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Conviction: In Media Res


TV Shows: Conviction. Celebs: Julianne Nicholson, Milena Govich (as their Conviction characters).

Codes: FF, toys, oral, cons, reluc, rape.

Disclaimer: This story contains graphic sexual situations and adult themes and is therefore not suitable for those under age 18 or the close-minded. It may be illegal in some areas too. :( Please also note that it is not a true story, instead merely a fantasy based on a TV show. Real events may be referenced and real names, likenesses, and other personal details of celebrities and other real people may be part of the story- however they are used in a fictional manner styled to the author's liking that may be satirical at times. The author has never met any of the celebrities used herein, so he has no way of knowing if they really act the way they do in the story, and is confident that they probably don't. One hopes that these facts do not keep you, the reader, from enjoying the story.

Acknowledgements: Thanks as usual to all who have aided in the creation of this story, even those who have done so without knowing it. Thanks also to those who maintain sites for stories like this, and to all those who write for them, read them, and otherwise keep them alive. Thanks especially go out to those who have sent this author feedback. If after reading this story you desire to do the same, please email feedback to me at the address in my profile. All feedback, with the exception of flames and spam, will be answered and appreciated. I hope you like this story. If not, please tell me why you didn't so I may learn of my mistakes.

Copyright: This story is my creation. All other stories which are referenced or otherwise paid homage herein, especially Conviction, belong to their respective creators. This story may be posted anywhere on the Internet that is free to access and has my permission- please email me for such. The inclusion of this disclaimer and proper credit will be all that I ask.

Notes: This story is my first purely erotic fanfic. Enjoy!

* * * * *

Conviciton: In Media Res

New York City. Early 2006.

"Thank you two for coming," Alexandra Cabot greeted her subordinate attorneys. The older blonde ran a hand through her hair and stared at them nervously. Like her, both Christina Finn and Jessica deRossi were dressed in black business suits- still in mourning for the victims of the latest disaster to befall their community. Unlike Alexandra, both Jessica and Christina were young inexperienced attorneys who had learned fast hard lessons during their first year. Other than that, the two women couldn't be more different. Christina was a tall slim redhead, Jessica a voloptuous brunette. They had different personalities too. Christina was frequently nervous, while Jessica was a daring risk-taker. By working together, Alexandra hoped they both could learn from each other and build their careers.

"Hi, Alexandra," Christina said. "You have a case for us?"

"Yes," Alexandra said. "It's something only the two of you are suited for. Normally I'd give something this big to Jim or Billy, but they both have full plates right now. That, and the victim is not someone who's well-disposed towards men at the moment."

"A rape case?" Jessica asked.

Alexandra sighed and nodded again. "Unfortunately, yes. A very bad rape case. Do you two know who Kitty Genovese was?"

Christina felt something catch inside her. Who didn't know about that case? "Another woman raped, beaten, and stabbed to death? Almost forty people saw it and did nothing to stop it?"

"Yes," said Alexandra. "Only this case is worse. The victim is still alive."

"Oh my God," Jessica gasped out, a haunted look on her face.

"It's going to be a very challenging case for both of you. Just as in Genovese, not one witness saw the episode in its entirety. Most only heard portions of it without realizing its seriousness. No one except the perp and the victim saw the final assault. We have a suspect in custody, and the forensic evidence is good, but to convict him, we'll need to make sense of several varied accounts and get a very frightened woman to calm down and tell us what she needs to." She looked at the two of them. "Can you two do this case?"

"You can count on us," Christina declared, a deep tone in her voice.

"Yes," said Jessica. "We will win this."

Both young attorneys looked at each other and gulped.


Conviction Theme Song (Syntax).

"This is my Destiny...

Come on and rescue me...

How can I change the path that I'm on?

bring it on back to me!

Life is sweet, then the moment is gone...

"Yeah, this is my intention, hear me now!

Breaking out the institution, crazy law...

"This is my Destiny!"


"Damn!" Christina shook her head at Jessica several dramatic scenes later. "We really blew that case away, didn't we?"

"Yeah!" Jessica agreed, tossing back a shot of vodka. "Brilliant closing, as always."

"Thank you," Christina said, smiling in remembrance. "I likened his character to that of the monster he was, played up the way he saw sex as trivial and the victim as less. It took some doing."

