tagErotic HorrorCountess Ivanna's Castle Ch. 02

Countess Ivanna's Castle Ch. 02


(This story contains scenes of Lesbian and Straight Sex as well as some light bondage. As always, your comments and you votes are most welcomed.)


The telephone rang. Detective Kate Stevens remembered slipping off her sleeping mask and looking around her dark and squalid one bedroom apartment. Finally she managed to locate the telephone under her clothes from last night's shift.

"Kate Stevens."

"Detective Stevens, this is Detective Biondi, I'm following up on that note for us to check with the college security officers on the possible attack of a student on Halloween evening?"

"Yes Biondi that was almost a month ago; what do you have?"

"Campus security reports that they have no complaints of missing students or, any official complaints of alleged attacks over the night of Halloween."

"So why are you calling me at home?"

"Detective Stevens, they report that rumors of a vampire attack have been circulating among the male students ever since. The rumors say that a male student, a freshman, was attacked and left unconscious on a path in the woods.

When they interviewed the student, he denied that any attack took place and that he simply passed out in the woods while he was on the way from one party to another."

"I see, thank you Biondi. Would you leave a note for Detective Murphy that I'll look into this on my way in?"

"I'm sorry Stevens; Murphy called out sick just a few minutes ago."

"I see. Would you leave that note for Lieutenant Brown?"

"Of course Stevens, have a good night."

Kate hung up the phone and looked at the time, it was just after dark. She saw that she needed to hurry to make it over to the campus in time to speak to any officer who may have actually heard the boys talking.

Kate quickly got dressed in a fresh blouse and a pair of slacks. She clipped her badge and her gun holster to her belt, tossed on her jacket and checked the time on her wristwatch before heading out the door and into the gathering evening.

Kate arrived at the campus security office and found two rent-a-cops joking about the story. After identifying herself as a city police detective they quickly filled her in on the details. Kate thanked them and informed them that she wanted to speak to the student in question.

The student, Matthew Foreman reluctantly confirmed that he thought that he might have been attacked by someone dressed as a vampire, but then again it might have been a dream; he was drunk at the time and it was Halloween night so it may have been just a very sexy and amorous naked woman dressed in a black cape.

Stevens remembered thinking that someone was simply pulling her leg. She asked point blank if the student had been bitten by the woman. The student denied having any bite marks when he awoke that next morning, but he had made a drawing during the day after the incident. He made a photo copy on his scanning printer and gave it to detective Stevens.

Detective Stevens immediately recognized the resemblance to the woman named Jolene whom had been implicated in such an attack during the interrogation of an escaped lunatic the month before.

Stevens decided to stop at Jolene's apartment to make sure that she was all right, but the landlady told her that her tenants hadn't come home that night. Phillip hadn't been home since Halloween and the wife, Jolene only occasionally since then and always at night.

Detective Stevens knew that the husband, Philip had signed himself in to the local hospital for psychiatric observation almost one month before. She also knew from having interviewed Phillip that he had been under the impression that his wife Jolene was romantically involved with the psychiatrist who was treating him, one Doctor Ivanna Basarab.

Phillip became convinced that not only were Ivanna and Jolene lovers, but that they were lesbian vampires. Most remarkably, Phillip had escaped from the hospital's psychiatric wing, making claims that he had been bitten both Ivanna and Jolene. Further, Phillip had claimed that he was present while the two had spoken about Jolene attacking a student on Halloween night and drinking his blood.

Although Phillip was found wandering through town naked, neither the arresting officers, nor Detective Stevens saw any evidence that he had been bitten, cut, scratched, or abused in any way. He was returned to the hospital's psychiatric wing and the case had been closed.

Now Detective Kate Stevens found herself sitting outside of Doctor Ivanna Basarab's house. Kate sat briefly and wondered why she was looking into his old case any further.

Kate looked at her watch and then her notes from both interviews that she have already conducted that evening, she thought to herself, "That's strange, my watch must be running slow..." She saw that either she had left her apartment only five minutes ago, or she had been mistaken about the time that she left her apartment to begin with.

Suspicious, Kate began to cross the street to the front gate of the darkened castle as she thought back over her notes for anything that could clear up some of the questions that now began to haunt her mind: 'How could she be so mistaken about the time? How did she know what Jolene looked like? How did she know Doctor Basarab's home address? And why was she proceeding with this investigation alone, with so many little red flags popping up?'

