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Conversation Overheard


I had just walked down the hall to use the bathroom. I was brushing my hair when I overheard the voices in the next room.

One was my husband, Tom, the other was Frank.

We were all at a simple party, just friends. Nothing was going on, Bill and Kathy were in the kitchen making sandwiches, there was plenty of nice wine that was pretty good even if it was from a cardboard box.

Sara and I had been chatting, her husband Frank and my Tom seemed to be completely involved in a basketball game.

Sara is one of those type of women that when made up they can be sexy, beautiful. Somehow they learn tricks to hide the flaws, something I never really did.

Sara was always nice to me, she answered my questions, gave me tips that I know she learned working in a beauty shop before she and Frank got married.

I am a bit on the heavy side, I have the usual 15 pounds there is a never ending battle with. One would think that since I am a Doctor it would be easy, but not to be.

So it came as a surprise when Tom asked me out. We dated, in just a few weeks we became intimate.

I went through an earlier short period of being slutty, I did a few things that were, well, just out of character for me.

I had some encouragement from a friend named Lee. Oddly Sara reminded me of her somewhat. Lee's husband Ted had passed and somehow we became close, working together at the wellness clinic.

But after my friend Lee passed away too, I went back to just being a 38 year old mildly dumpy female with hopes and dreams. The one big change in my life was things. There was a Van, a Monte Carlo that was new, an almost new Corvette, Ted's, I knew. It had so much power I felt uncomfortable driving it, so it stayed stored in the garage. The big chalet style house out in the hills was an easy million dollars with the 6 acres of property. Probably more which I thought was amazing since I knew Ted had paid just $50,000 for the property more than 20 years before, and built most of the house himself. There was more assets, savings, stocks, bonds, even some silly casino win that was cash every year in the form of a huge check.

I went through mind boggling piles of paperwork, then some lawyers, lots of taxes, then all mine.

I have no idea at all why Lee named me in her will. I guess just friendship and no one else to leave it to?

It all added up to me being a very wealthy middle aged old maid. Never having really had a lot in my life, dealing with it all was a struggle.

Lee's brother should have gotten it, he wanted nothing to do with it. I did try to turn it all over to him. I have no idea why he refused, at least not for sure. Jerry was simply a different kind of man. There was some kind of issue between him and Lee's husband, I never knew all the details. Jerry was huge, powerful, intimidating, yes, huge everywhere. I know, I found out just once, a moment in passing. He wanted me for the moment. He did not want me for real.

I know I thought about him, wished there was more. Not to be.

Then Tom asked me to marry him! Tom wanted me for real, I thought. The assets Lee had left me didn't even enter into my mind as a possible reason.

I think it should have, but I was in love, head over heels.

I really loved Tom, he was good to me, offered stability. He was careful to see to my needs in bed, and when he was arroused, he was really arroused. Not big, I have been with a just a few men that were big, but Tom beat them all for being hard. Plus he lasted and lasted, sometimes I would have honestly preferred things to be over sooner, but I managed.

I was so happy. We married, and soon his circle of friends became my circle of friends.

I was just brushing out my hair, when I heard Frank's voice raised in anger in the bedroom next door, I paid attention.

"I know you are still fucking her!"

Those words came as a total shock to me.

I heard Tom's denial, I knew right then he was lying, Tom is lousy at lying. At least I thought so. His face gets the expression a little kid has with cookie crumbs on his mouth.

"How would you like it if I was fucking YOUR wife behind your back!" Frank's voice was louder now, intimidating. I got a vision in my mind of him leaning over Tom, fists clenched.

Tom? My Tom? Cheating with someone? I knew it had to be Sara. The idea made my head spin.

I sat down on the toilet lid, the only place to sit in the tiny washroom.

"I want to fuck YOUR wife!" I heard Frank say.


"It's the only way to make this right! It's either that or I eat some of your hide, asshole!"

There was no response from Tom. Then I heard the door close in the bedroom as they left.

Frank was easily much more physical than my Tom, and he did tend to create a presense in any room. I had noticed that but thought nothing of it until now.

But Tom? With Sara? I thought about the many times Tom would need to "go" someplace, I never even concerned myself about that. Tom, being a contractor, was often gone for a few days dealing with bids and the like. I knew that just a few weeks before his company had done some construction work at Frank and Sara's house.

