tagIncest/TabooCousin's Confession

Cousin's Confession


This a mild, yet pleasant, tale about a time when my cousin Tina and I were able to derive pleasure and reassurance from one another.

All those things which you have read apply here. That would be the messages about not reading this if you are underage, or if you are astounded and feel loathing of tales about sex between relatives. If that's true, don't read Job, and don't read this.

* * * * *

I was advised by my boss that I would have to fly to Miami on company business on a fall weekend last year. I was not too happy about the notion of canceling a date with Marie, a twenty-four year old teacher I had recently met, but called her to advise her of my predicament. She understood, and said she would take a rain-check for the following Saturday night.

I live in Savannah, and only know one person in Miami, my first cousin Tina who attends college at the University of Miami. I hadn't seen her since she was about sixteen, so before my departure I called my aunt for directions on how to contact her.

I arrived in Miami on Friday morning, and had completed my business at an advertising agency near the airport by mid-afternoon. I started to catch the next plane back, but since a Saturday night stay would make the cost of the ticket cheaper, I called Tina from the office I was visiting.

When she answered the cellular phone, she told me she had heard from her mom and would pick me up as she was in her car and close to the airport. Her roommates were gone and I could stay in one of their rooms and we could catch up on things.

Tina is eight years younger than me, and at twenty-one was already in graduate school in the History department. I remembered her as a studious child in thick glasses, and when her BMW convertible pulled into the parking lot I was surprised to see how much she had changed. The top was down, and her face was tanned and smooth, outlined in a white silk scarf from which her long black hair hung down around her bare shoulders. As I threw my bag in the back seat and got in next to her, she reached over and kissed me on the cheek.

She was dressed in the uniform of modern, youthful, Miami women, tight cut-off jeans and a yellow halter top which revealed her smooth belly below her ample breasts.

She accelerated out of the parking lot, and headed for the expressway to Coconut Grove, where her apartment was located. Her father, my uncle, was a wealthy lawyer in Virginia, and was apparently keeping her up in style.

We talked about family gossip during the ride, and when we neared the place she said she lived, she pulled off into the parking lot of a yacht club on Biscayne Bay. She said she had not eaten all day because she had been studying for mid-terms, and I was hungry, also. Inside, we passed through the restaurant into a dimly lit lounge in the rear. She seemed to know her way around and picked a booth in the rear of the finely appointed establishment near the dance floor where several couples moved in easy rhythm to the soothing music of a Caribbean band. Social activities in Miami are a twenty-four hour a day affair, and the subdued atmosphere of the lounge was that of easy sophistication.

We ordered dinner and wine, and while we ate our salad and enjoyed the Merlot, she told me about her master's thesis she was writing on the history of the sugar trade in the islands. She was more brilliant than I realized, and I secretly wondered how so much beauty could be combined with brains. Only once did the conversation falter, and that was when she mentioned her relationship with her long-time boyfriend who had left her several months ago for another woman. She said she had been involved with only her studies, and "other" things in the past few months, and was glad I had called her as she needed some diversion from school.

Dinner was good, and when we had finished and drank more wine she asked if I wanted to dance. I joked about dancing with my cousin, and she said we were at least kissing-cousins, because we must look good together. She nodded her head toward two older women who were watching us from the bar across the room. She said they were busybodies and regular patrons, and probably wondered who I was. Tina ate in the club often, alone or in the company of her two roommates, and she said the two old crones talked about everyone who came in.

The band was playing soft music of the islands, and I led her to the floor where we fell in among the other couples on the polished hardwood dance surface. The weekend starts about noon on Friday in Miami, and it is easy to fall under the spell of the exotic city on the edge of the Caribbean.

She took my hand and I put my arms around her, feeling the wine slightly as we moved across the floor to the tune of the drums and steel guitars. As she settled into my embrace, I could feel her breasts press against me and her nipples harden against my chest. The smooth skin on her back was warm to the touch, and as we moved I felt her press her hips into me several times. She was a fine dancer, and moved in a sensuous swaying to the sounds of the band.

