tagSci-Fi & FantasyCouple's Bonding Ch. 03: Suppressed Desire

Couple's Bonding Ch. 03: Suppressed Desire


Hey everyone! Short but hot chapter, written mostly by my partner rather than just me! This chapter is far more lesbian focused than the previous ones, though the actual pairing is futa on gender swapped male... so just a lot of kinks going on! The usual themes of oversized body parts and light mind break and dom/sub are present as well. Enjoy ;)

Couple's Bonding Ch. 3: Supressed Desire

"Oh no," said John, now full of my newly developed juices. "It appears you may be finished already..."
John appeared perplexed. Running his smaller, more nimble hands down his feminized form, his dazzling blue eyes were hidden behind a neater, but furrowed brow.

"Did...you do what I think you did...?" he gasped, his brow unfurling to reveal a more optimistic and satisfied expression. His pouty, pink lips folded back into a large grin, as he- now she- began to explore her body more. She moved her hands from her long, chesnut hair to her protruding collarbone, something I had always admired about my own body but could finally appreciate on another woman. Underneath her collarbone lay the most exquisite pair of breasts I have ever seen. John seemed to notice this, as well..

Her fingers lightly dragged across her skin. Delighted, John finally rested his hands on his chest. "Mmmmm..." he lightly moaned, grasping her breasts. They were very large, as I had pointed out before. So large his hands could barely cup them, beautiful and enticing breast tissue practically spilling between his fingers as she grasped harder, with two pert little nipples in between her middle and ring finger, as if they were caged behind her desperate fingers.

She squeezed herself a little more, as her eyes drew back to my face. "Vic, you thought of the sexiest body for me...only in comparison to you."

"That better be true!" I exclaimed coyly, deciding to assist my girlfriend in exploring. With her hands barely caressing her breasts, I wanted to know how they felt for myself. Many long nights, I had stayed awake, encouraging my bisexual side, dreaming of a pair of breasts not unsimilar to the pair John was now sporting. I had to feel them, I needed to feel them..

I brushed John's hands aside and placed them on my own breasts.

"I want to do this together," I said to John. "The only thing that would turn me on more than your body is feeling you touch me back."

Instead of a verbal response, John acknowledged my request by lifting her head to my chest and rubbing his face between my breasts, feeling my skin against her face, using my supple body like a pillow. I quickly responded by grabbing her own chest.

It felt like nothing out of my fantasies. It was even better. Her skin was so soft under my fingertips, the soft feeling of her large breasts beneath my palms so enticing and arousing to me that I could feel myself becoming wet. I already desired more of her, pulling her up from her back so that she could sit up. Her chest moved with her, swaying lightly with the force of my grasp. They looked even better, much more rounded with gravity, her nipples shining lightly with perspiration, my desire for her growing stronger and stronger..

I pulled lightly on her nipples, wanting to feel their hardness under my fingertips. "Oooohhh!" John moaned from between my breasts. "Just like that, feel me, pull me, taste me!"

At least John is liking this as much as I am, I thought. And God, I need to taste them!

Pulling John away from my chest, I rested my head in his lap.

"I've always wanted to do this with another woman," I explained to him.

I pulled John's shoulders towards my face until I was smothered in his chest. Her soft breasts engulfed my face, covering every square inch. Without hesistation, I slipped my tongue between her breasts, lapping up as much skin as I could. They felt amazing against my face as I grabbed them with my hands, lightly squeezing with every lick, occassionally tugging on her perfect nipples.

"You love this body, don't you?" John asked in an breathless, almost desperate voice.

"Yes!" I exclaimed, trying to wriggle my face free from her immaculate chest. I escaped from her lap and lay her back down on the bed, continuing my feast. I cupped the very edges of her breasts, making sure their entire weight was pushed together for my pleasure. I continued to lick between her breasts, slower and more forcefully with each stroke of my tongue. I could hear John moan even more beneath me as I migrated from her cleavage to her nipples.

Finally, I thought. Release.

Her nipples felt like little skin-coated pebbles as I rolled one underneath my tongue, lightly flicking it. I latched onto it like a baby and began to suckle, flicking and rolling, flicking and rolling...it was divine. I felt more wetness between my legs as I sucked, now moving my own hands to my hardened clit. It was soaked as I rubbed it between my thumb and index finger, giving it a tantalizing massage.

I moved to her other breast, encouraging my tongue's neediness for her amazing chest. This time, I didn't want to neglect her arousal. I knew John wanted me to explore this side of my sexuality to it's fullest extent, but I also knew that if John wasn't satisfied, she would have to take matters into her own hands.

"I love touching you, you sexy goddess," I told John, now taking my throbbing cock and rubbing it against her tight, writhing thigh. All of her skin is fantastic, I thought to myself, grazing my cock higher and higher up her thigh, suckling more and more aggressively onto her nipple. A thin stream of pre-cum trailed her skin, arousing my cock that much more.

