tagMind ControlCountermove Ch. 07

Countermove Ch. 07


Summary so far:

Day 1: Onyx vs. Tyger- Onyx loses for the first time ever and pays the price.

Day 2: Onyx vs. Jewel- Onyx defeats Jewel to stay alive in the tournament but realizes she is slowly changing into a bimbo.

Day 3: Onyx vs. Chaos- Onyx defeats Chaos to make it to the final 4 but discovers she has been set up.

Interlude: Onyx travels to Darkview to investigate Tyger.

Interlude- part 2: Onyx learns more about Tyger while coming to terms with being pierced and tattooed.

Interlude- part 3: Onyx trains under Diane.


The Electric Raven Coffee and Juice Bar was located in Chrystal Heights, not Darkview as I expected. This simply meant that it was closer than I had thought.

I had expected a bright, easy-to-see café on a well-lit street. In actuality the Electric Raven resembled a tavern more than a cafe. It was set off the main street, a short way down a darkened alley. Steps led down to a dimly lit door. Inside was somewhat better lit but there were a host of darkened corners and nooks to sit unobserved. Various small tables were placed haphazardly with no particular order to them. Old couches were placed here and there along with the occasional loveseat. Various quotes and artistic images covered the walls. In a corner was a small slightly raised stage- more of a deck, really- with a single dim spotlight shining on a microphone stand with a stool next to it.

I glanced around. The clientele represented an interesting cross-section of Chrystal Heights. Several mohawked punks lounged on a couch sipping cappuccinos and Shakespeare in equal doses. A bespectacled accountant in a suit-and-tie read "Tax Laws and Dungeons" while holding a leash attached to the spiked leather collar of a six-foot lingerie model dressed in a skin-tight leather catsuit and licking cream from a bowl. A musician with a local hard-rock band drank cucumber chasers and whispered sweet nothings into the ear of a girl dressed in the regalia of Queen Victoria. A pair of nuns sipped chilled Jagermeister and chatted amicably about Emily Dickinson with two cheerleaders who had sweet smiles and evil eyes.

Malik was hopefully here somewhere. The lights dimmed somewhat and the spotlight became marginally brighter, so I sat at a table against the wall where it was darker than the surrounding tables. A man barely out of his teens walked onto the stage and stood behind the microphone stand. He did not sit. His eyes slid restlessly over the crowd as he seemed to gather his thoughts. Then he began speaking:

"The power to change; the strength to not change. They are the Originals.

The battle between Good and Evil continues; light and dark conflict.

The teachers teach, but who watches the watchers? They are the Originals."

The speaker turned and exited the stage without waiting for the smattering of applause his poem generated. There was a low buzz as conversation resumed.

"Can I get you something?"

I turned at the voice. A waitress stood waiting for my order. She was dressed fully in black and had long straight black hair. She looked very much like a grown-up Wednesday from the Adams Family.

I giggled. "Ummmm...I'll have an Electwic Bwue," I said.

Wednesday smirked. "One Electric Blue. Got it." She left.

Then I jumped. The table next to me was behind a pillar and covered in deep darkness, as if it wasn't meant to be used. From that darkness a pair of eyes stared at me.

I stared back. What the hell?

Then a figure stepped out from the darkness. He was tall and powerfully built. His skin was as dark as night, which was why he had been essentially invisible in the cover of darkness. He didn't have an ounce of fat on him and his head was completely shaved. He wore black cargo pants and a tight black tanktop that stretched to show his well-muscled physique to perfection. He was ageless...he could have been twenty-five or he could have been forty-five. And he did not look pleased.

I tried to act non-chalant despite what the sight of his chiseled perfection was doing to my already overwhelming need to have a cock in my mouth. "You must be Malik."

His voice rumbled deep in his chest. "And you're the little girl who asks too many questions," he said in a deep baritone.

"I'm looking for Viper," I said. "It's...important."

He did not seem impressed. "What interest could Viper possibly have in anything you have to say?"

I tried to disregard the ominous vibes he was giving off. "I pwefer to speak with Viper about it. Or do you speak for her?"

He gave me a hard look and I thought I had gone too far. He walked away without another word.

The waitress brought my blue drink, of which I gulped down half immediately. Malik may have lacked social skills but the thought of his cock in my mouth made me squirm and picture myself on my knees, wrapping my lips around that black shaft, taking him into my throat, my blonde hair bobbing between those thighs, my cheeks puffed out as he filled...

"Viper has agreed to see you."

