tagIncest/TabooCounty Fair Ch. 02

County Fair Ch. 02


Note: The second half of this story is LONG. Please read Chapter one to get up to speed. Basically a family from the city visited their country relatives who showed them a new game called County Fair. They all messed around some on Kissing Rock in the first chapter and now are getting ready for the fair. Enjoy and all rights reserved.


Being an older house only one bathroom was available with a shower and tub. Jake headed for the door and found it to be closed. He tapped. "Anyone in here?" No answer.

Again he tapped and when he didn't hear anything again he cracked open the door and peeked inside. He heard the shower going and saw the pink body through the frosted glass door.

"OH SORRY!" He started to close the door but managed to look into the large wall mirror at the face looking out at him.

"Grandma," he gasped. His eyes roamed down under her chin and saw the two pointy breasts and dark nipples. Damn she looked good for an older woman.

Helen giggled when she saw her grandson's startled look. She had heard the knocks but figured it had to be either Amy, Jake or Annette since none of her family bothered to knock anymore. After the door closed she grabbed the soap and lathered her hands for one more sensual pass down the front of her body. She wanted it to be nice and clean for the day's activities. After 60 years she wanted to leave the 50's with a bang.

"Shit," Jake groaned feeling the need to pee. He was wearing his loose nylon shorts and a tee shirt as he hurried to the other house to use that bathroom.


Betsy had awoken early in anticipation of the fun to be had. She was the first in the bathroom and in the shower before Elmo and the rest of them awoke. After her masturbation session with Amy last night her body was still tingling and her fingers quickly rushed to relieve her need. Her eyes were closed when the door cracked open and another body walked inside.

The soap lather ran down her firm freckled breasts and over her tummy while she toyed with the swollen clitoris. With the force of the shower pounding on her face she didn't hear the shower door opening or the body slipping in behind hers. It was the first touch on her right buttock that caused her eyes to spring open and her mouth to gasp. "ELMO....GET OUT!"

Bill chuckled when she turned her head and saw him and his long hard cock behind her.


"Hi baby," his eyes focused on her bright red butt and on the side of her left breast and nipple when she turned half-way around. He had only see her body in the dim light of the barn a few weeks ago when they played County Fair for the first time with the kids.

Betsy turned quickly back to the front. "What are you doing?" She too had not gotten a good look at his hard phallus during the Fair.

"I just wanted to see how much my girl has grown and I can see now that she is not a girl anymore." His right hand moved to the top of her right hip but she didn't pull away.

"What if.......what if mother comes in?" Betsy whispered. Her pussy was still throbbing from the touches before.

"She knows I'm here," Bill grinned. "You have the most wonderful ass." He dropped his hand downward and cupped her right cheek.

She giggled. "You will be touching it again tonight. Couldn't you wait?" She felt his left hand cup her left cheek.

"I wanted to see what I was touching," he grinned. As he squeezed and fondled her soft buns she slowly turned allowing his hands to fall away. Now bent over slightly her firm breasts and rock hard nipples were pointing at his eyes. "Damn."

Betsy giggled and pushed her chest out more. "Am I a girl or a woman?"

"Maybe I should find out." Bill said softly. His hands moved to her sides as he glanced down at the puff of crimson pubic hair over her tiny slit. He waited to go south and instead guided his fingers upward until they brushed over her titties. His large palm opened to completely cover them and to give them a slight squeeze.

"Ummm," Betsy moaned. She saw the red tip of his cock pointing up at her but she didn't make any moves to touch it. "So are they woman's titties?"

"Let me see," he grinned. He pushed his face forward until her right nipple lined up with his opened lips. Seconds later it disappeared inside his mouth. The lips closed tightly and pulled back until the tip popped outward. "Definitely sweet."

Betsy felt electric shivers centering from her nipple for the first time. She looked down to see him once again suck it in but this time flicked his tongue on it. Her hands moved up to hold his head and mouth in place. "That feels soooo good."

Bill took his time on her chest and then moved his right hand between her knees. As he lifted it her legs opened and opened until her virgin pussy was his to touch and explore. He had discovered during the Fair that she was a virgin so he spent most of his time now rubbing over her little clitty.

"Touch me......please......don't stop... touching my pussy."


