tagIncest/TabooControl Ch. 03 - Midnight Visit

Control Ch. 03 - Midnight Visit


No one in this story is under 18.


I woke up in the middle of the night feeling even more restless than usual. Getting to sleep had been a chore, with the images of my brother's and my father's cocks in my mind. My plan had started out as a way to humiliate them the way I had been humiliated by them and to get even with them for the way they used my mother, but try as I might, I could no longer muster the anger.

Their cocks were increasingly on my mind. I thought back to me lying on the bathroom floor being fucked by TJ while Stephen pounded his huge cock down my throat as I lay there almost unconscious from lack of oxygen. I had blacked out as I had the most massive orgasm that I had ever experienced.

Suddenly, I noticed my hips were gyrating as my fingers had begun to massage my clitoris while thoughts of this afternoon ran through my head. It had not felt good. Stephens cock forced down my throat was painful and if I hadn't been used to his cock and my fathers, it may have damaged my throat.

But, the challenge of taking it excited me. The thought of being filthy excited me. Memories of being fucked by my father and both my brothers at the same time filled my mind as my fingers worked furiously on my pussy.

I got out of bed, tossing my panties aside and wearing nothing but a wife-beater that was stretched taut, straining to hold my large tits in, allowing the nipples to show through. My tits still hung heavy and full and bounced even though I was walking as quietly and stealthily as I could.

I made my way out of my room and across the hall to my brother's room. Even though they were in their twenties, they still shared a room. Our house wasn't large and there was no room for everyone to have their own room.

Being the only girl, I got a bedroom to myself, but it was small. They got the larger of the two bedrooms, but even their room, with two twin beds and two dressers, was tight. If I had had a sister rather than two brothers, I would be the one sharing a room.

I turned the doorknob, expecting someone to bark out a command to get away, but heard nothing. I pushed the door open slowly, with a very faint creak. I pushed it open until a trapezoid of light from the hall fell across Stephen's legs.

No one moved.

I stood and watched him sleep. The longer I watched, the more convinced I became that I could see the shape of his wondrous cock in the covers. Finally, the filth in my mind overpowered the reason, and I tip-toed in, pushing the door to behind me. I didn't push it far enough to latch it in case I had to make a quick exit, which was highly possible.

I stood beside his bed letting my eyes adjust to the darkness. I turned to check on TJ, and he was asleep as well. His cock was almost as magnificent as Steve's and I wanted it too.

My nerve crescendoed, and I dropped to my knees beside Stephens bed. I lifted the covers and began to touch his cock lightly through his underwear. I defined its flaccid length, still impressive, with my fingertip, barely touching it.

Electricity coursed through my body. Fear of getting caught was overshadowed by the desire to get caught. I wanted to awe him with the depth of my depravity.

I pulled down his shorts and took his stiffening member in my mouth. He awoke with a start and 'CRACK', he slapped me across the face.

"What the fuck" he said as I immediately took his cock back into my mouth, the side of my face stinging badly as I felt the blood rush to my cheek. I pumped his semi erect cock a couple of times before he slapped me off again.

Again I attacked his growing cock without a word. I just took it as deeply as I could as quickly as I could. Again, without a word, he smacked me hard enough to drive my face to the left. I looked him in the eye and attacked his cock again and again he smacked me, this time to the right. Without hesitation, I dove onto his stiff cock.

He pulled his hand back to smack me again. Looking into his eyes, I gave him an almost imperceptible nod. His hand flew harder still. My face was on fire. I took the tip of his cock in my mouth and began to kiss the tip. He smacked me again. I licked the area right behind and below the head. He smacked me again. I took the head in my mouth, and he smacked me yet again.

I could feel moisture dripping down my thighs as my face was on fire. I couldn't stop. I didn't want to stop. I took his cock in my mouth and pushed to the limit. Gagging, I pulled off only to dive right back down, pushing just a little further. Over and over I kept forcing his huge cock down my throat.

He was pumping against me now, and his balls pressed against my chin. I buried my face against him, not letting him pull out until I felt his hands behind my head. Holding me, he fucked my mouth mercilessly, his huge cock punishing my throat as it opened it up over and over.

I couldn't breathe. The room was starting to spin, and suddenly I felt I was being watched, which could only mean we had awakened TJ. I glanced over to see him up on his elbows in his bed.

He was watching intently, but not moving.

"Fuck my ass" I said, pulling Stephens huge cock out of my mouth just long enough to get the words out before Steve grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock deeply into my throat and resumed his assault on my face.

Teej got up, and in one fluid motion he pulled off his underwear and mounted my ass. He spit on his palm and stroked his cock once or twice and then pressed it against my asshole.

I felt the resistance. I felt my sphincter relax slightly as it was parted by the head of my brothers impressive cock. And then, it hurt. It hurt a lot as he thrust it abruptly in and I yelped.

It was to be a scream until Stephen shoved his cock further in my throat to silence me. TJ immediately began to pound my ass. Every stroke was a new, searing pain which I was forced to ignore by the cock pounding my throat, not letting any sounds escape except the slurping in my mouth.

I wouldn't have stopped TJ if I could. I started to buck against him, pressing his cock further in my ass and, alternatively, Stephens cock further down my throat with each thrust.

I didn't even notice that I started to whimper from the pain, but I must have because Stephen stopped fucking my face just long enough to make me look up at him. He slapped me hard across my face.

"Shut up. You're going to wake up Mom." He said as I could feel my face turning bright red as he shoved his cock back in my mouth. I pulled off and grabbed his dick in my hand and began to worship the head while I pumped my ass up and down on TJ's cock.

I heard TJ start to make a low guttural noise, and I knew he was close to exploding. Without warning, I pulled off of his cock and turned so I was between them facing both, and more importantly, I could reach both of them.

I pulled them in closer, spat in my palm and cleaned off TJ's cock as well as I could. I put my mouth on it, tasting a slightly acrid taste as I slipped it in further. I almost gagged, not from the depth of the cock, but from the taste. I kept sucking and stroking Stephens cock, and then I switched.

Back and forth, jerking and sucking until I felt TJ start to spasm. I took his cock deep into my throat and pumped it an inch or two. Rapidly, massaging the cum out of his cock with my throat until his back arched and I felt his cum shoot down my throat and, before I had it all, Stephen grabbed my head and shoved his cock deep into my throat. I began to do the same thing to his cock, although it was harder since he was significantly bigger.

But, I took his cum. I licked him clean.

Then, he shoved me off his bed. "Now go back to bed before you wake Mom" he said angrily.

I looked first at him, then at TJ. I wasn't done. I wanted more. But, they were finished.

TJ, however, saw the disappointment on my face.

"Come over here" he said as he lifted his covers and climbed into bed.

I climbed in. Nobody said a word for several moments. I reached down and felt for TJ's cock. It was flaccid, but I grabbed it and began to fondle it. Lightly, like I was playing with a small squeeze toy, I played with his balls and then slid my hand up his already hardening cock. I began to stroke it, but ever so slowly.

I wasn't trying to get him hard so he could fuck me. I just wanted to hold his cock. Slowly down the shaft to his balls, which I cupped and squeezed, feeling the balls slide against each other inside his ball sac.

I curled up under the blanket and lay my head against his chest as I continued to play with his cock and balls until he was asleep. I don't know how long I continued to play with him, but after a time, I feel asleep with his cock in my hand.

I felt content.

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