tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCoronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 15

Coronation Street Sex Stories Ch. 15


Michelle Conner was just leaving the shop on Coronation Street when she spotted Katy Armstrong pushing her son Joseph across the cobbles in his buggy.

"Hi Katy, how are you keeping? Asked Michelle. Katy had been in a relationship with Ryan, Michelle's son and the older woman had grown quite fond of the teenage mum.

"Ok I suppose," lamented Katy a frown on her very pretty face.

"Look, I know how much that scumbag of a son of mine hurt you, but don't let it get you down."

Katy smiled and said, "I won't, he's not worth it." Then added," I did love him though" and added quietly to herself "and he was amazing in bed."

Michelle then said "Look if you need a break, get Anna to babysit and come round to the flat. We can open a bottle or two of wine, put the world to rights and try to find a good thing to say about Ryan, OK?"

"Sounds good, thanks I will."

As Katy entered the house she now shared with her dad, Owen, his partner Anna and Anna's adopted daughter Faye, her thoughts turned to Ryan.

She had fallen pregnant at 16 and moved in with the father Chesney Brown. While a nice bloke who loved her to bits, Chesney was not much of a lover. Everything routine and eventually boring, she drifted to Ryan, who was everything Chesney wasn't.

As her son slept in his cot, Katy lay on her bed and popped the top button of her jeans and slid the zip down.

She closed her eyes and instantly images of Ryan flashed across her mind. Ryan, kissing her, his tongue seeking hers, and performing intricate circles. His hands and lips on her breasts.

She slid her hand down inside her panties and her fingers immediately began to move in and around her pussy.

She imagined him down between her legs, his tongue and fingers bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. It was something Chesney had never done, so the discovery of this wonderful sex act with a new lover made it so much more exciting.

As her fingers speedily worked inside her, she visualised taking Ryan into her mouth. It was her first time, but seemed such a natural thing to do. She savoured the thoughts of her lips and tongue sliding around and along his cock until he came, splashing his white fluid over her face.

Her orgasm was near as she moved into the final phase. She was astride Ryan, riding him, until she came over and over again. She came, quickly but very satisfying and fell back on the bed.

A few days later she caught up with Michelle in the street. "How about tomorrow for our girlie night?" she asked.

"Fine by me, around 8?" replied Michelle.

"Really looking forward to it, see you then." Said Katy

Katy showered and for a reason she could not fathom, put away the rather basic underwear she was planning to put on and replaced them with a really sexy black bra and black lacy panties. A plain white T—shirt and jeans completed her outfit.

She rang the bell and Michelle buzzed her into the flat. "Hi, you look good." Michelle said as she hugged Katy and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

"You to" said the young girl, returning the embrace.

"Red, White or Rose'?" Michelle, who always had a plentiful supply of wine in her flat.

"White, please" said Katy placing herself on the sofa.

Michelle brought in the wine and handed Katy a glass before placing herself alongside her.

After a lot of small talk, Michelle refilled their glasses and then asked. "So how was my boy in bed?"

Katy was taken aback but replied. "Oh he was good. I had only ever had sex with Chesney, who bless him, did his best, but Ryan was something else, I hate him, but I miss the sex."

"No one else then?" asked Michelle

"Who wants a girl with a toddler? That was the problem with Ryan."

Michelle did not reply, but stood and refilled the glasses. "How about girls? Ever thought about them? "She asked.

"Well I've thought about it, but it was just a fantasy, I don't think I could ever do it."

"Why not, it is really good." Said Michelle, smiling at her.

Katy was shocked and said "You, you've made love with a woman?"

"No" said Michelle, then added "It was a threesome, and I can assure you it was wonderful."

A still astounded Katy said "Anyone I know?"

Michelle replied, with a big smile, "Well that would be telling."

Staring straight ahead Katy was very quiet for several minutes before saying, "Could I try it with you?"

Michelle asked "Try what?"

"You know lesbian sex" Replied Katy, in a low nervous voice.

Michelle moved closer to Katy and her fingers traced small circles on the young girls arm. The touch of Michelle on her skin sent shivers down her spine and as Michelle placed her lips on hers, gave out a small sigh and responded. Closed mouthed, the two kissed for a short while until Katy felt Michelle's lips part and a smooth tongue seek hers.

As the kisses grew in intensity, Michelle's hand reached for and found Katy's breast. Michelle felt the nipple harden under the fabric of Katy's shirt and bra and with the touch of another woman on her breast; she thrust her tongue deep into Michelle's mouth.

Michelle transferred her lips to Katy's neck, tracing a path back to the warm, soft lips of her son's former lover.

Katy's head was spinning with wild erotic thoughts. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that she could kiss another woman. Now not only was she kissing one, but it was Michelle Conner, the really hot mother of her ex. The other thing was that she was enjoying the kisses immensely.

After a while, without asking, Michelle took Katy by the hand and led her into her bedroom. At the side of the bed, Michelle placed her hands on Katy's upper arms and looking into her eyes said." Are you sure you want to do this? I won't be offended if you want to change your mind."

Katy gazed deeply into Michelle's eyes and reached out her hand to cup Michelle's right breast at the same time leaning in a kissing the older woman with an open mouth, her tongue sliding into Michelle's mouth.

No further words were necessary as Michelle sat Katy on the bed.

They sat straddled legged, foreheads touching, just enjoying the moment. Michelle's short black skirt had ridden up and Katy began to softly stroke the warm skin of her thigh. As she did so, Michelle started to run her hands over the firm young breasts of her soon to be lover.