Jake was ready to let go so he knocked this time and opened the door before he heard the shower. He saw the two bodies through the shower glass and heard a female's voice.

"Touch me......please......don't stop... touching my pussy."

"OH SHIT!," Jake moaned. He started to turn and flee but the shower door opened and Bill looked out.

"Jake what's wrong?"

"I gotta go really bad," he said taking a deep breath.

"Go ahead," Bill laughed. "When you gotta go you gotta go." He pushed the shower door closed again.

Jake felt uneasy pissing in near his Uncle and Aunt but he couldn't stop it. He pulled up the seat and pulled out his hose. He tried not to look through the close-by shower door but he could see the shape of his aunt and even the shadows of her nipples and bush.

Betsy put her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. She waited until Jake was almost finished when she pulled open the other side of the shower door and glanced down at his large but still somewhat soft cock. "NICE!"

Jake was looking down when he heard her voice. He glanced up expecting to see his aunt Annie but saw Betsy looking at his hose. "FUCK!"

Bill laughed and pushed the door close. "Let the man take a leak in peace."

Jake was shocked that Bill was showering with his daughter but managed to finish and pull his shorts back up. "Sorry," he said before running out the door without washing his hands.

"We better get out," Bill grinned after Jake left. He pulled his fingers from her moist slit and started to turn.

"Will I get to touch you later?"

"Well if we do the cows and bulls tonight you will get your chance."

"Great," Betsy giggled.


Jim opened his eyes and saw his wife's face only inches away. She was staring at him. "Good morning."

Annette leaned forward and kissed him lightly. "When were you going to tell me about the County Fair?"

He turned and looked up at the ceiling. "I had forgotten all about it because it happened so long ago. I had no idea they would do it again."

She moved forward and pressed her bare breasts into his arm. "Tell me about it."

"Shit, I can't remember everything but I remember we had all come back from the real County Fair and all of us were feeling good from the beer and booze. It was my parents, my grandparents, my aunt and uncle and Bill and our sister Mary."

"Well......tell me."

He grinned. "I think it was my father who suggested that we should judge the women like we had seen the animals judged that day. Our pet pig Herman won the grand prize."

"So you just touched the women and that was it?"

He laughed. "No, at first it was the women standing up fully dressed and facing away while we patted their behinds. We all laughed until we cried."

"Go on."

"Well after my sister won the best butt prize my mother got jealous and said that we had to check out the boobs too because she felt hers was the nicest."

"Your mother hasn't changed."

"Nope, still as horny as ever," Jim laughed. "So this time we reached under their arms and instead of patting their breasts we gave them a gentle squeeze."

"That's not really that bad," Annette said as she reached over and found his cock at full length.

"Let me finish. As one of us touched my mother's tits they said not bad and then she got upset and pulled up her shirt and down her bra."


"Not quite but they did feel like heaven," Jim grinned. "So the other women also let us feel their naked boobs."

"And that was it?"

"No, after that the women wanted equal pleasure so we faced away and they reached around and grabbed onto our cocks."

"Covered cocks?"

"At first but my mother was the first to pull mine out and stroke it."

"Like this?" Annette giggled. Her fingers gathered his pre-cum and used it for lubrication. She saw his eyes close as she slowly jerked him off. "If we do this later I'll be doing the same thing to Bill."

"Ummm," Jim moaned as he imagined his conservative wife masturbating another man. It was all it took for him to cum. "OH SHIT!"

Annette smiled as she finished him off. She rubbed his spunk on his bare stomach and they again turned to look at each other. "What about Jake and Amy?"

Jim was trying not to think about the kids. "We can tell them that they don't have to do it."

"You know I have always wondered how it would be to touch and even kiss another man. I would never cheat on you but I have thought about it."

Jim wondered where she was going. "And..."

"And maybe our kids should experiment now?"

"It will be dark in the barn and we probably won't know who is doing what," he whispered.

"It's just touching right?" She asked.

"You know I'm not sure what they have evolved to. We probably should find out before tonight."

"We better," Annette said wondering about the possibilities. "I think Amy is a virgin and I'm not sure about Jake."

"Let's do some investigating and we can compare notes after dinner."