When we returned to the booth, she tapped me and motioned toward the bar. The two women were talking animatedly and glancing toward us. When they saw us looking, they looked away. It was almost comical. As we drank more wine, Tina whispered to me we ought to really give them something to talk about. With that, she sat closer to me and put her arm around my shoulders. When I turned to look at her, she kissed me on the mouth, moving her hand to the back of my head. I was startled and started to pull away, but she pulled me to her and I felt her tongue exploring my mouth. She pulled away and I heard her sharp intake of breath as her hands lightly moved across my shoulders. Her left hand came to rest on my thigh, and I could feel a tension in my loins as she looked at me with her clear, brown eyes.

"That should keep them busy," she said, looking toward the bar. I could only nod in assent.

She took my hand and led me to the floor where we danced again to a faster beat. As she moved gracefully across the floor I could see her breasts move under the thin halter as her hips swayed to the music. When the music slowed and I took her in my arms again, she pressed her hips into my loins and I could feel my prick stir as she ground against me. Over her back I could see the two women openly staring.

When I paid the bill and we walked out into the warm air, the sun had set and the stars were out in the dark sky. Neon signs twinkled across the bay and the lights of moving boats seemed like red and green fire flies on the dark water as we got into her car and she put up the top for the short drive to her home.

Her condo overlooked the bay, and as we went up in the glass elevator I could see the Miami skyline stretched out to the north. Tina was quiet and held my arm with her hand. The apartment was nice and she pointed out the room where I could put my things. I told her I wanted to take a shower, and she led me to a large master bath with a spa and open shower. As I hung up my clothing bag she sat on the edge of the spa and turned on the water and lights. "Why don't we get some more wine and sit in the spa," she suggested. "It's neat to sit here and watch the lights of the boats in the bay."

"I don't have a swimsuit," I told her, as she moved out to the kitchen. Turning her head, she said "Just take off your clothes and get in the water. I won't look."

When she left the room, I turned off all the lights except the one over the sink and took off my clothes. The water was warm and swirling around and I eased my body into it, feeling the soothing warmth enter my muscles. Tina came back into the room and in the dim light I could see she had changed into a white terry cloth robe and was carrying a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Her long dark hair was down and its contrast with the whiteness of the robe was evident in the pale light. She placed the items on the counter and slipped out of the robe and hung it on the back of the door. Underneath she wore a tiny string bikini which showed off her curvaceous body and long, tanned legs. She retrieved the wine and moved to sit on an oak stool at the edge of the spa, looking down at me in the bubbling water. "What do you think of my new bathing suit," she asked.

My eyes were wide as I answered simply, but truthfully, "It's great."

"I just got it but I'm afraid to wear it to the beach or pool. Do you think people will stare at me?" she asked, cocking her head. Again, truthfully, I told her, "They'd be crazy if they didn't." Thoughtfully, she said, "The woman who owned the shop where I got it said she admired my figure and wanted me to model some other suits for her."

"Are you going to do it?" I asked, thinking to myself I'd certainly like to watch her prance around in beach attire. "Well, in a way I already did," she answered, "but I can't decide if I'll go back." Intrigued, I asked why, since it appeared a great compliment. She looked away for a minute as she propped up on the stool with the glasses in her hand, and then cast her eyes back to me. "I'll tell you if you promise not to talk about it to anyone."

When I agreed, Tina sat silently for a moment, then began her story. She had agreed to go back to the exclusive shop at closing time, about six in the evening. When she arrived, the owner, an attractive Brazilian woman in her late thirties met her at the door. She let Tina in and locked the door behind them, leading my cousin back to the rear of the establishment. Tina said in the rear of the store was an open storage area with a set of double glass doors at the back, with red velvet material over them to serve as curtains.

Louisa, the proprietor, took several sets of swimsuits from the racks and led Tina through the doors into a carpeted office with a large oak desk against one wall and a photo studio set-up against the other. A camera rested on a tripod, and the back wall was hung with pastel colored drapes of different hues. A long day bed was included in the furnishings, along with a wide, cushioned lounge chair and several large pillows scattered around the floor and bed. Racks of towels and various hats and beach bags were against one wall, along with a wet bar and several easy chairs.