Kate arrived at the front door without having found any answers. Before she realized what she was doing, she rang the doorbell.

A strange tension, not at all like fear, but more like a growing expectation and an excited sexual tension began to settle in the pit of Kate's stomach; her breathing began to get short; her head began to feel light.

Just as Kate began to think that she might turn and scurry quickly to her car, the door opened.

Kate looked up and caught her breath; she instantly felt her thighs tense and the most delicious fluttering in her tummy. Ivanna Basarab stood smiling coyly in the open doorway wearing a housecoat.

"Detective Stevens, how wonderful of you to drop by; my friend Lieutenant Brown has told me so much about you!"

Kate swallowed and consciously straightened her posture, "Countess Ivanna; I didn't know that you knew Lieutenant Brown..." Kate instantly stopped and wondered what would possess her to call Doctor Basarab a Countess.

Ivanna continued to smile brightly, stepped out onto the doorstep and took Kate by the arm, "Oh Kate, why so formal? We have no need of formal titles here: this is hardly the old country. Please, call me Ivanna. But where are my manners, come. Please do come in Kate, my home is your home!"

Kate fell into step and allowed herself to be led inside. "But Ivanna, where do you know Lieutenant Brown from."

Ivanna closed the front door, "Oh, Otis is an old friend. We just shared a week in the Alps! It was such fun, just Otis, Margaret, Jolene and myself; it was very restful and quite romantic!"

Kate felt a throb her knees turn to jelly as Ivanna took both of her hands in her hands, "Now, why don't you allow me to take your jacket... and tell me Kate, why you have come to me this evening?"

"I have reason to believe that a student was attacked on Halloween night, I've come to interview Jolene..." Kate felt something warm and wet whooshing by her side. Then she felt the unmistakable feeling of a pair of hands, one pinning her right arm to the wall, the other gently taking her naked breast and cradling it.

Kate heard a voice echo in her mind, "Come join us Kate." Kate felt the electric tingling as a warm wet pair of lips closed firmly around her hard nipple.

Ivanna laughed with the friendly and inviting sound of tinkling of bells in the wind. "You say that each night that you have come to me for this entire week. Now tell me Kate, why do you come to me this evening?"

Kate felt the tingling in her breast increase. She looked down and saw that she was naked. A woman with long black hair was lovingly suckling on her right breast.

"It's about the lesbian vampires..." Suddenly Kate felt a whooshing to her left.

Kate heard the haunting voice echo in her mind again, "Come join us Kate!"

She felt her left arm being gently pinned to the wall and felt the warm soft lips close around her left nipple. Kate moaned and squirmed delightedly as more tingling radiated out from both of her breasts, down into her tummy and up into her throat.

Ivanna smiled and her beautiful green eyes glowed warmly, "What were you were about to say, Kate?"

Suddenly Kate remembered everything: she had been here for the past week, ever since she first got the call about the attack at the campus!

Kate remembered being greeted at the door by a beautiful Asian woman with long black hair and deep, enchanting brown almond eyes. The woman had led her to an empty bedroom and seduced her, loving her with such tenderness that it took Kate's breath away even now. Then the beautiful Asian woman, with the hauntingly beautiful eyes and the pale cinnamon colored skin had bitten her on the neck.

Suddenly, Kate felt the delicious, warm whooshing between her naked thighs. She willingly parted her legs and threw her head back as she felt a hot tongue licking between the parted lips of her shaved pussy, "I..., I..., I'm so afraid, I can't say it!"

Kate felt the hands that had been pinning her arms to the wall move to lovingly cup her breasts and to caress and lightly pinch her nipples, while the hot tongue plunged deep into her crevasse, teasing her from her vagina all the way up to her erect clitoris.

Kate felt her orgasm build and slipped one thigh upward to rest on the shoulder of her tormentor while she desperately declared, "I want to say it, but I'm so afraid!"

The voice in Kate's mind urged, "Say that you will join us Kate my love, my darling. Say it and give yourself to me. Say it so that I may give myself to you and be yours forever!"

Kate desperately tried to fight off the irresistible orgasm and to remember the hauntingly beautiful Asian woman's name. She remembered the woman's silky smooth black hair, her soft fragrant skin, her tender caresses and her soft loving kisses.