"Not really. That asshole perp helped you so much."

"Not the witnesses, though. Different accounts, people reluctant to speak. I don't think I've ever had such difficult crosses."

"Me neither. Glad we were able to break those up and work together. Weren't you surprised when nearly half of the witnesses sided with the defense?"

Christina nodded. That still bothered her even now. "Thank God we turned them around. We really humiliated that bigshot defense lawyer, didn't we?"

"Yeah. The perp was a little slimeball, and his lawyer was worse." Jessica's voice took on a sad note. "Of course, the fact that we beat both of them doesn't exactly help the victim."

"Unfortunately," Christina sighed. "It was so hard talking to her. So much anger, so much grief... I hope Dr. Coleman can get through to her somehow."

"She will," Jessica said. "I know Lindsay Coleman very well. There are few people better at what she does."

"You think she'll ever like sex again? The victim, I mean? After all that she went through, and then to have that asshole and his attorney blaming her for the encounter on top of her blaming herself..." Christina shook her head. "I don't know about you, but just talking to her..."

Jessica grimaced. "I know."

Christina tossed back her shot, then turned to her fellow attorney. "I don't know about you, but I think sex is the most beautiful thing in the world. It brings life, and rapists- they destroy it, they ruin it, cast it down and make it twisted, nothing... It's just..." She sighed. As usual after her closings, good dramatic words were not easily coming to Christina's mind.

"I agree," Jessica said. Then she sighed. "Usually after rape cases, I like to go out and find someone, then fuck them. It reminds me of the good things about sex, you know?"

Christina grinned. "So are you going to meet Jim or Nick?" Jessica had been enjoying a long-standing affair with their superior and recently also gotten together with the newest member of their office legal team.

Jessica let out a deep sigh. "No. I called them both, but they're too busy. The cases are important, but..."

"I understand," Christina replied. "It's the same way with me and Brian. Either he's working or he's out partying."

"You two haven't slept together yet?"

"No. We're still getting over his fear that I'll disappoint him in bed. Stupid, huh?"

"I would have thought that big hostage situation we all got trapped in would have helped things along."

"As you know, it did get him to open up and admit he loves me, but sex?" Christina sighed. "Hasn't happened yet. I'm still hoping, but..."

Jessica waved at the bartender for another round, then turned to Christina. "So how are we going to celebrate this victory, then?"

"What do you mean? I thought this girls' night out was it."

"I mean sex, silly," Jessica chuckled. "Are we going to pick up some guys or...?"

Christina blushed. "Well... I haven't really celebrated winning rape cases with sex in the past, but..." She shook her head. "No. I don't want to cheat on Brian. I'll just go home and..."

Jessica put a hand on her arm. "I have a better idea. Why don't you and me have some fun?"

Christina's mouth fell open. "What? What are you talking about?"

"You and me," Jessica repeated. "We go to my place and celebrate together. It can be a one time thing, or we can do it regularly, up to you." She smiled at Christina's startled look. "If you don't find me attractive..."

"No," Christina snapped, then frowned. "Uh, it's just, this is a little sudden." She stared at her glass. "We're friends, but..."

"I know. We work together. Don't worry, we won't get in trouble if someone finds out. Alexandra was okay with me and Jim, so I don't see how..."

"But Brian..." Christina began, then stopped herself. She knew Brian would like the idea. She wasn't sure what she thought about it, though.

"Have you ever done it before?" Jessica asked her. "I have. I usually meet with a friend of mine, someone who's been a mentor to me. You've heard of Serena Southerlyn, right?"

Christina blinked. The woman was a legend in the New York DA's office, and an idol of hers, but she had not known Serena Southerlyn was a... Christina shook her head. "I have done it," she said, grimacing. "Back in law school, I had a fling and, well..."

"Did it end badly?"

"No. I just decided I like men better. She understood, said I could come back to her any time I liked. I wasn't sure I wanted to, though. We've lost touch since then and..."

"Well, would you like to have something like that again? I won't say anything to Brian or anyone if..."

Christina grabbed the shot of vodka before her and downed it in one gulp. "It's not that," she said. "I wouldn't care if he found out. I just... well..."

