Ramona took a step back and led me to her bedroom. There, on the table, were the assorted dildos and vibrators. She lay back on her bed, legs apart, breasts heaving at the thought of my penetration. I wouldn't make her wait long. But I was determined not to cause her any pain either. I went to give her cunt a tongue-lashing. I moved my face forward towards her crotch but she grabbed the hair on my head and lifted it up.

"Oh, Thomas, don't go down there with your tongue. That's gross. Why are you doing that?"

"I want to make sure you're wet enough. There must be some foreplay. A dry hump can be painful."

"Mark and I did not do any foreplay. He just put his cock into me," she said.

What a nice guy Mark is. Expecting that his fiancŽe is lubricated and ready the first time he fucks her as a virgin. And Doc, telling her she has lesions. What a load of crap. He just wanted to get into her pants. No, this woman deserved better than that, and I was going to see that she got it.

"Did Doc give you some lubricant for the pretend penises?"

'Yes, its in a tube on the table."

This was the same stuff Doc gave to me, to prevent irritation during masturbation. I also took one of the small vibrators from the table.

"I think you'll enjoy this."

I put a dab of lubricant on my finger and ran it up her slit. When I found her clitoris, I manipulated it gently. Ramona shifted in response.

"Ooh, that's nice."

I turned the vibrator on a low setting and moved it up and down, opening her cunt lips. I let the vibrator linger at her clit. Ramona's hips shifted from side to side and she lifted her crotch, to intensify the contact with the vibrator.

"It never made me feel like that when I was using it."

For a librarian, Ramona didn't know much about female anatomy. I applied the vibrator directly to her clit and held it there. Ramona's hips bucked up and down as she panted and puffed. Her whole body shook with her orgasm.

"Wow, that was awesome. What did you do to me?"

"Its not what I did, its what we're going to do that matters."

I took my last condom from my pocket and put it on. I took a position between her legs. She was moist and wide open. The head of my dick entered easily.

"Oh, you're so thick. Are you really going to fit?"

I started to answer by leaning in and giving her another couple of inches.

"Oh, its so fat and so long. It's stretching me, just like Marina said."

Thank you, Marina. I owe you one.

I leaned in some more, and another couple of inches penetrated Ramona's inexperienced cunt.

"I don't think anything has been this deep in me," she said.

With that, I finished the job and buried myself all the way in.

"Wow, I took it all. I did stretch. Now I'm sure I'll be able to take Mark. Oh thank you, thank you, Tommy."

Ramona began to kiss me all over my face. When she got to my mouth, I shared my tongue with her. She was surprised, and gradually returned the gesture.

With our mouths fully engaged, I began a series of short strokes, in and out of her cunt. Then I made the strokes longer and longer, until I was taking my full erection out almost to her opening and all the way back in.

"Oh, Tommy, is this what fucking is supposed to feel like? Dr. Vidill never made me feel like this."

"Dr. Vidill probably isn't equipped like this," I said on an inward thrust.

"Oh, Tommy, it feels sooo good. Keep going, don't stop. I want to feel like this forever."

I felt the churning in my balls. I wanted her to cum. It wouldn't be fair to leave her unfulfilled, not after everything she'd been through.

"Fuck me, Tommy, fuck me, don't stop. Make me cum again, Tommy, please."

Ramona was delirious. I was afraid my dick would shrink before Ramona got another well-deserved orgasm. I took my dick out to her opening and rubbed it back and forth on her clit, trying to stimulate her to orgasm. I couldn't hold back any more. The tip of the condom expanded as I sprayed.

"Oh, Tommy. I've never felt like that before. It was wonderful. Thank you so much. I know I'm ready for Mark. And I won't have to go back to Dr. Vidill anymore and pay his outrageous fees."

What a bastard! Good old Doc was fucking this woman and charging her for the privilege.

I cleaned up in the bathroom and got dressed to leave.

"Good luck with your condition, Tommy. I hope I helped."

Going to the library would never be the same.

Part 9 - Alternative Entry

Doc was right about one thing. The treatment was working. Even I could see it. The combination of masturbation along with two very solid fucks was taking the wrinkles out of my hard on. Oh, there were still bumps all around, but some of the lesions must have cleared. The corkscrew shape was no longer evident. Why, in a few more weeks, even before Ramona's wedding to Mark, I'd be normal.

"Good evening, Thomas. How are you doing tonight?" said Nurse Lassiter.

