jabs. I sucked on her nipples as I buried myself in her and soon we both spasmed into orgasm and I lay spent on top of her. We got up and went downstairs and she made us some dinner nude, I loved looking at her body as she moved around making dinner. We ate in silence and then she did the dishes and we went back upstairs.

Not hearing her talk to me bothered me, so I sat her down and told her that I would wake her up, and that she would remember everything, but that it was all her idea and she would still do everything she could to please me. I told her that, for now, no one else would know about her love for me and our sex together. She nodded an affirmation and I woke her up. She looked down at her nakedness and made no attempt to hide it. "Jonathan, I love you," she said. "I love you too mom, but we have to be careful that dad doesn't catch us."

She reached out and stroked my cock and watched it grow in her hand, "I want you again, Jonathan," she said softly. "I want to fuck your ass mom, it turns me on," I told her and she got up and led me down to the rec room. She spit on her hand and rubbed it between her ass cheeks to moisten her little puckered hole. She lay down on her stomach and arched her sweet ass up in the air as she continued to lube it with her saliva. "Do you want the lube mom?" and she said no, that my dad fucked her in the ass pretty regular and she didn't need much lubrication.

She motioned me to come around in front of her and pulled my cock to her lips. She drew me into her mouth and sucked me to lubricate my cock. She had a great mouth and I had to pull out before I came again. I positioned myself over her ass and inched forward, she spread her legs to give me better access. The head hit the opening and I inched it forward and popped through her anal ring and she let out a sigh.

Soon, I began pumping mom's sweet little ass and she began to thrust back up at me, moaning with each penetration. After my great blow job to lube me up, it didn't take long and I spewed my cum into her ass. Her ass was not as tight as Marilyn's and felt great. Mom climaxed too and just lay there exhausted. I withdrew my cock and watched as the cum trickled from her anus and down across her bald pussy. I moved around in front of her and she raised up and sucked my cock clean. We took a shower together and spent an hour in there cleaning each other and I sucked on her sweet tits and ass again. We dried off and got ready for bed, dad would be home soon.

I slept like a baby, my urges had all been satisfied by two beautiful women. I thought about having Marilyn obsess with me, but decided against it, it would look out of place. I woke up with a raging hard on and mom between my legs sucking it. I freaked!!! "Mom!! What if dad walks in?" I asked. "He had to go in early she smiled," and went back to my blow job. She was so talented and before long, I pumped her mouth full of cum. She slurped it down and said, "Hurry honey or you'll be late for school."

I got dressed and headed out for school, I couldn't wait for chemistry class!! Chemistry class came and the teacher broke us back down into our groups and left again. Marilyn was being a real bitch, "You gonna help me Jonathan?" she asked and I just said, "Megabyte," and her eyes went blank. "Stand up and take your panties off," I told her and she did. "Pull your dress up over your hips and bend over the table," and she did. I moved around behind her and unbuckled my pants and let them fall, then dropped my briefs too. "I'm going to fuck your ass Marilyn and you will enjoy it, but you will make no sounds," she nodded in agreement.

I spit on her crack and massaged it into her puckered little anus, a few more times I thought and she will feel as good as mom did. The cubicle walls were high, so no one could tell what we were doing, but it heightened my excitement knowing that I was fucking Marilyn's asshole with so many people close by. I inserted my cock and began to pump her tight little ass and she began to pump back. Her one hand went to her tits and the other to her clit as we fucked madly.

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