Things started to fall into place in my mind.

Finally I went back out, everyone looked perfectly normal like nothing had happened, nothing said. Tom and Frank back to watching the game on TV, Sara was eating one of the sandwiches Bill and Kathy had made.

I just sat down on the couch, thinking. Sara was talking to me but nothing was sinking in, all I could think about was Tom's hands on her, Tom touching her, them making love.

Tom even asked me if something was wrong on the way home that evening, bringing me out of my thoughts long enough to shake my head.

"Just the wine." I said.

Mercifully, he didn't reach for me that night, I am not sure what my reaction would have been. Somehow I wasn't really mad, I suppose the word would be..sick?

It was just a couple of days later when the phone rang. It was Sara.

"Frank asked me to call, he wanted to know if you and Tom would like to go to dinner with us?"

I started to say no but then decided why not?

I told Tom, he nodded. Then he asked me something he had never asked before.

"Maybe you could wear something nice...sexy?"

"Me? Sexy?"

"Sure, you know how Sara dresses?"

Yes, I knew about Sara. Off the shoulder dresses split up to her waist, no bra that I could ever see, tiny little shorts and halter tops on warm days. Baggy legs that gave peeks if she sat down just right, and somehow she managed to do that most of the time.

"Is that what you would like?" I asked him.

"Sure, you would look great!" He encouraged.

All right, I thought. If that is what he wants.

"I want to fuck your wife!" was burned into my mind. I realized that there had likely been more discussions that I didn't know about.

Was Tom planning on giving me up to Frank, some silly idea of getting even? Was he actually willing? Was he afraid of Frank, what Frank might do?

That was possible, even likely. Tom was mellow, soft, mild mannered. Frank was big and gruff, powerful. There would be no even match there.

I was certainly no miss prim and proper, having had sex with three young men in the same day, in the grass..almost in public? Swapping two men back and forth with my friend, crazy things. Not in my character at all.

Or was it?

I was wondering what to do, what to say as I dressed. I found a nice top that buttoned up the front, a shelf bra that left my nipples bare but made my breasts stand up, something they just would not do if I went without. At least my breasts are big, even if they do sag down with no support.

I put on a skirt that was slit up the side to the bottom of the thin white panties I had on. It was a soft blue, the hem long enough that I knew my leg would flash with every step.

It was the best I could do, I even used some of the tips that I had learned from Sara with makeup.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I realized I looked like a 38 year old housewife trying to pass for 28, no if's, and's, or but's about that.

There was no way to hide the 15 pounds I carry on my midriff and buttocks.

I held back the tears with a struggle, then sighed. I would diet again next week, try again.

I walked out into the living room, Tom looked up and went into nuthouse mode.

"My God! You look fantastic!" he groveled.

I did not feel like I looked fantastic. I had way too much of my bare upper breasts showing, my nipples poked eagerly at the thin cloth, supported by the shelf bra that left them bare but for the cloth of my blouse.

The skirt was slit all the way up the side, I knew I would need to be careful or the side of my panties would be showing all night.

I felt dirty, knowing why I was doing this. I really didn't think I would ever end up with Frank, I had no plans at all to agree. Even if Tom asked me to!

"Let him get beaten up, it will serve him right!" I thought, repressing the urge to become a screaming bitch housewife.

Yet I was dressed showing more than I ever did, except for those crazy nights when I was out with Lee. I suppose I could blame that on her, but the truth is, inside I wanted to be slutty, to know about sex just for the sake of it. No strings, no hangups, just orgasms. Men wanting me, erect and needing me.

Things I had never known, things I knew others did.

Having actually done that, opening my body, my legs to strangers, letting them pound away at my most personal spaces was fullfilling in an insane way. But I just changed back to being me after that. No need or desire to be that way again.

Still, sometimes when touching myself, the memory slid into my mind, setting me off every time.

Frank's voice was burned into my brain.

"I want to fuck your wife!" he had shouted at Tom.

The thought frightened me, yet inside in some dark recess of my mind it excited me.

Tom and I arrived first at the restaurant, I ordered a glass of wine. Tom produced a pack of cigarettes, which surprised me. I knew he smoked, perhaps a pack a week is all. But usually only when he was working on complicated bids for his work, or under some kind of stress about a job. In over a year, I think I only saw him smoke just once or twice.