"Remember the hostage situation?" Jessica smiled at her. She moved her hand higher on Christina's arm. "All throughout that I was so worried about everyone- Nick, Brian, and you especially. I realized what a good person you are. How trustworthy, charismatic. When Brian confessed his love for you, I wanted to do the same, but of course I couldn't do that in front of Nick."

Christina laughed. "Of course not- he would have thought it was a joke." She paused. "Wait. Is this a joke?"

"No," Jessica said, moving her hand up and squeezing Christina's shoulder. "It's whatever you want it to be."

Christina looked at the other woman's eyes, then at her glass, then back at Jessica. This case was so rough, she thought, for the victim and for us. I could use something like this now that it's over. Jessica's a good friend of mine, and she is nice and pretty. But... "Oh well, why not?"

"Good," said Jessica.

Christina gasped, realizing she had spoken aloud.


Nearly an hour later, the two attorneys entered Jessica's apartment. Christina, still a bit apprehensive, looked at the living room couch. "Here?"

"No," Jessica said, dropping her purse on the couch and walking towards a door across from them. "The bedroom."

"Right," Christina said, trying to control her insides. No, she stopped herself. I am not nervous. I have done this before, it's just been a long time. I can handle it. I will not become ill like I did during my first case. Taking a breath, she dropped her purse beside her friend's and then kicked her shoes off. Jessica smiled and did the same. She then opened the door.

"This way."

Christina let another breath out, then followed her. They entered a small room with wall to wall blue carpet and the usual furniture. A desk, a dresser, two chairs, a walk-in closet, and a double bed. Jessica pulled back the covers on the latter, fluffed the pillows, then looked at Christina. "Hey, if you don't want to do this, we don't have to."

"No!" Christina shook her head, then smiled. "I mean, um, yes. I want to do it." She smiled again, then shrugged off her suit jacket.

Jessica grinned and discarded her own, then walked forward and embraced the taller redhead. Pushing herself up on her tiptoes, she kissed Christina on the neck, then the chin.

"Mmm," Christina moaned, then leaned close and took Jessica's face in her hands. She kissed the brunette on the lips, then pulled back and smiled at her. "I've missed this."

"So have I," Jessica said, stepping back from her. "Serena left town a while back. Since then I haven't found anyone. I'm glad you were up for this."

"Yeah," Christina replied, then started undoing the buttons of her blouse. Jessica sat down on the bed and watched her, unfastening her skirt as she did so. She pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it away, revealing her black Victoria's Secret bra. Her hands moved to unsnap it, but Christina stopped her. "Wait. I still think I remember how to do that."

"Show me," Jessica said, dropping her hands.

Christina pulled open her blouse, revealing the white lace bra inside that contrasted nicely with her freckled flesh. She also unsnapped the fastener of her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then she advanced on Jessica, getting on her knees and moving onto the bed. First she encircled the other woman in her arms, then kissed her. Christina's hands moved around Jessica's chest, along her flanks, and then briefly through her hair before she found the brunette's bra fastener and unsnapped it. Christina then moved back and pulled the bra off Jessica's arms, revealing the other woman's dark brown nipples and engorged aureolae. "See?" Christina said.

Jessica looked down at her breasts, then back at Christina and smiled. "Motion to do the same to you."

Christina smiled, remembering the same game from law school. "Granted." She moved closer to Jessica, let the other woman's arms wrap around her. Jessica kissed Christina, running her fingers through the redhead's hair and then caressing down over her neck and back. Her hands descended to the bottom of Christina's shirt, then moved up along its insides. Christina let out a sigh at their light touch on her skin. She moved her own hands to Jessica's shoulders, rubbing them as Jessica's digits glided along her sides, then moved to and unsnapped her bra. The bra had no shoulder straps, so Jessica was able to pull it off Christina's skin without removing her shirt. She dropped it on the covers, then looked at Christina's small breasts. Smiling, she leaned forward and pressed her lips against each pink nipple.

"Ahh!" Christina breathed, letting out a sigh at Jessica's touch. She moved her hands through the other woman's hair, then dropped them and fell back, rolling over on the bed. Jessica moved up against her, pushing the halves of Christina's shirt apart and continuing to lick at her breasts and the valley between. Her right hand aided her, touching each breast and squeezing as Jessica's lips sucked. The brunette's left hand moved lower, touching Christina's navel and then caressing her pussy through her white silk panties. "Yes!" Christina moaned, dropping her hands to her sides and holding them still.

