tagSci-Fi & FantasyCrafting a Love Affair

Crafting a Love Affair


Dear Readers:

I researched the witchcraft aspect, and some of what I've written is factual. Other things, I have tweaked a little to suit my purpose. Please don't judge me if you read something that rings untrue. I'm just a writer, and that's what we do. Enjoy!


A bell on the front door jangled as the girls walked through. Best friends for years, Morgan and Fay had just arrived at a local bar. There was a huge Halloween shindig in process, but it was still early. The lights had been dimmed, and red bulbs replaced some of them. A disco ball hung suspended from the ceiling, tossing flecks of red back towards them. The music coming from the speakers at the door offered moans and groans and creaking doors, but the rock music blasting from the DJ in the back almost overpowered them.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this!" Fay practically screamed.

"It'll be fun. We'll find boys!" Morgan giggled.

The pair pushed through the crush and arrived at the bar.

"Hey, Jake! I'm so thirsty!" Morgan yelled. She was somewhat of a regular. She had also worked there for several months for a little extra income. Everyone knew and loved her.

"Imagine that. I only serve witches with big tits!" Jake moved as if he was about to walk away, then spoke again, "But I guess that's you!"

"You're an ass!" Morgan flashed her man-eating grin.

"What'll you have babe?" Jake directed the question at Fay.

"Rum and Coke." Fay looked slightly uncomfortable, and kept tugging at the top of her costume.

The girls received their drinks, on the house, since it was their first and it was a special occasion. They made their way to a table, one of the few available, and sat down.

Conversation was nearly impossible, so they were content to sip their beverages and dance in their seats to the music. Several people came up to say hello, then continued on their way. Morgan took the opportunity to study her friend.

Fay's light blonde hair was curly, scrunched, and poofed out farther than she was comfortable with. Her ice blue eyes were surrounded by black eyeliner, along with some pretty dark shadow and mascara. A silver cross necklace rested in the swell of her impressive cleavage. They were both witches, and Fay's dress was black, tight fitted, with sheer sleeves that belled out at the wrist with a smattering of sequins. The dress hit her mid-thigh, revealing long legs encased in fishnet stockings. Knee high black boots completed the ensemble. All in all she was a beautiful, if not uncomfortable, specimen of a woman. Morgan smiled at her, and she flashed a small one back. Morgan knew once she got enough alcohol in her, that Fay would loosen up and actually enjoy herself.

Morgan reflected on what she was wearing. Also a 'witchy' get-up, her dress was also black but sleeveless. Silver cuffs were on her upper arms, as well as an array of silver bangle bracelets. A silver belt looped around her waist and rode low on her ample hips. Moon and star charms dangled from it, and if it was quiet enough, you could hear them jingling. Morgan thought it was slightly seductive. In that atmosphere it wasn't likely, but it was the thought that counted. She'd let an almost inappropriate amount of cleavage show also, but she was more comfortable with it. The dress was ankle length, but was slit more than halfway up her thigh on one side. Fishnet hose also covered her legs, but black stiletto heels graced her feet. Her auburn hair, normally curly, had been pulled out straight, framing her face. Her eyes were done up much the same as Fay's, only she was more accustomed to it.

Together, the women painted a picture of lust, and the men in the bar had taken notice. Finally, the DJ took a break, and they started setting up for karaoke. Morgan and Fay started talking, but a group of men descended on them. They were their open, flirtatious selves, now that Fay had some alcohol in her system. Morgan sized the men up, chose the ones that were acceptable, and gave the others a look. The un-chosen ones looked uncomfortable for a minute, then they took their leave.

Fay noticed the exchange, barely, since she was being thoroughly entertained. There was nothing overtly strange about the way Morgan looked at the men, but they all got the message. The remaining men danced attendance upon the most beautiful women in the room, all trying to outdo each other. Morgan grew bored quickly, and shifted her attention to the rest of the room.

The DJ and his crew were busy giving each other instructions, making sure everything was ready. The patrons of the bar were busy drinking, laughing, and hanging all over each other. It was a sight to see. All the devils and angels, queens and jokers, cats and alligators. Morgan observed a cheerleader get turned down by a huge, towering Homer Simpson. A smile graced her lips and her eyes shifted to another part of the bar. Or tried to. She suddenly felt someone staring at her. Even the music seemed to drift away. Turning, she saw Fay ensconced between two men, and knew it wasn't her. Twisting around further, she saw him.