I jumped, yanked out of my blowjob fantasy. Malik looked down at me with unreadable eyes, then turned and walked away without another word. I finished my blue drink and scrambled after him. My swelled boobs jiggled helplessly as I moved to catch him from behind.

"You know, the door is in the other direction," I said.

"Don't ask so many questions, girl," he said in that rich baritone.

We ended up in a back room. At least, that's what I think it was. We had exited the main area via a non-descript door that I hadn't noticed earlier. We came down a narrow hallway and now we had entered a room.

The room appeared to be a sparse den of sorts. It had minor comforts such as chairs and a table but little else. A dark-skinned woman sitting in a high-backed wooden chair on the far side of the room was reading a book.

We stood waiting as the woman continued to read. I waited for Malik to speak but he remained silent. At last the woman marked her place and closed the book, then fixed her gaze on me. Like Malik, she was ageless, though I would have put her at about forty years old. She was in perfect shape, although her features were too severe for her to be considered beautiful.

"What is it you need, girl?" she asked, her tone impatient. There was a formality in her enunciation that suggested a slight accent.

I giggled. "We have a common enemy, Viper," I said.

Her voice indicated disdain. "You know nothing about my enemies, girl. What are you carrying on about?"

"I'm talking about Tyger," I said. "I need to know how you were able to defeat her so easily."


I blinked. "Tyger. You knew her as the Black Panther."

"The Black Panther? I am done with that world, girl. I beat her long ago."

"She wrestles again under the name of Tyger. She has...abilities. And she is twying to steal my life..."

Viper cut me off with a wave of her hand. "I know you now. You are that Onyx girl who fights here in Chrystal Heights. I care not for your problems, girl."

This was getting frustrating. I needed help and she was hostile for some reason. I didn't have time for this. I let my mind touch hers so I could get a mental picture of her brain.

And that was a big mistake. I gasped as I felt my mind suddenly squeezed by a giant hand. I was having trouble breathing and my hands were suddenly ripping off my clothing as quickly as I could. Completely naked, I dropped to my knees, head down, palms flat on the ground as I tried to regain my bearings. I could feel Viper touching my mind effortlessly, gathering information like plucking berries from a bush.

Viper's voice was now low and ominous, though it had a trace of amusement. "Are ye really that stupid, girl?" She shook her head. "Malik, this girl is nothing. Why did you bring this silly girl to me?"

I spoke up. "I didn't always look like this! This isn't me!"

Viper's voice indicated disdain. "I wasn't talking about what you look like, girl. Pah! You have no honor! You would destroy those less than you just because you are able to. You are no better than Tyger. Why would I help you?"

"I am better than Tyger! Tyger ruins lives! I just...just did my own thing! Look, I'll do whatever you ask...I just have to know how to beat her."

"What could you possibly do for me? You have nothing. No honor. No discipline!"

"I do too have discipline!" I said.

"Pah! You are full of drives and instincts you cannot control, girl. You have no will power."

"Yes, I do! I can prove it! Give me a chance!" I hated the pleading sound my voice was projecting.

"Ye have nothing, girl! I will prove it. Malik, stand before the silly naked girl." She looked at me. "Show me what ye got, girl."

Malik stepped over to me and unzipped his pants. He reached in and drew out this thick cock. Still on my knees, that cock was inches from my face. Malik moved no closer but it felt like his cock was getting closer and closer to my mouth. I unconsciously licked my lips. I could resist. I had to resist. Just for a few seconds. I had to...

My tongue slid along the underside of that glorious cock. My heart began pounding as the taste of him on my tongue made my pussy gush embarrassingly. I lost track of Viper as my mouth slid over that cock head and I tried to take his entire cock into my mouth. His heavy balls filled my hand as I tried in vain to swallow his growing hardness. I was vaguely aware of Viper calling for someone but was far more interested in the thickness in my mouth. Suddenly I was lifted from my knees. Another black man I had not seen before was now in the room and dragging me to the table. He bent me over the table and lined up his hardening cock with my wet pussy. My eyes widened as I felt his unfamiliar thickness sliding into me. My belly muscles twitching and jumping with bimbo heat, I spread my legs farther apart and he drove into me again and again. I closed my eyes, head back, my blonde hair exploding across my back as I shuddered and moaned. I felt his cock harden and thicken inside me and suddenly he was pounding me silly as his cock emptied inside me. I could feel my pussy filling with his hot cum and suddenly I was a squirming wriggling mess as I squealed with helpless pleasure.

