tagGroup SexCountry Store Ch. 07

Country Store Ch. 07


We arrived at the frat house and Joey held the door open as we walked in. There were only a handful of guys sitting around a TV set with a football game playing. No one even looked up as we walked into the room.

"I have to run up to my room. I'll be right back." Joey said and walked towards the hallway.

Ken grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the kitchen. I held onto Tracy and she followed . I looked back and Tommy and James had walked over to watch the game. Ken drug us into the kitchen.

"You guys want anything to drink?" Ken asked.

"You got anymore of that wonderful punch?" I said.

"Yep, we always have a supply in the fridge just in case." He said.

"In case of what?" Tracy said.

Ken smiled at her as he opened the door of the fridge and took out a large pitcher.

"In case we have two incredibly hot babes walk into our house." He said with a devious little smile on his face.

I saw Tracy blush a little and I did feel a little rush of adrenaline at what Ken said.

"He is good." Tracy said to me.

I saw her little nipples were starting to poke out of her dress and I knew she was getting a little excited.

"Yes, he is pretty good." I said and approached Ken.

I took the pitcher and placed it on the counter. He turned around and grabbed three cups. When he turned around I grabbed his head and kissed him. He responded immediately and I felt his tongue dart into my mouth. I felt a little spark between my legs as we kissed. I pulled away slowly.

"Yes, he is very good." I said and reached for the pitcher.

Ken put the cups down and I started to pour the punch. I looked up at Tracy and she was just staring. I saw her nipples were now rock hard.

"Ken, I don't think you properly said hello to Tracy yet." I said and looked at him with a little evil grin.

Ken took the hint and walked over to Tracy. He stood right in front of her and put his arms around her waist.

"Hello, Tracy." Ken said as his head lowered and his lips met hers.

I finished pouring and watched him kiss her deeply. I saw her arms go up and around his neck. His hands were moving up and down her back. His right hand went up to her head and started to move through her hair. His left hand moved down to her ass and squeezed. I saw her dress bunch up a little under his grip. I saw her respond and push her body into his. He was still kissing her and I felt my own body getting a little hot just watching.

Ken pulled back really slow and I saw their lips pull and separate very slowly. Tracy was just standing there with her mouth a little open as Ken turned and picked up a cup of punch. He took her right hand and wrapped it around the cup as she stood there. He turned around and picked up his cup.

"Cheers, ladies, to a wonderful weekend." He said and lifted his cup.

I lifted my cup to touch his and we both touched Tracy's as she held it. I took a big gulp. I saw Tracy sipping from her cup.

"You ok, sweetheart." I said to Tracy.

"Yea, I'll be ok. That was just really good. You didn't tell me that about him." She said and looked at Ken.

"You didn't ask." I said with a chuckle.

Ken stood there and I could tell he was loving this. Well, anyone would but the big bulge in his jeans verified it for me. I stepped over and ran my hand over his bulge. I saw his face blush a little.

"He has other skills too." I said in a little girl voice as I rubbed his crotch.

"Those you told me about." Tracy said.

I thought Ken was going to turn completely red when Tracy said that. I looked at Tracy and laughed. She chuckled back. We were so bad and poor Ken was being a good sport. I was pretty sure he was going to be rewarded handsomely tonight for that. I took another big drink. I felt the familiar warmth hit my tummy as the punch went down.

"Honey, you need to be careful with this stuff. It will make you do things you won't regret." I said, smiling.

Tracy looked at Ken and lifted her cup to her mouth. She tilted it and downed the rest. A drip slipped out of the side of her mouth and ran down her neck. I saw it heading for her white dress but I couldn't move fast enough. Ken reached out and stopped the drop as it reached the top of her breast. She lowered her cup and looked as Ken wiped the drop from her chest with a napkin.

"And a gentleman." Tracy said.

"Well, I don't know about that, I think he may have just wanted to touch you." I said. Ken blushed again and pulled the napkin away.

"Thank you kind sir, I am pretty sure that would have stained. Now, can you help a girl out? I seem to be empty." Tracy said and held out her cup.

I chuckled and took another drink as Ken re-filled her cup. Just as Ken set the pitcher back down on the counter Joey entered the kitchen.

"Sweet, pour me a cup. I could use a drink." Joey said.

Ken turned and got another cup and poured Joey a full serving. Joey held up his cup for a toast.