"Terrific, Sally, and how are you? Feeling energetic?"

I had a chip on my shoulder, after finding out about Dr. Vidill's phony diagnosis of Ramona. I thought Doc should get some payback, somehow.

"Good evening, Thomas. I have some good news."

"If it's about some of the lesions opening up, I already know. I can see the difference myself."

"Good. How did you do this week?'

"Five masturbations and three intercourses."

"Oh my, you were an active."

"The opportunities just kind of opened up."

I winked to emphasize the point.

"Any irritation or other problems?" asked Doc.

"No, none at all. The masturbations were okay but the fucks were terrific."

Doc didn't know how to respond. Well, it was his advice in the first place. What did he expect?

Doc's hand was back up at his head while he spoke.

"I'll need to retake your measurements and another x-ray. My research will be quite thought provoking due to your rapid progress," said Doc.

"Are you ready? Oh, I see that you've gotten started but aren't quite at your peak. Nurse, would you mind," asked Doc.

"Whatever you say, doctor," Nurse Lassiter said.

Nurse Lassiter removed her uniform. She was wearing bra, panties and a garter belt to hold up silk stockings. The outfit was quite provocative. I wondered if Doc had ever fucked the lovely Nurse Lassiter in a moment of unbridled lust. Looking at Sally always gets a rise out of me.

One more time, just like the others, I was measured and x-rayed.

"I'd like to observe your session tonight, and even videotape it, if that's all right with you," said Doc.

"Sure, Doc, anything for science."

Sally didn't like the idea of videotape the first time. Now we'd be captured for posterity again. Maybe she didn't trust Doc any more than I did.

We got into the same position as last time. I felt like an actor in a porno movie, except without the salary or fame.

Doc turned off the camera.

"Nurse, are you providing any resistance to Thomas's penis?"

"It's hard. Doc."

She could say that again.

"I mean, it's difficult to maintain muscle pressure for that long. Thomas is rather large. I'm sure he stretched me, at least a little."

"Nurse, I understand completely. But Thomas needs resistance. Doing that puts an awful strain on you, I can see that. Eventually, you'll just give in. In the interests of the patient, how about if we try anal penetration tonight? That would be much better than you trying to maintain muscle pressure against the onslaught of Thomas's erection. Yes, let's do that. "

Nurse Lassiter was much less convinced.

"Anitol, I've never..." started Sally.

Sally used Doc's first name for the first time that I could recall. Perhaps there was an office romance going on after all.

Doc kept on massaging his temple.

"Now, Sally, you know that I am entirely correct in my assessment of the situation. We'll use lubricant and I'll coach you as we go. Don't worry. Just try to remain relaxed," advised Doc.

Doc handed me a tube of lubricant. I put a large amount on my dick, which was still erect. Doc picked up the video camera and resumed filming.

I positioned myself at her asshole. She was closed up like a McDonald's at 2 AM.

"Sometimes a distraction is the best technique," Doc advised.

Leaving my dick at her rear entrance, I leaned over her back. One hand started up and down her slit, making sure to touch her clit. The other massaged both breasts, alternating. Sally really enjoyed the fondling and forgot all about my dick. As she relaxed, I slid in, getting only as far as my head. Then her ass clamped down like a vice. I thought the head would fall off due to lack of blood flow. Using the lubrication and continuing the fondling, I pushed a bit further in.

"This is really uncomfortable," Sally pleaded.

"Open yourself up to new experiences," coached Doc.

Slowly, she relaxed, but I couldn't move a fraction deeper for fear of another clamping. Eventually, Sally was pushing her butt towards me, effectively making my penetration for me. When I got about half in, I started to stroke in and out. By now she was more comfortable and let me begin the fucking motion. At three-quarters depth, Sally balked and my whole dick felt the wrath of her bowel muscles.

'Its too deep. I can't take it all."

Meanwhile, the blood flow to my penis along with Sally's tight rear entrance was doing marvelous things to the lesions. Sally and I were both sweating profusely, tightly coupled. I was getting weary from the effort and the waiting. I started to withdraw. I was going to give up. Sally felt me pulling back and loosened her grip so I could get out of her ass once and for all. As soon as I felt her loosen up, I pushed all the way in. Sally couldn't react fast enough. Now there was the matter of getting out. I'd need Sally's cooperation for that. The pressure was so great that I was beginning to lose my erection. As I got smaller, Sally felt less threatened. My weapon was changing from fire hose to squirt gun and Sally was delighted with the turn of events. Only then would she cooperate, letting me stroke my less-than-hard on in and out. It didn't take long and I was completely deflated. I was disappointed that I hadn't come in her ass. But, I was glad to get my dick out in one piece.

