tagGroup SexCopenhagen Couple Ch. 02

Copenhagen Couple Ch. 02


The date I was supposed to meet Michael and Daniella again, was a Saturday in the middle of January. It was cold so I dressed warmly and caught a bus to the part of Copenhagen where they lived. As I walked through the almost empty park in search of the spot where it all started, I felt as if hundreds of butterflies were somersaulting in my stomach. Would they be there, or would I have to go back home disappointed? As I turned the corner and saw the bench where the sexy couple had sat and kept an eye on me before they made their move exactly six months ago, my breath expelled in a huff.

Two people cuddled close on the bench, both dressed in thick skiing clothes, warm boots and so wrapped in scarves and other headgear that I couldn't make out who it was from a distance. My gut clenched and my heart raced, as I began walking towards them. When I got close enough to recognize Michael and Daniella, I felt the same lustful tightening in my crotch which hit me when they came on to me the first time. They certainly seemed pleased to see me too, because Daniella jumped up, hugged me and kissed my cheek.

Michael just looked at me with a satisfied smile and an expression in his eyes which I now recognized as the urge to fuck another man's asshole and be plugged in return. I'm sure my gaze showed exactly the same need, because his smile grew broader, and he stood up. We didn't speak, but Daniella took my arm and we walked towards their apartment, just like six months before. On the way we stopped at a baker's and Michael and I waited outside, while his girlfriend bought cakes.

"So, Anders, have you had any adventures since we last saw you?" The question took me by surprise, and I blushed and nodded, instantly tongue tied. He grinned, and the expressive eyebrow rose: "Male or female?" I gulped and managed to get my voice to work enough to stammer 'both' in reply. "Did you have fun? Learn something new?" His tone of voice was calm, as if he'd just asked me about some innocent holiday jaunt. I nodded again and wished that I could stop blushing. Michael stepped closer and whispered: "We look forward to hearing all about your experiences."

I stared at him in shock and felt a shiver run down my spine, not quite sure whether it was from excitement or worry. Just then Daniella came out of the shop carrying a box. She gave it to Michael and looked at me, concern popping into her gaze. When she asked what was wrong, Michael just grinned. "Anders have had some hot adventures since we last met, and he's gonna tell us all about it." Daniella gave a small squeal of delight and grabbed my arm, starting us towards their apartment again. Damn, I should have known she'd be just as curious as her boyfriend.

At her insistent questioning I caved in and admitted that I had been with a young guy during the summer holidays. Then I told them of my encounter with a more mature woman a month before Christmas, and that I'd been with a couple of girls since then. Daniella immediately latched on to the fact that my experiences with Mark and Kristine were the ones that had developed me sexually. By now we'd arrived at their apartment and were sitting in their living room drinking coffee or tea and eating cakes.

They realized that I was embarrassed about telling them about my encounters in detail, but Daniella said it was important to know, so that they'd be more aware of what I liked and what I had yet to try. I had no good counter to this argument, so I began to explain how I'd met Mark at the West coast and spent several nights with him. I'm sure Michael got a hard on just as fast as I did, when I went into detail about Mark's hunky body and what we'd done with each other. He laughed when I admitted that as Mark came in my mouth, I'd realized I disliked the taste of sperm.

"Well, then, maybe it's good that I'm not really into blow jobs and I've hardly ever come from oral sex. I mostly let Daniella indulge in sucking my cock for her sake, as she enjoys fellatio. Actually, this is one of the reasons we like having a threesome with a guy, because we both get a need fulfilled." I remembered Daniella's fabulous cock sucking in the shower six months ago, and Michael's obvious pleasure as I fucked him, and I knew just what he meant.

Michael indicated that I should go on, and I described the two alternate positions we'd tried, though I made sure to downplay the part where I rode Mark's huge dick. I'd told them about the pain I'd experienced whenever Mark shoved his monster into me. They'd both smiled at my subsequent admission: "I'm so glad my first time was with you, Michael, and that you and I are a much better size for this sort of thing. I think Mark appreciated it too, as he had me fuck him every time we were together."