"I love your touches, too, Vic. But I'm getting impatient..."

"How do you mean, my little temptress?" I inquired.

Just as quickly as I latched onto her heaving chest, John grabbed my gigantic throbbing cock and pushed it's spongy, engorged head into the crown of her labia. It was warm, and dripping even more than mine was. It made me want to give into her teasing, made me want to thrust it into her, made me want to fuck her harder than she ever imagined.

"Break in my pretty pussy," said John in a breathy, sexy voice.

Not wanting to dissapoint, I slipped my cock head out and tapped her wet pussy, lightly rubbing the outside of her clitorial hood with my member.

"I love when you do this to me," I explained to a quivering John. "I want to show you how well you fuck...by doing it back to you!"
I then thrust my shaft into her pussy, watching John's face go from a look of desperation, to a look of wild and erotic satisfaction, then to quizzical.

"Wait!" she cried. "Eat me first!"

Eat me? I wondered. Then I remembered. John doesn't just have the chest of a centerfold, she's also endowed with a pussy. I already knew this, but I was so desperate to fill her with my cock that I had forgotten other ways to make her writhe beneath me.

"How could I forget to feast on all of you, my desperate whore? How silly of me"

I gave her nipple one last long lick, then trailed my tongue down her body, stopping just above her pubic mound. I pressed it with the palm of my hand, wanting to give her a slow shiver down her erogenous area. It worked, as I heard John above me moan.

"More, my slut?" I aked her. "But not until you tell me what to do, you're in charge, my queen."

John shot up in an exhasperated jerk, seemingly irritated by my request.

"Vic...please. For the love of God. Put your tongue on me and lap me like a dog to water or I will go insane!"

She pushed my head towards her pussy, still gleaming with arousal. Turned on by her forcefulness, I obliged. I blew a thin stream of air from between my lips, pushing it from her throbbing clit to her dripping pussy. I was finally ready to take her, hoping she would burst forth for me like a dam. I moved my face close and closer until I was up to my nose in her pussy, pressing my lips to her quivering form. Then I took my tongue and made it thin, flicking her clit much like her nipple. John wrapped his thighs tight around my face. Fuck yes! I thought to myself. She is so desperate, it's so hot!

Making my tongue flat now, I licked the entire length of her pussy, front to back, back to front, as if her pussy were my oasis at the end of the desert. John finally shuttered in an orgasm underneath me, letting out a breathy and tired "Ooooohhhhhhhhh!!!" as her spine curved beneath her in ecstasy.

Watching my dream woman cum gave me a great idea.

"John, sit with your knees bent," I demanded.

John complied, sitting up with her knees bent, still recovering from her orgasm. I slipped in between her thighs, cradling one of her thighs in front of me and using her other thigh to rest my back upon. Our pussies touched together while my giant cock pressed against her thigh and my abdomen.

"I'm going to make you cum again, my little bitch," I told John, looking down at her weary but satisfied expression.

"Don't.....stop....fucking.....me," she sighed.

I moved my hips, slowly at first, as neither of us had experienced this before. It's always good to tread water before you dive. John let out another "Oooohhhh," as my hips picked up the pace a bit more. "Fuuuuuuck....yeeeeeaaaaahhhh," she moaned. I moved more and more, rubbing my hard clit with hers, using her thigh as a substitute hand for my cock.

"You want more, hmm?" I asked my gasping sex goddess.

As if to answer my question, John shuttered in an orgasm, grabbing my ass cheek and thigh with her hands so hard she nearly broke the skin, which just turned me on even more.

"Well, I'm not done with you yet, slut." I growled at her.

Compliantly, John spread his thighs open to receive me, a damp puddle between her legs. "Take me, take me, taaaaaake me," she whined. "I need it, I'm your brain-dead cock whore!"

This sudden role reveral turned me on immensely. I crawled towards her, stopping to lick up and down her thigh, preparing myself to tease her. I didn't want to cum too quickly, after all.

"What are you waiting for?" she exclaimed. "Take me!"

Once more, I thrust my cock inside of her, feeling her warm and wet pussy clamp down on my hard cock. I watched John's eyes roll into the back of her head as I thrust more and more, pounding my cock into her, making her mine and mine alone.

"You fucking slut, you like your hole filled with hard cock?" I growled more at her.

With an equally aroused snarl, she grabbed my face and whispered "Fuck yes, cock daddy," and kissed me long and hard, moving her jaw and tongue like a woman on a mission, and that mission was to be fillled with my jizz. And she was succeeding.

"Hmm...it seems like my slut needs something more," I thought outloud.

I took my cock out of her and pushed her head on top, feeling her tongue wrap around my shaft like a boa with prey. Moving her head up and down, I could finally feel her throat bottom out as I filled her with my cum.

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