An oriental screen in one corner provided a dressing area. Louisa offered Tina a glass of wine and they sat in the easy chairs, examining the merchandise and sipping the chilled sangria. Tina said the swimwear was expensive and revealing, the type of attire worn by rich women often seen on the beaches of Jamaica and Cancun. Louisa offered to pay her in free beach clothing in exchange for modeling the outfits for advertising shots. Tina said she agreed with the glee of a child allowed free reign in a candy store.

The outfits were expensive and flattering, and she particularly liked the one she was wearing before me as she told the story. Louisa handed her a high necked, one-piece suit that was cut around the back, and told her to change behind the screen. Louisa said she was also going to put on a suit, and photograph them together with the remote switch. She liked to pose in the ad clips for her store as it brought in repeat customers who were willing to trade with a person who wore her own products. Tina changed behind the curtain, and when she came out saw that Louisa had donned a string bikini in bold, red colors which set off her tanned body.

Louisa had the muscular body of an athlete, and Tina stared at the older woman who appeared fifteen years younger in the youthful suit. Luisa directed Tina to stand by the lounge chair, and talked to her as she set up the camera. When she hooked the the remote switch to a treadle under the rug, she explained to Tina she could trip the shutter by simply stepping on the carpet. Louisa directed Tina to lean back in the cushions of the lounge chair, and she sat beside her and took several photos of them together.

Then she placed a glass in Tina's hand and leaned back with her, putting her arm around Tina's shoulders. As they both sipped the wine, Louisa'a foot tripped the switch and several more pictures were taken. Next, Louisa told Tina she wanted to take their photos in identical swim wear. She handed Tina the string bikini she wore for me, and took one like it for herself.

The two women changed, and went back to the set. Tina said she was enjoying herself, and began to feel a buzz from the red Spanish wine. Louisa poured more wine on the ice cubes in the glasses, and they appraised each other in the skimpy suits. Tina said Louisa was stunning, with large, full breasts and narrow hips devoid of fat. The shop owner then changed lenses on the camera for a closer shot and directed Tina back to the set. Louisa looked over the situation and told Tina the picture would not accentuate the suits unless their nipples were hard in the photo.

Without explaining, she took an ice cube from the glass and pulled the straps down over Tina's arms and slid the top to her waist. Tina was embarrassed at first, but Louis assured her it was necessary to get the effects she wanted. Tina watched as Louisa placed the ice cube on each of her nipples and then rubbed them between her fingers. She at first recoiled, but was then pleased by the chilling sensation. Her nipples grew erect and Louisa smiled at her, admiring my cousin's perfect breasts. Tina said no woman had ever touched her there, and she felt a tingling that was alien but sexual. Louisa then told Tina to do the same for her, as they both should appear the same in the photo. With some trembling in her hands, Tina slipped the top off Louisa and took the ice cube from her.

Louisa's breasts were pert, with almond colored nipples, and as Tina touched them with the ice the nipples jumped out as they grew hard. Doing as Louisa had done, she took the other woman's nipples and gently massaged them, feeling strangely soothed by the perfect globes in her hands. Leaving the top around her waist, Louisa got up and walked to the wall and turned down the lights, telling Tina these would be flash photos. Tina said as the woman walked back to her, she could see her staring at her face, almost in a questioning manner. Louisa sat next to Tina on the wide lounge chair, and Tina leaned back in the cushions, looking down at her own bare breasts. The nipples had softened again, and she looked back up at Louisa.

"There's another way to make them hard," Louisa said softly to her. Tina was about to ask how, when Louisa leaned over and placed her lips on Tina's right nipple and began to gently lick it. Tina started to push her away, but was fascinated as she watched the older woman began to suckle it, causing the nipple to harden in her mouth.

A strange feeling ran over her as Tina said she felt her breath begin to quicken as Louisa moved to the other breast. Louisa moved back and admired her handiwork. Tina's nipples were hard and erect, with moisture around them from Louisa's lips. "Now do me," the older woman said quietly. Tina stared at the lovely breasts, and without conscious thought raised her lips to the right nipple. As she felt it in her mouth, she ran her tongue around the very tip, feeling it harden to her touch. She said she began to suck it, the idea of taking photos quickly leaving her mind as she moved her mouth back and forth between the lovely globes. She looked up into Louisa's face, and the lovely woman bent to her and kissed her full upon the mouth. Again, Tina felt the need to recoil from the other woman's lips, but instead, pulled her down onto the cushions as Louisa's tongue explored her mouth. Tina was overcome by passion as Louisa pulled her to her feet and then knelt before her.

