tagGroup SexCooking Up a Storm Ch. 5

Cooking Up a Storm Ch. 5


If there was a scale for sexual tension, what filled Charlie's car on the way home from the nightclub would surely have been right off the high end.

So intense to be stifling, it dried up all conversation, to the extent a casual observer would have every right to assume no one much liked each other. Which of course, could hardly have been further from the truth.

In front, Charlie was driving, with Sara, the cute short blonde he had met and fucked at the swimming pool earlier in the night, beside him.

Bree sat in the middle of the back seat, her long legs pulled up to her chest to allow her feet to rest on the seat. She was flanked by her boyfriend Adam, and Ben, the giant black guy who was already ahead of the rest, given the blowjob he already had from Bree back at the club. On the small seats in the far back, clearly right for the job of looking after the cooler of drinks, were the tall freckled man- Bluey; and George. With his shaven head and fondness for tattoos, George looked every bit a thug. Charlie knew little about him, except he was Adam's friend, and like Bluey and Ben, had just returned from a fishing trip to the gulf. And, like all the others, including Sara, was part of Bree's plans for the rest of the night..

When they reached Charlie's holiday house, Bree took over, showing everyone around the place where earlier that weekend her sexual awakening had truly begun at the hands of Debbie. Sure she had ended up fucking the three guys too, but as far as Bree was concerned, her submission to Debbie was the turning point. For the first time she had dared to experience one of her fantasies, and had come away wanting more. Now she had entered the carefree world of sex with the strangers of her choice. She knew that without question. Earlier in the night she had been aching for Ben to do her with his big black dick. In the corridor, she had exceeded his expectations when, dissatisfied with the prospect of merely jerking him off, she had let him cum in her mouth.

Bree pondered the contrast with the Bree that had arrived just two days ago to cater for Charlie's guests. Here she was, naked under the sleek black dress, her pussy now shaved bald, and like her arse, with that just-used feeling. She was sure she could still taste the salty cum Ben had unloaded in her mouth. Her body tingled at she recalled the moment when her hands on the thick shaft sensed his release, and she rested the cock head on her extended tongue to catch the seed that seemed to flow rather than shoot, as if exhausted by the distance traveled through that wondrous pole. Without the first anxious, gagging moments when more than the occasional cock had blasted the back of her throat, she had been able to truly relax and indulge in the volume of his warm ejaculate that filled her mouth. She recalled holding it there, savouring its taste and presence before swallowing. But most of all, she recalled how the head of his big dick wasn't that much thicker than the shaft- definitely a prospect for her new deep throating skills. She was out to get another shot at Ben, at Sara, and at anyone else who wanted to indulge her. The pieces that didn't quite fit were called Adam and Charlie- the two men closest to her. For the rest of tonight at least, they would have to sort things out for themselves.

As she entered the spa room, Bree was surprised by the absence of light. The others had been there when she left to take a quick shower and freshen up. A little mystified, Bree fumbled against the wall for a light switch, lucky to have her hand outstretched when something hard drove her against the wall. In an instant, she was blindfolded, and spun around, the rough hands shoving her into the centre of the room where she crashed into a table and chairs.

"Hey, you guys!" she protested, just as her arms were grabbed and pulled behind her, then twisted and pulled up until she leaned far forward, almost falling except the powerful hands on her wrists prevented that. She felt a sharp pain as her ankle was kicked sharply, then the other, signaling her to spread her legs wider; now appreciating the vulnerability, and dare she think it, the thrill of her position. Next there were hands tearing at the back of her dress, and the feel of the cool night air on her exposed sex as the dress was split in half. Immediately her pussy was entered by a cock unknown, causing her to gasp as it bullocked its way right up her with ease. Perched on the edge of consent, the glorious sensation almost set her off, grateful that the next thrust was a little less violent. So too the ones that followed, expertly driving in and up her cream-lined cunt, sweeping away the ache in her arms and legs as she stood braced like a mare being served by the stallion. Unable to move, and totally dependent on his grip, Bree found she was waiting to recognise the flood of his cum inside her. Except he didn't, pulling his cock from her hole with a wet 'pop' before pushing coarsely away from her. She tried to straighten, but was immediately bent back over as her replacement fuck slid into her, his hands preferring her hanging breasts as he delivered his own style of short teasing stabs that barely let her warm bald lips enclose his rounded head before he would pull clear. This bastard knows what he is doing, Bree thought, her desire to feel all of him growing each time her pussy reluctantly felt him fall out. With her hands now free, Bree reached about for something to balance against, to ease the strain on her body. As she did he drove in deeply, and joined like that, steered her forward until she felt the back of a lounge chair. Here she crossed her arms across its top, and rested her head on them, now able to fully savour the sensation in her loins as her orgasm was unexpectedly released. By the time it had subsided he was gone, the only moisture between her legs still her own ample juices that were now being spread upwards between her cheeks by a large impatient hand.

