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Craig's Fantasy


This was an email sent to me a while ago by a gentleman named Craig. It is a fantasy he and I share over the net. Maybe one day we'll be able to fulfill it. I thought it was sexy and hot so I'm sharing it with you.

"This is going to be one humongous blow-out" I comment into the phone. My excitement increases with each mention of the camping trip. I hang up the phone and come up behind you on the couch. I lean over you and kiss you deeply, offering you the tall glass of lemonade you requested.

You ask me to join you on the couch and it takes little time and effort to convince me to do just that. I hop over the back of the couch and land right beside you.

My hands reach for yours as my kiss falls on your softest of lips. A kiss that becomes more emblazoned with each passing second. Our mouths part and our tongues dance wildly with the simple purpose of wanting to give each other's the most pleasure. You guide my hand under your shirt to your breasts that are now heaving with excitement.

I kiss and nibble on your neck as I massage your chest. Suddenly, you realize that this is not the best place to be doing this. You roll away from under me and adjust your clothing reassuring me that we will make love soon. Just not now.

Frustrated and excited at the same time, I fall back on the couch laughing as I watch your incredible body head towards your room to finish packing. I follow suit and prepare for the camping trip too!

~ The Next Day ~

Early the next morning, you come into my room and kiss me on the cheek. "Time to wake up, sleepyhead," you say

"I warned you that I am not much of a morning person," I grumble. Barely audible. It's 5:00AM. Suddenly, and with a shriek from you, I grab you and playfully toss you on the bed. I plant a kiss on your lips. "Good morning, honey," I cheerfully say "No way would I miss this camping trip."

I don't know if it was the fact that we were in a hurry or that you are my lover. In either case, I climbed out of bed completely naked and allowed you to watch as I covered my form with shorts and a shirt.

We make our way downstairs, (hard to do with 80 pounds of camping equipment) and loaded up into one of your best friends' vans that had just come to pick us up.

After brief introductions, we all piled in and headed on the long journey to the campsite. Because I am new to this group of friends, I answered the typical ice-breaker questions then nestled in for the long trip.

After about an hour alternating between looking at the beautiful landscape and looking at the even more beautiful woman on my right, I take your hand.

You remove your hand from mine and I am concerned that I have offended you. Instead, you whisper to me. "I like what I saw this morning. May I see it again?"

I smile at you somewhat embarrassed. "Here?"

"Yes," you reply. Not waiting for approval, you look around the van and begin slowly unzipping my pants. You reach inside and grab hold of my growing penis. Massaging it like a lover does.

I am receiving sooo much pleasure from you. Whispering into your ear, "I would love you to suck it."

You smile and move your hips away from me. Lowering your mouth, you kiss the tip of my now painfully erect penis. "Later" you wink and wipe your mouth playfully.

~ Later ~

After a complete day of hiking, swimming (hot bikini by the way), and campfires, it's time to call it a day and go to bed. As we have previously determined, you crawl into your best friend's tent and I crawl into the tent you loaned me for this trip.

I try to sleep, but sleep will simply not come. Each time I close my eyes, I see you. Fire glowing on your skin. Your face framed by the brightest stars in heaven. Your eyes sharing the same glow of passion and life as mine.

And all those kisses...that kiss. So tenderly wanton.

My hand slides over my penis in an instinctive flood of passion. I hear the zipper on my tent open and you tell me that that's your job. "But not here" you say. "Too many others around."

I roll up my sleeping bag and take your hand. Together we leave wearing only our underwear to a secluded place off the main trail that you noticed as we were hiking.

When we arrive, you point out a stream of water that has a cascading waterfall caused by smooth stones. "I need a bath after the hike. Care to join me?" I watch, thankful for the full moon, as you begin undressing at the water's edge.

Your naked form slightly more than a perfect silhouette. Covered by shadows of the night, you slip into the cool water and lay back on the inclination of the stones. Your body now causing the waterfall. Each droplet hugging you, almost reluctant to leave your skin.

"Are you going to keep me waiting?" You ask in your most seductive voice.

I walk over to the edge of the water and catch you looking up at me standing over you. I smile and hook my thumbs in the waistband of my boxers. Slowly lowering them to the ground. Exposing myself to the elements...and most importantly...to you.

You take my hand and keep me from slipping as I stand over you...straddling you. I slowly lower my body. Smiling at you. Sharing the look of desire and passion as I lower my body onto you.

Your back arches, pressing your body full against mine. My hands wash your breast as your body writhes under me. I reach between our bodies and grab my painfully thick penis. Your hand joining mine as together we ease it into you.

Our combined moans get swallowed in the night sky surrounding us. I begin to thrust at your naked body. Almost too careful trying not to hurt you against the rocks. Apparently you are fine because your hands grab my hips and force me to thrust into you harder and faster.

Our bodies become one and the waters flow over us! Oh my, you are stunningly beautiful. I massage your breasts as I thrust into you. Filling your most intimate of places with my thick and growing penis. Mmmmmm

Our bodies splashing in the water and the moans increasing in frequency and volume. My body shudders as I arch my back one last time. Waiting. In the rush of the cool stream water I feel something unusually warm. Knowing this amazing feeling is your orgasm, I explode. My sperm shoots into you as I orgasm.

After the intense pleasure, I collapse onto your naked body. Our bodies heaving together as we catch our breath together.

For the next several minutes we sit and bathe in the stream. Splashing playfully, basking in the glorious feeling of the intimacy we shared.

"Baby?" I break the silence as I hold you against me. "You are joining me in my tent, right?" "Absolutely."

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