Breathless, I felt myself lifted again and turned as my ass was set on the table. I was laid back and the man was replaced by another unfamiliar black man but with an equally hard cock. He grabbed my bare hips and pulled me to him so I was impaled on his cock, my back on the table, my bare legs on his shoulders. He stroked into me easily, the wet sounds of his thickness driving into me very audible. He lasted for several minutes as I went through a series of embarrassingly loud climaxes, my body no longer under my control.

I lost track of the time. Finally I felt myself dumped to the floor in front of Viper, a used, full, barely-conscious bimbo. I gazed at the stern black woman through half-lidded eyes. She shook her head.

"Benji...Jamal...what do you think?"

One of the men shrugged. "A barely adequate sex toy, Mistress."

Viper nodded. "As I thought. She bears a gypsy mark showing her to be a plaything. You have done well, Benji and Jamal."

Both men went to a knee with their head down. "Thank you, Mistress." Their voices carried respect.

Viper turned back to me. "You waste my time, girl. Ye are not worthy to serve my lowest slave. You are no different than Tyger. You take no responsibility for your past. Pah! Clean your aura, girl. Make right. You can't run from your problems anymore. Tyger has set time bombs in your head. At least make peace with your victims and face your fate like the warrior you claim to be. Because your karma is shit."

Friday night. The crowd buzzed with excitement in anticipation of the resuming tournament. Only half of the original eight contenders remained at this stage: The redheaded Fury, myself, the implacable Dominatrix and the previously unknown Tyger. The early match tonight was an elimination match between Fury and me. The late match pitted the last two undefeated contenders against each other- Dominatrix and Tyger. The winner of my match would face the loser of the late match tomorrow night in an elimination match.

My match against Fury would be starting shortly. I stood before the big mirror in the locker room and looked at what the fans would soon be seeing for the first time. My lustrous raven black hair had faded to full golden blonde locks. My hair had grown too long for a proper ponytail so to better distribute the weight I had split my hair into two long pigtails off the top of my head and dangling down my back to nearly my waist. The effect was embarrassingly school-girlish. My lashes had grown longer and my cheeks rounder and fuller. My lips were swelled so thick I spoke with a lisp now and the pigment in my lips had brightened into a natural bimbo red. They were coated generously with lip-gloss.

My body, athletically slim and muscular a week ago, was now lush with sensuous curves begging to be touched. I had been forced to purchase a new black bikini to encompass my new body dimensions. There was simply no way to disguise the fact that my breasts- modest B-cups a week ago- had swelled to ripe DD-cup fullness. Underneath my new bikini top my perpetually hardened nipples pressed impatiently against the fabric. I could feel the rings in my pierced nipples lying against my skin. Beneath my full breasts my torso flared down to a twenty-inch waist, accented by a single ring in my pierced navel. My tiny waist was contrasted by the sensuous curves of my widened hips, which flared out into a full and rounded ass. The letter "B" could almost be seen under the cover of my bikini bottom. The "B" was the first letter of "BIMBO", which was tattooed in inch and half tall letters across my left ass cheek. My pussy was smooth and helplessly wet. My legs, athletically muscular last week, were now long and smooth with lovely curved calves. My bare feet were in perfect proportion to my ankles. My toenails, like my fingernails, were painted bimbo red.

There were changes the fans couldn't see, of course. The fans couldn't hear my newly acquired incessant giggle, nor my helpless lisp. They had no way of knowing I would never have twirled my hair unconsciously last week or rolled my eyes when I was thinking about something. Nor could the fans know I needed to suck cock- and swallow- at least once every couple of days or I'd go berserk. But the fans wouldn't need to see these things to know I was a very different woman than I had been a week ago.

I turned from the mirror. Although I was not as physically athletic now as I had been a week ago, I had at least learned some fundamental moves- and a few unfundamental ones as well- from Diane. I had been tossed around the practice ring for several days and had been fucked silly for not learning fast enough, but I did learn. I had been a good wrestler with natural ability before last week; hopefully my new knowledge would offset the edge I lost when my body changed into this lush curvaciousness.

Not that it mattered. Even if the sky opened up and I somehow beat Tyger she would still be in my head. But Viper was right. I had to stand and fight anyway. When I went down I would be going down after giving everything I had.

I heard several girls entering the locker room. Their conversation stopped when they saw me. They looked me up and down to make sure it was me, than they slowly began to smile. Tentively at first, then with more daring until finally one of the girls- Debbie, an opponent I had given an oral compulsion to some time ago- laughed out loud. I bristled. They laughed at me? Me? I could still handle them anytime! No way was I going to take this shit from them...