I know several heads turned as we had entered the room. I knew my breasts were almost visible through the light top and a lot of cleavage was showing due to the pushup bra and open neck.

Tom seemed mildly disturbed which surprised me, too. He hustled me to our table, seating me with my back to the rest of the room.

Frank and Sara arrived within minutes, they spotted us from across the room and waved, heading our way. Sara looked slinky, but then Sara always looked slinky. She gave Tom a quick kiss on the cheek, leaning over him. Her bodice fell away from her chest, even I got a flash of her small breasts.

"Nothing out of the ordinary there." I thought, a sudden wave of anger flooding over me. I managed to control that, barely.

"You look fabulous!" Frank exclaimed, bringing a soft blush to my cheeks as his eyes fell on my breasts.

Twice in one night that was said to me, not something I was used to. I will admit I didn't dislike it.

After the meal we all enjoyed a couple of drinks, then the music started. Frank asked me to dance, I tried to resist but he would have none of that.

"Go ahead!" Tom urged, so reluctantly I did.

Frank held me close, his arms so strong I ended up with my breasts pressed against him. I felt his right hand on my hip, then his fingers were roaming at the top of my panties, I could feel him exploring through the thin material of my skirt.

Then I felt his fingers brush the bare skin on my thigh as the split skirt opened with each step. His fingers probed some more, finally they were actually inside my skirt, working back and forth along the thin band.

"Ease up a little." I told him.

"Sorry. It's just that you look so beautiful!"

"Maybe later." I said, trying to put him off.

Now why did I say that?

"Great!" was his response, and he pressed me even closer.

Tom was grinning ear to ear when Frank led me back to the table. Sara was out dancing with someone, Frank excused himself to go to the restroom.

"God, you looked hot!" Tom said. I didn't answer.

"His hands were all over you!"

"No they weren't, he just had them on my hips." I lied.

"I could see that. Why don't you go ahead and let him some, it's just for fun."

"You want me to let him feel me up on a public dance floor?" I protested.

"Everybody does it, it's harmless."

I glanced out at Sara, dancing with some man I didn't know. He had his right hand hidden between them, I was reasonably sure he was feeling her breast inside the top of her dress.

"You mean like Sara? You want me to let guys feel me up? Like that?" My tone was sarcastic.

Tom grinned.

"Sure, why not? It's fun. It's kind of..exciting."

Now I was pissed off. I reached down and unbuttoned another button on my blouse, it instantly gapped wider, showing the clasp at the bottom of my bra.

"Like this?" I asked him.

Tom didn't have time to answer, a man stepped up to me and asked me to dance. I hopped up instantly, catching the startled look on Tom's face.

"I'm Hal." He said, taking me in his arms and quickly steering me to the far side of the dance floor.

"Sally." I told him, then I was pressed up against him, too, trying to avoid his feet. Luckily the faster song ended and the band played a slow dreamy tune, it was easier. Hal held me close, not saying much. We got to the far side of the dance floor, his hands were rubbing up and down my back. Then they dropped to my hip and slid back up.

I leaned back, reaching up to put both my hands around the back of his neck. He took the hint quickly, resting his hands on my sides level with my bust. I looked at his face, he was staring at my breasts, my nipples barely covered now. I felt his hands slide forwards, testing, then back.

Getting no resistance, he did it again. I pressed my hips forward, feeling his firmness against my groin. I was trying to see Tom out of the corner of my eye. Hal slid his hands forward again, this time cupping the sides of my breasts through the cloth. His thumbs came around, flicked down across my bare nipples, sending a shockwave through me. I hadn't expected that, I must have shuddered.

Encouraged, he slid one hand inside my blouse, cupping my breast. He actually lifted my right breast off the shelf bra and fondled it, I just let him.

My head started to spin a bit, the combination of drinks and Hal's touching me were almost too much.

"Tom wanted me to be felt up, by god I would be!" I thought. As we turned, I caught a glimpse of Tom craning his neck to see before another couple stepped between us blocking his view.

Just then Frank tapped Hal on the shoulder, cutting in. Hal looked like he wanted to protest, but the size of Frank put him off. Reluctantly, he let go and Frank took me in his arms.