Kate felt the unseen hands slide down her body to rest on her hips. Then she gasped delightedly as the hot tongue plunged upward, claiming the deepest parts of her vagina. Kate shivered as she felt soft lips sucking her pussy lips and a nose nuzzling her clit playfully.

Kate shuddered uncontrollably as she felt her orgasm crash over her and she shouted out loud, "I am yours Mai-Ly, I want to be yours forever! Mai-Ly my love, take me and make me yours I beg you."

Mai-Li rematerialized fully from the night mist that she had been and stood up. She took Kate tenderly into her arms and held her gently. "No more stressing Kate! I give myself to you and I take you to be mine!"

With that, Mai-Ly bared her long fangs and tenderly sank them into Kate's exposed neck as Kate clung panting and shuddering in Mai-Ly's arms.

Ivanna calmly ran a fingernail over her wrist and cut open several veins. Then she held it up to Kate's lips for her to drink her first gift, while the rest of the coven rematerialized out of the night mists that they had been. Soon, Kate swooned from the draining of her life's blood, in Mai-Ly's arms. Four thralls quickly came forward and took Kate's nearly lifeless body and reverently carried her away to Mai-Ly's bedroom.

Ivanna smiled sadly at Mai-Ly and offered her a drink from her wrist. Mai-Ly tucked her fangs away behind her teeth took Ivanna's wrist to suckle, like a new born vampire.

Ivanna waited for a few moments, "Have you chosen a range from those that Queen Margot has offered for your own Mai-Ly?

Mai-Ly licked Ivanna's wrist, until the deep wound had closed completely. "I have Countess Ivanna. It will be the one that you have suggested to me."

Ivanna smiled, "Then in the name of our Queen Margot, I make you Countess Mai-Ly. Choose one sister from among my coven and one thrall to help you to start your new coven."

Countess Mai-Ly curtsied, "I choose our sister Ellen and thrall Jinks."

Ivanna caressed Mai-Ly's face tenderly, "Both are fine choices, my daughter Mai-Ly. Go now. Your bride Kate will awaken soon. Lay with her and be sure that your lovely face is the first face that she sees. Then allow her to feed lightly on Jinks until she is ready to be taught how to control her new powers, so that she may begin to hunt for herself."

Mai-Li curtsied once again, before she came to Ivanna and kissed her deeply. Each of the sisters came in turn and curtsied before Countess Ivanna and then before Countess Mai-Ly before kissing her.

All of the sisters except Jolene, turned into the night mists, or into bats, or mice, to begin their night hunts.

Jolene remained quiet for a few moments as her former rival Mai-Ly left the room. "Was it like that with me Ivanna?"

Ivanna smiled proudly, "You were a good deal less hesitant Jolene. It is how I knew that you would be my new bride. Only Mai-Ly before you was so eager to give up her old life and to join me. Now I shall have to make a new place at my table for Countess Mai-Ly, for when she comes to attend our parties."

Jolene looked up, "I have felt intimidated in Mai-Ly's presence. I was sure that she was jealous of me taking her Queen..."

Ivanna flicked a finger across the bridge of Jolene's nose and glowered, "That would be Countess Mai-Ly! And while I am Countess, you will not call me 'Queen,' unless we are in our bed together. It would not do for me to be seen as grasping above my station, my little one!"

Chastised, Jolene curtsied, "Yes, please forgive me, my Countess."

Ivanna smiled benevolently, "Mai-Ly has been more than compensated for the loss of her status here. And when she comes to visit for the next party she may choose to have you serve her in her bed, but I think that for my sake, she will be kind to you. Mai-Ly is a wonderful lover Jolene, I taught her well from the time that I first took her for my bride many years ago!

Now Jolene, think ahead to your receiving my third gift. You must provide a victim as your first kill for the feast. It will be at mid-winter."

Jolene bristled, "I know one that I would offer; that one who dared to think that he could escape his contract with you! If I could just find him, I would offer him as the holocaust for the feast!"

Ivanna smiled and hugged Jolene warmly, "We will find him my love, be sure of that. I will give you his contract and then you will decide.

Also I have a special task for you. Since we will be losing Jinks' services, I will ask for you to recruit a new blood thrall after your hunt tonight."