You are no different than Tyger. You take no responsibility for your past.

My karma was shit. Although I was an expert at reversals, I didn't have enough time to reverse my karma.

At least make peace with your victims and face your fate like the warrior you claim to be.

Dammit. That stung. Still...I struggled with it for a moment, then took a deep breath and released the anger. I gave Debbie a single nod and turned around to walk out the door.

There was a collective gasp behind me. One of the girls, made brave by my passive reaction, called out, "Yeah, you better run! Not so tough now, are you?"

I didn't even glance over my shoulder to see who the speaker was. I just called back, "We'll find out soon."

The crowd was surprisingly stoked for an under-card match, even if it was for the tournament. Every seat had an ass in it and the aroma of popcorn and beer was everywhere. Fury had just been introduced and the crowd gave the girl in the red bikini a rowdy cheer. The little redhead had become a fan favorite because of her tenaciousness. She bounded into the ring, her infectious energy bringing the crowd to its feet.

I heard the announcer introduce me. My turn. I took a deep breath and made my way towards the ring with a determined stride. My boobs were too big for me to attempt bounding like Fury.

The applause was initially rambunctious. It had taken me a couple matches to get my home crowd back but I had finally done it when I took out Chaos. The crowd's cheers began to slack off when they got a good look at me. I could hear the buzz of whispered conversations and there were several catcall whistles. I ignored the crowd and concentrated on getting to the ring. Just slipping between the ropes and entering the ring felt like a victory.

The bell sounded and the little five foot red head barreled into me, knocking me backward and slamming the breath out of me. I fell back onto my rounded ass and Fury landed on me. The referee went down to a knee and slapped the mat three times. I was already two pins from elimination.

I got up slowly. Diane was seated at ringside with her hand covering her eyes, shaking her head in despair. I couldn't blame her. I knew that Fury would come out swinging and I had stood there and took it like an idiot. Well, a bimbo. I removed my bikini top and handed it to the referee.

I could hear the buzz again as everyone stared with disbelief at my nipple piercings. That particular body mod is almost never seen on wrestlers simply because of the inherent danger of getting a nipple torn. The rarity gave the piercings a certain erotic appeal to the crowd and, surprisingly, there was some applause.

I got positioned again. The bell rang and Fury, figuring it had worked once, leaped at me again. I took the hit but rode it backward this time, dropping and rolling to continue the momentum started by Fury's attack. I planted my feet in her belly and launched her straight up and over my head. There was nothing she could do as she arched through the air and landed on her back with a matt-shaking thud. I covered her and the referee counted three. It was the same trick I had used with Chaos but Fury was much lighter and had gone much higher. If it had been a week earlier I would have probably launched her into the crowd. Fury took it in stride, removing her top and handing it to the referee to the cheers of the crowd.

Topless, we faced off again. The bell rang and this time I moved first, jumping forward and grabbing Fury in a boobs-to-boobs bear hug. She wriggled in my grasp and, unable to free herself, wrapped her legs around my hips. She then slid her heels down the back of my legs in an attempt to make me fall backward, which would knock the breath out of me and leave her on top of me for an easy pin. But I knew how to reverse that. I bent my knees and let us fall forward so that she landed on her back with me on top instead. The referee counted her out and just like that Fury was naked.

Fury would be at her most dangerous now. The bell rang and we circled each other warily, hands moving, looking for an opening. Fury's little bare feet pitter-pattered the mat. I circled, trying to ignore the weight jiggling from my chest. It was throwing my timing off just slightly but that was enough for Fury to recognize and she dropped and whirled, her swinging leg kicking my feet out from under me. Fury leaped on me but I had just started to roll so I rolled her off me. She scrambled back on top of me and we grappled for position, still on the floor. I had more weight but she had better position. Then she tried to get a better grip on me and I shifted, throwing her off-balance. I spun her sideways and wrapped my arms and legs around her from behind. My greater height gave me leverage and I slid my feet over her thighs but behind her knees and forced her thighs apart, exposing her bare pussy to the crowd. She went berserk trying to free herself, squirming and wriggling. She tried to head-butt me but I slid my hands behind her head and locked her into a half-nelson while keeping her knees spread with my feet. My boobs were giving me leverage problems but I held on for dear life. After an eternity the hold timed out and the crowd went wild. Fury had just been eliminated from the tournament.

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