"Ladies and gentleman, I propose a toast. To two lovely women and the hope I have that I will get to experience all of their loveliness before the night is through." Joey said and touched all of our cups.

"That's not a toast." I said.

Joey looked at me with a wicked smile.

"You can't make a toast to wish you get some. That's not legal." I said.

Joey held up his cup again.

"Ok, how about a toast to two lovely ladies and how thankful I am to be able to spend time with them and look upon their loveliness." Joey said.

"That's better." I said and touched his cup. We all took a drink.

"Ok, let's roll." Joey said and turned to walk out of the kitchen.

I grabbed Tracy's hand and followed with Ken right behind. We crossed the lobby and the guys were still gathered around the TV. They didn't even look up as we passed behind them. I saw Tommy and James waiting at the door. Tommy opened the door and we left the house.

The pool hall was closer to town and took about 10 minutes to walk there. I was happy we could walk as I could already feel the effect of the punch. I knew Tracy would be worse than me as she was finishing her second cup. I thought that this batch must be stronger than the one I had last night or maybe I still had a little left in my system.

We got to the pool hall and Tommy opened the door again. I smiled at him as I walked by and I could tell he was seeing me naked beneath him. I felt a little tingle in my legs. The inside was sort of dark and smoky and about half full of people. Joey led us towards the back to an empty table along the back wall.

The table was in a sort of alcove with wooden railings around three sides. The railing was about 4 feet high and there were stools scattered around. I pulled Tracy to a couple of stools and hopped on one. She climbed up on one and I watched as her little dress draped across her legs as she crossed them. I noticed she took another drink and it looked to be the last of the cup as she held it high and then put the cup on the little counter next to the rail.

"Baby, you gonna be ok?" I said.

"Yeah, why do you ask?" she answered.

"That stuff is pretty potent and you had two cups pretty quick." I said.

"I will be fine, sweetie, don't worry about me." She said.

"Guys, I will be right back." Joey said and I watched him walk over to a counter.

He talked to the guy behind the counter and the guy handed him a set of balls. Joey came back and dumped them on the table. He grabbed the rack and started to place the balls.

"Ok, since we have six people I say we play cutthroat with teams." Joey said.

I hadn't played much pool and I didn't know what he meant. I looked at Tracy with a shrug.

"Baby, that is where each team has five balls. You try to sink the other teams balls and when yours are all gone you are out of the game. The last team with balls on the table wins." Tracy said.

I nodded but I was not too confident as I really sucked at pool. I figured Tracy was probably alright since she knew all that but I didn't like our chances. Joey finished and set the balls on the table and pulled the rack away. The balls were in a perfect triangle.

"Now, we just need to decide on the stakes and the teams." Joey said.

"Tommy and I will be a team and I think the girls should be a team. That would leave you and Ken as the other one." James said.

I looked over at James as he didn't seem to talk much. It seemed weird to hear him speak up.

"That's fine with me, ladies, are you ok with that?" Joey said.

"Sure, but what do you mean by stakes?" I said.

"Well, traditionally the winner usually gets something from the other two teams. It is usually money but we are all sort of broke so we will have to think of something else. How about the winners get to name their prize from the first team eliminated. The second team will be off the hook." Joey said.

I thought about it for a minute and looked at Tracy. I could see her eyes were starting to look a little glassy but she perked up when I looked at her. She sort of shrugged in agreement.

"I guess that is ok, what sort of prize?" I asked.

"Like a kiss or something?" Joey answered.

"Oh, so you plan on us being the first eliminated? Or do you have this secret desire to kiss Tommy?" I answered with a chuckle.

Tracy laughed a little too loud and I noticed Tommy got a little red. Joey looked a little stunned.

"You are quite the minx, aren't you? Maybe I do want to kiss Tommy." Joey said and walked over to the rack of sticks.

Tracy laughed again and I saw a big smile on Ken's face. Tommy, however, looked very uncomfortable. James, I could tell, was getting a kick our of the whole thing. Joey picked a stick and walked over and handed it to me. I took it from him.

"You ladies can break. You can take balls 1-5, Tommy and James will get 6-10 and we will have 11-15. You ready?" Joey said as he looked me straight in the eyes.

"You're on cowboy. We will kick your ass just to see you kiss Tommy." I said and handed the stick to Tracy.

