tagLoving WivesCouple Dating Service Ch. 02

Couple Dating Service Ch. 02


Note from Slickman: Make sure you read "A Couples Dating Service" before heading into this one. John and Ann have couple date number two. Enjoy and make sure you are at least 18 years old.


More than a week passed before John or Ann mentioned the dating service again. John checked the website each day but did not see any messages from Carole or Bob about their next date. On Thursday evening John checked and noticed they had an email from the service. He clicked and read the message:

“You have been selected as a possible date by another couple. The couple is Number 75 and their information is attached. If you want to set up a date just hit the AGREE key.”

Bob couldn’t wait for Ann so he clicked on the information icon. Two photos popped up. His eyes moved immediately to the woman. Her face was plain but her eyes were beautiful. She had a nice smile and from what he could see of her body she was built. The next photo showed her in a one piece bathing suit in the back of a boat. The man with her was also well built and also seemed very happy. He yelled for Ann.

“What? Are you OK?” She asked in a panic. She saw him looking at the photos. “Shit John. You scared the dickens out of me.”

“Sorry honey. I just wanted you to see a couple who selected us for a date.”

“They selected us?” She asked surprised. “They look pretty nice. What do they say about themselves?”

“I don’t know. I wanted to wait for you.”

John clicked on the video key. The man did most of the talking and started off by saying they were just looking for new friends. That they loved each other but didn’t have close friends since they moved last year.

“Sounds like it is just friends.” Bob said disappointed.

“So what?” Ann said. “They seem nice and not everything has to relate to sex like you want it to be.”

“Whatever.” John said. “Do you want to meet them?”

“Sure.” Ann replied. John clicked on the AGREE key. The next evening they received a message informing them of a date on the couple’s boat at a nearby lake. It gave the date and time.

John wasn’t really looking forward to the boating date. He thought he had enough friends and wanted to get back to the intimate dates. He wished he could have taken back what he said to end their date with Tim and Tammy but it was too late.

“What should I wear?” Ann asked. “Should we wear bathing suits or take them as a change if we go in the water?”

“Whatever.” John said. Ann threw him his swimming trunks. “We can put them on under our clothes.” John did as she said and they drove off to the lake.

“How do we know which boat is theirs?” John asked as he looked down the long line of boats docked at the marina. “Let’s just walk down the ramp. They have to be looking for us.” Ann said.

About half-way down a woman waved at them. “Over here.”

Ann walked quickly with John mopping behind her.

“Hi.” Ann said as she held out her hand for the woman to help her down into the boat. She noticed the woman was wearing a terrycloth robe down to her knees. She must have her bathing suit on underneath.

The woman held out her hand for John but he jumped down into the boat without her help.

“My name is Francis.” The woman said with a big smile. “My husband Glen is paying for the fuel at the marina office.”

“I’m Ann and this is John.” Ann said. John just smiled.

“I see you made it.” A man said walking down the short peer. “I’m Glen.”

He shook Glen’s hand and moved over to hug Ann. She held her body back from his as he tried to pull her close. Glen laughed and walked up the stairs to the top of the boat. “If you don’t mind let’s get going. There’s supposed to be a storm coming in later today so we need to get out and back before it gets here.” Glen motioned for John to join him.

It was so breezy the women moved down into a small cabin area.

“Your videos did not do you justice.” Francis said. “You are so beautiful.”

Ann blushed. “Thanks. I was thinking the same about you.”

“So how long have you two been in the dating service?” Francis asked.

“Only a few weeks.” Ann said. She was warming up to this woman.

“Glen and I joined last year and have really enjoyed it.” She said. “Have you….you know….?” Francis asked not sure how to ask the question.

“Been intimate with another couple?” Ann finished her question. “Kind of. But, things went a little too fast for us. We are not sure if we really want to go too far.”

“Us too.” Francis said. “My husband wants to but I don’t. I’m afraid it will mess up our marriage.”

“I feel the same.” Ann said. However she was very close to allowing Tim to have his way with her on their first date.

“Good. We can be friends and just have fun.” Francis said with a smile.

After about a 30 minute drive the women heard the boat slowing down and Francis looked out the window. “Good. We are there already. This is a little island Glen and I found that is very private. We can see if anyone is coming for miles.”