Amy had her sneakers and running shorts and top on as she ran down the dirt path they had taken last night. She skipped breakfast as she normally did but still had the energy to run up the hill to the kissing rock. Finally she pushed through the bushes and climbed up onto the rock to look down at the valley below. A few minutes later she sat down with her legs overhanging and leaned back to close her eyes. She didn't know how long she had dozed until she heard a voice.

"So how is the view?"

Amy turned and saw her father climbing up next to her. Neither of them thought about being on the rock at the same time. "It's beautiful."

"So are you," Jim grinned as he looked at the small but nicely formed breasts pushing out her shirt and the sports bra below. He sat next to her and looked out. It was Amy who suddenly remembered the kissing rock.

"Uh Daddy we shouldn't be on this rock at the same time." She giggled.

"Oh God you're right," he said while turning to look around. "I'll get off." But she grabbed his hand.

"Too late and I don't want any bad romance luck." She gave him her dare look.

"Me neither," he said nervously. "I've seen a lot of bad luck happen to those who didn't kiss passionately."

Amy moved onto her back again. "I'm ready."

"Are you sure?"

She closed her eyes and waited. "Yes."

Jim tried to think of her as a woman he didn't know. He looked around again to make sure no one was watching and lowered his body and face towards hers.

Amy felt his lips and turned her head towards him. She softened her lips and opened them enough to invite his tongue inside. It took him also thirty seconds before he got the courage. She felt the tip and pushed hers out to meet it.

Seconds turned to minutes as they took their time exploring and tasting. She suckled on his tongue causing a deep moan and when he did the same she too moaned. They turned their bodies towards each other and closer until his hard-on pressed against her flat tummy and her soft titties into his stout chest. After 5 minutes of hot wet kissing she pulled her lips away and whispered in his ear. "I've never kissed like that before."

Jim grinned as she pressed her leg hard into his bulge and rubbed it up and down. "Keep that up and I'll have a mess in my shorts." He pushed open her thighs more until his thigh jabbed into her covered pussy.

Amy gasped. "Kiss me."

Again they frenched and continued to rub together. Their hands moved up and down their backs and even lower to cup and squeeze their buttocks. Luckily it was Amy who climaxed first.

"OH GOD DADDY.....I'M GOING TO...............CUM!"

Jim kept kissing the lips and rubbing against her pussy until she pushed his mouth away.

"Stop," she laughed. "Let me do you?" She reached down between their bodies and grabbed onto his hard rocket.

"Ohhh," he moaned. "You......we....shouldn't."

It was only the second penis she had touched and it was a lot longer and thicker that her boyfriend's. "Let me take it out."

"Amy..." he managed to say before they heard voices coming up the hill. "Shit, we need to hide."

"Where?" she asked looking around.

"Down here," Jim answered. He took her hand and guided her to the side of the rock and then down under the ledge. "Under here."


"I think I saw them heading this way," Jake said to his mother. Both were aware they were heading towards the kissing rock.

Annette followed her grown son up the path and into the small clearing in front of the rock. "They're not here."

"Wow what a nice view," Jake said after jumping up onto the rock. He wondered if his mother would dare to come up with him. "Come and look."

"I don't think so," she giggled. He wasn't going to trick her.

"You don't believe all that nonsense about bad romance do you?" He grinned with his hand extended.

"Maybe I do and maybe I don't," she said taking two steps back. She could see the shape of his semi-hard-on under his shorts.

"Am I going to have to make you come up here?"

Annette took another step back. "I'm not going on that rock with you on it." Suddenly she saw him take one big step and jump towards her. "JAKE!" She managed to turn but he was too fast and grabbed her around the waist.

Jake laughed and easily picked up her 110 pounds. He turned her until she was draped over his shoulder and carried her towards the rock.

"PUT ME DOWN!" She tried to say seriously but then broke out laughing. She didn't realize how strong he was.

"I am," Jake said as he stopped and gently lowered her ass to the rock. She landed and tried to get away but he moved between her opened legs and grabbed onto her sides. "You are not going anywhere."

She looked down at his feet on the ground next to the rock. "But you are not on the rock so we don't have to kiss."