Tracy hopped off the stool and I noticed she was a little shaky as her feet hit the floor. She recovered and walked over to the table. I saw her pick up a little square thing and rub it on the end of her stick. I tried to watch her so I wouldn't look like too much of an idiot when it was my turn. She walked to the other end and grabbed the white ball. She put it on the table at sort of at an angle. She stepped back and leaned over the table. I saw Tommy checking out her legs as she bent over.

I saw her draw the stick back and hit the white ball. It hit the other balls so hard it sounded like a gunshot. Balls flew everywhere and I saw two go in one of the pockets. I jumped off the stool and reached into the pocket. I pulled out one ball and it was the 11. I smiled at Joey and dropped the ball back in the pocket. I reached into the other pocket and pulled out the 15. I looked at Joey again and dropped the ball back in with a smile. I walked slowly back to my stool as Tracy walked around the table.

I watched Joey and Ken and they were stunned. Tracy bent over again right in front of me. I saw her dress pull up and I could almost see her panties. They were not visible but most of her pretty thighs were. She pulled the stick back and I heard another ball hit a pocket.

"Crap!" I heard Joey say and I knew she had sunk another one of their balls.

"Losing all your balls, honey?" I said to Joey.

He looked at me with his mouth open and I laughed. Tracy lined up another shot and slammed another ball in. Joey did not respond so I figured this one was Tommy's. I looked on the table and saw the 12 and 13 left from Joey's 5. Both of them were pretty close to the same pocket. Tracy bent over again, this time in front of Tommy. I saw him staring at her ass. She hit the white ball hard and the 12 ripped into the pocket. I laughed out loud as Joey and Ken looked so dejected. Tracy had the 13 in her sights and she hit the ball. The 13 hit the edge of the corner but did not go in. Joey jumped off his stool and pumped his fist. Tracy walked back over to me and stood in front of me.

"Sorry, I thought I had it." She said.

"Honey, where did you learn to do that? You are amazing." I said and hugged her.

"In my basement with my brothers." She said.

"That was incredible. I hope it was enough because I suck." I said.

I turned her around and pulled her back against me. I put my arms around her waist and held her as we watched. Tommy stood up and hit in one of our balls. Joey and Ken's last ball was right by the pocket but Tommy didn't shoot at it.

"I think it's four against two here." I whispered in Tracy's ear.

"Yeah, I think so." She said.

Tommy hit another of our balls in but he missed the next shot. Joey jumped up and quickly lined up one of our balls. He hit it in and we were down to two. He easily hit another one in but our last ball wasn't anywhere near a pocket so he missed badly. Tracy pulled away and handed me the stick. I groaned.

"Don't worry sweetie, I 'll help you." She said.

I walked over and looked. The white ball was clear and Joey and Ken's last ball was sitting right in front of the pocket.

"Ok, line yourself up here." Tracy said and put her hands on my hips.

She moved me into the right position and then leaned over to show me how to hold the stick. I felt her breasts on my back and her leg slipped between mine. I leaned over and tried to concentrate. She stepped away. I was trying to point the stick when I felt something on my inner right thigh. It was moving up my leg and I stood up to see Joey with his cue stick between my legs.

"Now that's interference I think." I said and pulled his stick out.

"Sorry, it was an accident." He said.

I smiled at him and leaned back over. I didn't feel the stick but I felt his eyes an my ass as I tried to line up the shot. I hit the ball and it rolled to the other side of the table. It hit their ball and it dropped into the pocket. I jumped in the air and screamed. Tracy put her hand in the air and I hit it with a high five. I danced around in front of Joey as he sat there. Tracy and I were laughing as I walked around to the other side. I tried to hit one of Tommy's balls but I missed everything.

James stood up and sank another of our balls. We were down to our last one. He missed. Tracy jumped up and ripped one of their balls in. They were down to one. She lined it up and knocked it easily into the pocket. I jumped again, I could feel my breasts bouncing as I remembered I did not bother with a bra today. Tracy hugged me and we jumped a little more.

"Ok, let's see I think we are the winners." I said.

The boys all nodded.

"So we get to ask whatever we want from the losers. That would be you two." I said and pointed to Joey and Ken.

They lowered their heads. I turned and whispered something to Tracy.

"We will have something for each of you." I said.

I looked at them both and then at Tommy and James. They were all waiting to see what I would say.

