tagIncest/TabooConversations with Manny Ch. 02

Conversations with Manny Ch. 02

byPontuis Kack©

The shower eventually snapped Manny out of his stupor. He was having a very difficult time trying to sort out the events that had happened in the Lake. The girls had really given him a lot to ponder.

“I had just climaxed so hard I thought I’d blown a hole in the wall”

“Holy fuck, I didn’t know what to do or what to think” He was shifting in his seat uncomfortably as he told his tale.

Stepping out of the shower he dried himself off. He didn’t know how much time had elapsed while in the shower, but it was starting to turn to dusk. The young man peered outside but the girls were nowhere to be seen. ‘I need to walk’ he thought to himself ’God I need to think”

He threw on a pair of shorts and an old tee shirt and headed out of the front door. As he walked past the tents he heard the low murmur of hushed voices. He wondered if they were disgusted with him. Susan had the right to be furious. Better test the waters.

“Going for a walk, you guy’s wanna come”?

“No, you go ahead, we’re just chatting” came the reply.

Manny decided to go and switch on the outside lights on the cottage. He didn’t want the girls stumbling around in the dark. Then he decided to forego his walk and just go and sit on the end of the dock and enjoy the twighlight.

The warm humid breeze from the lake bathed his skin as he sat there gazing out to the distant horizon. As evening fell, fireflies began their delicate dance. He remembered that as a child he and Susan used to watch them for hours. ‘Oh how times change’ he thought. Some where in the distance a Loon called out. It’s last song of the day.

He had resolved that if the young ladies this special relationship then he would absolutely support them one hundred and ten percent.

“Where you in Love with Maria”? I asked him.

He shifted uncomfortably in his chair. “In the lake that afternoon I think I fell in Love with both of them”.

“Well, yea, I always loved my sister and cousin, but this was different, It’s like love has another gear.”

“Know what I mean”?

“The fucking thing switched gears on me”


He sat enjoying the lake for a while then decided to walk back to the cottage. Perhaps the girls were out and about. He rose and headed back along the dock. That is when he noticed that the cottage light behind the tents made them opaque. He could see the silhouettes of the figures inside.

The girls appeared to be sitting on their knees facing each other. He watched silently as they reach out simultaneously and took each other’s hands. Manny’s genitals started to react; he could feel himself getting hard. Then the women leaned forward and kissed. The whole thing was playing out like some magic picture show. He was totally entranced.

“Shit, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them”

Then one of them spoke to the other, and they got up to leave the confines of the tent. He started walking towards the cottage again as the girls appeared. They took his breath away. The cottage light created a symphony of light and dark over the girl’s bodies enhancing breasts and nipples and curves. Like some very erotic alabaster frieze, cloaked in shadows.

“Man it’s gotta be one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen”

“I’ll go see if he’s back,” Maria said.

“Manny, Manny, is that you”? Susan said in a shaky voice. She was looking in his direction; she knew there was someone there.

“Yea, It’s me” He replied.

“Wanna go skinny dipping, we’re dressed for it”?

“Yea I can see that” He said.

“C’mon get your shorts off”

“C’mon, drop ‘em buddy”! Susan ordered, like some cop that had just told a felon to freeze.


“Drop em”!

He reached down and loosened his belt. Easing the shorts down over his hips they got hung up on his erection. He cleared his throat as he forced them over the offending member.

“Got a frog in your”? “Holy Fuck, look at that”! Said Susan, wide eyed.

“Does that thing ever go down”?

Manny was blushing terribly as both girls approached him. They both knelt in front of him and inspected his penis. Both made a big show of appraising his rampant member.

“So Maria, what do you reckon the angle of incline is on this sucker, thirty degrees”? Said Susan winking at her cousin.

“Naa, more like thirty five”, said Maria turning her head sideways and closing one eye.

“Can’t you control this thing”?


He just stood there frozen to the spot; the close inspection was doing nothing to lessen the size of his problem (so to speak).

The girls both looked up at Manny. He just stood there; it was all he could do.

“You know what Maria”? “It must be true what they say” Said Susan with a wink.

“When men are horny their brains go to the heads of their Dicks”. So saying, she reached out and tapped his cock lightly with her index finger. “You in there Manny”?

His penis jerked in reaction to the touch.

“See, I told you so” Both girls were struggling not to laugh out loud.