Ann followed Francis up the stairs and saw the small island. It was only the size of a football field and had a large growth of trees. The boat was parked in a small cove next to a tiny beach. It was definitely private.

The men jumped into the waist high water and carried the food and blankets to the beach. Ann watched as Francis untied the belt on her robe and pulled her robe open. She was shocked to see she was wearing a string bikini. Her bronze body was barely hidden by the thin strips of cloth.

“You like?” Francis asked as she turned to show Ann her back. The thong bottoms did little to hide her bronze ass cheeks.

“Yes. And, I’m sure John will too.” Ann said kind of upset she had worn her conservative one-piece suit. She pulled her tee shirt and shorts off and stood watching the men wade back to the boat.

“That’s a nice suit.” Francis said with a smile. Ann just smiled back at her.

“Come on in.” Glen said as he held his arms out to catch the women. Francis jumped first and her whole body went under water in front of her husband. As she surfaced her top had moved until one of her rosy nipples was on display. She quickly pulled the top over but not before John had seen it. Francis took John’s hand and he led her to the beach.

That left Ann and Glen. Ann posed and jumped into the warm water. She also went under and felt Glen’s hands trying to catch her. One of his hands moved onto her waist but, the other cupped her full mound of breast. He slowly removed it as she surfaced. “Sorry.” He said as she shook the water out of her ears. She didn’t reply as she walked next to him to the beach.

Ann saw John and Francis already lying on the blanket next to each other. John was on the outside edge and the woman lay next to him. She stood and waited to see if Francis would move so she could lie next to John. Francis looked up and smiled. “Oh. Sorry.” She said as she scooted over to give Ann room.

Glenn grabbed some beers and wine coolers from a small cooler and they all sat on the blanket sipping and looking out at the fantastic view. The waters were so green and the mountains in the distant looked like a painting.

“So tell us about your first date.” Francis said. Her top had moved down almost to the edges of her hard nipples which were quite apparent under the flimsy covering.

“You first.” Ann said. She wanted to hear how much detail they would give before she told any secrets.

“The couple we chose was around our age and they had the same interests.” Francis said. “The woman was a little heavy I thought.”

“She wasn’t that bad.” Glen said as he sipped his second can of beer.

“You would say that about any woman.” Francis laughed.

“Well anyway. Their video didn’t sound as if they were hard swingers but we found out later they wanted more than our friendship. Our date was at the local amusement park.” Francis said.

She took a sip of wine cooler and continued. “At first we were all having a blast. It wasn’t until we all entered the haunted house things changed. We all walked into the dark building and somehow Glen and I got separated.” She looked over at Glen. “At least I’m not sure why we got separated.”

“Hey. I had nothing to do with it.” He smiled innocently.

I could hear voices all around me and I had to feel the walls to know where I was going. That’s when I started feeling touches on my body. At first it was on my shoulders and arms and back. But, the hands started roaming. I felt them grab my ass cheeks and then my breasts. I tried to hold my hands over my breasts to protect them but they then moved down to my stomach.”

Ann looked at John who was now sitting up. She could see he was trying to hide a large tent forming in his trunks.

“I called Glen’s name but he didn’t answer and I was worried being grabbed like that. Plus, his hands were rough and hurt me. I tried to walk faster but suddenly found myself in a dead end hallway. As I turned he pulled my body into his and he tried to kiss me. That’s when I kneed him in his chops.” “You didn’t.” Ann said with her hand over her mouth. “What did he do?”

“I’m not sure. As he moaned I moved around him and found my way out.” She said. I waited outside to confront him but Glen came out and then the other woman. I pulled Glen aside and told him what had happened. We waited until the man finally came out. I’m sure he lied about not touching me but, he never changed his story. I said the magic words, “I think it’s time to call it a night” and we left.

“How about you Glen? Did the woman grab you too?” John asked.

“Ah…no. Not really.” He stuttered.

“Yes she did but he didn’t complain.” Francis said while throwing a handful of sand his way. “But, he won’t tell me how far they went.”

“I almost called off the dating service but, Glen told me to try it one more time. And, we picked you two.” Francis said. “OK. Tell us about your first date.”

Ann looked at John and he pointed to her to tell what happened with Tim and Tammy.