Jessica stopped suckling the redhead's breasts and gave her a dazzling smile, then moved up against her. Christina beamed, letting out a series of deep breaths at the feel of Jessica's warm body against her own. She felt her heart beating rapidly. Jessica rubbed at her pussy again, then moved her hand left and then right, grabbing each of Christina's stocking hems and starting to pull them down. She kissed Christina as she did so, and Christina felt Jessica's tongue thrusting towards her mouth. She opened her lips and admitted it, stabbing her own tongue out and running it along Jessica's. Jessica licked at Christina's tongue, then moved down. She grabbed each of Christina's flesh-colored stockings and pulled it down. Christina smiled and sighed as the stockings were removed from her legs.

Jessica ran her fingers up Christina's left calf, along her left thigh. She moved them over the redhead's cunt through her panties, then down her right inner leg. Grinning, she then turned over on her back and lay down, waving at Christina. "Your witness."

Christina laughed, then turned onto her side and moved her fingers over Jessica's stomach. Her open shirt moved as she moved, draping her body like a robe. She leaned in and kissed Jessica's lips, then traveled down, licking at her neck and throat. She planted several kisses on the brunette's chest, rubbing her palms against her flanks. Christina smiled, then kissed the top of each of Jessica's breasts. Her lips came down farther, touched and suckled each rising nipple. Jessica moaned. Christina grinned at her again, then moved her left hand down and touched it against each of Jessica's bare thighs. After caressing them up and down, she took hold of the waistband of Jessica's soaked black panties and pulled them down, over her legs. Jessica moved her knees up, helping Christina. Then she started moving back and forth on the bed, making it difficult for Christina to touch her.

"Look out," she said. "Hostile witness."

The redhead giggled, then grabbed Jessica by the shoulders and pushed each down, pressing the other woman into the bed. She moved up over Jessica, kissed her temple, then held her body down against the pillows with her own. She kissed Jessica on each cheek, then kissed her lips. Christina cuddled closer to the other woman, rubbing her body and trying to control her own quaking heart. Jessica's arms locked around Christina as they embraced, fingers probing her back muscles. They then moved down and tightly gripped the cheeks of her ass.

"Yes..." Christina sighed. Her insides were shaking, and between her legs she could feel a throbbing ache, familiar yet long-buried, and now coming forth again. Her pussy felt wet, and its dampness deepened as Jessica took hold of her panties and pushed them down. Christina let the undergarment drop, shaking as she did so. Christina kissed Jessica again, smiling at the fact that of the two she was the only one still wearing anything. She rolled over, letting her shirt close over her chest. "Counsel," she told Jessica, waving a hand across her body. "Make your closing argument."

Jessica chuckled, then turned and leaned into Christina. Her hands captured each of the redhead's breasts through her shirt, rubbing and pinching them. Her lips touched Christina's, then moved lower, touching seemingly random spots on her body. Christina shook and gasped at each kiss. Finally Jessica smacked her lips against the top of Christina's cunt, then moved lower and ran her tongue through the mass of red wisps that dominated it. Her tongue thrust between Christina's thighs, licking high and hitting her clit with swift sure directives. Jessica lapped at Christina's juice, sucking it in and breathing into the other woman. Christina moved her hands to join Jessica's on her breasts. Their fingers warred with each other, lashing and stroking Christina's breasts through her shirt's cottony material. Christina threw her head back and let out a wail, feeling a new sheen of sweat break out on her skin.

"Recess!" she called out as Jessica kissed at her labia. Jessica stopped and Christina sat up, then pushed her shirt off her shoulders and tossed it aside. "Court resumes," she told Jessica. The other woman smiled and pushed her back down, resumed licking at her snatch and caressing her exposed nipples. Christina gasped several times, then smiled and let herself go. "Oh yes!" she cried out. "Suck me! Yes!! Ah!!!!" Another moan, and she was releasing a flood of juice into the brunette's mouth.

Jessica lapped it up, then moved up along Christina, kissing another series of seemingly random spots on her body. Finally she pressed her lips against the redhead's once more. Christina sighed into Jessica's mouth at the taste.

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