Katy lay half on her side as Michelle ran her hands over her body. She lifted the T-shirt and began to stroke the skin of her lower back. Rolling Katy onto her back, Michelle unzipped the jeans and slowly peeled them off. Michelle stroked the upper thigh area, carefully avoiding even touching the young girls pussy at this stage, then moved up and placed her lips on Katy's and they enjoyed a long tongue infested bout of very sensual kissing.

Katy went on top and with Michelle's skirt, now around her waist began to rub her now damp pussy against the other, hidden by the white panties Michelle had favoured. Michelle was very pleasantly surprised how naturally Katy had taken the initiative, for a first time lesbian experience she was doing just the right things to bring on orgasm after orgasm.

As Michelle struggled to remove her skirt, Katy's hand slid down and began to rub between Michelle's legs, the panties were already very wet. She then unbuttoned the red blouse and revealed Michelle's white bra, barely concealing the swell of her breasts. Without hesitation and to Michelle's delight she began to kiss and lick the soft flesh of Michelle's breast, while her hand again started to do wonderful things through the panties.

Michelle sat up and removed her bra. Katy gazed at the large firm breasts, the nipples standing proud from large aureoles. Katy reached behind her and unclasped her bra and cast it aside. Michelle was now kneeling between her wide spread legs and she leant forward her hands cupping Katy's breasts. They kissed, mouth working against mouth, tongues seeking out and exploring every contour of the other, long slow very sensual yet passionate kisses.

Katy loved kissing, Chesney and other boy friends had been alright, but kissing Michelle took it to another level entirely. The softness of her lips, her gently exploring tongue placed Katy in a sexual place she never knew existed. But more was to come.

Michelle moved to Katy's left breast, taking the nipple between her lips and lightly probing it with her tongue. Katy had fantasised about this moment, but the reality was far better than her expectations. Michelle did not concentrate on just the nipple but covered the whole breast area with her lips and tongue, then to Katy's delight gave the other breast the same exquisite treatment.

Michelle paid homage to Katy's breasts for what seemed an age. She was enjoying her second excursion into the world of lesbian love. Her love life had become a little stale with her partner, Steve McDonald and making love with another female did not feel like cheating. She moved her lips across Katy's smooth skinned body and down in the direction of the young girls pussy. Taking time to run her tongue around the belly button, something Katy had never had done to her before, she reached the silky fabric of Katy's panties and gently eased them aside. Her eyes gazed on the softly puckered lips of Katy's pussy, beads of liquid from her recent orgasm clinging to them. The thin strip of pubic hair, pointing as if giving instructions to enter. She lowered her head and placed her lips on the labia of this beautiful young girl.

Katy froze for a moment as Michelle's tongue probed inside her, but instantly relaxed as the overpowering sensation of the act swept through her. "Oh yes, oh my god, yes, yes." She cried, as Michelle probed her inner silkiness with her experienced tongue.

Katy's head was spinning as Michelle probed her pussy with tongue and fingers. She clasped her breasts and pulled softly on the nipples to increase the sheer joy of the sexual paradise she was in.

As Michelle's tongue slowly wound around her extended clitoris, Katy experienced the most incredible orgasm, her whole body shook as wave after wave of intense pleasure coursed through her.

Michelle lapped at the fluids seeping from Katy's pussy and then coated the insides of her thighs with a long sweeping tongue.

Michelle moved s up Katy's body, kissing and licking along the now moist skin on a very slow and sensual journey back to the sweet lips and tongue of her teenage lover.

In each other's, arms, they kissed slowly for a while before Katy placed her lips on another woman's breast for the first time. She was amazed how quickly the nipple hardened under the touch of her tongue. Although this was her first time, she thought she must be doing it right as Michelle was moaning softly and had moved her fingers into her pussy and was bringing another orgasm very close.

Michelle lay back on the bed. Katy gazed at the stunning woman. Her breasts full and topped with deep pink nipples, belly flat and at the junction of her thighs, a full black pubic triangle of hair.

Michelle parted her legs and held her pussy lips apart. "Kiss me down here, please" implored Michelle, desperate for the young girl to insert her tongue and fingers deep inside her.

Without hesitation, Katy placed her head between Michelle's legs and after breathing in the musky aroma emanating from the pussy, probed with her tongue into the unknown world of another woman.

As soon as she felt the soft smooth inner walls of Michelle, Katy felt it was the most natural thing in the world and for the next fifteen minutes, kissed, licked and fingered Michelle until they both were utterly satisfied.

Katy lay with Michelle's arms enfolding her. Her left hand slowly traced circles around the nipple, which was still hard and erect. "Wow, hat was amazing." Katy said in a low almost soft voice, "I never imagined it could be so, so wonderful, thank-you"

"The pleasure was all mine, are you sure this was your first time? You were incredible." Replied Michelle as she planted kiss on Katy's forehead.

"No, first time, but I am ready for the second." Said Katy as she slipped from Michelle's embrace and made her way down to the black hairy triangle that enclosed such delights.

Michelle enjoyed the oral pleasures that Katy gave her, and then moved her body so that she was kneeling with Katy's head below her pussy. The young girl grabbed Michelle's arse cheeks and began franticly sucking on the slightly extended outer lips of Michelle's pussy. This position gave Michelle the opportunity to drop down into a classic 69, another new experience for Katy and one she loved.

The two of them, licked, sucked and fingered each other's pussy's, coming over and over again, until they adopted the "scissors" and with a frantic last seemingly obsessive grinding together of their pussy's, they enjoyed the most mind blowing mutual orgasm.

Neither spoke for a long time, just lay side by side, exhausted by their frantic lovemaking. Finally Katy broke the silence.

"What was it like with three? I would love to try."

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