A man was halfway down the bar with a glass of Whiskey in his hand. He was staring right at her. He lifted the glass in greeting, and she tipped her head in return. Besides being sinfully handsome, there was something about him. She glanced away, but kept him in her peripheral vision. He knew it too, by the way he smiled and stood, heading her direction.

Morgan turned fully, and watched him walk towards her. Her eyes bore into his, and he came right up to her table. Her breath caught, though she hardly realized it. Morgan felt herself sit up straighter, at the same time her chest jutted out and she felt her nipples harden and strain towards the man.

Her breath let out in a whoosh as he walked right past her. Puzzled, she turned and watched him disappear into the bathroom. Shrugging, she turned back to Fay, but she was on the lap of one of the gentlemen, and the other was stroking her legs. Morgan rolled her eyes and figured her best friend was in, if not good hands, capable ones at least. Sipping her drink, she shivered thinking of that mans' eyes.

"That skeleton over there said he'd get your number for me, but he didn't have the guts. So here I am." A deep, velvety voice spoke in her ear.

Turning slightly, surprised, Morgan retorted, "Surely that isn't a line." A small hint of a smile tipped her lips upward.

"Of course not. Come." The stranger offered his hand, and Morgan gazed at it skeptically. She didn't get a strange vibe from him, so she took it. He pulled her to her feet, and led them towards the back door.

"This isn't smart of me. Going off into the dark with a strange man, I mean." Morgan straightened her dress with her free hand as she spoke.

"On the contrary my darling, it might be the wisest thing you've ever done." He flashed a grin over his shoulder and pushed through the door into the night air.

"What a peculiar thing to say." Morgan finally caught up and stepped beside him. He still had her hand, and it was warm in his clasp against the chill.

"I've been watching you."

"Is that another line?" Morgan tipped her head up to look at him, and smiled once more.

"No, just the truth." He finally stopped walking, well away from the door. He leaned one shoulder against the side of the building and looked at her.

Morgan looked back. His hair was dark, almost black as best she could tell from the dim light. His features were strong, chiseled. His eyes were dark brown, seeming to melt into his pupils they were so dark. The thought should have frightened her, but she felt...warm. Just then his lip quirked,, revealing his straight white teeth.

"What's your name?" Morgan eyed him warily.

"Don't worry, you're not the first to react that way to my eye color." He flashed another grin. "My name is Jack. Fitting, isn't it?"

"How did you know-" Morgan's brow furrowed.

"It's a gift. Don't think things you don't want me knowing about." Jack smiled again, and motioned her closer.

Morgan stepped towards him, still puzzled. Suddenly a vision came to mind, and she saw herself, naked with this stranger. She blinked, and glanced at him quickly, trying to ascertain if he knew what she'd seen or not.

Jack reached out and pulled her to him. "I see you're beginning to understand."

"Actually, I don't understand at all. What's going on here?" Morgan raised her hands and braced herself against his shoulders.

"You're a second degree, aren't you?" Jack queried.

"What- how did- I mean, no one..."

"You aren't ashamed are you?"

"Of course not. It's just that no one knows, it's a small town, and I work here. People are rather close-minded, and I can't just-"

"Tell them?" Jack's hands idly stroked her back.

"Exactly. It would be the end of my livelihood in this place. At least I think so. I haven't come out of the broom closet." Morgan smiled, and seemed to relax into Jack's strong frame.

"Do you know Venetia?" The abrupt change of subject confused Morgan, but she answered relatively quickly.

"Yes. She heads up the coven on the north side, right?"

"That would be her. I am her high priest." Jack smiled sheepishly.

"What? You are? What happened to Harry?" Morgan felt funny suddenly, as if she didn't have the right to be that close to a high priest when they weren't in the middle of worship.

"Harry was my uncle. He'd been sick for a while, so he 'retired', if you could call it that. I was voted in by the coven. An honor." Jack pulled her tighter against him, letting his hands roam her back and hips.

"Wow. That's so sad he's been ill. But congratulations. So why are you here?" Morgan shivered despite Jack's body heat. He held her closer still.

"Venetia sent me. We'd like for you to join us this evening for Samhain."

"Me? Oh, but I couldn't. Whatever for?"

