tagMind ControlControlled by Hypnosis

Controlled by Hypnosis


I have been asked many times if someone can be made to do something under hypnosis that they would not do if they were awake. Certainly an ethical hypnotist should not have someone do something they wouldn't or shouldn't do. Could it happen? Read on.

* * * * *

I was bored and mad. It was Friday and I was sitting in my Statistics class at the University. It was boring. My girl friend, Judy, had broken up with me last night and I was feeling rejected and mad. I had told her that we had been dating for two months and it was time to put up or pass. She passed. She said she was saving it for marriage. I didn't want to save it for marriage. Oh well.

Tonight I was doing a hypnosis gig at the Unitarian Church. It was a fund raiser. They were paying me $100 for an hour gig. I did it anonymously. My stage name is Master Hypnotist. I come in black leotards and a black cape and black mask. I am paid in cash. I have told no one about my side business.

I am five feet, ten inches tall and well built. With my costume on I look like a thousand other men. I perfected a technique where I deepen my voice while I am doing my routine. I also ad a Russian accent.

I arrived at the Church ten minutes early as the organizers requested.

"You will go on stage in about fifteen minutes. Do you need any props?"

"Yes, I should have several chairs on stage facing the audience and if you have a wireless mike that will help. Set the mixer to maximize the bass."

"We have the mike and the mixer will be set as you requested. Here is your payment as you stipulated." The women in charge handed me $100. I thanked her and took the mike and went to inspect the set up from the back of the room. I planned to make a grand entrance. When I checked the room, I thought I saw Judy. Nah, that couldn't be.

Soon, the organizer came to me and told me they were ready. I told her to have a spotlight on the entrance and have it follow me to the stage with the amplifier on. I waited a moment and stepped through the door. The spotlight was on me. "Ladies prepare for zee thrill of all time. Total control. You will give up total control in zee wonderful way. Gentlemen watch your women without inhibition s you have never seen them."

By this time I was on the stage. "Of course you will never do anything immoral or that you wouldn't want to do. You will feel zee wonderful feeling and you will feel terrific tomorrow. If you need help studying, sleeping or anything I will make it easy for you if you come on stage. Who will come? Women only" I started doing that several months ago and had few complaints. If I got complaints from men I relented and let them participate.

With that statement, I went into the audience. I walked up to a woman sitting with an older couple. "How about you my dear, wouldn't you like to benefit from the wonders of hypnosis?" She acted shy and shook her head. I turned to the next table. "Wait, wait, I'd like to do it."

I turned back. "Fine, go up to zee stage and sit on zee chair." There were five chairs. I continued walking among the tables. The women I thought was Judy, was Judy. I was trying to determine if she could tell it was me. I had never discussed my work with her and indeed, had said that I didn't believe in hypnosis when she mentioned it a week ago. I didn't realize she was probably talking about the Church event.

Judy was sitting with her parents, who I had met briefly at her home. We had barely talked. I wouldn't have expected them to recognize me. I knew Judy was having trouble sleeping and it was bothering her. I went to the table next to her's and made my pitch. "How about you my dear, if you have trouble concentrating, sleeping or studying ziss will cure it." The woman at that table giggled and shook her head. I heard Judy's mother talking to Judy. "Judy, why don't you do it, he might help you with your sleeping?"

Judy did not seem to recognize me. "How about it Mizz, you will sleep like a baby tonight and feel wonderful?" I turned away before she could respond.

"Go ahead Judy, do it. You need some relaxation" I intentionally did not go right back to her. I did get three more volunteers. I went back to Judy. "Zo, miss, are you going to do it?"

"Go on, Judy, do it." Judy stood up. "Oh, all right, I will do it."

There were now five women sitting on the stage. "Give zee brave women a hand."

"All of you close your eyes. Stiffen every muscle of your bodies, tight, tight!" They were all following instructions. So far so good. "Now, complete relaxation, now!" I said that very forcefully. All five relaxed, three of them, including Judy, slumped in their chairs.

"You are all wonderful. I am counting to ten. With each number you will go deeper. Deeper. Deeper. I kept repeating deeper as I counted. They were all slumped now.

"As your trance goes deeper your arm will move and begin to rise."

This was a little risky, but, usually the desire to please makes the women who are only lightly hypnotized raise their hands. I was looking for more subtle changes. If they were really hypnotized deeply, their hands would rise slowly and with fits and jerks. That is the way Judy's hand began to rise.

Pretty soon they were all sitting there with an arm in the air.