Bree's excitement returned as he explored her butt hole, replacing his fingers with the head of his cock when he found it already agape. He did his best to press it in, but its girth stalled against at her entrance, the sharp pain causing Bree to squeal, and pull forward, the heavy cock falling free. In an instant, it was back at the door, and Bree moved her butt to align it better, at the same time reaching behind to guide it with her hand. Its thick shaft daunted her, so too the length she discovered with long strokes of her hand. She rolled her hand over the head, now recognising it from earlier in the night. This was one big black cock she had to have- every which way.

She spread her legs wider, her fingers rubbing her pussy as the cock began its invasion, stretching her slick arse walls like nothing before, until about a third of it was in, and she set about riding that amount, happy that he didn't push further until her own feelings said it was time, and she asked him to take over, to bury it in her. Impossibly, he did, until his stomach wedged against her butt, and he could go no further. Bree felt his balls slap against her slit, and took them, smearing them in the cream between her hanging lips.

In the dark world, Bree concentrated on each long incursion the hard member made into her passage, sensing each time it should end and start to retreat, and got it wrong each time as it ploughed on. Minute after minute the probing continued, the filling sensation departing as her arse channel became numb, or comparatively so as the crescendo in front built and broke under her own touch.

Almost breathless, she began the familiar journey towards the calm that came after sex- except this time it didn't arrive, and she was left craving for more of the cock that slipped from her arse. Desperately she reached for it, battling with its slipperiness as she jammed it into her cunt. Extra hands arrived from nowhere, pulling her arse cheeks obscenely apart to allow a crude exploration of her recently vacated canal. Bree felt her arse yield to three - or was it four - fingers, before the bony knuckles were arrested. Damn! She wanted him to succeed, and tried her best to help, urging him to fist fuck her arse. Her tirade was cut short by a hand that took her by the hair, and turned her face to be slapped by a semi-erect cock. And again. And once more, each blow stinging a little more as the cock hardened. Now it moved to her mouth, and she took it in, finding it free of the tastes borne by those that had already been in her. It pushed impatiently, and she gagged, almost throwing up. Its owner laughed, and pressed on, panicking Bree a little, until she got a hand to it and took over with long easy strokes that were trailed by her warm mouth. Almost immediately its head began to seep, and Bree decided he had forfeited his chance to be deep-throated. Instead she quickened her tempo, the bursts of semen immediate and powerful. She swallowed the first globs easily, holding the rest until the cock settled, before feeding it back onto the retreating shaft. As soon as it left her mouth she drew in back in, devouring the remaining discharge.

"Fuckin' awesome," said the voice in the dark.

"That's nothing to what you missed out on," came the defiant reply.

Now her attention returned to the twin assault on her pussy and arse. The giant cock was still there, working in and out of her soaked hole. The hands began to lift her on and off the pole, generating little whimpers from her with each reentry until the huge frame leaned over her, almost crushing her against the chair. A mouth sought hers, and she sucked on the oversized tongue as her pussy was pounded more furiously than ever before. The slapping noise of their contact became louder and louder, and brought cheers of encouragement as others in the room wondered how long she could withstand the assault.

Dumb shits, thought Bree, certain this would bring her no closer to another orgasm. Not before he blew his load, anyway. For what seemed an eternity, the pounding continued, and Bree surety lessened as her body began to betray her, and the passions rose and rose and rose until she could stand it no more, and wailed the arrival of her massive orgasm. Through the mist she felt his warm flood inside her, and squeezed tight, milking his tool for all its worth.

"Fifteen all," he muttered into her ear.

Someone in the room turned on the lights.

Bree tore off the blindfold and looked about, ignoring the sharp pain as her eyes became adjusted. Ben was still behind her. Got that right, she thought. Both Bluey and George were there too, and Bree found herself staring at their semi-hard dicks, trying to figure who had done what with her. It proved too difficult. Over by the light switch stood Adam, still dressed and bearing an uncertain frown.

"So this is what's been going on while I was away," he commented.