"We're going to need a replacement soon. Venetia is leaving as well. You came to her in a dream, but she wasn't going to tell us. She decided to tell me, then minutes later two of the women came to me and said they'd had visions of some woman as our high priestess. When they described the woman, it was you. It seems that it's what the Goddess wants, Morgan." Jack's voice was ripe with emotion.

"But, I've never been there, I've only briefly met the coven, how can they think that this is what's to be?" Morgan frowned.

"Because we've already voted. You win, my love. And Venetia expects to see you this evening. Her last duty will be to initiate you to our coven, and then, you're it. Please say you'll do it." Jack's eyes bore into hers, and Morgan felt herself lifting from the ground. Not really, but he made her light headed and floaty. She thought it might be love.

"You don't love me. Yet. Maybe we'll have a hand fasting ceremony tonight as well." Jack smiled at her, and bent forward. His lips brushed hers gently. "Now, let's go check on your friend."

They got back inside, and was horrified to realize they'd been out there for almost an hour. 'Where did the time go?' she wondered. Too late, she realized Jack was going to answer her.

"You took some persuading, my love. Then that quick, chaste peck of ours took longer than you think." He winked at her, and led them straight to Fay's table.

"Fay, I've got to go. I'm not feeling well. Could I take you home?" Morgan touched her shoulder.

"No, I'm fine. I'll be fine. Marty and Greg are going to take good care of me. Aren't ya, boys?" Fay purred.

Morgan sliced a look at both of the men. Each one paled under her inspection. Jack's eyes narrowed as he realized what she was doing. She was reading them.

"You fine gentlemen take care of my friend, all right?" Marty and Greg nodded their understanding, each one still squirming.

"I'd hate for you to find out what happens if ya don't." Morgan winked at the men, touched a kiss to the top of Fay's head, and took Jack's hand, leading them away from the loud group. Morgan stopped for a moment and spoke to Jake, asking if he'd watch out for Fay. He agreed.

Jack and Morgan took off down the street slightly to where he had parked.

"But, you were drinking." Morgan looked at the car cautiously.

"Hardly. I didn't even finish that first drink. I saw my opening with you." Jack smiled and opened the door for her.

Morgan got in and fastened her seatbelt. Jack did the same, and expertly guided the car from the curb. The pair was quiet most of the drive. Finally, Morgan spoke.

"I... I never did thank you. This is quite an honor."

"You're welcome. And you're right. What do you suppose your coven will say?" Jack came to a stop at the end of the exit ramp.

"I don't know. I'll figure it out Saturday I'm sure." Morgan smiled.

"I don't doubt it." Jack reached over and grasped her hand. Morgan laced her fingers through his and tried not to think inappropriate thoughts. Jack burst out laughing.

"What's funny?" Morgan looked over at him.

The light turned green, and Jack turned right. "You. You think a lot, you know."

Morgan sighed. "This is going to be a problem I think. I'll have to find a spell to put a block on my brainwaves." She smiled, and Jack flashed a grin back at her.

A few minutes later, they pulled up in front of the stately old house. It had been built in the 1800's, and kept up by Venetia's family wonderfully. The couple got out of the car and headed up the stairs out front.

Jack stopped before he knocked. "Ready?" He gave her a smile.

"As I'll ever be."


A few hours later, they were again on the curb.

"Well, what did you think?" Jack rubbed his hands together to warm them.

"I'm amazed. Everyone took to the idea so well, and Venetia is even sweeter than I remember. No one seems upset about me, so, how can I not do it?" Morgan rubbed her hands on her arms to warm them. A sleeveless dress was a bad idea.

"I'm so glad. Well, not this weekend, but next, you'll be initiated to third degree, and as well as High Priestess. Of course, there's the Great Rite to worry about." Jack flashed a grin.

"It's all happening to fast. And it's so unusual. But it feels right. And I'm not concerned with the Great Rite. I'm sure we'll do just fine." Morgan shivered as she smiled, but it was not completely from the cold.

Jack unlocked the car and opened her door. She slid in and he slammed it shut behind her. As he walked around the front of the car, Morgan examined him. He truly was handsome. And polite, and... perfect. She sighed. Jack settled himself in his seat and they pulled into traffic.

"Would you mind taking me back to the bar, so I can check on Fay?" Morgan reached forward and adjusted her vents so the heat was blowing directly on her.

"Not at all. But she's fine." Jack smiled once more.

"Thank you. You might come in handy." Morgan settled back into the seat, and let the energy from the ritual float through her.