He looked down. "Not now but I will be." He lifted her up and pushed her back and then crawled up between her legs. When she moved back her shirt moved up over her navel to the bottom of her bra covered mounds. He grinned before kissing just above her navel.

"Jake stop.....oh God...let me get off this rock." She felt his tongue lick into her belly button and then turned and tried to crawl away.

"Hey come back" Jake laughed. He was just trying to tease his mother and didn't have any intention of really making out with her. As she crawled away he grabbed her ankles and stopped her before crawling up her back until he was lying on top of her.

Annette felt his powerful body and then his lips on her neck. She tried to turn over to push him off but he was too heavy. It was then she felt his passion pressing into her covered butt. "Let your mother up."

"Nope you have to kiss me first," he whispered. He nibbled on her dangling earlobe and heard her moan. He realized she was really turned on as much as he was. Again and again he nibbled and suckled until she stopped fighting. Her head turned to give him more access. His mouth moved from her ear across her cheek until he kissed at the corner of her mouth.

Annette remembered the conversation with her husband that morning about finding out how much their kids knew about sex. She figured this was the time as long as they didn't go too far. She turned her head more and opening her lips. When she felt the tip of his tongue she pushed hers out to taste him.

They flicked tongues for a minute until Annette pulled back. "I need to turn over." She waited until he was off and turned facing him on her side. They both saw the passion in their eyes as their lips once again touched and opened. She felt his hard-on against her tummy and opened her legs to let his thigh press into her now moist pussy.


"What are they doing?" Amy whispered to her father as they huddled under the edge of the rock.

"Kissing," he answered. She was facing away from him so he gently pushed his hard bulge into her soft buttocks.

"Ohh," Amy gasped feeling his passion. "Daddy."


"I know about the County Fair tonight."

Jim leaned forward and kissing the back of her neck. "Are you scared?"

"No...I mean...I'm not sure how far...you know..."

Jim moved his hand under her arm and around to the front until it opened to cup her firm breast. "I think it's just touching." He lightly caressed the titty and then toyed with the hard nipple pushing outward. "And kissing."

"Like....this?" She moaned.

"No, you will be naked."

"Oh God," she said softly picturing herself in the barn nude while the men all touched and kissed her body. His fingers moved to her other breast and played. "Will I get to touch you too?"

"Yes baby. I'll be naked too." His fingers slowly moved south over her navel until his middle finger pushed between her trembling young tender thighs. She raised her top leg to give him more room.

Jim rubbed and teased around her small slit until she started moaning too loud. "Shh, we don't want them to hear you."

"Daddy I'm a virgin."

He smiled and then pulled his fingers up. "That's good."

She slowly turned around and looked into his eyes. "I want you to be the first."

Jim was too shocked to reply right away. "We...uh...shouldn't go that far."

Amy only smiled as she pushed her opened lips again into his. Their tongues meshed and both were thinking about him taking her cherry.


Annette felt his hands on her ass and moved her lips back. "What are you doing?"

"I didn't realize what a nice ass you had until yesterday when your dress popped up." He answered. He pushed his middle finger down into her crack and felt her squeeze it shut. "Yesterday when I saw you kissing Uncle Bill I wished it was me you were kissing."

Annette's body was on fire and was losing control. His finger moved further south and was pushing under her ass towards her pussy when she reached back and grabbed his hand.

"I'm going to touch it tonight," he whispered. "Let me touch your pussy now."

"Jake you shouldn't say things like that," she said gasping for air. "Tonight it will be dark and we won't know who is touching whom."

"I'm so hot now," he whispered. "Will you touch me?"

Annette felt his hand move from her ass and then his body turned over facing upward. She peeked down at the huge hard-on bulge waiting for her hand. "I can't."

"Please you made me so hard." He took her hand and guided it down and over until the fingers pressed into his covered shaft. "Feel how hard."

Annette did feel the rigidity of his penis and realized she had never felt Jim's that hard before. "We can't let you go back to the house like this." Her fingers tried to curl around it but it was too thick. As she slowly stroked she moved up to the tip and down to the base. He was as big as his father.

"Take it out," Jake begged.

"No, let me do it like this," she smiled. She watched her hand stroking and stroking until his hips rose upward. "CUM BABY CUM FOR MOMMY!"

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