“First of all let me say I only did this because the rule was I could stop the date at anytime.” Ann said. “I thought it would be kind of exciting to go out with another couple and have other men flirting with me. I’ve never really dated anyone but John and I guess never knew how it would be with other men. I didn’t think we would go past some flirting, kissing or maybe even touching.”

Ann went on and told them detail for detail about their date. She told them about the dancing and moved to the table. “We were sitting at the table and the man was touching me under my panties. I guess I moaned too loudly because John suddenly got jealous and called off the date.” She said finishing her story.

“And you were not touching the other woman intimately?” Francis asked John.

“Yes he was.” Ann quickly said. He was still touching her under her dress even after he called off the date.

“Kind of a double standard here?” Glen asked. “I guess a lot of men are that way.”

“And, you wouldn’t be?” Francis asked.

“Not really. What you do is your business.” He said with a smirk.

“Yeah sure. If John touched me under my bikini you would not be upset.” She laughed.

“Not a chance.” He laughed.

“I don’t believe you.” Francis said. “How about you Ann?”

“I’m sure he would not be able to handle it.” Ann said feeling the wine cooler go to her head. The stories had gotten her juices flowing.

“How about it John. Do you want to touch me under my suit? Francis asked John who was almost doubled over trying to hide his hard-on.

“I don’t want to piss off Glen.” He said looking over at the larger man. He guessed Glen outweighed him by 20 pounds. Most of it being muscle.

“I said I wouldn’t care.” Glen said as he reached over and popped the top off another can of beer.

Francis was still pissed at her husband for not saying anything to the man who groped her in the haunted house. She had enough booze to call his bluff. “OK. Then give me your hand.” She held out her hand towards John.

John looked at his wife to see if she would even allow such a thing. Ann smiled. After all he already had touched Tammy’s pussy. “Go ahead.” John glanced over at Glen to make sure he would allow it. “Fine with me.”

John’s trembling hand moved out to Tammy’s small hand. She moved over next to him and reached down with her free hand to pull the top away from her breast. Her eyes never left her husbands as she turned and guided John’s hand into the side of her bikini top.

John could not hide his large bulge as he leaned forward. His fingertips brushed against her soft skin and ultimately her rigid nipple. He thought she would pull his hand out immediately but she held it there against her soft mound.

Glen just smiled as he watched another man’s hand moving under the front of his wife’s top. He had tried his best to get his wife to loosen up to other men but she didn’t want any part of it. Until today. And now, she was the letting a man touch her bare tit just to get even with him. Funny how things worked out.

“Okay. That’s long enough.” Ann said when she saw John’s fingers moving. under the material.

Things were not moving the way she thought they would be. The wine was making her dizzy and watching John touch another woman’s breast was making her jealous and excited.

“Let’s eat lunch.” Francis said like nothing happened. Glen laughed as he grabbed the picnic basket and pulled out the sandwiches.

Both men still sported hard-ons and neither made any attempt to hide them. Glen caught Ann peeking at his trunks and more than once noticed his wife leering down at the tent in John’s suit. After some lunch they all decided to cool down some in the lake.

Ann was a much better swimmer than John and had moved way out past the boat. She stopped and turned to see Glenn a few feet behind her. “Where did the other two go?” Ann panted as she treaded water.

“We lost them at the boat.” He answered as he moved up near her body. He dove underwater and swam up to her legs kicking rapidly to keep her afloat.

“If I tell you something will you keep it a secret?” Glen asked as he surfaced only inches from Ann.

“That depends on the secret.” She laughed. The booze had made her feel loose and free.

“I was the one touching Francis in the haunted house.” He said laughing.

“Why would you do such a thing and not tell her?” Ann asked as she felt his arm brush against hers.

“My wife is very conservative. I thought if I touched her and she thought it was someone else she would loosen up some.” He said as he lowered his body into the deep water again. His eyes took in her strong muscular thighs and ass as he swam behind her. He surfaced and put his arms around her waist. They kicked together to keep afloat.

Ann felt his bulge push against her ass and whispered. “We shouldn’t.” But, she didn’t push him away.

“Yes we should. But, not here.” There is a sandbar at that buoy over there. I’ll race you.” He said as he took off swimming.

