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Corporate Punishment


Several years ago I worked in a warehouse in the local area. My job was that of data processor. I was responsible for a lot of data entry, invoicing and running jobs as they were requested. My boss was a woman in her mid-thirties named Diana. She was fairly tall, about five-nine, blond hair and piercing brown eyes. Diana had a nice, well proportioned figure that had the curves in all the right places. Occasionally she would wear a tight leather skirt to work. All the men looked forward to these days because it really showed off her beautiful, rounded bottom. On these days she would usually wear a low cut blouse. At some point during the day she would manage to give me a peak down her blouse to reveal that she was wearing a black bra. I imagined that she was wearing panties and garter belts to match.

On one of the mornings that she came in dressed in this manner. I was on the phone with my girlfriend, which had been a frequent occurrence for a couple of weeks. We had been having problems with our relationship and she had been calling me at work at least once every day. On this day as she walked in on her initial tour of the warehouse and office, Diana walked by the computer room and stopped briefly to observe me on the telephone. The conversation was becoming a little heated and I realized I had to control myself. Diana left and continued on her morning tour. She believes in the principal of "Management By Walking Around." She usually has a pretty good idea of what is going on in the work place.

I finally got off the phone and attempted to do my job. I felt I was really under a lot of stress. The work load was increasing and the problems with my girl had caused my usual pin-point accuracy to suffer. This angered customers and caused dissension within the work place.

As a result of these problems I had to stay late on this day and try to catch up. One by one and in groups my co-workers left and eventually the only ones remaining were Diana and me.

Presently the intercom light on my telephone came on and the instrument beeped. I picked up the receiver to find out what Diana wanted. She asked me to come and see her in her office and I told her I would be right in.

The door to her office was open I walked in and saw Diana sitting behind her desk in her rather imperious manner. She did not ask me to sit down so I just stood before her desk as she fixed me with a rather intense stare.

"Joe, I've called you in to discuss your performance over the past two weeks," she said.

"Oh?" I said as I felt my stomach tighten and my penis shrink.

"Last week I mentioned this to you and you said you would work on it. From what I've seen the problem has only gotten worse," she said sternly.

"I've been really trying, Diana."

"Trying isn't good enough. Our salesmen and our customers have been calling to complain about the errors. The employees are on edge as it is with the extra work and your mistakes have aggravated the morale problems and have hurt productivity. On top of this, I have seen you on the phone several times with that girlfriend of yours when you should be hard at work. Now, what have you got to say for yourself?"

"Well, Diana, I know I've had my problems lately, but with the increased work load and my problems with my girlfriend I have been somewhat distracted, so this may have lead to some of these difficulties."

"Everyone else has been doing their share of the extra work without problems or complaints and as for that bitch you call a girlfriend, you have let your personal life interfere with your work and this is unacceptable," Diana said as she stood up and walked around the desk to where I was standing and stood facing me still pummeling me with her stare.

"By rights I should fire you!"

"But, Diana, I need the job and this is just a temporary lapse," I pleaded.

"That may be, but I can not let things go on as they are. Therefore, if you want to remain employed here you will submit to a spanking right now."

"No!" I exclaimed as I stood there aghast. The butterflies were working at my stomach again, but this time my penis was starting to harden.

"The choice is yours, Joe. If you think this is a good job and you want to keep it then you better take your pants down."

"But this isn't right, Diana."

"What is not right is your performance lately. Now you have until the count of five to take down your pants or your fired. One!" she said as she held up one finger. "What about that new car of yours? You're sure to lose it."

"Yes," I said somewhat humbly as I got even more excited.

"Two," another finger went up, "That fancy high status apartment of yours, you'll have to go back to more plebeian surroundings."

"I know, Diana," I said more resignedly. "Three," the third finger went up, "That girlfriend of yours. Do you spend a lot of money on her?"


"Do you think she'd continue to fuck you if you were unemployed and unable to indulge her."


"Four, that big vacation to Europe. Think you'll be able to go?"

"No," I said again dumbly as I felt my cock harden to its maximum. I did not understand my excitement at my impending punishment, but Diana is a sexy woman especially dressed in that tight fitting shirt and low cut blouse. She was giving me a really nice look at her tits too.

"Five," she said with finality.

I sighed and started to unbuckle my belt, undo the top button of my trousers and pull down the zipper. My pants fell to the floor around my ankles leaving me in my boxer shorts.

"This will be a bare bottomed spanking so take down those panties, too!"

I complied and let my shorts down around my ankles too. As I did my rock hard cock sprung out perpendicular to my body. "What have we got here?" she asked as she grabbed it rather firmly and tugged it a couple of times. Then she let go and in a quick motion brought back her hand and delivered a rather sharp open palmed slap to the side of my cock. This made me jump, but I was as hard as ever.

"Do you think women are only interested in your cocks?" Diana walked around behind me. As she lightly raked her fingernails up each of my buns she said, "I've had my eye on this cute little ass of yours from the day you walked and I've dreamed of the day it would be all mine to punish as I see fit."

Diana walked across the room to where she had a cane chair that is similar to some kitchen or dining chairs. I always wondered why she kept this particular chair in her office as it was out of place. She put it in front of me with its back to me and told me to bend over the chair, which I did. At this time I felt vulnerable, submissive and very excited.

She walked around behind me and resumed fondling and rubbing my buns, "I love to see the male ass in this position, it's so sexy." I was enjoying this and was wiggling around to her touch, "Yes, wiggle that little butt for Diana, she likes to see it like that. Look in the mirror over there . Can you see you butt?"

"Yes, Diana."

"Good, now watch as I spank it." She drew her hand back and delivered a series of sharp slaps to my buttocks.

"This is for the mistakes on customer issues," she said as she slapped my ass a few more times. "And this is for the mistakes that are pissing off my workers."

"Diana you're really a bitch aren't you."

"What did you call me?"

"You're a BITCH!"

"How dare you call me that," she said as she started to spank me harder and harder.

"Call me a bitch, I'll show you. This is for all the company's time you wasted talking to that slutty girlfriend of yours."

My ass was starting to burn by now and I thought I had better lay off calling her names.

"Stand up," she ordered. She sat down in the chair and said, "Get over my knee. I laid across her lap with my reddened ass facing her. She then laid into me again saying that this was for my general shitty attitude. At this point I was apologizing and begging for mercy.

"OK," she said, "Stand up, but I'm not through with you yet. Go over behind my desk and get my hairbrush out of the middle drawer. I looked at her apprehensively, but with my pants around my ankles I went to her desk and found her hairbrush and brought it back to her. "Get over my knee again," once again I did as I was told. "This is for calling me a bitch, I can't let that go unpunished. You will receive twenty hard spanks with my hairbrush and I want you to count them."

"Yes, Diana."

I felt the hairbrush land sharply, my butt and legs twitched at this, "One," another, "Two..."

After the twentieth she told me to get up. She noticed that my cock was still hard. "Take your cock in your hand." I did so gladly. "Now give me a show and masturbate to orgasm." I began to stroke my throbbing cock harder and harder until I shot my load. This did not take too long as I was already very excited. After I recovered she handed me a box of tissues and told me to wipe my cock off and pull up my pants and clean up my come.

"Joe, I hope you've learned your lesson. We have to work as a team and maintain discipline."

"Yes, Diana, I'll really try harder."

"You better, Joe, or I'll give you a real beating. Now go home and have a nice evening," she said with a dazzling smile.

"OK, Diana, goodnight and I'll see you tomorrow," I smiled back at her. I was getting hard again.


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