Maria reached over and grasped it gently. “If you can hear me in there we’re going swimming now”!

“Oh poor boy, can’t hear us, hope you feel better sweetie” she leaned over and kissed the head of his dick with a loud theatrical kissing sound.

“Yea, me too” Susan copied her exactly.

The girls stood up and Susan looked down at his extremely swollen problem. “Don’t forget to tell your man to kick the shorts from around his ankles, we don’t want him falling on you”

She smacked Manny on the ass. “C’mon buster, in the water.

The girls walked a few paces then turned around to look at him just as he was hopping up and down trying to kick the shorts off. He caught up with them after a few seconds and they both leaned over and kissed his cheeks. “Welcome back” Then they both ran into the water howling with laughter. Chapter 3.

Manny and I were laughing so hard that all of the people in the coffee shop were staring at us.

The three of them played tag for a while. Then Manny and Susan ended up close to the dock. “Listen I’m sorry about what happened this afternoon” He said.

”What do you mean”?

“Well, when my Dick got caught between your legs, I’m sorry it was unintentional”

“No, It was intentional” She said in a cool voice.

“Honest, It wasn’t” Manny knew she was pissed at him. “Honest”!

She swam a couple of strokes to where he was, and then she reached her arms around his neck and crushed her naked body against his. He could feel how hard her nipples were as her legs closed around his erection trapping his cock between her legs. Sensation took over his body and again he could feel the warmth of her pussy lips against his shaft. She kissed him very gently and lovingly as her hips started top undulate slowly back and forth. She broke the kiss and whispered breathlessly in his ear “No, this was intentional”. “We, Oh Fuck”!

Susan started shaking and the motion of her hips grinding against him froze as she shook more and gasped for breath. He knew she had just climaxed, all he could do was hold her.

“Oh Shit, Oh Holy Fuck, we (gasp) we have to talk”

He felt a hand on his left shoulder. Maria had swum quietly over to where they were. “Hey you guy’s, do you realize how clearly sound travels over water at night”?

Her warm body brushed up against him. He could feel the firmness of her breasts against his shoulder blade and her bush against his ass cheek.

“What are you guy’s, Oh”! She smiled. Maria could see Susan’s brow was resting on Manny’s shoulder. “Did you two just”?

“No”! Susan looked up and cut her off. “We didn’t, really, we didn’t”! She still had Manny’s erection trapped between her legs, and her body was experiencing after shocks. He thought his penis was going to burst at the seams. It was a struggle to keep from climaxing.

“Holy fuck man, I didn’t think it was possible to get any harder”!

“Listen, we all have to sit down and have a talk,” said Susan quietly. She moved slightly away from her brother then reached over and took her cousins hand. “We have to do something about this poor thing first though”. Then she placed Maria’s hand on Manny’s cock. She started stroking, gently gliding her hand along the shaft. He had had hand jobs before but not like this. Her hand was soft and warm and very, very gentle. Soon his breathing was coming in short ragged gasps. He could feel the climax starting almost down to his toes. Ascending through his legs then the prostate then the base of his cock.

“Oooohhh”! He moaned, as the first pulse of semen jetted out into the lake. He almost fainted with the exquisite sensation emanating from the contact between his prick and Maria’s hand. His head seemed to be spinning, and then he came down very gently. Another hand was massaging his scrotum, and he realized that Susan had also been giving him some attention. She also had his right earlobe between her lips, adding to the overall ecstasy of the moment.

“Oh Shit, Wow, Holy Fuck”! He was babbling almost incoherently. Finally he slowly came to his senses. Maria’s removed her hand from his dick and taking his head in both hands kissed him tenderly. “How was that my sweet darling”? She whispered.

“C’mon sweetie, let’s all go talk,” Susan said to him. She reached over and kissed Maria gently on the mouth and said, “It’s time, and it’ll be OK, promise”

“Let’s go”

They swam to shore, and walked (Manny staggered) to the cottage. None of them spoke; they just wordlessly took towels out of the hall closet and dried off.

“My friggin’ knees were weak, Holy Shit I had just gone off like a rocket, you ever pop your cork like that”?

I sat staring into my coffee cup. This young mans story had given me an almighty boner. If I had to stand up now I was is serious trouble, the coffee shop was loaded with my colleagues. Of course, I had never popped my cork like that. In my entire life I don’t think I’ve even managed a Fizz. Jealousy was the word of the day.