But when I tried to dismiss my time straddling Mark and making him come, I saw Michael smirk and instantly knew that this was a position he liked too. I felt my asshole twitch nervously, fuck, no way.... I quickly went on to something even more embarrassing and this made both of them smile and squirm a bit in their deep arm chairs. "Ehm, we also licked each other in the .. uhm... butt." I blushed like crazy but went on. "It felt absolutely wonderful and I also enjoyed doing it. Especially after I shaved Mark all over." Michael's expressive eyebrow rose at this, and his smile got wider.

I hurried on to tell about my night and morning with Kristine, and this time Daniella was the one to ask questions. She nodded with understanding when I described my first encounter with the elusive G spot and smiled happily when I admitted that I was hooked on feeling a woman come around my fingers or my dick. I grinned back and told her that she had initially shown me how awesome this was, at our first time together. Daniella also concluded from my tale that I'd not yet fucked a woman's ass and gave a flattered laugh when I said that I'd saved this for her.

By then all of us were hugely turned on, we'd shed our warm sweaters to reveal that both Michael and I were in tight black T shirts. Daniella had a curve hugging golden yellow blouse that complimented her chestnut hair and brown eyes. As I finished speaking, they both got up from the chairs opposite me and came over to where I was sitting. I suddenly realized that they'd placed me on the couch on purpose. They were now able to sit down on each side of me and start touching me, and I quickly began to return their caresses. As I tried to kiss Daniella on the mouth, she turned her head, so it landed on her cheek.

She gently and tactfully explained that kissing on the mouth was something they reserved for each other, just as they always used and demanded condoms with their lovers. "This way we have something to mark that we're in a committed relationship. But anything else we're happy to share with a cute guy like you, Anders." I suddenly realized that neither of them had kissed me on the mouth during our first encounter, though they'd certainly kissed me a lot of other places, to our mutual pleasure. I voiced my opinion that this sounded like a sensible and clever distinction and both of them smiled at me with appreciation.

Then they undressed me and in no time I was standing stark naked in front of them, with my dick proudly proclaiming how happy it was to be in their company again. Daniella let me undress her, and my hands and mouth got busy on the wonderful breasts while Michael shed his clothes behind me. They took me into the bathroom and we reenacted a large part of our first shower together, except this time Michael made me take extra shots of soapy water, and he was the one to stick two soapy fingers up my ass and make sure I was clean.

But the real surprise came, when he'd finished with me, and his fingertips were moving gently up and down the cleft between my buttocks. His other hand was playing with my nipples, as he held me close, pressing his hard-on against my hip. Daniella was kneeling in from of me, very busy sucking my dick, and Michael smiled down at her. "Having fun, darling?" She nodded and hummed in agreement, and I shivered from the delicious feeling on my manhood. Michael's tongue invaded my ear, he nibbled on the lobe, and his voice was husky and suggestive.

"You want us to shave you here, Anders? Make your sexy butt smooth and ready for my tongue and my cock, mmm?" His fingers swirled around my back entrance, and I moaned at the thought of having him lick me and fuck me. I couldn't get a word out, but my reactions were probably pretty easy to interpret. I felt Daniella's tongue delve into my slit, and I knew that I'd just leaked precum into her mouth, when she pulled back and announced that I tasted nice. They shut off the water and dragged me out of the shower. We all dried ourselves, then Michael led me to a padded bench next to the table around the sink.

"Kneel down and bend over," he ordered me as he put a thick towel on the counter for the top half of my body to lie on. I obeyed, and he moved to stand behind me. "Spread your legs. More. More! Mmm yes." His deep voice made me shiver. "Now spread your butt for me, present your tight little hole." I cringed but brought my hands back and pulled my buttocks apart, at the same time turning my face towards the wall. "Do you feel vulnerable like this, Anders?" I nodded and closed my eyes. "Exposed?" Nod. "Helpless?" Nod, cringe. But Michael was much too experienced to be fooled, he chuckled though in an almost kind way. "But it also turns you on, doesn't it?"

I felt his fingertips grazing my twitching star, and I nodded and whimpered, half in shame, and half because I was so fucking close to shooting. But I couldn't reach my dick, and luckily Michael stopped touching and teasing me. I think I'd have been very embarrassed if I'd cum just from him playing with me like that. But then he said something very surprising just next to my head: "Yeah, I feel the same way, when I'm in this position, and I don't even have the pleasure of a hot guy looking at me." I turned my head and stared at him, he was sitting on a chair next to the sink, with a bathrobe over his shoulders.

