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Couch Time Fun


It was Halloween weekend last year, and we were on the couch watching our own horror movie marathon. It was my roommate Tara and her boyfriend, me and my best friend, Alex. By the time we were starting the second movie, it was getting late and cold in our apartment. Tara grabbed two blankets that we keep next to the couch and threw one to her boyfriend and the other to Alex and me. Alex was sitting in the corner of the couch, so I snuggled back against her, sitting sort of in her lap in front of her, and then we pulled the blanket over and around both of us. Tara and her boyfriend did the same.

About half way through the movie, I got up to go use the bathroom (we were drinking margaritas). When I got back, I pulled the blanket off of Alex and then sat back down between her legs and leaned back against her chest, just like I was before I left. Alex shook the blanket out and the pulled it back over us and then pulled her hands back inside the blanket and went to rest them on my stomach (since I was laying against her stomach). When she did this, she not only pulled her hands inside the blanket, but also pulled them inside my sweatshirt. I screamed. It wouldn't have been such a big deal, but I was in my pj's and wearing a sweatshirt with no t-shirt or bra, so her cold hands went right inside my sweatshirt and onto my stomach and boobs. Didn't expect that.

"What was that, Chels?" Tara asked. Although it was a scary movie, it wasn't during a scary part.

"Alex here just felt me up," I said and then me and Alex laughed.

"I didn't mean to, perv, I was just trying to get my arms back under the blanket," Alex said in her defense.

"Sure," Tara said, "I know what the two of you are doing over there in the corner."

"Yea, right," I said. "We're getting ourselves off over here. You're next," I said, and then we all laughed. And while doing so, Alex joked and cupped by breasts in her two hands (outside of my sweatshirt this time) and shook them really hard, saying "Oh, baby, baby."

We all laughed and then began to watch the movie again. About 20 minutes later, Alex took a drink of her margarita, and then put her hands back under the blanket. She had been doing this the entire time during the movie, but this time was different. When put her hands back under the blanket, she also put them under my sweatshirt again, but this time very slowly almost caressing me. I looked over my shoulder at her, but she was looking down with her eyes closed. I sort of froze, but didn't stop her. Her hands continued to lightly brush my skin and walk their way up to my boobs. What in the heck was she doing? Was my best friend really going to feel me up for real? The thought of it had my mind racing. Should I stop her? Do I embarrass her by saying something out loud, or just move her hands back down with my hand?

Before I could answer myself, she was cupping my right boob for real. Her hand felt warm this time, and sensual. My nipple reacted almost instantly and perked up. She gently squeezed my entire boob and let her fingers close in on my nipple. I pushed my back into her to give her a sign of encouragement, and that was all she needed. Her fingers quickly felt and pinched my nipple while her left hand now came in as well and started its way up my tummy. We were totally hidden by the blanket so Tara and her bf had no idea.

It felt so good. Her warm hands just massaging and teasing me -- I was getting so turned on. What were we doing? Why did she do this? Why was I letting her? She must have been thinking about this since she playfully grabbed my boobs outside my sweatshirt earlier. Wow, I had no idea she wanted to do this, but I was loving it.

The better she made me feel, the more I pushed back into her. I was clearly starting to get wet and was wondering if she was as well. If I pushed back against her, I wondered if I was putting pressure on her pussy and if so was it enough for her to grind against? I didn't know, but the thought of maybe causing her to have an orgasm made me lose it. I was being taken over by sexual desire.

With that, I slide my right hand down the waistband of my pj's and panties. Yep, I was already soaked. I dove my middle finger in and brought out what felt like a handful of wetness. I smeared it around my lips and then dove in again. This time it made a little smacking sound, so I stopped abruptly wondering if anyone heard it. Just then, Alex leaned toward my ear and whispered with her hot sexy breath, "Do it, Chels."

That was all I needed to hear. I pulled my finger out and smeared my juices all over my lips and all the way up my slit to my clit. It felt wonderful. Having Alex playing with my boobs and encouraging me to masturbate myself was unbelievably erotic. I was dying from desire and feverishly rubbed by clit, although being careful not to make sloshing sounds. My breathing became shorter and erratic. I was getting close. Alex could tell and began squeezing my boobs and nipples harder. "Yes. Do it. Cum for me. Cum for me."

Her breath was so hot and sexy in my ear. My fingers so slippery. My pussy so hot and aching. I wanted to cum for her. I wanted to cum for another girl. This was insane. Yes, insane. Yes, I'm cumming. My body shook although I tried so hard to stay still. I would die if Tara's boyfriend knew what was happening. I closed my eyes at the peak of my orgasm, and felt so sensual as Alex hugged me tight until my convulsions subsided.

A couple of minutes later, I pulled my finger out of my soggy panties and brought it up to my lap. Alex let go of my boob and brought her hand down to reach mine. She grabbed my hand and then brought it up to the top of the blanket until just my finger was poking out. Next thing I knew I felt a warm sensual feeling on my finger. Alex had taken my finger into her mouth all the way up to the knuckle and was sucking on it. She licked it clean and then brought my hand back down to my lap where we held hands for the rest of the movie.

We went to bed that night and nothing else happened although I thought about it all night long. The next morning, I was hesitant to bring it up, but finally did. She said it must have been the margaritas and that tequila is bad, very bad. We both laughed a nervous laugh and never brought it up again. It still is one of the most erotic and intense things I have done. Just writing this down is making me crazy wet and turned on. I'm sure I will be able to cum within 60 seconds once I stop typing. Ready...go!

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