"Joey, I think we want you to kiss...........him!" I pointed to Tommy.

Tommy and Joey both jumped up and said "No way!" I grabbed Tracy's hand and walked over to them and stood right in front of them. I grabbed the hem of my sundress and pulled it between my legs. This made it tight across my ass and showed more of my legs.

"Boys, we are feeling pretty frisky tonight and you did make the rules. We will be really sad if you don't follow your own rules. I don't think you want us to be sad." I said with a pouty face as I pulled my dress up farther into my crotch.

All of the boys were staring at my legs as my dress continued to pull up. I stopped just before they could see anything really important.

"Now Joey give Tommy a little kiss. I tell you what, we will give you some inspiration." I said.

I pulled Tracy to me and put my face inches from hers. I slowly moved towards her until our lips touched. I kissed her softly and ran my tongue just a little into her mouth. I bit her lip gently as I pulled away. I looked at the boys and they were just staring at us.

"See, it's easy." I said with a chuckle.

Joey sighed deep and looked at Tommy. Tommy looked like a deer in the headlights.

"Ok, but first, we need drinks. Ken, go get us all shots." Joey said and handed Ken a bill.

"You're stalling." I said.

"Yes, I am, little lady. If you want me to kiss a guy I need to be a little numb." Joey said.

I laughed at him and poor Tommy looked very sad.

"Tracy, they look awful sad. Do you think we can let them slide?" I said.

"Well, maybe we can cut them a little slack." She said.

"Ok, Joey, you only have to kiss him on the forehead. But, you have to hug." I said with a chuckle.

Tommy looked immediately relieved. Joey turned and I saw Ken walking up with a tray of shot glasses.

"Good, some numbing juice." Joey said.

He picked up two glasses and handed them to Tracy and myself. He took one for himself and all the other guys took theirs. Joey held up his glass.

"Here's to my first and hopefully last guy kiss." He said and downed his drink.

I drank mine down and it felt like fire going down my throat. I immediately coughed. I saw all of the guys had downed theirs. Joey grabbed Tommy and kissed him on the forehead and gave him a big hug.

"Nice job!" I said.

Tommy was shaking like he had bugs all over him and everyone laughed. I turned to Tracy and lifted her up and put her on the edge of the pool table. All of the guys looked as she sat there, her little dress showing off most of her thighs.

"Now, Ken, you have to kiss...." I started and pointed towards James. I moved my finger past all the guys and ended up pointing at Tracy.

"Her!" I said.

"No way, that's not fair!!" Joey screamed.

"Maybe you shouldn't have been so cocky." I said.

Ken walked over to Tracy and stood between her legs. She spread them to allow him to get closer. He put his left arm around her back and his right on the back of her head. She put her arms around him. He moved in slowly and touched her lips very softly. I saw her open her mouth and he started kissing her deeply. He was moving his hand through her hair and she was holding onto him. He continued kissing her for at least a minute and slowly pulled away. She sat there with her mouth slightly open and her eyes closed.

I looked over at the other guys and they were all staring. I could also see they all had a little bulge in their pants.

"Who's ready for another game?" I said.

Joey jumped into action and started gathering the balls. I lifted Tracy up and off the table. She wavered a little when she hit the floor. I looked into her eyes and could tell she was starting to feel the effects of her two glasses of punch and the shot. I walked her over to the stool and sat her on it. I stood in front of her and she wrapped her arms around me and put her head on my shoulder.

"Ok, this time since we got spanked we get to break." Joey said.

I nodded to him and smiled.

"We'll take 1-5, Tommy and James get 6-10, and you guys get 11-15." He said.

Joey grabbed a stick and blasted the balls apart. I saw two go in and I counted only three of ours left. Joey walked around and sank another. He looked a lot more determined as he sank another ball. I didn't see what ball went in but I only saw two of ours left. Joey missed the next one.

Tommy stood up and sank one of our balls immediately. We only had one left. I saw him lining up on our last one. I grabbed Tracy's hands and pulled them to my breasts. I put my hands over hers and squeezed.

"Tommy, don't lose your concentration. That's a tough shot." I said.

Tommy looked up to see my breasts pushed together and spilling over the top of my sundress. I moved them around a little more and he stared. He smiled, leaned back over and sank our last ball. I dropped my hands. Joey gave all the other guys a high five. Tommy missed the next shot.

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