At the same time I felt something warm and slippery being spread in my exposed crack, and I realized that Daniella was preparing me for shaving. I looked at Michael with wide eyes: "Aren't you going to ...?" He shook his head and told me that his girlfriend had much more experience with making a hairy butt nice and smooth, since she did it to him regularly. 'Oh, right, of course, stupid of me.' I thought. I shut my eyes and tried to relax and lie still, while Daniella shaved me from the top of my cleft all the way to my balls. She didn't do them, although Michael asked if I wanted to. "Ehm no thanks."

They sent me into the shower for a quick rinse and when I got out, they were ready to dry me and take me to their bedroom. Daniella bundled the duvets at the head end of the bed and reclined against them with spread legs. "Come and show me your skills, Anders." I immediately sat between her thighs and dived in, one hand busy on her tits and the other helping my mouth with giving her pleasure. While I was licking his girlfriend, I felt Michael's hands on my butt, hauling it up into position and exposing my newly shaved anus. I whimpered into Daniella's wet folds, as I felt her boyfriend's tongue on my sensitive skin.

Michael licked across the opening and down to my balls and back. Then he began to work his way into my tight star, and I soon had difficulty focusing on my duties towards his girlfriend. Once again I was confronted with how highly charged the erogenous zone around and just inside my asshole was. The attentions of another man there had me spreading my legs and wantonly offering myself, desperate to feel a hard cock entering me, forcing my sphincter to open and rubbing all the excited nerve endings, as the head breached the barrier.

Only the fact that my lips and tongue were busy in Daniella's pussy saved me from the humiliation of begging Michael to fuck me, revealing how needy he made me. But then we switched places, and I found out that he felt just the same way. I explored every inch of his sexy ass with my mouth, and when I almost tongue-kissed the rose between his muscled buttocks, he moaned and writhed and shamelessly voiced his need. However, just like me he had to wait, because Daniella wanted our cocks. But first we licked her together, Michael focused on her clit and I worked on both her holes, which made me realize that I also got turned on by rimming a woman.

Not surprisingly, Michael made his girlfriend come, then she gave herself another orgasm, while he finger fucked both her holes, and I had fun with her breasts and let her suck on the head of my dick. For some reason I took charge of the situation, told Michael to get on his back and Daniella to ride him. She was more than willing to do so, and they both cried out in pleasure when his stone hard rod disappeared inside her soaking wet and probably very tight pussy. I let her ride Michael for a bit, then I straddled his head on my knees and pulled Daniella's head down towards me.

She opened her mouth and let my aching dick slide all the way inside, and from her lusty sounds I concluded that she enjoyed it just as much as me. I fondled her soft breasts that hung like heavy fruits in my hands with erect nipples showing how much they liked the attention. Daniella had fun practicing her fellatio on my appreciative manhood again, and at the same time Michael got a perfect view of the asshole he wanted to fuck. His fingers were playing with my entrance and balls, and when Daniella got too engrossed with my dick and forgot about riding him, Michael rose on one elbow to bury his face between my buttocks.

I was completely unprepared for the awesome erotic effect of two busy tongues on the most intimate parts of my body. Very soon I had to warn them about what would happen, if they continued. Unexpectedly, they didn't heed my warning, but just intensified their ministrations to my helpless body. Daniella took my dick all the way inside, and Michael shoved a spit wet finger up my butt, while licking everywhere between my legs. As his finger moved inside me, it touched a spot that sent a wave of pleasure through me. In the next moment my orgasm started, and I came in Daniella's skillful mouth, hard and extensively.

To my immense surprise and gratitude she actually swallowed every drop! No woman had done this for me before, but Mark had shown me how wonderful a full blowjob is. When the experienced couple finally let go of me, my knees were shaking and I collapsed on the bed next to Michael. Daniella took the opportunity to have another ride on her boyfriend's cock, and I think we both enjoyed the sight of her stunning breasts bouncing up and down. After a while, they changed places, so that Daniella was on her back, and her boyfriend hovered above her, teasing the entrance of her pussy with the head of his cock. She immediately used the opportunity to play with herself, and I knew she was aiming for another orgasm.

