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My name is Cheryl and it has been several months since I wrote a story on here, mostly because not much has happened.

I am a happily married woman of my mid-forties with a figure of 38-28-37. I am 5'2" tall and weigh 120 pounds with brown eyes and light brown hair. My husband and I have been swingers for about ten years now and have tried almost everything. However, lately I have been trying to think of something different and not having much luck. Part of the problem is that I have too many men who just want to fuck, get off and go home to their wives and to be honest, I think my age is getting to be a factor as well.

Now I thought it might be time to try some young stuff, just as long as they were legal and clean.

Saturday night Jerry, my husband and I went to a local college football game and I dressed in a slutty blouse showing lots of cleavage and a short skirt without panties. I sat a row in front of my husband so that it appeared that I was there by myself. As the game progressed, I spread my legs and let my pussy show to anyone sitting in front of me if they just turned around. When the local team scored I would jump up and cheer to the point that my 38 D's would just about come out of my blouse to the amusement of several young men who were drinking beer and having a ball. At half-time two of the young men Jim and his older brother Bob came and sat next to me and bought me a beer. Normally, I don't drink beer, but what the heck, I wanted to find a way to get these guys in the sack and so I played along.

Bob asked me if I was married, and I told him no, as I wasn't wearing my rings in order to look available. Then his younger brother Jim said, " you look like a former cheerleader, do you have a son on the team?"

With that insensitive remark, his brother Bob punched him on the arm and told him, "get your act together little brother, as you don't make comments like that to a pretty young woman." I had to laugh as I admit that I look ten or more years younger than I am, but still not old enough to have a son on the team.

They stayed sitting next to me for the rest of the game and I had to caution them to cut back on the beer as if they had any idea of scoring with an older woman they had better be able to play the game and not let the alcohol slow them down.

What a reaction that got from both of them! They wanted to know if I was from out of town or if I lived in Tampa. I lied, and said, "I'm staying at a little motel about two blocks from here for the weekend and someone at the hotel told me about the game so I came to see it and lucky me I found you two." "By the way, I can tell that Bob is legal, but just how old are you Jim?" After some hesitation he claimed to be 18 although I thought that might have been pushing it a little, you can't always tell whether they're telling you the truth or not.

I turned around in my seat and looked my husband in the eye and asked him if he wanted to join me and my two new friends for an after game drink in my hotel room. Jerry played the game as we had planned it and said, "no thanks, my wife is picking me up after the game, just my bad luck."

As the game ended, my two young studs offered to drive me back to my motel for that drink, but first wanted to stop at a liquor store and get some vodka,which gave Jerry time to get back to the hotel room before we did and to set up a viewing spot where he could watch the action,but not be seen.

As we entered the darkened room Bob had his arm around me and Jim was holding my hand as if we were dating. It was obvious to me that neither of them had ever had a threesome and were a little uncomfortable with each other even though they were related.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and in passing the louvered closet door I could just barely make out Jerry sitting in the dark closet with his dick already in his hand. When I came out of the bathroom I was completely naked, and both boys had their eyes popping out as they stared at my petite frame and neatly trimmed pussy.

"Okay guys," I said,"let's get the show on the road, you've seen mine nor let me see yours." Bob dropped his slacks and his boxer shorts so quickly that his dick was almost a blur as I looked at Jim stripping a little more slowly and somewhat self-conciously. Bob was about 8 or 9 inches in length, but what he lacked in length he made up for in girth. He looked almost as big around as a beer can, but I admit that may have been an exaggeration. Jim, on the other hand was around 6 inches long and somewhat smaller in girth as well.

I then layed back on the bed with my legs spread and asked, " who wants to go first, or do you both want to do this together?" With that invitation no reply was made, but Bob climbed up on the bed, spread my legs further apart and began to lick my labia and to tickle my clit with his tongue. Jim, just stood by the side of the bed and put his dick on my cheek as if he didn't know how to ask for a blowjob. I took this as a challenge and pulled Jim's dick into my warm and ready mouth and while sucking and licking he shot off a stream of cum that I tried to swallow, but it was just too much and some of it slid down my neck. Bob then had his brother go sit down and try to get his dick up again. This made it obvious to me that I had just given a virgin his first and probably most memorable blowjob he would ever get.

Bob then climbed over me and resting his balls on my boobs, he put his rock hard dick into my mouth as well. "Let's see if you can get me off as fast as you did my little brother, the virgin?"

I was willing to do that for Bob but I needed a hard and young dick in my already dripping wet pussy so I said, " let's fuck first and then I'll get you back up with my mouth while Jim eats his first pussy." Bob then mounted me in the missionary position, but I wanted to be sure that Jerry could see the action from the closet so I suggested that we do it doggy fashion. As Bob moved around in position he kept rubbing the head of his dick up and down my vaginal canal, drawing little circles around my clit until I couldn't wait for him to put it in me. Clearly, Bob had done this before as he now began to slowly slip the head of his dick past my labia and into my pussy and inch or two at a time. He must have thought I was tight or that he was too big, because I just grabbed back a good hold on his ass cheeks and pulled him all the way in with just one tug.

"Damn that feels good, Cheryl I bet you've done this a few times before, haven't you?"

I didn't answer him right away, but began to work my kegel muscles until he was about to shoot his load a little too fast for me. "Hold on big fellow," I said, don't you want a lady to get an orgasm first?" He slowed down then and we worked up a good rhythm until I felt the first of my multiple orgasms hit and damn it felt good to have some young stange stuff, with my husband in the closet watching and jacking off at the same time. When Bob shot his load into my waiting pussy he began to apologize about not having a rubber. Little did he know that I was on the pill and didn't give a damn about a pussy full of cum.

Now as Bob rolled off, I waved over to Jim and he was only too happy to get sloppy seconds and more than likely the first pussy of his young life. I rolled over on my back and had Jim lick my pussy clean of Bob's cum, which he didn't seem to mind doing as he was now getting into the whole scene. Now as I got my second orgasm from his tongue action equally worked up by knowing that Jerry was watching this intitation of the young boy. I then took Jim's hard dick in my hand and worked it around my clit and labia until I was afraid he was going to cum again. I then put him in position and arched my back up while he pressed down and there he was all the way in what must have been his first hot and wet pussy. I will admit that his movements while a bit clumsy at first soon developed some rhythm and before long our pubic bones were slapping together, his breath was coming faster and faster and as he shot his own load of cum into my pussy I had my third orgasm of the night.

Now Jim rolled out of the bed and it was Bob back again with gusto. He took me on my back, threw my legs over his shoulders and sank his dick all the way home. This time all of us were able to screw a little longer without cumming and Bob took me first one way and then another.

"Surprise!" Jerry called out as he came out of the closet with his dick in his hand and suddenly both of the young studs had their dicks shrink down, until I assured them that it was okay with my husband and that we were just playing a little game with them.

You could tell that their egos were crushed, but in the spirit of all the fucking we had done they were okay to sit back and watch a master fucker do his job with his all too ready and willing wife.

Some two hours later I had more orgasms than I could count, each of the guys had gotten their rocks off two or more times, and even Jerry had his satisfaction.

We all had some vodka, and sat around in the nude until I was ready to call it a night. I asked the boys for their telephone number and it turned out they shared an apartment so that I could visit them most nights after they got off work.

This was my intention, but my fantasy of two young bucks in heat had been fulfilled so I don't think I'll be visiting them again soon.

Jerry and I went home and slept until noon the next day and we both think it went well for an older woman cougar getting a couple of young cocks so easily. What to try next? Love to hear some suggestions from my readers.

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