Sally quickly departed the room to clean up, quite upset with Doc's orders. Doc was grinning from ear to ear. He turned off the camera.

"Well, Thomas, you put on quite a show. That certainly was quite therapeutic."

I didn't know if he meant for my condition or his own lusty desires.

"Keep up the good work next week. Now let me take you home."

It looked like Sally was an innocent bystander to Dr. Vidill's whim. More important was the effect it had on my condition. I was getting better fast.

Part 10 - Back For More

The masturbation was boring compared to the real thing. I did invent some creative fantasies to get myself off, with people I'd never meet or could ever get close to. I changed my technique, however. In the shower, I'd use shampoo or shaving cream for lubrication. I find the remaining bumpy spots caused by the lesions and focus my rubbing on those spots instead of just rubbing my whole dick up and down. I even saw a couple of the bumps disappear after concerted attention. In a while, I'll be straight. And I know just who I want to put me over the finish line.

I had to go back to Large's for another pack of condoms. I wanted to have one, just in case I got lucky with Amy. Okay, I planned on getting lucky with Amy, but only because she was so ready and willing. Okay, also because I wanted to get back at her dad the doc for Ramona. Okay, I also wanted another shot at Irene Large. I guess I was really motivated to go back there.

I stopped in at Large Pharmacy on the way home. Irene Large was at the register.

"Hello little man."

This time I knew she was just kidding. She knew first hand I was anything but little.

"I need another pack of condoms, please. Extra large."

As if she didn't know.

"So what are you doing, sport, going door to door, fucking lonely and horny housewives?"

"Nope, just taking advantage when an opportunity falls into my lap."

"Speaking of lap, is there any progress down there?"

She glanced at my crotch.

"Want to see? I'd be glad to show you."

Irene handed me two packages of condoms.

"On the house. Maybe I can get Mike to watch the register. If he comes up front, leave and come around the alley entrance. I'll let you in."

As requested by the owner's daughter, Mike stopped restocking shelves and came up front to relieve Irene. I'd be relieving Irene too, soon enough. I walked casually around to the back of the building. There were many stores in the same physical building as the pharmacy, each with a back door. All unlabelled, all looking the same. I walked up and down the alley as inconspicuously as I could. Finally I saw Irene's face come out from an open door.

"Get over here. I thought you'd run out on me."

"Never, my love."

I entered the back area where packages were received and shipments picked up. There was a small room on the side that Irene led me to.

"We'll be safe here, but only for a little while. My dad and the next shift will be here soon."

She was taking my pants and underwear down as she talked. I interrupted her fondling of my dick to pull her t-shirt over her head. I figured this was my last chance with Irene and desperately wanted at her tits. I tried to unhook her bra, blind, by reaching behind her. She stopped stroking me to undo the catch herself. They were marvelous. Maybe not as big as Ramona's but large and round with nice shape and hard nipples. I put my lips to them while she continued to stroke me. I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted a vigorous fuck, right then and there. So did she. Using one of the condoms in my new box, I was ready. She sat me down on a chair and mounted me by sitting in my lap. She was in control of the pace and depth. Fortunately for me, she wanted it all and she wanted it fast.

"Is it my imagination, or have gotten bigger since last time?"

"Doc said as the curves straightened out, I'd gain some in length."

"I think I feel you in my throat."

"If we have time, maybe later."

Her breasts bobbed in my face as she bounced up and down on my dick. I used my free hands to caress her tits and suck hard on her nipples. She moaned and groaned in delight. She leaned into me, rubbing her clit against the front of my erection. Too soon, with shouts of pleasure, she collapsed in my lap. I expected Mike to come running, to see what was the matter. If I wanted more, too bad. There was no way to move with Irene's dead weight on my lap. Noise brought Irene back to reality after her orgasm haze. Her dad had come in the back boor. She got dressed quickly and advised me to do the same. She intercepted her dad and brought him to the front of the store. I waited until it was quiet and slipped out the back way. Irene had given me a great idea for my graduation ceremony. All I needed was a little help from someone I considered a friend.