I decided to join the fun and moved to sit between Michael's legs. He looked back at me with a somewhat questioning face, as I hadn't grabbed the lube and condom, nor was I fully erect again. But as I bent forward and ran my tongue along the top of his cleft, his breath hitched and got intense. He spread his legs and moved closer to Daniella, who moaned together with her boyfriend as the tip of his cock entered her pussy. I forced his buttocks apart and licked the smooth, tan hole, then shoved my tongue as far up his soap scented, narrow chute, as I could manage.

When his girlfriend came at the same time and treated the exposed head of Michael's cock with the resulting multiple contractions, he went over the edge. With a roar he rammed his manhood inside her and fucked her hard, until they both came simultaneously as far as I could make out. I was rather envious, because this was another thing I'd never tried. Kristine's statement about how it was easier to make a woman come just after she had climaxed, came to mind. But I also realized that another part of the reason was that Michael and Daniella had a well-practiced sexual intimacy and knew how to make each other climax.

The hot live-show had brought my dick back to full mast, and I got hold of lube and condom, as the sexy couple in front of me came down from their ecstasy. From my first time in their embrace I knew that Michael would probably stay hard for a while, and as I sheathed my dick, I asked: "OK, which of you wants to be fucked up the ass first?" It was very flattering the way they both cried 'me, me', and I pretended to consider the requests carefully before I made my decision. "I think I'm going to do Michael first. He's already wet and ready for me. And anyway, I'm sure you don't want to miss having both of us later, Daniella?"

Neither of them objected, as I parted the muscular buttocks in front of me, applied a healthy measure of lube and rammed my dick up Michael's tight ass. He did give a shocked grunt at the rough penetration, but there was no exclamation of pain. Instead he gave every indication of loving it, because he spread his legs as much as he could and pushed his butt up against me. I fucked him thoroughly, alternating between deep strokes, short stabs, and rotating my dick just inside the entrance. Soon Daniella began to moan delightedly, when I slammed into her boyfriend, and when I checked, Michael's cock was fully engorged and hard inside her.

I pulled out and told them to turn over, so Daniella was on top. Finally, I would get the chance to do what my dick had wanted and been unhappy to miss at their first seduction of me. I exposed the pink hole and used some of the juiced floating from her pussy to slick the entrance, then added a blob of lube. It wasn't that easy to get in position, but Michael lifted his hips and shoved a pillow underneath his loins. Daniella shifted to make her ass accessible without losing hold of Michael's stiff rod. I placed the head of my dick against the pretty star and pushed, gently but determinedly.

The sexy brunette emitted small cries of acceptance and delight as I slowly entered and filled her second hole, while the naked cock of her boyfriend maintained its claim on her primary cavern. Michael and I took turns moving our cocks in and out, as the space was limited and the position slightly precarious. Daniella was in absolute throes of pleasure. She kissed and licked and bit Michael on the neck and shoulder. He held her buttocks and I felt the back of his hands against my stomach every time I bottomed out. I had one hand on her breast, using the other to hold me in place above them.

It was so amazingly hot to be two guys in a sandwich with a lovely woman who was clearly almost insatiable for a double fucking. I could feel Michael's shaft against mine through the thin partition between Daniella's two incredibly warm and fully plugged tunnels. I instantly knew I'd always love this particular sex game, and I've certainly enjoyed porn with that theme many times since then. Though unfortunately I've had very few live adventures of this kind, which made my experience with Daniella and Michael an even more important milestone in my sexual career.

Seeing as I was on top, I got to do most of the fucking, and I just couldn't get enough. I knew I wouldn't be able to get the rhythm and speed necessary to come, but I didn't care. However, after a while Michael decided to remove himself, and now I had Daniella all to myself. She stood on hands and knees and let me enjoy my first time in a woman's ass as much as I wanted. She had excellent muscle control, and the feeling of my manhood being milked by her sphincter was wonderful. I alternated between moving the tip of my dick back and forth in the outer narrow part of her asshole and bottoming out in her sexy butt, so that all of my shaft felt her ring of muscles hug it.

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