tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 16

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 16


Tommy Duckworth woke with a start. For a few moments he was unaware of his bearings. Turning his head to the right, he saw the beautiful face of his girlfriend, Tina McIntyre. She moved her mouth over his and kissed him slowly, her tongue gently probing until it met his, and they kissed for a few seconds. Then Tommy turned his head to the left. There he gazed into the face of Eva Price, who like wise kissed him deeply, her tongue just as active as Tina's had been. Then it came back to him.

The three had planned a night out clubbing in Manchester. Jason Grimshaw was supposed to be going with Eva, but pulled out at the last minute. None the less the three friends had a great night with copious amounts of alcohol

In the taxi on the way back, Tina and Eva got a bit raunchy with each other and a few girl on girl drunken kisses had turned Tommy on. When the cab dropped them off in Coronation Street, Eva had suggested a night cap at the Rovers Return, where she lived with her mother. A few drinks later, all three were in Eva's double bed.

What happened was still hidden in a drunken mist for Tommy. He sort of remembered Tina and Eva kissing in the taxi, then carrying on in the bar and then they were in Eva's bed, but were so intoxicated and all three fell asleep. Then the next morning here he was with a gorgeous girl either side of him, obviously ready for sex.

He was wearing a dark tee shirt and blue striped boxer shorts. The girls were in their bra and pants, Eva in pink, Tina in red.

The two girls caressed his chest while alternating kissing him. Then Tina slid her hand down and felt the bulk of his erection through the fabric of his shorts.

Tina reached over and pulled Eva's face close to hers and the two girls kissed. As they did Tommy was covering Tina's neck with long strokes of his tongue, while Eva probed deep into her mouth with her long agile tongue as she continued to stroke him.

Tommy's tee shirt had ridden up and the two girls began to kiss the hard muscular abdomen he carried. As they did so, Tommy reached behind Eva's back and unclipped her pink bra. Tina by this time was placing small bites along the length of his cock, still hidden from sight. The two girls kissed again, and then Tina transferred her lips to Tommy's, while Eva stroked his cock, longing for the action that was to follow.

As Eva shrugged off her bra Tommy saw her beautiful full breasts for the first time. At the same time, Tina had removed her bra and although he had seen, caressed and sucked, not to mention spraying them with his come, Tina's breasts would always make his heart leap in his chest, they were simply magnificent.

Eva thought so to and very quickly her lips were attached to Tina's right nipple as Tommy eagerly sucked on the left. Tina's head was spinning and it was not from the effect of last night's alcohol.

"Oh Fuck, that is so good." Said Tina as she leaned forward and fell across Tommy, her pert backside raised in an open invitation to be played with.

As Tommy and Eva each caressed a cheek of Tina's arse, they kissed long and deep, enjoying the feel of each other's tongues probing into new areas of sexuality.

Tina asked Eva to kneel and while Tommy carried on stroking her, she took Eva's breast and after caressing the firm flesh, took the rock hard nipple between her lips and sucked hard on it. Eva had some great sexual memories, but this one was likely to top the lot of them as her panties dampened very quickly as the serpent like tongue of her friend teased her nipple to an even greater hardness.

"Want to suck some cock?" Asked Tina, as she finally removed her mouth from Eva's breast.

Eva smiled and said "Yes please"

Both girls removed their panties and Tina leaned over and kissed Eva again and at the same time ran her hand over the other girl's pussy and was not surprised to find it very moist.

Tommy knelt and removed his Tee-shirt. Then drew Eva towards him and they began to kiss. Tina was enthralled to watch her boyfriend and the beautiful blonde kissing. She thought she would be jealous, but no, she loved it and was anxious to join in.

She lowered Tommy's shorts and after a few seconds of stroking, placed her lips around his cock and began to suck. As she did so, Tommy and Eva carried on kissing, his fingers now playing with her lips, down below. With all this activity, Eva had her first orgasm, a short but very satisfying one. Now she wanted some cock action.

Down in Tommy's groin area she watched Tina expertly sucking the long hard cock, thinking to herself how many times she must have done this to be so good. With the cock in Tina's mouth, Eva contented herself with sucking on his tight ball sack, pulling them alternately into her mouth, then while waiting her turn to suck, slowly ran her fingers over his balls.

Tina finally removed her mouth from the hard wet column of flesh and Eva quickly had it into her mouth. It had been a while since she had given head, but it was a thing she loved to do and never tired of.

After a while she returned it to Tina, then after exchanging kisses, both girls began to suck him at the same time. Concentrating around the sensitive head, they licked around it; occasionally their tongues would briefly meet before encircling the head once more.

Tommy had had some incredible experiences, but this was a first for him, never in his wildest dreams did he ever think that two girls, beautiful girls at that, would suck him at the same time.

After a while, the three lay back, Tommy in the middle, a hand in each pussy while the girls rubbed his cock and balls.

"Time to fuck." Said Tina as she lay back and spread her legs. Tommy was only too eager to oblige and quickly had his cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

Eva watched on with fascination as her two friends made love just inches from her, lost in their world of lust. Eva reached down to her pussy and inserted fingers.

Not wanting Eva to miss out Tina pulled the other girl over and as they kissed, Tina's fingers replaced Eva's in the blonde's pussy as Tommy continued to slide his cock in and out of Tina's very wet pussy.

Then Eva straddled Tina's head and lowered her pussy lips onto Tina's mouth. Tina poked out her tongue and began to lick the soft puckered lips pressing down on hers. As she licked her own hand was caressing her clitoris, while Tommy continued in the same steady rhythm as her orgasm approached.

"I want to see you fuck Eva." Said Tina, as she recovered from a very intense climax. Tommy was eager to grant his girlfriend's wish and lay back on the bed as Eva mounted him, then guided his cock into her very eager pussy.

The next few minutes were a sexual haze. Tommy carried on fucking Eva, who alternated with kissing Tina and having her breasts fondled and Tina kissing Tommy and stroking his balls as his cock was being devoured by Eva's thrusting hips.

Tina then sat on Tommy's face, while Eva, still with Tommy inside her kissed her. The combination of the kisses, Tommy's tongue and the sheer sexuality of the moment, brought her to another orgasm.

"Time you ate some pussy." Suggested Tommy, looking over at Tina.

Eva was eager and spread her legs. Tina positioned herself between them and began to lick Eva's pussy with her very sensitive tongue. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, Tommy positioned himself behind Tina's raised hips and quickly slid deeply inside his girlfriend. All three were experiencing sexual joy.

They changed places, Eva was now being fucked "doggy style" while she licked with a frenzy at Tina's pussy.

Tommy flicked Eva over and started to fuck her again, Tina lowered her head and began to lick at her clitoris while Tommy's cock drilled deep inside her millimetres away, it was mind blowingly erotic.

Then the two girls took turns to suck him, relishing the taste of their pussy juices still evident on the skin in their mouths.

Tommy was close to coming and Eva who had him at the time, took the initial spurt in her mouth before directing the main and much fuller load directly onto Tina's face. Then she opened Tina's mouth and let the jizz she had taken, drip slowly into it. She then carefully licked the grey sticky fluid from Tina's face and shared it during a long kiss.

Exhausted the three of them pulled up the duvet and with two gorgeous women wrapped, arms and legs around him, Tommy thought he had died and gone to heaven.

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