“Listen Manny, why don’t you jump in the shower”? Said Susan as she reached over and kissed him on the cheek. “Go on, Maria and I have to discuss something”.

Manny could tell that she wanted him out of the way. So he figured why argue and headed into the bathroom. He stood looking at himself in the mirror still not daring to believe what had just happened in the lake. It was obvious that Susan, no, that in fact both girls had an agenda. He had no clue as to what that was though. He suspected that they had deep misgivings about the recent events. Well he didn’t blame them for that, so had he. One was his sister and one was his cousin, but he didn’t feel guilty about his feelings. He did have the uncomfortable feeling that he was poised to step onto a long slippery slope, one that would lead him to who knows where. He finished showering, wrapped the towel around himself and went out into the living room. The girls were sitting waiting for him wrapped in their towels; they each had a glass of wine. A cold beer was sitting on the coffee table waiting for him. Susan smiled “OK, just let’s get cleaned up and we’ll talk, we got you a cold one”

The young ladies both went into the bathroom and he heard the shower running. He toyed with the idea of going in there and surprising them, but he thought ‘why push my luck’?

After about ten minutes the shower stopped and in a few moments the door opened. The girls came in and sat down. Both had towels wrapped around them. He noticed that even when wet, their long hair was beautiful. They both sat on the couch facing him.

Susan cleared her throat. “I guess it’s best if we start at the beginning”. She reached over and took hold of Maria’s hand.

“Ok Manny, I’ll start I guess, it’s time you learned some history” The girls leaned in closer to each other. “When we were growing up, and please be patient, this is very difficult” She looked at him earnestly. “When we were growing up, you must recall that Susan and I were always very close” She looked very uncomfortable. “We spent an awful lot of time together, we were, are, best friends. Susan is the best and brightest friend I’ve ever had. Anyway we shared all of our secrets with each other. All of our dreams”

Maria seemed to be speaking with a little more confidence now. “For instance we both wanted to be lawyers, so we worked together, helped each other through courses and bingo now we are in law school” The girls smiled at each other.

“One day we were talking about boys, well, one boy. I’d had a colossal crush on him for a long time. So we set about trying to engineer it so that he would notice me. Everything seemed to backfire on us though” Manny listened in silence. “I had never kissed anyone before. It occurred to both of us that if we practiced kissing each other, that when we eventually started kissing boys we’d be great kissers” Both girls started laughing.

Susan took over the conversation. “We liked kissing each other so much, we never stopped”. She looked for a reaction from Manny. “We started experimenting sexually. One thing leading to another” She paused for a moment then said “We have a relationship, so there it’s out in the open” They both looked at Manny, “Well say something” Susan said quietly “There is more though, so c’mon let’s have it then we can get on with this”.

Manny sat looking at them both, and then he said, “Listen, I saw you guy’s this afternoon as you left the lake. I opened the shower window to let the steam out and there you were, kissing”. He stood up and began pacing. “So, I’m not surprised. I will absolutely support you one hundred and ten percent though”.

“I’m confused though about what happened in the lake this afternoon and this evening. Did I dream that whole fucking thing”? The girls sat watching him. “You both made me so horny I didn’t know which friggin’ way was up. I’m so fucking confused” He shrugged his shoulders “I almost fuck my sister then my cousin gives me the best hand job I’ve ever had, fuck, talk about mixed messages”! He leaned his head back and spoke to the ceiling “You’re both so fucking hot, I’m so fucked up”.

“Sit down Manny, and listen,” said Susan. She looked at Maria “Well, he finally fucking noticed, we got his attention”!

The implication of what Susan had just said slowly dawned on Manny. “Holy Fuck”! He said as he plopped down into the armchair. “You mean that all of this time”? Maria just nodded.

“Oh just shut up and listen, and don’t interrupt” said Susan. “We tried everything to get you to notice Maria but you were off in your own little world. We tried so hard; we hatched little schemes, but nothing. You were always blissfully ignorant. Off in your own little dream world” She smiled at him. “It was sort of a blessing in disguise. Maria and I fell in love with each other” Manny shifted uncomfortably in his chair. “It happened so gradually, but when we realized it we didn’t really know what to do. We thought it was so wrong, y’ know incest and all that shit. We felt like the worst people on earth, but we couldn’t help it, we couldn’t get enough of each other” She paused, took a swallow of wine, and looked at Maria.