Jolene smiled, "I think that I know the perfect candidate! After hearing from Kate how he still pines for me and that he may have been talking, I would think that Matthew could be turned from a possible liability into an eager convert."

Ivanna caressed her bride's face, "We think exactly alike my little one.

You have gotten much better at covering your tracks in these last few weeks. Remember, you can always reach into his mind and convince him that it was just a dream. But, I will leave it completely up to you.

Remember, they always return to the scene of their first seduction, both hoping and dreading the return of their mistress; now my darling, away to your nightly hunt!"

Jolene kissed Ivanna then turned into a night mist and flew out of the open window.

Otis stepped forward and bared his neck, "Well done madam, it has all gone as you planned."

Ivanna smiled victoriously, "No thank you, not tonight Otis darling, you will need to go to work at the precinct and make the appropriate transfers for Mistress Kate and for Jinks.

Instead, bring me the last bag of Phillip's blood from the refrigerator. With Jolene's senses nearly at their fullest, we shouldn't have his contributions lying about the castle anymore."

"Yes madam."

Ivanna took off her housecoat and let her clitoris grow to its fully erect, eight inch length before letting it go flaccid, "...and Otis, before you go, send Murphy and four thralls for my wrestling practice. I'm feeling especially frisky tonight!"

Jolene sat silently in the tree top and waited, soon she felt his approach. One man, the man was feeling deserted and lonely. The man was looking for something, but had almost given up hope of ever finding it again.

Jolene remembered how she had approached him the last time and weighed out duplicating the same seduction. She remembered how she surprised him in his Halloween costume of the Tin man, from the Wizard of Oz.

First he felt shock, as she appeared naked before him. Then he felt lust after she reached into his mind and commanded him to desire to her. His lust turned to confusion as she jumped on him. Then when she bit him, he felt a moment of panic. As Jolene continued to suck his blood, he felt the hopelessness of one who feels his life continuing to slip away from him, despite his impotent desire to struggle on. She knew to stop when she felt his feeling of resignation to death.

Jolene had commanded him to sleep, to wake up in the morning and only wonder what happened to him, nothing more. The completely healed puncture marks on his neck would provide no evidence of any attack. Most importantly for the coven, there would be no dead body for the police to start to wonder about.

But something had gone wrong. Jolene's victim still remembered her face and had even made drawings of her as she appeared just before springing to the attack. Then he provided these to a police Detective. Never mind that the police were now taken care of, this could have been a costly blunder!

Finally Jolene saw him below and instantly recognized him. Even without his ridiculous costume, the sound of his heartbeat and the rush of his blood was unmistakable. Jolene looked and admired her victim for a moment. He was a handsome and strong looking man even from this distance.

Jolene decided that the direct approach was the best in this situation. She slipped down the tree as a night mist and rematerialized in a shadow at the base of the same tree that she had used on Halloween night.

The man stopped dead in his tracks as Jolene stepped out of the shadows and into the moonlight.

Jolene looked into her victim's eyes and hesitated for just a moment, surprised by the feeling that this man was so much more than she had expected!

Jolene quickly swept both edges of her cape upwards, dramatically revealing her glorious naked body in the small sliver of moonlight. The cold light caressed her form, revealing her pert breasts above her slightly rounded tummy.

Jolene waggled her full hips seductively and willed her victim to desire her again. Jolene felt Matthew's sense of disbelief then his sense of gratitude that she had returned for him. Then she felt her spell taking hold and his natural male weaknesses turning to lust again.

Jolene smiled in a friendly manner. "You have been desiring me Matthew. I like a man who is persistent. This sets you apart from the others."

Jolene dropped the edges of her cape and let them fall behind her shoulders, "How old are you now Matthew?"

Matthew marveled openly at the vision before him, "Twenty-seven."

This caught Jolene by surprise, "You're a little old to be a college boy, aren't you Matthew?"

"Oh yeah, I did eight years in the army. But, I'm back now working for my Electrical Engineering degree."

Jolene dissolved into a night mist, rematerializing only inches in front Matthew and tried to take back the initiative, "Well then, you're old enough to make decisions for yourself Matthew.

My sisters and I need you, I want for you to join us Matthew. You will be free to pursue your life here at the college and your career, during the day. But in the evening you will belong to me. You may come serve us, protect us and feed us. Matthew, by accepting, you will be mine forever."

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