Frank wasted no time at all, he had one hand on my left butt cheek and the other inside my top before we even took a half dozen steps. By the time that tune ended I was thinking maybe I would end up in bed with Frank.

Finally we were back at the table, I sat down, took a sip of my drink.

"You have a lot showing, Sally!" Sara grinned at me.

I looked down, my right breast had slid out of my top. I calmly reached down and pushed myself back into place.

Tom was staring at me, his eyes wide. He made some excuses and we left shortly afterwards.

"I can't believe it!" Tom said, once we were in the car.

"You can't believe what?"

"You had..your boob was right out."

"Oh, well. That was an accident."

"You let that first guy...? Then Frank?"

"Sure." I took out my hairbrush, started calmly brushing my hair.

Pretending to ignore him.

"How much did you let them...?"

"Whatever they wanted to, you told me to!" I just kept brushing my hair.

"God....Did they feel the whole thing?"

"Well, Hal had my whole breast in his hand and Frank would have had his fingers up me if the song hadn't ended."


"Well, it's just for fun. Like you said."

"I didn't think you would do it."

"Why not? You want Frank to fuck me!" That just came out, I think the drinks cut into my reservations.

"Frank? What makes you think...?"

"I heard you. I heard him."

Tom was quiet.

"So how long have you been screwing Sara?"

"Sally, I..."

"Don't you lie to me, what the hell is going on?" I demanded.

"Oh, shit! I am sorry. Sara and I used to..years ago....date and..you know."

"How long have you been fucking her behind my back?"

"Just the one time. We were doing the carport job, Frank was gone...It just happened." His face took on the little boy caught cold look.

"So now you want me to fuck Frank so he can get even?"

"No, not really..I don't know."

"This is stupid." I told him.

"Sally, please. I am really sorry, it won't happen again."

I didn't say anything the rest of the way home. I was thinking, I didn't want to be a three time loser at marriage. Tom was good to me all the time, it wasn't like he was in love with someone and wanted to leave me.

"How can you just have sex with someone just because they are available?" I suddenly demanded.

"I don't know, it was just something that happened."

"What is Frank wanting?"

"He insists on..you know. He said he would divorce Sara and name me, cause all sorts of trouble."

"Tell him to go to hell."

Tom looked down, flushed.

"I don't know what to do." He said.

"Well, I don't see how me fucking Frank is going to make things all better!" We had arrived home, I stormed out of the car and went inside and straight to bed.

Tom didn't come into the bedroom, I waited and finally fell asleep. He slept in the living room, that made me even madder.

The next morning I sat on the edge of my bed and thought. I knew I wanted my marriage to work, but it wasn't going to if Tom was going to be sleeping around on me. I wasn't comfortable with acting like a slut in public, either. I only did that thinking Tom would get upset, end it. But he didn't, instead he acted excited and just confused.

I realized I was in the uncomfortable position of not knowing for sure what I had for a husband.

I made up my mind. No way in hell was I going to let Frank touch me again, and my husband was going to be MY husband if I had to keep his damn cock worn out all the time!

I marched out into the living room, Tom was asleep. He woke up quickly to my hand on his penis, he blinked and then groaned as my hands got busy.

It was just a couple of minutes and I had him blasting off at the ceiling.

"Damn! What brought that on?" He asked me with a grin.

"I will take care of things around here. There won't be any more messing around with Sara."

Tom got that "caught in the cookie jar" look again.

"I'm sorry, Sally. It won't happen again."

Things seemed to return to normal after that, I kept Tom well taken care of, the only problem was he still got hard as a damned rock but lasted even longer if that was possible. Sex became an almost nightly event. I liked the cuddling and all, and sometimes I even managed to climax myself. Nothing spectacular, not like when it was raw and illicit but satisfying.

It was somewhere around a month later, I was glancing over the mail. Tom usually handled that, but he had been gone for a couple of days on a job again. There was a statement from the broker, I looked it over and spotted a transfer that I didn't recognize.

It was almost $80,000?

I called my broker to ask, he told me the transfer was authorized online, that the security codes checked. The funds were sent to a limited liability company.

Upset, I checked on the LLC, it was registered in Tom's name.

I was waiting when Tom walked through the door. I demended an explanation.

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