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Cooling Off


Shari had been married to her husband for about seven years. Before she married him at the tender age of twenty two, she was very well versed in the different aspects of love making and sexual exploits. Not only was she experienced enough to put any current pornography video starlet to shame, but she was also charming enough to disarm even the most frigid of men or women that crossed her path. Still, a woman needs more than sex to sustain her, so she settled down with a corrections officer out of Miami. He wasn't as adventurous as she was use to, but he was a sweetie and took care of her in every other way imaginable. Still, her sex life wasn't as exciting as it use to be.

One rare rainy afternoon, Shari decided she had enough of the heat. She went into the bedroom and found a nice emerald green string bikini that barely covered her silver dollar nipples as well as her French manicured pussy. It was a crazy idea to begin with. She figured she could go into her back yard and lie out in a lawn chair and just let the rain water cool her off. She walked out into her yard with a towel in hand to lie on and found the lawn chair to sit. By then, the rain lessened to a drizzle. As she lay back on the chair, she could feel the cool water hitting her body and cooling it off quickly. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the small breeze that started to flow.

As her eyes stayed closed, she started remembering all the times she used to have while she was younger. Her body has held up to the ravages of time as she remembered how her 34 DD breasts could attract the boys like sugar to kids. Her hips grew a bit wider since her teenage years, but she kept trim enough to keep the cellulite from invading. Her husband loved the idea of keeping her pussy extremely trimmed and how smooth her skin was. Shari was still a knockout.

Suddenly, she felt a piece of fabric being placed over her eyes. Before she had a chance to react, she could feel her arms being pulled above her head so she couldn't move. As she struggled, she started to hear a familiar voice telling her to relax. A moment of hesitation later, she recognized the voice as her next door neighbor. Shari was starting to relax a bit until she felt a pair of hands on the top of her bikini. Soon she could feel her nipples being exposed to the air before a tongue began to lick at her left one. Her mouth opened in a gasp until she felt her bikini bottoms being removed from her legs. What felt like a finger then ran slowly up and down her slit slowly, almost timidly as if a first timer was doing it.

The licking of her breast continued as she felt the right one being gently pinched and the left one was being gently bitten. It had been so long since she had her breasts bitten since her husband would never do it for fear of drawing blood. She couldn't tell if her neighbor was the one biting or if it was his accomplice while the other had their tongue sliding into her open pussy. Shari's mouth opened wide and a loud moan escaped her lips as the tongue began to slowly slide in and out of her engorged lips. Her mouth opened in the pleasure she was feeling as she felt a cock sliding into her mouth part way. Shari could tell that whoever had this cock took very good care of it since she couldn't feel any stray hairs on the shaft as it slid into her mouth. It almost hit the back of her throat as she struggled to suck it like she use to back in college. Her tongue ran along it's underside as the person it belonged to started thrusting it slowly into her hungry mouth.

Shari was so busy sucking on the member in her mouth that she couldn't tell that the person below had two fingers slowly penetrating her pussy as his tongue slowly licked the tip of her clit. Shari could feel her hips bucking as she wished her hands were loose so she could pull this man's tongue inside her pussy deeper. The combination of being tied down, the man face fucking her and the one on her pussy was driving her towards a long overdue climax as she arched her back and felt her juices flood the mouth of her pussy eating attacker. She then felt the cock in her mouth withdraw quickly as the feeling left her pussy at the same time. She then felt her arms being pulled back so they were on top of her nearly nude body as she was being flipped over. Her exposed nipples hit the plastic of the chair as she felt one of her lovers spreading her legs apart and pulling her ass up so she was on her knees. Her hands were beneath as a very stiff member was being stuffed between her labia folds. A scream later, she felt a hand pulling her head upright and another dick being stuffed into her mouth. This one was more forceful as it went straight down her throat and she gagged a bit. The dick pulled out as spittle came with it before it slid back into her mouth slowly. It wasn't long until she felt the men following the same rhythm. The guy fucking her from behind seemed to be goading on the one fucking her face. Shari was able to sneak her hands towards her pussy and was allowing her fingers to rub her clit as all this activity was going on.

Soon, Shari felt a finger sliding into her ass as the man behind her slowed down his pace. She could feel the finger entering her tender anus slowly as his dick slowed down almost to a crawl, like he knew she was close to cumming again. The dick in her mouth withdrew again and she could feel herself being lifted off the chair yet again. This time, she could feel her rear cheeks being spread as she was lowered onto someone's shaft. The dick in her ass felt huge, especially since it had been a long time since she had any action back there. As she started to bounce on it, she felt the other dick sliding into her loosened pussy. It again was almost like a military operation the way these two worked together. She felt her body begin to shiver between them as her powerful climax came on like gang busters and she moaned loudly.

Her body weakened, she felt the man on top exit her pussy before being lifted again and being set back on the lawn chair. As her hands fell onto her stomach, she felt her arms almost on instinct push her breasts together. It was quiet for a moment until she heard both men moaning. Shots of droplets began to cover her breasts and face as Shari opened her mouth to try to catch some stray cum shots. She felt a softening dick slide into her mouth again and she sucked the remnant of that man's seed out before it was replaced by the other. A few moments later, her hands were undone. She quickly reached for the blindfold before hearing that her husband was pulling into the driveway.

She quickly took off the fabric covering her eyes before wrapping herself up in the towel as her husband walked through the back door. He looked wore out as Shari stood up and walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek, hoping the smell of cum didn't register in his nose. She then walked into the house and headed up the stairs to take a quick shower. As the hot water cascaded off of her breasts, she thought how slutty she felt and made a point to remember to catch her neighbor to thank him properly.

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