"You're certainly perceptive, aren't you?" Jack spoke a few minutes later.

"How do you mean?"

"You're thrumming with energy. The rituals really do something for you, don't they?"

"Yes, they do. I 'thrum', as you put it, all weekend. Monday at work is rough, but by Tuesday I've finally come down." Morgan smiled. "It sounds like a bad acid trip."

Jack laughed. "I know how you mean. I usually calm down Monday though. Can you imagine the power we could raise together?"

"You're full of pick up lines, aren't ya?" Morgan turned her head to look at him and grinned, to show she was kidding.

"I guess I am. I never realized how corny I sound." He faked a grimace.

They were again quiet, and it was a comfortable silence. A short time later, he was parking behind they bar, and once more they were exiting the car.

Inside, it was mayhem. People were jam packed everywhere, and the music vibrated their lungs. Morgan's eyes scrunched against the noise, and Jack laughed. They made their way through the crowd, and Morgan opened her mind to see where Fay was sitting. She was right where she'd been left, with a bevy of men surrounding her. At this point though, she was in a chair and not a lap.

"Hey, you're back! We're having fun, aren't we boys?" Fay smiled at her admirers.

"Yeah, I was feeling better. And I see that." Morgan sat, and motioned for Jack to join them. He held up one finger and walked away.

The circle opened up and the men added Morgan to their 'I want her' lists. She smiled and tried to be light and lively, but her eyes kept roving, looking for Jack's broad shoulders. In her mind, she heard him say, 'I'll be right back. Enjoy yourself, darling.' Morgan smiled at that, and turned her attention back to the group.

The music came to an abrupt halt, and the bartender, Jake, spoke through the microphone. "All right people, as you know we had a little vote regarding the best costume in the place. Now, I tallied up the votes, and if you didn't get to vote, too bad." He laughed. "And the winner is... the most beautiful broad in the place... the sexiest cat in the joint... the best costumed and the best lay... oops, I didn't say that... Fay Sollars!!"

Fay's eyes grew wide, and her mouth popped open. She started laughing as she stood, and everybody cheered. The sound was deafening. She picked her way through the crowd, finding several hands out for high fives. As well as a few finding her ass as she walked past. Fay just giggled and finally reached the DJ booth.

"For your present, you get this stupid old trophy, and a kiss from me! Or, wait, is that my prize?" Jake grinned and grabbed her, planting his lips on hers and dipping her backwards. Fay's leg came up and wrapped around his hip, mostly for balance, but for show as well. Her dress was so short, that the lucky folks in the front row got a peek of her thong, or more accurately, what her thong didn't cover. The hoots and hollers were almost unbearable, and everyone yelled out congratulations to her and to Jake.

He finally set her back upright, and Fay's face was flushed. Jake hugged her close for a second, then stood back and clapped. The crowd was still cheering, but they were finally dying down. Fay took her trophy and smiled, curtsying at her loyal fans. She was more than a bit unsteady, and she had to carefully pick her way back to their table.

Someone bought another round of drinks, and Morgan congratulated Fay on her win.

"I told you that your costume was fine!" Morgan had to practically scream above the noise of the crowd.

"You were sooo right! I'm gonna dress like this from now on!" Fay giggled again and let her circle of admirers take over her attention.

Morgan rolled her eyes and smiled, then scanned the bar for Jack once more.

The next hour passed quickly, and it was time for the bar to close. Morgan helped lift a very drunken Fay, and she excused the men with a flicker of her eyes. They paled and moved away quickly. Once in the parking lot, it took all of Morgan's strength to load Fay into the car.

A half hour later, her best friend was ensconced in her bed, her costume still on, and her trophy laying on the bed beside her. Morgan pushed her bangs out of her eyes, and wondered for the hundredth time where Jack was. Shrugging, she let herself out of Fay's house and headed to her own.

She pulled into the drive, and was hardly paying attention. A movement caught the corner of her eye. Jack was sitting on her front porch.

"Where'd you disappear to?"

"I had to run back to the coven. I wanted to discuss a few things with Venetia."

"Oh, I see." Morgan found her house key. "Would you like to come in?"

"I'd love to." Jack stood up and stepped out of her way.

The couple entered her foyer, and Jack took in the surroundings.

"This definitely looks like you." He smiled.

"Thanks, I think." Morgan teased. She flipped on the lights as she went, and brought them to a stop in the living room. "Ya want anything to drink?"

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