Bree felt some concern about how he would react. She needn't have worried.

"Better late than never, I guess," he added, stripping away his clothes as he approached her.

Bree stood naked and tall to meet him. Her hands reached for his belt, quickly unhitching it and pulling his jeans to the floor. He stepped out of them, and Bree knelt in front of him. She took hold of the back of his legs, and pulled him into her open mouth. This was one of the moments she had been awaiting-doing Sara the other- and showed her enthusiasm with deft flicks of her tongue as the cock grew and grew, until it earned a place in her throat, and was so rewarded. Bree felt a hand slip between her legs, and rose a little, allowing Bluey to slide under her, his erect cock beckoning her to squat back down. She did so with ease, until her bare skin rested in his tangled red body hair. Again she swallowed Adam's cock, and began to grind the cock in her, slowly at first, until they found a rhythm which had him spearing deep into her pussy while she concentrated on the cock that threatened to erupt in her mouth. Bree looked up into Adam's eyes and read he wanted to come, just in time for the first spurt to arrive, bypassing everything as it was fired into her throat. Bree held him there, taking Adam's jism as never before. No sooner had he finished he pulled away, to be replaced by Ben's black monster, ready to go again despite having filled her slutty cunt earlier. Bree opened her mouth to him, and he eased it in, pressing past the contact with her throat as he felt her swallowing motion. She allowed it in full length, then out again, and in once more. Relentlessly she worked it over, until there was nothing left to prove, and she released it, before climbing off Bluey and laying prone on the floor.

"Cum on me!" she ordered, her hands drawing her breasts towards her face as if to mark the target.

Looking up, she saw Ben and Bluey position either side of her face, their hands beating their cocks. She smiled lustily as each of them, and at George who approached between her legs.

"Now. I want your cum on me now."

"Not before I do that arse," said George.

Bree agreed, lifting her gorgeous long longs high and wide for him.

The cock entered her arse easily, almost setting off another orgasm as it filled her. Bree lifted her head to show her appreciation, but found it pushed back down immediately as the cock to her right exploded its warm semen onto her face. Bree closed her eyes, blindly feeling for each blast with her tongue as other cock joined in, and she felt she would drown. Some landed in her mouth, and she blew it back out, desperate to maximise the spectacle of the facial she hoped would never end.

But it did, and all that was left was the sticky warm feeling, and the cock being pulled from her arse before he climbed over her, and fed it into her mouth. Bree accepted it, expecting the taste of cum to follow, and found instead he began to fuck her mouth. Taken back, Bree took a moment to respond, before joining in, welcoming the cock deeper and deeper until he was getting what he had missed out on earlier. One of his hands found her pussy, and roughly fingered her, almost lifting her with the fury of its assault. It turned her on, almost to her own disgust, and she ground against it, now whimpering as he pulled his cock from her mouth, and pressed further forward, his bare arse now smothering her face. Without hesitation, she licked at his balls, her hand pumping his cock in unison with the tongue she was now rimming his arse hole with. It was the final straw, and he drew back his cock, bursting its semen onto her face from point blank range.

"Holy shit!" said someone looking on.

In time, Bree rose. A stifling silence had taken over the room. The men were still there, but that didn't stop Bree suddenly feeling very much alone. She sought, and couldn't find, Sara and Charlie.

With heavy steps, she strolled to the bathroom. A too-cold shower gave her the energy to press on to the detached bedroom.

Entering it, she became aware of the two sleeping forms. For too long, she looked on in the darkness; still naked, and with nothing to wear. Finally, she turned to leave for nowhere in particular.

The sound of the sheet being drawn back caught her attention. With a glad heart, she recognised the offer of a place to sleep. Bree slid into the bed, and found herself beside Sara.

She went to speak, and found Sara's finger closed her lips.

"Sssh. Don't wake Charlie," whispered Sara.

"I wanted to say thanks to you guys," came the muted reply.

Sara rolled on top of her, their naked breasts pressing hard together. She kissed Bree deeply, with a fire that stole her breath.

"Plenty of time for that later."

"What do you mean?"

"Charlie wants us to take over running this place."

Despite her tiredness, Bree found herself waking early. Somehow she was now between Sara and Charlie. The night had turned cold, and she snuggled closer to Charlie, her hand brushing his hard penis. Bloody men, she thought. Even when they're asleep, they want it. She worked a leg over him, and guided his hardness to her opening. Poised like that, her new future asleep beside her, she pondered the question.

Will I, or won't I?

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