I went up to the first woman. "What is your name, my dear?" She was sitting with her legs sprawled in front of her and her head on the back of the chair. She mumbled, "Susan."

"Susan, is there anything you want me to do for you?"

"I want to concentrate better." I walked behind her and whispered into her ear. "You are feeling terrific. Can you hear me?" She mumbled, "Yes."

I continued to whisper, "How do you feel?"

Very softly, "terrific."

Still whispering, "Whenever you need to concentrate you will think of me and your concentration will improve. Your mind will go blank with only the subject you want to concentrate remaining. Do you understand?"


I now spoke loudly for the audience. "Susan, stand up and take a bow." She did.

"Susan, from now on you will have wonderful concentration! You can wake up and go back to your seat when I say three. One, two, three." Susan stood up. Looking dazed and went back to her seat.

I went to the second women. I went through the same routine. She wanted to lose weight. I suggested that she would only eat three meals a day and would fill up after drinking a large glass of water. She then went back to her table.

The third woman was a stunning women named Ilene. This one I wanted. I whispered into her ear. "Ilene, you are feeling wonderful. You love to listen to my voice. That is true, yes?"

She answered, "Yes." Ilene, also, was sitting slumped back in her chair. "Who are you here with?"

"My girl friends." I could barely hear her.

"Your whole body is feeling relaxed and erotic. You can feel your whole body tingle. Do you like the feeling?"


"Whenever I say the word sleep to you, you will go into an even deeper trance where you will feel even better, do you understand?"


"What can I help you with?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to be hypnotized."

"Give me your phone number?"

"543 3322"

I memorized it. "When you talk to me on the telephone you will do exactly as I say. Okay?"


"When I count to three you will wake up and go back to your table. You will wake from a very deep trance."

I then raised my voice. "Ilene, tonight you will feel terrific, relaxed and wonderful. One, two, three" She got up, looking somewhat unsteady, and went back to her seat.

I did not think the fourth woman was very deep. She was sitting in the seat with her head back, her body was not very limp. I whispered into her ear. "What can I do for you?"

"I want to study better."

"Whenever you have to study you will put everything else out of your mind and only think of your studies." Advice that will work with or without hypnosis. I went through the routine and sent her back to her seat. She did not seem unsteady.

Now it was Judy. She was slumped over with her head in her lap. Clearly in a deep trance. I don't think I ever whispered to Judy while we were dating. I didn't expect her to recognize my voice. If she had, that might have taken her out of her trance. I whispered in her ear. "What is your name, my dear?"

"Judy." She answered without raising her head.

"Judy your body is feeling wonderful. You are feeling a warm feeling all over your body. Does that feel good?"


"Judy, what can I do for you?"

"I have trouble getting a night sleep."

"Judy, tonight and every night you will go to bed and think of being hypnotized. When you do your body will become limp and you will fall into a deep restful sleep. Do you understand?"


"If you talk to me again on the phone or in person, when I identify myself, you will go into a deep trance and do exactly what I say. Do, you understand?"


"What is your last name?"


I asked her that so she wouldn't wonder how I was going to call her, in case she remembered the instruction. Sometimes inconsistent instructions will destroy long term post hypnotic suggestions. I woke her and had her go back to her seat. She looked very groggy.

"Thank you everyone, you were a wonderful audience. Give a hand to our five lucky woman." While they were clapping I left.

When I got back to my apartment I called Ilene. Another woman answered the telephone. In a very modulated voice I asked for Ilene. "Ilene, this is Master, do you understand?"

"Yes, Master." I just hope nobody was eavesdropping.

"Do you have a date tomorrow?"


"At seven in the evening I want you to go to the Veteran's Park and sit on the bench under the statute. Do you understand?"


"Good. Good bye"

I decided that I would call Judy in the morning.

Saturday morning I called Judy. "Hello."

"Judy, this is Master. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"Judy at 7:00 this evening I want you to go to Veteran's Park. You will sit on the bench under the statute. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

It was a cool evening so I wore a sweatshirt with a hood. I rented a van and drove it to the park. I arrived at the park at 6:45 and waited in the shadows where I could see the statute, but the women wouldn't see me. At exactly 7:00 they both approached the statute. I expected that they would know each other from church and I was right. They greeted each other and they sat on the bench and talked. I was wondering what they were talking about.

I walked up to them from behind the bench. "Judy, Ilene you will go to the brown van. You will go in the side door and sit on the seat in back. When you sit down, you will go into a deep trance."

They got up and walked toward the van. I followed behind. I had left the van with the door open. They got in and as soon as they sat down they slumped over.