Ann giggled as she took off behind him. She was a much better swimmer and passed him with no problem. As she neared the buoy she could see the bottom of the lake as it rose up to meet her. She grabbed on to the buoy and dropped her feet to the sandbar. She was standing in the water in the middle of a large lake. She saw Glen swimming up to her and looked over his shoulder at the boat far away at the island. She could not see John or Francis.

Glen finally made it to her and gasped at he stood up next to her. “Pretty neat out here huh?”

“I don’t see our spouses anymore.” Ann said as she once again looked back at the boat. “Do you think they might be…you know?”

“I doubt it knowing my wife.” He said as he moved close to Ann’s body. He didn’t want to scare her away. “I enjoyed your story about your first date.” He said as his hand found hers. He gently massaged her fingers and she didn’t pull away. “You said he touched you but, did you get to touch him?”

“No. John called off the date before I had a chance.” She said feeling her feet become wobbly. His closeness was causing her heart to race.

“Have you ever touched another man besides John?” He asked.

“No.” She whispered even though no one was around them.

“Do you want to?” He asked as he pushed her hand lower towards his trunks which were pushing straight outward.

“I don’t know.” Ann said feeling nervous about being her alone with him. Glen moved closer and felt her her hand pull away. She was not ready he thought.

“My wife and I came out here once and you won’t believe what we did.” He said with a chuckle.

“I think I can imagine.” Ann said still nervous.

“It wasn’t as spicy as you are probably thinking.” He said trying to make her relax.

“Well, tell me.” Ann said with a smile. She realized he was not going to jump her.

“We took off our bathing suits and swam around a bit.” He said as he reached down in the water to slip off his trunks. His hand came back up with the dripping cloth. He tossed them on the edge of the buoy. Ann moved back again but relaxed as she watched him swim away from her.

“Come on. Join me.” He yelled about 25 feet away.

“Yeah right.” She laughed. Glen curled his body and dove downward which made his white ass stick out of the water. She laughed. She was being silly. What harm would some skinny dipping do? She pushed her straps off her shoulder and slid her body out from the tight suit. When Glen surfaced he saw her turning to place her suit on the buoy next to his trunks. Great. He thought.

Ann felt freedom she had never known as she swam naked out to where his body was last seen. She stopped and tried to see his form underwater but did not notice him until he surfaced behind her. “Nice view from down below.” He laughed and splashed some water at her.

“Oh yeah.” Ann laughed as she lowered her body down until she was looking at his nude front. His prick was rock hard and flopping as his legs pedaled to keep him afloat. He was not as big as John but he seemed to be thicker. She surfaced and saw him grinning. “See anything that interests you?” He asked.

“A baby el.” She chuckled.

“BABY!” He cried as he swam at her to hug her naked body to his.

Ann anticipated his lunge and dove to the side. Her thigh brushed against his hard-on as she slithered by him. He reached out and grabbed at her ass as she went by. Nice and soft he thought as she quickly escaped him. He watched as she swam like a beautiful mermaid to the buoy.

Francis was feeling no pain as she lay on the long bench at the rear of the boat. “Can you see them?” She asked John who was looking through binoculars out into the lake.

“I think I see them out by a large buoy.” He said. He tried to get a better look but they were too far away.

“That figures. Glen knows there is a sandbar there and probably led her that way.” Francis said. “Are they doing anything?”

“I can’t really see.” John said as he pulled the binoculars down and turned to see Francis lying on her front. Her bronze ass cheeks were so nice and round. “They can’t do much out there.”

“God. I can’t believe I let you touch me.” Francis giggled. The wine had definitely gone to her head. “No man but Glen had ever touched me.”

“It was very nice.” John said trying to think of something to say.

“Just nice?” She said loudly as she turned to look up at him.

“No not just nice. It was great.” He said as he moved to sit at her feet. He had a great view up her nicely formed legs to her ass.

“What do you think?” She asked.

“About what?”

“My ass. I know you are looking at it.” She giggled.

“It’s nice.” He said realizing he said that word again.

“ONLY NICE!” She screamed and kicked her foot back to smack him in his side.

“No sorry. Better than nice.” He laughed. He grabbed her foot to keep her from kicking him again. As he held it he gently massaged it.

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