“Tell him the rest, no, don’t bother I will”! Said Maria softly. She looked at him and said, “We were so wrapped up in trying to get you that we fell for each other. The problem is we both fell for you too”! There was a very strained silence.

Manny’s head was about to burst. “You mean both of you”? He asked bewildered.

“Yes, both of us” said Maria. Susan nodded her head in assent.

“Oh Fuck, I need another beer” Manny groaned.

Going to the fridge his knees felt as weak as they did when he had stepped out of the Lake. He got a beer and pulled out the wine bottle and offered it to the girls. They gladly accepted.

“So what happens now”? He asked.

“Well”, both girls spoke at the same time. “You go” Maria said to Susan.

“There are options we, no, you should consider” She smiled at him.

“Option A, do nothing, pretend this never happened. We’ll trust your discretion and we promise to be friends”.

“Option B, we keep our distance and you keep yours”.

“That’s not an option”! Said Maria seriously. “I need friendship at least Manny”!

“Option C, we come up with a mutually agreed upon plan of action. One option which will put all three of us, happily together. This option comes with the obvious proviso that our parents must never know. It would kill them. If the three of us choose this Option we should talk about where we start”.

“What do you mean, where we start?” He asked.

“Well” Susan said. “We might start by sharing the same bed tonight, it’s a start” Both girls smiled at him.

“Don’t forget about Option D” said Manny.

“What’s that”? Both girls asked looking at each other.

“My friggin’ brain explodes, that’s what”! He said. “This is too much for me to handle right now, I need to clear my head. I need to go somewhere and think”. He got up and went and sat out on the porch. His biggest problem was that it was morally wrong.

“We were talking about a permanent situation here. Holy Fuck this is my sister and my cousin. What about living arrangements, friends, family”?

Sitting listening to the young man, I could see the agony written in his face as he recalled his dilemma. “I’m glad I was never in the position to decide something like that” I said.

“Yea, talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place”! He said rolling his eyes towards the ceiling.

The girls appeared on the porch and approached him. “We’ll be in the Master bedroom,” said Maria. “If you’re interested” She bent down, kissed his cheek and patted his shoulder. Susan reached out and caressed his face gently with the backs of her fingers. “Listen, take your time, we understand what you are feeling believe me” She whispered. “We’ll also understand if you make a run for it”. Manny just sat and listened. The girls went back into the cottage, leaving him with his thoughts.

“I didn’t know what the fuck to do man. My mind was totally blank. Here I was the chance to have two beautiful women, but fuck it was like stepping into a mine field”.

About an hour had past and He sat there staring into the night and pondering the situation he now found himself in. He was no closer to a resolution. He sensed the door opening quietly and turned to see Maria step onto the porch, she was dressed in a white terry robe. She approached him silently and sat down beside him.

“I don’t know what to do,” he whispered.

“Do you trust me”? She asked.

“Yes, of course I do”

“Do you trust Susan”? He nodded his head.

Silently she took his hand and led him into the cottage, and then the Master bedroom.

The girls had put scarves over the bedside lamps giving the room a soft glow.

Leading him to the queen sized bed she turned to face him. Her face was so lovely and the glow from the shrouded lights gave it a regal quality. He was vaguely aware that Susan was missing.

Silently she reached to her waist and untied the belt of her robe and slowly eased it over her shoulders. It slid to the floor in a crumpled heap around her ankles. The light reflecting on her olive skin added effect to an already stunning figure. Shadows danced across the perfect orbs that were her breasts as she reached forward and pulled the towel gently from Manny’s waist. It dropped to the floor revealing his very erect penis.

She opened her arms and he stepped into her embrace. He was amazed at the firmness of her nipples as her chest met his. His penis prodded her in the belly button, and he reached down to move it to one side. Her eyes held his as she slowly leaned forward and kissed him very gently. He knew he was lost, as very gradually her lips parted and her tongue found his. He caressed her back and her buttocks, very lightly with his fingers trailing the tips over her skin. Bringing small shudders to this beautiful creature. His inhibitions melted away as their kisses became more urgent. Tongues now locked in a primal dance.

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