I drove out of town to a cabin I occasionally used that belonged to a traveling friend. I talked as I drove. "Judy, Ilene when the van stops you will follow me. While the van moves the motion is making your trance even deeper. You are feeling terrific. Your bodies are very sensitive and aroused. Every thought you are having has to do with pleasing me. You desperately want to please me. Pleasing me will give you great pleasure."

We arrived at the cabin. I got out and walked toward the cabin. I glanced back and they were following me. Good! I opened the door and they walked in.

Ilene was wearing a sweat suit and Judy was wearing jeans and a bulky sweater. The cabin was a two room affair. One room was a combination kitchen and dining room and the other was a living room with a fold down couch. The couch was down. I led them into the bedroom.

"It is very warm in here. Your clothes are itchy and hot. You are getting more and more uncomfortable." Taking no chances, I had set the heat to 76 to make sure it was warm. I wanted to be comfortable.

Pretty soon they were both squirming. "Ilene, do you want to take your clothes off?"

"Yes, Master."

"You may do so if Judy does the same."

"Judy, take your clothes off?"

"Ilene, help her."

Ilene went to Judy and started to pull her sweater up. At first Judy resisted, but soon she relented. Ilene pulled off her sweater and then started to unbuckle her jeans. Judy stood there and let her. Soon Judy was in her bra and panties. Ilene quickly took off her sweat suit.

Both of you, freeze. Do not move a muscle. make your body stiff. They looked like two mannequins. I went over and unsnapped Ilene's bra. Her breasts were firm and beautiful. The nipples were erect. I removed Judy's bra. Her breasts were very pretty, not as perfect as Ilene's but very pleasant.

I quickly took off my clothes. "While you stand here you are getting very aroused. Your whole body is aroused. More than anything you want to feel me making love with you. When I wake you, you will take your panties off and stand still. Wake up now." They both took their panties off. They were now naked. I now had control of two naked women. With my right hand I put a finger up Ilene's pussy and with my left Judy's. Ilene was like a swamp. Judy was wet but not like Ilene.

"I want the two of you to lie on the bed together, on your backs."

They laid down on their backs with their legs off the edge of the bed. I pulled up Judy's legs and braced her heels on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Easy access. I then started licking her clit. Twirling my tongue around her knob. She started to gyrate. Judy was finally showing sexuality. I stopped licking and reached into her pussy. Now it was very wet. Just for drill I licked Ilene. Her knob was large and erect. When my tongue touched it she started to gasp. She was cumming! This women was hot. "Both of you, sleep."

Their legs went limp and fell even further apart. "Ilene, have you ever been fucked in your butt?"

"Yes, Master."

"Did you like it?"

"Oh, yes, Master."

"Judy, are you a virgin?"

"Yes, Master."

"Do you want to stay a virgin?"

"Not really."

"Why are you a virgin?"

"My mother made me promise I would save it until I married."

"We will change that."

"Yes, Master."

"Judy, lay on your back, spread your legs and get ready to be fucked. Do you still have your hymen? "

"No Master."

"How did you lose it?"

"By masturbating."

She spread her legs. "When I enter you, you will feel an exquisite feeling throughout your body. Your entire body will feel alive. When you feel me cum you will have a loud orgasm, your entire body will spasm."

I entered her and started to pump. I could feel her vagina walls grasping my penis. She was very tight and with the gripping it was VERY tight. Soon I had my orgasm shooting into her. She started to scream and grab me. I squeezed her breast and pulled out of her with a plopping noise. She lay there panting.

"Ilene, come and lick me clean."

Ilene came over and started to lick me. It wasn't long before I was hard again. "Ilene take the position to be fucked in your ass. When I enter you stay relaxed. When you feel me in you, you will begin to cum and will continue to spasm and feel an orgasm until I cum." I gave myself a challenge.

She got on all fours. I got behind her and pushed. Her anus was about as tight as Judy's pussy. She started to shake when I entered her. Soon she was screaming. With all that stimulation, I shot again right into her ass. I was exhausted.

"Girl's let's take a shower."

We all got into the shower together. I had the women wash me while I washed them. I concentrated on their pussy and breasts. A fantasy come true.

After the shower, I had them get dressed. "I am going to take you back to the park. When you get there you will not remember this cabin or exactly what happened. You will remember having sex with me and that it was fabulous. You will not think about it again. If I ever call you again you will want to see me and have sex again."

I took them back to the park.

The next day my mother called me. "Honey, are you being taken care of?"

Yes, Mom, I am.

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