I called the doctor's office and asked for Nurse Lassiter. After a short wait, she came to the phone.

"Hello, Thomas, what can I do for you?"

"I have an opportunity for therapy tomorrow afternoon but no place to do it, if you know what I mean. Is there any chance I could use the examination room, since I'll be coming for my weekly check-up anyway?"

"Well, that's a mighty unusual request. But, since the doctor prescribed such therapy, I guess it wouldn't hurt."

"So we can be discreet, we'll come in the back door to the office, okay? Just prop it open about half an hour before my appointment."

"Fine, it'll be open for you. And, I'll make sure the room is marked off as occupied for that time period."

"Thanks, Sally. By the way, I'm sorry for the way Doc has been treating you, especially last week. The last thing I want to do is hurt you."

"Thanks, Thomas. Dr. Vidill has been acting very strangely over the last several weeks, doing many things I don't approve of. His behavior seems to get more radical with each passing day. I can't explain it."

"Let's hope he gets better."

Maybe my crossing the finish line would help him regain his senses.

After making my reservation for a room at the doctor's office, I called Amy Kellogg's house. Fortunately, she answered.

"Amy, this is Tommy. I'd like to see you tomorrow afternoon. Can you meet me at the back entrance to your dad's office? I've reserved a room. I want you to help me with my therapy."

"Really? Me?"

"Yes. You'll be doing something very special for me."

"Wow, sure Tommy. I'll meet you there."

The stage was set. If things went as planned, I'd be completely cured.

Part 11 - Training On Demand

My mom picked up the phone before I could get to it.

"Tommy, its Ms. Vargas, the librarian."

"Got it, mom."

I waited until I heard her hang up."

"Hello, Ms. Vargas, what can I do for you?"

"Why so formal, Thomas. Oh, yes, your mom may be listening. I have a problem and I need your help."

"Okay," I said.

"And you don't even know what I'm going to ask. What a sweet boy. Can you come over, right now?"

"Sure," I said.

"See you soon."

"Ma, I have to go over to the library right away. They're holding a book for me, one that I reserved for..."

"Yes, I know, a class project. Go ahead, but be home for dinner."

Ms. Vargas answered the door with clothes on. I was disappointed. I'd hoped she was really horny and wanted to fuck again."

"Oh, Thomas, thank you for coming over. It was terrible."

"Why, what happened?"

"Well, I told Mark that Dr. Vidill cured me quicker than I thought, and I would be ready for the honeymoon. Of course, I didn't mention you."

"Of course. And he wanted to screw, uh, have intercourse right away, right?"

"Why yes, he did. I told him no. He was very upset. If we weren't going to screw, then he insisted that we should have oral sex. Like what you tried to do with me, remember?"

Who could forget that pungent sexy smell of Ramona's pussy?

"Yes, I remember."

"The reason I turned him down was, I was embarrassed. I've never done that before. I'm willing to do it, since I understand Mark's need for a release of his sexual energy. But I don't want to make a novice mistake. Will you show me how it's done?"

Now, I had little experience myself, just what Nurse Lassiter had done and what I did with Amy. But if she wanted an expert, I'd be happy to oblige.

"Okay, I'll show you sixty-nine. That's when a man and a woman do oral sex on each other at the same time. Then, maybe after you've had a lesson, we could, uh, have intercourse again."

"Perhaps. Let's see how the lesson goes."

We retreated to her bedroom and got undressed. I was instantly erect at the sight of her naked body, all round and firm and succulent. It wasn't going to take much to get me off.

"Let me start with you. Just lie back and enjoy it."

With her knees raised and spread, I went to her. My tongue bounced all over her pussy lips and clit, licking and flicking and probing in a random fashion. Her dense dark pubic hair tickled my face.

'Oh, its so sensitive. Its better than using a vibrator," she moaned.

I took that as a complement. Her hips bounced every time I got near her love button. I didn't take her all the way, because I was looking forward to satisfying her with a fuck, not a tonguing.

"Now its your turn."

I grabbed the lubricant from her table. Then I hopped up and placed my erection between her glorious tits. I pushed them gently together and rubbed my lubricated dick back and forth. I just wanted to see what a tit fuck was like, and Ramona was built for it. As the head of my dick emerged from the top of her mounds, Ramona looked down. On its next appearance, she flicked her tongue at it and giggled. She was acting like a schoolgirl, like Amy Kellogg, experiencing sex education by practice for the first time.

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