Placing her hands on Tina's hips, she slowly pulled the bottom of the slight suit down to her ankles. Tina stepped out of the suit as Louisa stood and then removed the top from Tina's waist, leaving the young woman nude. Tina said she was putty in Louisa's hands as the older woman pushed her down on the day bed and raised Tina's legs and sat between them. She could feel the wetness that had been called from within her by Louisa's touch, and Louisa bent between her legs and kissed her navel. Tina had felt no such passion before, as Louisa kissed her belly and slowly moved her mouth to Tina's moist cunt. The situation was so alien to Tina she was torn between the thoughts of running, and thrusting herself into the pleasure she was beginning to feel.

Louisa put her hands under each cheek of Tina's ass and pushed her mouth into the widened space as the younger woman spread her legs. Tina caressed her new lover's hair as the tongue slid in and out her pussy, the lips moving to her clit to gently suck it. She could feel her juices flowing faster as Louisa worked her practiced mouth on her cunt, alternately licking and probing as she moved Tina to a climax like she had never known before. As the shuddering of her body abated, Tina opened her eyes to see the older woman stand up beside the day bed. With an outstretched hand, Louisa pulled Tina to her feet and embraced her, their breasts pressing together as she kissed Tina passionately on the mouth. Tina returned the kisses, feeling the warmth return to her loins as they stood locked in embrace. She pushed her tongue into Louisa's mouth, and felt the woman suck it gently, sending a shiver down Tina's spine.

Tina said she was like a lamb led to the slaughter, as Louisa took her hand and led her to the large sofa. She placed a cushion on the floor and pushed Tina to her knees so she was kneeling in front of the sofa. Then, Louisa pulled the bottom of her swimsuit off and tossed it to the floor. She sat on the sofa with her legs spread around Tina's arm's and leaned back into the leather cushions. Tina said she was enthralled with the sight of Louisa's pussy, nestled in a bed of soft black hair and only a few inches from her face. The lips were moist and pink, inviting Tina to explore them.

As she looked on. Louisa's hand went to her own cunt, and her middle finger slid inside as she began to masturbate. Slowly, she removed the finger and placed it to Tina's lips. Tina said the musky smell caused her to lick it, then take it in her mouth for her first taste of another woman's juices. She stared again at the moist pussy, and felt the urge to explore it with her mouth. She bent her head and as she did Louisa placed her legs over Tina's shoulders so the younger woman could reach her cunt more easily. Tina need no further instruction as she tentatively touched her tongue to Louisa's clit, then moved it to the lips of her vagina. The taste was delicious, although different, as Tina began to lick the juices from the older woman's vagina. As Louisa began to moan, Tina inserted her tongue as far as she was able, and ran it in and out, faster and faster to the quickening pace of Louisa's gasps.

As Tina bent over to set the bottle on the edge of the spa, I could see her firm breasts as they almost fell out of the tight confinement of the string top. Her legs were tanned and muscular, and the bottom was cut so low I could see a few hairs curling over the top of the small triangle of sheer cloth which offered only minimal cover. The swirling water preserved my modesty as I felt my prick begin to stiffen. She climbed into the water and I could hear her sigh as her breasts were covered with the warmth. Tina filled each glass and handed me one, sipping from the other. Her eyes met mine and she asked, "Do you want me to rub your shoulders?" I told her that would be nice, and she moved to me, straddling my legs and sitting on my knees where I sat on the tile seat under the water.

Her breasts were only inches from my face as she reached across and began to knead my shoulders with her hands. Each time she moved, her breasts strained against the thin garment, and she reached to adjust the tight string where it bit into her side. I could only stare in amazement at the lovely woman who was straddling me, her cunt only a few inches from my stiff cock which she did not seem to notice. "That was some kiss for them to see in the restaurant," she said, as her hands reached across my shoulders and down my back. And then added playfully, "What would you do if I did it again?"

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